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  1. Who else thinks the Francis Mao promo Chiller art is pretty rad? I think I prefer it to the cartridge art, it has that grassroots horror comic/fanzine vibe. Also, @the_wizard_666 good catch on the the artist! He was an artist for GamePro. I actually just found the magazine the ad came from, dun-dun... March 1990 issue of GamePro! That kinda makes the story even stranger Hahah...
  2. The AGCI box/manual is an interesting thought, but the ad makes no reference to AGCI at this point. You'd think in the fine print they'd write "designed and manufactured by AGCI" instead of Sharedata, if that were the case. It clearly says "designed and manufactured by Sharedata, Inc". This also implies they had inventory ready. I would imagine AGCI was established when they got enough orders to make their own tooling (not licensed from Color Dreams). We know AGCI was created later as a subsidiary of Sharedata. Also, the known Chiller Sharedata cartridges read "designed and manufactured by Sharedata" in the fine print on the cart label, just like this ad. I have an AGCI Chiller ad and it has no mention of Sharedata. Also their phone number on the ad was different. This Sharedata ad also reads "$19.95 for Chiller only" -- to me this confirms/implies they're using leftover Color Dreams shells, and their next releases (Death Race, particularly) they're looking to new manufacturing, thus not guaranteeing it'll cost the same. The AGCI released Chiller reads "designed and manufactured by AGCI" on the cart label. They also upped their price when they released via AGCI, $29.95 (probably to offset the costs of AGCI's new cartridge design). To me, I see this as a first release Chiller, not an AGCI variant. It's cool to still see interest in this chilling odd release and hear discussion! Cheers!
  3. Hey folks, It's been a long time since I've dabbled in collecting, but this recent auction caught my eye. I've never seen this one before and more importantly it appears to unveil info on the mysterious Sharedata Chiller! From what I gather this was a magazine advert (haven't researched the exact magazine yet). What's even more interesting aside from the promo art and Sharedata branding, there's ordering info! Sharedata branding, no AGCI here! Shows that the game was apparently available via retailer or by phone Sharedata Chiller box and manual here we come?? Happy Halloween!
  4. I finally re-visited the series this year, well my thoughts didn't change much. While it's a fun series especially with a group of people, it didn't do much for me. Perhaps the hype around it and the cultural influences (Evil Dead song by Death, Earthworm Jim, Splatterhouse, no less) made my expectations too high haha. 6/10 for me. Awesome camera work and some of Ash is funny. The first film is probably my choice of the three, but I always seem to lose interest after awhile.
  5. Cool to see you tried the NES port, super underrated game. Might even be in my top 20. I also like how intricate but sensible the controls are, lots of fun. It's also notable the original creator programmed/designed/composed everything in that port. I've actually yet to play the Amiga originals (don't really have access to Amiga in US), but they look just as good. Mega Turrican on Genesis was my first real introduction to the series. The soundtrack by Chris Huelsbeck hooked me in. I think I can agree with you about the difficulty, I remember some of the later areas being tough/long, but might have to try again. In regards to the series, perhaps it was more popular in Europe? Glad to see it getting some recognition now though. If I had a Switch I'd like to check out the flashback collection to play the originals, looks solid.
  6. I never got into chiptune-inspired electronic music, but actual chiptune is something I really enjoy and can put in my regular playlist. Some of my favorite artists (NES): SLiVeR - Rock-oriented NES chiptune pioneer from early/mid 2000s. I used to even jam his stuff on roadtrips. Still a gem to listen to. RushJet1 - Great melodies and compositions across different emotions, another longtime favorite. Dave Harris - Technical prowess, catchy jams, jazz/etc. influence. Heosphoros - Prog NES metal in its purest form. Miau - He's a full blown homebrew developer now but I was also a fan of his early NSFs. FearofDark - Another I've known in the scene, his NES cover of Seal "Kiss from a Rose " is great. Chibitech - She makes the NES do such wild stuff, like simulating a live EDM show -- all within NES limits. To name a few.
  7. Bible Adventures (NES) promo cassette that was sent to radio stations:
  8. Thanks! Yep, I built it using components identical to NES circuitry, so it plugs right into NES (or AVS as I used). I designed it for Rad Racer, but it could perhaps be used with other NES racers with similar controls. My favorite feature aside from wheel/pedals is the toggle switch for turbo/tunes, which provides less strain on the hands from holding turbo. It all works surprisingly well haha. I made it like 4 years ago, but was a lot of fun. It was a nod to one of my favorite NES games, and also growing up playing realistic racing simulators with wheel & pedals on DOS/PC. On another note, I wonder if the creator of the thing in OP's post saw my video, or we both had similar experience as a kid lol. Just noticed one in OP is using emulation though, and also no pedals!
  9. Haha, that's a fun little package! I actually made a Rad Racer setup a few years ago:
  10. RIP to the one and only Joey Jordison. Think what you want about the band, but he influenced a generation of metal drummers in the early 2000s.
  11. Remembering my late relative, Mike Coates (lead guitar, songwriter), of the progressive rock band Asia. The original from Rapid City, South Dakota. Pictured bottom-right. If you're into progressive rock and curious about the band (knowing of the more popular later Asia), feel free to check out the history of the band here: https://www.mikecoatesguitar.com/rock-recordings I'll leave it with a quote which I think he very much succeeded in. ASIA was not just a band, but a way of life for some extremely dedicated and talented musicians who sacrificed so very much--and I am proud to have called them friends. And I am indeed proud to play the music of ASIA for my children.
  12. This made me smile on so many levels. \^^/ Story below: and yes they slay too! I imagine they didn't want to get the kids too wound up.
  13. Love the BASIC reference What luggable are you using, C64 SX, IBM, Kaypro? Welcome aboard!
  14. Joey Belladonna of Anthrax singing Don't Stop Believing I've read he originally auditioned for Anthrax by singing this song, pretty rad.
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