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  1. Congrats! Some of the bosses are definitely pretty tough, but once you figure out all their moves and timing, it's not so bad. I love the balance of difficulty in this game! It's not too easy, not too hard, just right for me!
  2. Happy belated birthday to everyone I've missed! Hope you all had good timez!
  3. I bought it and only played once on game night ha! Course, I know part of the challenge there is the number of players supported. I also wouldn't mind to play Overcooked some more! Btw, we can always do unofficial game nights, or smaller game sessions for people who wanna play games together but a smaller group, outside of game night.
  4. Just to clarify - it is an extra $30 per year, not per month.
  5. Bingo. This is exactly how I feel about it. They priced NSO way too low. Honestly, I don't feel like $50 is crazy. I'll probably try it out just to see how I like it - can always cancel later. I'd like to see how they handle the Genesis/N64 stuff, and wanna give it a shot. The nice thing about how they set it up here - is that people can still choose the cheaper option if they don't care about the "extras." That's a nice option for people to have, who do like the current NSO.
  6. Woo big day today - buncha birthdays! Have a great one folks - happy birthday @acidjaguar @Badhairz @dale_coop and @phart010 MUCH PARTY
  7. At the end of the day, we really should feel fortunate to even have any of these options. I mean, the fact that people are dedicating so much passion, time, money, into these projects, for creating games on the older systems we love, is amazing. 10 or 15 years ago, I would have never imagined we have the kind of homebrew games we have now and the variety and quality of some of them. Even if I'm a paying customer for some of these games, the fact they exist at ALL is something I should be thankful for.
  8. There are lots of things that are great to be documented and noted down. If you'd like to start such a list, I'm sure the homebrew team would be happy to have that thread somewhere or in some form.
  9. I don't really see the harm if a developer wants to sell different releases for their game. It provides options - options are good. Someone like me - maybe I'll just buy the digital version, or if it's a game I'm connected with or particularly interested in, maybe I'll buy the physical. For someone else who really wants the LE / other edition, they have that option as well. If a customer end-user / customer is wholly bent on collecting EVERYTHING there is, that is well, sorta their problem? The same can be said for non-homebrew games --- Metroid Dread is officially released today, and there is a standard version (I got that and will be happy with it) and a limited version (other people got that and they are happy with it). Some people may want both, and that's fine if that's what they want - but it is a choice they can make to spend the extra money and have everything, or just settle with one of them.
  10. It's not semantics. Misinformation about the taxation is being shared in this thread. It is not always the case, for example, that self-employment tax is required on this type of income. Each individual has to evaluate their situation and income, and then report it on the appropriate schedule on their return. Thus, the actual tax percent may differ. I'm not suggesting this isn't a big deal or anything - as the new requirement will make MANY more people have to deal with this. I don't "like" the change and I personally think the threshold should be higher as well. But given that it's here, people should arm themselves with accurate information if they are going to be selling online, and/or talk to a professional about what they need to do, if they want to minimize tax.
  11. This is incorrect. The new thresholds are for reporting requirements, and yes, you'll receive a 1099. But you can handle this in a few ways on your tax return depending on your situation, and it doesn't necessarily mean you are a business or that you have to pay self-employment taxes, or that you have to pay taxes on the gross amount. If anyone sells a decent amount of stuff, go talk to a tax professional and they can help you track and handle this going forward.
  12. I gave it an 8. (Sorry Sumez, I disagree hah ) - I know it has lots of bugs, and it isn't even necessarily my favorite Elder Scrolls game, but it is quite an epic adventure, and there is just a lot to do and much fun to explore. I think it is one of those games where....if you analyze it super technically, you can 'ding' it for lots of different things, but from a broader perspective, it is a pretty great game (imo).
  13. Random Tidbit of info - there is a Japanese exclusive PS2 FMV-style game called The Fear (ザ・フィアー), that was released with 4 DVDs. Just figured I'd share! hah. I have it and it's an interesting one, albeit in Japanese.
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