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  1. gonna try hard the next couple days in case I get drafted to work. should be an ok time lol. just been awhile and I remember this game being frustrating
  2. um, hottest day yet at work.....heat index temperature and humidity are the numbers.
  3. not gonna lie I wanted all things micro machines as a kid
  4. um, I quoted something from him not me posting lolol
  5. knock him down @ChickenTendas also @Kid Dracula
  6. fair enough good sir Edit: just remember this is the first time i played this game and for no time lol
  7. ok, ok, i got to see what @ChickenTendasdoes and if i wake up early enough i will try to beat him night bois, and @arnpoly my money is on u for first place so get in here. Sorry @NESfiend i gotta wake the beast so i can get @Bearcat-Doug down one more rung
  8. um @ChickenTendas its because he has had at least a couple years more practice than i have..........he is older after all @Bearcat-Doug
  9. also, make sure i still have bottom score after u do it first i come in last maybe?
  10. Just make sure to follow all the rules @ChickenTendas make sure to have a piece of paper with ur name on it etc.
  11. except for @Bearcat-Doug he is in bed by like 8 kuz he is old @JamesRobot Edit: sorry @Bearcat-Doug i actually really respect you
  12. poor guy, he is the only vgs'er with a bedtime........sorry @ChickenTendas Edit: get in here and play some games buddy!!!!!
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