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Episode 18: Chumlee's Adventure: The Quest for Pinky
There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? Modern icons of pop culture and homebrews, coming together. Commissioned. Official. Licensed. Where first, barely a year ago there was Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl, another game pushes the floodgates open a little further, with the dev team announcing yet another licensed homebrew coming in its wake. No longer a one-off happenstance, we are witnessing a change in era within the homebrew world. Let the good times roll.
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008 Larry and the Long Look for a  Luscious Lover
Another long play episode with developer commentary and interview.  This episode is on Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover, a NES homebrew, and joining me is @KHAN Games


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VGS NES Weekly Contest - KID NIKI
Welcome ninja warriors! After you dropped your sweat and blood at the wrestling rings seeking glory, it is now time to put on your ninja garb and be RAD!
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Episode 17: Roniu's Tale
A Homebrew Draws Near!

Episode 17: Roniu’s Tale

As kids, we dream of growing up to learn how to make our own version of those things that made our childhoods magical. For many of us, responsibility and practicality obscured those old ambitions. But for some the dream never faded...
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VGS NES Weekly Contest - M.U.S.C.L.E
Welcome to a week of epic, high level wrestling in our beloved contest!

Put on your ludicrous spandex costumes, pick your team and muscle up your way to victory!
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VGS NES Weekly Contest - Gradius 2
It is time for GRADIUS! And Gradius 2 at that.

Prepare your ships, pick your power up path, board your Vic Viper and go blow stuff up!
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VGS NES Weekly Contest - Elevator Action!
Be prepared, skilled players, for it is time for some SPYING action!

Put on your best tux, grab your gun, your gadgets and go steal super secrets from the bad guys' building!

This week we tackle another excellent Micronics port for the NES, Elevator Action!
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Happy Birthday!  VGS Contest!
Happy Birthday Canada and America! 

Celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day with us on VGS with another contest! We've got some Amazon gift cards available for prizes for the top 3 scores submitted!
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Homebrew in Focus #007: Lizard
A new installment of Homebrew in Focus is up, featuring Lizard on the NES! Deadeye plays through the full game with live commentary and an interview with the games creator!

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VGS NES Weekly Contest - Antarctic Adventure
The NES weekly contest is back with our next entry: Antarctic Adventure!

Join the fun, get that high score, and share in the banter! Penguin Adventure was originally released for the MSX in 1983 and was later ported to the Famicom, where we'll be playing.
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New Home Page!
We've released a new home page to introduce new users to VGS!
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Help VGS beat every N64 game in 2021!
Every year VGS members band together to beat games for a number of classic consoles. Today we're featuring everyone's favorite 64-bit beast, the Nintendo 64!
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006 Cowlitz Gamers Adventure Series
Another episode of Homebrew in Focus!

@M-Tee and I take a look at The Cowlitz Gamers' Series, a NES homebrew trilogy of games, in this long play and commentary video.
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