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  1. I gave it an 8 but was debating between 8 and 9. For what it is trying to achieve, the game does an excellent job of it. It's a great retro-themed platformer/action game, that is just plain fun. I love the style, the enemies, the music, etc. It's just a fun game that is an awesome example of a retro-themed modern game done very well. I know it gets a lot of hype, but personally I think it is mostly deserved. I really really enjoyed the game, and highly recommend!
  2. Thanks for the nice message @docile tapeworm -- glad you are enjoying the cart!
  3. Hahahah. Surely they don't think we're that foolish eh? haha. Anyway - yeah, we do appreciate the feedback. We ask that maybe people give us a chance to just test it out a bit more and see if we can flesh it out a bit and make it a fun experience. If people still don't like it, ok, that's fine, we can go back to discord or try something different! We really just want to make game nights fun, and whatever we can do to improve that for the community, we can work on it.
  4. @ZeldaFreak I'd encourage you to at least try it , and then give us feedback. I mean, a bit unfair to knock it without even seeing what it's like, eh? @darkchylde28 I don't think you meant any disrespect, so it's fine, but you are way off base. Honestly, it has absolutely nothing to do with ownership, rights, content and future sales, etc. I can break it down pretty simply. Gloves found out about this gather thing, sent me a quick message and said "hey, do you think this would be fun for game nights?" I checked it out and thought, oh, this looks kinda fun! Kinda like an old-schoo
  5. I gave it a 9, because I LOOOOVE this game so much. It was such an interesting and innovative game at the time, and a very cool twist / spinoff from the mario universe. It is one of my favorite Gamecube games, and I encourage anyone to try it! It's just super charming, has a very cool and innovative gameplay style for the time, and is just lots of fun!
  6. That scene when they are running out of oxygen, is probably one of the most odd and memorable scenes that I remember from most action movies I watched long ago. It gets so ridiculous and crazy, in the most hilarious and fantastic way hah!
  7. So much great information and discussion. Fantastic! Thanks very much for your effort here.
  8. Welcome (back)! Thanks for joining up here and enjoy your time!
  9. That video is so beyond disturbing and sad. I mean, just horrible. Horrible. There is no excuse for treating another human like that.
  10. Thanks Jeeves for another successful game night. Good times as always!
  11. Woo, I beat Journey to Silius - and I have to say, I’m marginally proud of myself because I found it quite difficult, with the exception of the last stage and final boss which I thought were pretty easy, go figure ha! I definitely used lots of continues, but that’s ok in my book. I didn’t really love the game, but the music is great! I started Super Mario Picross for SNES, which will take me a while. In the meantime, next on my list is Dynamite Headdy for Genesis. Never played before, but always wanted to!
  12. https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-kyrgyzstan-police-saudi-arabia-new-jersey-2769e96644739357e47098a242d9f018 Amidst all the chaos and political nonsense surrounding the horrible events, there was a tragic loss of a Capital officer Brian Sicknick, who was in the National Guard, deployed overseas, and returned to serve his country by protecting the capitol. It's a tragedy that shouldn't have happened, and I can't imagine what his friends and family are going through, losing him to such a senseless attack.
  13. I think you might be slightly misunderstanding my personal message and plea, but regardless, yes, I get it. I'm still not saying that we shouldn't point out and address the problems. We can do that, while also reflecting at the same time. Part of the reason we are where we are is because everyone seems to be in attack mode, 100% of the time. It is all the Republicans' fault. It is all the Democrats' fault. Neither side seems to want to admit ANY wrongdoing, at all. When that's not the case. I think the events that occurred recently are despicable, shameful, horrible. I've sa
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