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  1. This is cool , here is my submission. If you guys feel like it check out my beat production instagram @b.f.l_beats 8 bit beat.mp4 8bit.mp3
  2. HOORAY !!! I backed into the playoffs !!! I must have had a strong start !!
  3. Hey Guys, sorry i have'nt been playing , call me on the disabled list last few weeks, I have been doing a ton of yardwork around the house and work is crazy, I was going to try and play last week but never got the free time. I'm actually restoring a few handhelds, i am putting new screens in my GBC & GBA and got a new case for my DMG.
  4. Best game I played all week, worst barrel luck ever, this should have been a 400K score easily. Hardly got any barrels dropping down the ladder
  5. I seem to recall some waitresses holding handwritten notes of encouragement a long time ago
  6. The only way I can feel safe jumping them is if they are passing over a rivet , they don't seem to hesitate when that are passing over one and you can jump over them plus clear the rivet at the same time, I can almost never clear one on the girders.
  7. True indeed Doug True indeed Doug, I'm currently in second with 300K but I got that on my first run of the day, I'm stuck around 175 every try, seems like now that I know how to jackpot the barrels they don't like to go down the ladder as often
  8. Hot Take Jumping over fire balls on the rivet stage is one of the hardest things to do in NES gaming..... Also why do the fireballs on that stage look different?? I prefer the ones on the first 2 stages
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