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2023 Summer Cookout Contest Featuring BurgerTime [ENDED]


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Happy Canada Day (FKA Dominion Day) and 4th of July (AKA Independence Day) to all VGS alumni!  It is summertime and what better way to celebrate our two nations than with VGS' favorite pastime, FOOD!  (Okay okay, food and video games.)  That's right, nothing says summer like a cookout.  You know, hamburgers, hotdogs, and big toasty buns! 😏 

So we are playing BurgerTime on the Nintendo Entertainment System for high score.  Top players will win BIG MONEY!   First place will win $25, second place $20, and third place $15.  This contest is open to all members and will run today, July 2nd, through Sunday, July 9th at 11:59 PM.  Standard rules apply.  That means original hardware and cartridge, PowerPak/Everdrives, and emulators are all acceptable.  Absolutely no savestates, cheats, glitches, turbo controllers, or other performance enhancing devices.



@Aguy @spacepup @Gloves @drxandy @Mega Tank @Splain @nesmaster14 @RegularGuyGamer @Gaia Gensouki @JamesRobot @Jicsan @ZeldaFan042 @darkchylde28 @DefaultGen @RH @Brickman @Red @NESfiend@the_wizard_666@Bearcat-Doug @FireHazard51 @DoctorEncore @SuperJimtendo @Dr. Morbis @mideast @Deadeye @JVOSS @koifish @acromite53 @KokiriChild @Jeevan @G-type @Bonanza125 @Lago @PII @BlackVega @Avgn Gamer @CT @Link @captmorgandrinker @Nugfish @North @Vaosu @Wasg13 @FelineFrequencies @matthughson @Famicuber @T-Pac @zi @TWarwick07 @Richardhead @ZeldaFreak @docile tapeworm

If you would like to be added to the list let me know.  If you would like to be removed from the list reply with "Unsubscribe."

Alright, that's enough jibber jabber.  Get cookin!



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1 minute ago, docile tapeworm said:

@Link I’m terrible at escaping the enemies. I lost the last 2 chefs not being able to get off the first floor of stage 2

You start off kind of stuck in the middle there with almost nowhere to go. If you start climbing the ladder immediately you can get above the first two enemies and spread out.

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