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  1. I never played 3 as a kid. only as an adult. never was at any rental stores, as in no one physically had it. so that is why 2 or 4. now, if I could choose when I played it.....maybe a diff. story.
  2. I'm going to get screen protector soon, I found a good one on Amazon for 8 bux and imma order a case too for travel. I played some smash today and unfortunately think I might have to get a pro controller. little tiny joysticks are lame!
  3. I have had to do it 3 or 4 times to get it to work @JVOSS. Gloves done broke sumthin'
  4. conflict of interest..... Hopefully it will be resolved soon! How is the switch?
  5. Don't ask me why wrestling news,popped up.....prolly kuz I typed wrasslin in chrome and boom Google now thinks I like it
  6. There is a thread in the gauntlet pinned to the top. next one will be on Halloween I was going to open up a poll for choosing games. I will include among us in there. Kinda hoping it will get chosen, I think a lot of people like playing it!
  7. I will get my passport and meet ya at Niagara falls. we can eat then wrassle
  8. If I win the auction, it will be "Jesus" gloves . beautiful flowing locks of hair.
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