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  1. you just watch my stream and play on ur phone/tablet/whatever. No purchase necessary!
  2. I shall take these suggestions and put them on a spinner...... @spacepupseems to want a poll.......but is everyone ok with the spinner idea? or just shoot from the hip? Let me know...... Maybe i can do a poll about the poll @spacepup. What do you think?
  3. some of these kinda are i think.......not 100% but could be, i think fox mentioned some
  4. Probably it for me for now, I will work on some more on Friday. I got the sarge's heroes lined up and monster truck madness maybe. Not sure what that one entails, but i will play it to see......If i can't then i wont lol
  5. u dont have to, i own them, we all play off me, no need to spend money!!!!!! I OWN ALL JACK BOX GAMES, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING AS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GAME NIGHT FOLKS!!!!
  6. army men air combat dun! Took me a bit, that last boss is difficult to get down, especially when the game bugs out 3x's and doesn't give u cherry bombs......ya, that happened, i farmed trucks for like 30mins. +
  7. I think some of the points are good honestly, but maybe we can start a thread to hash it out on some that aren't so good. I.E. 1 for goldeneye is perfect since u can do it on easy. And lets be honest, if i would have played it more recently it would have taken me no time at all to do it vs. the hours i spent on it cuz i forgot what some of the tasks were. Maybe do a thread in the n64 club and hash it out in there? Might be worth doing for next year, keep it the way it is right now and go from there. The army men games are pretty on point at 2-2.5 i believe and buck bumble is a 3.5, might
  8. We are officially playing jack box on 1/23. This being said, I have not played it before, but know some of you have. I am taking suggestions here as to what you all want to play. Please give suggestions and keep them limited to one post as to keep it clutter free. If you think of another one, then edit your original post please! I have every single Jack box on steam, so if you don't know what all there is feel free to search on steam for jack box and take a look at each one and see what you might want to play and drop me a line here!
  9. when I get home and done with dinner imma do wetrix. tomorrow I'm going to do a few wrasslin games as well. WCW nwo prolly x's 2 and the other WCW ones if I can. after that I shall prolly start working on some sports games. we shall see how that goes......maybe we can hit 35 or so by months end and get ahead......anything passed what we have now is gravy for the month boys.
  10. I just woke up from a nap you grammar nazi
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