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  1. Because I'm not playing and its always crazy to see you pull these absolute crazy scores lol @0xDEAFC0DE
  2. we could always play a bit this time too, depending on if anybody shows up!
  3. @Mega Tank @spacepup @ZeldaFreak @ChickenTendas @Deadeye @fox @Rooster @Vectrex28 @0xDEAFC0DE @DefaultGen @Gloves @Avgn Gamer @SNESNESCUBE64 @drxandy @ZeldaFan042 @Rhapsody98 @andrew244 @Costmosis @darkchylde28 @KokiriChild @Reed Rothchild @RegularGuyGamer @MegaMan52 @Scrobins @neodolphino @FireHazard51 @SailorScoutMandy @Megamanfan @AverageOliver98 @nettenette @Famicuber @Sumez @Dimo @BattySalem @B.A. @Murray @Br81zad @a3quit4s @zi @G-type @Megamanfan @NervousWreck96 @Pendragonx It's the 1 year mark, and we are gonna DEFINITELY play some among us, but not right at the begininnig! We will save that for at least halfway! The Poll will close on the 30th!!!!
  4. First friendly response EVER when I say that ! Not really.
  5. would it upset you like the rest of the world that I have yet to want to play BOTW?????
  6. top for me is alttp, this is second, and then OG haha, hot take, i am not a huge fan of the n64 ones
  7. you should totally update it so i don't miss it next time . Let the site do my work for me
  8. Happy Birthday to @MagusSmurf and @NZCollector! Hope you all have a good one!!!!
  9. Happy Birthday @the_wizard_666, @DarkTone and @Mario_Friend1982. Hope you had a good one!
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