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  1. anybody joining we have the gaming channel in discord for voice chat
  2. +1 for the posters this guy sent me! Love them. Hope to get a frame for one soon.
  3. everybody still a go on this?? im logged on the site, just send an invite and ill check when it gets closer to time!
  4. ITS A CLASSIC FROM THE 80'S!!!! Although it has the same plot as 90% of the other 80's movies, hit song and cheesiness
  5. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html I use this to check from time to time!
  6. Im down! @LambBrainz will a ping work if they aren't in the club?
  7. Well, ya done stole my thing i was gonna say in the very first post............It's the best around....... lol Honestly, not the best, but easy 10 for me for one of the better movies I watched as a kid
  8. 5 pm is usually dinner time around here.......
  9. Whatever you guys decide I will be up for it, honestly Sat. is the better of the two because I might just sleep a little too long to be there on time, especially if i end up doing some stuff around the house/shopping after I get off work Friday morning. Just throwing that out there so you know where the better option is for me. as for time.......really depends, but as long as the mrs. don't mind then it could really be whenever tbh. obviously evening/night would be better for most because of things being done during the day.
  10. depends on the time, but im game.......what works for everyone, also @Mega Tank?
  11. Welcome @NesDraug glad you decided to show up !!
  12. haha, u had me until i scrolled down I was readying my paypal account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I had been getting a metric shit ton of these, like 40+ in one day before the "shutdown" of the world!!!!!! The virus thing had become something by then, but not shutdown.........I resigned up for the no call list and i have received lots of text messages . Either way, I told one off not too long ago and havent received any actual calls since . Just something I have observed is that when it all started they were hitting it hard, but then after the "shutdown" it has backed off.
  14. Well @OptOut u did a solid...........but were you on a mission, from god?
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