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  1. I was thinking the same thing. I just love both types so much. Some of my very favorite games are 2D, and some are 3D, and I enjoy the different aspects of both. I just like good games and having fun. I'd have a hard time choosing if I could only play one type for the rest of my life ha.
  2. Awesome! Really looking forward to this. I really enjoyed testing it out and it is a well-made, very pretty, game! Best of luck to you!
  3. Backed, and best of luck to you! Looks great!
  4. I usually pick names based on both their appearance and personality. What is his personality like?
  5. Using the rating scale here, I gave it an 8 It's a classic for sure, but for me PERSONALLY, I actually would rather watch The Force Awakens. This could be because I've seen the original about 70 million times, I don't know. I'm sure someone (or many) would jump down my throat for this preference, but that's ok, I like what I like, what can I say? haha! Without comparing each Star Wars movie to the other movies in the series, and just looking at this movie alone, I think it's an 8 based on the scale here.
  6. It would be extremely immature and inappropriate, for me to treat you differently because of any previous trade or potential discussions, which we have already addressed and moved on from. I harbor no ill feelings at all from any of our previous trades. My issue, is with your specific behavior here. It was unnecessarily aggressive, and then you told someone bluntly "you suck" when he responded. That is uncalled for, and needs to stop. Anyway, I don't want to derail this further than it already is. Back to the discussion at hand, I know many other people were unhappy with the deliveries and timelines from that particular Kickstarter. I wasn't personally affected, and I don't know all the details about exactly what happened, but from what was explained to me, I think he probably did make some mistakes / questionable decisions that upset people, but I also think some people overreacted about it.
  7. My comments have absolutely nothing to do with an xbox game or anything at all about any of our previous discussions. You keep pointing to that, but it has nothing to do with this whatsoever. You keep dragging that up but it is completely irrelevant and not impacting my response here in any way.
  8. You two disagree on something, and that is fine. Sometimes people just don't want to argue. No one is obligated to keep on discussing something, because sometimes they know it is just a back and forth that ends up going nowhere. I wouldn't want to continue a discussion with someone who told me "you suck dude" because they didn't like my response. You are being unusually aggressive here and there is no need for it.
  9. Happy Birthday @Gloves ! VS Hamburger Helper versus Glover. WHO WINS?!?!
  10. Looks cool man! I've entered to be notified, and will definitely check it out on launch. Best of luck to ya!
  11. The answer in my opinion, as with most things in life, is it depends on the situation and the people involved. I know some people who would be absolutely fine with this, and have no problem. And then I know other people who would find it extremely awkward and uncomfortable or even offensive. I mean, if I broke up with someone, I wouldn't go out of my WAY to date their sibling necessarily. And it's also a 'problem' if, say, the ex would be really upset about it. Because if the new relationship could be a real thing, then that could cause problems down the line, and unnecessary family drama that you may have to deal with forever. So it really just depends on the exact dynamics of the situation and the people involved.
  12. At the risk of getting shunned (I know we have a lot of huge DQ/DW fans here ha) - I'll share that I gave it a 5, based on the current descriptions for these ratings. It kickstarted a great and longstanding franchise, and some of the later games, I actually quite enjoyed. But the first one just never really interested me or hooked me quite like, Final Fantasy, for example. I love RPGs in general, and have no problem with some of the older / more archaic ones, but IDK. The game is decent, it's not that it's a terrible game or anything - but I just never really have much desire to return to it.
  13. I have no problem with Kickstarter - it is all about diligence and expectations. I've talked to many people in our community who are very unhappy with Kickstarter. But personally, I've backed well over a dozen projects, and am overall very happy with what Kickstarter has enabled these projects to do. It's not just about raising funds - Kickstarter is a great platform that keeps things organized and all in one place, and is good for advertising and highlighting certain projects. A significant majority of the projects I've backed, have been been completed at some point, so I haven't been burnt badly. The majority of them have had delays, but that was built into my expectation. I go into it just assuming they won't meet their deadline, and thus I'm not too disappointed. Most of the projects I've backed are video games, but I've also backed some art projects, books, and other things as well. All in all, it has been a super fun system and I'm really happy it exists.
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