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  1. Been digging the new Gojira album. On the track Sphinx right now.
  2. I'd rather it be extra terrestrials versus what I think it may be (bezos satellites) Edit* or musk, confused billionaires for a second.
  3. **EDIT** - Doh. Just noticed I think I misread the rules about the final boss. So if I'm correct, the final boss is stage 6? I think I mistook it for Stage 12. I got to this boss but wasn't sure how to defeat it and think I got like 10k while shooting at it but didn't beat it anyway. I'll see if I can try again and make sure to use only missiles. ***Disregard/misread ***Finally got a chance to play a bit. Not sure if I have time for another, but always forget how fun/strategic this little shmup is. 134,320
  4. Man, that's kinda sad to see from an environmental standpoint. Awesome you fished it out though! Here's hoping you can get some gameplay out of it, if nothing else it has a story to tell at least. I think you'd deserve a VGS Rescuer badge especially if you got it to bonk again.
  5. For starters I'd recommend: Super Bat Puncher Battle Kid Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover (Leisure Suit Larry NES port) Blade Buster Streemerz The Mad Wizard (by Sly Dog Studios) Nomolos: Storming the Catsle Micro Mages (by the same guy who made Super Bat Puncher)
  6. What an epic journey it's been. Special thanks to @AverageOliver98 for creating this awesome series and event out of sharing game music. The comic/narrative banners were super creative and I thoroughly enjoyed looking what you had in store for each day. I had some great laughs, a few gasps, some ???'s, and overall a great time. Bravo, sir! Now, I look forward to checking out more tunes everyone's shared for the Day 31 list. Lots of great stuff, hope folks who haven't had a chance to participate yet may get to in the future. Cheers all NESMASTER14's Selections from VGMC #3:
  7. I'm still very much learning, but here's one I just created: Pink Horizon, 16x4
  8. I still need to get the fishing rod, but it's been on my to-play list for awhile. It'd be nice if the gameplay was as good/fun as the soundtrack
  9. Cool stuff! Those landscapes are impressive and I really like the gradient on the desert one. I don't consider myself a graphic artist, but I've always been drawn to pixel art, specifically making the most within limited resolution/palette/hardware. I remember now one of my blogs needed a favicon and had a limit of like 16x16. This is what I came up with like 6 years ago: 16x16 by nesmaster14 It's not palette/hardware restricted pixel art of course, but I think even making pixel art in the modern sense (limiting resolution with more palette) has plenty of merit and craf
  10. Wow that was quite the blow, I guess don't underestimate sumez' rainbow islands power.
  11. Oh boy! What's strange though is my choice for today was Erik The Viking (nes, unreleased) Neil Baldwin is one of my favorite composers, actually had his music going in another tab, this freaked me out, weird!!!! hahah
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