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  1. This is awesome! I'll try to post some scores when I have time. Some great games here, I'd recommend Epic Pinball for DOS too
  2. Here's my vote so far for returning days: Challenge 1: Underrated Game Never Played Vocals Music That Gets You Pumped Challenge 2: Samples/Inspired Sega Exclusive From Last Decade My suggestions for new Challenge III days: Computer Game Music (anything pre-Steam) - This is a big category with lots of tunes and soundchips. We've had some responses so far, mainly C64 stuff, an Atari 8-bit or two, and some DOS (mainly DOOM). It'd be cool to have a day with just computer jams, there's a bunch of options ; ) Songs That Push System
  3. Thanks again to @AverageOliver98 for putting together such an awesome series where we can share game music with others! And to the participants, you guys rock, it's cool hearing what everyone shares. Also, glad to see my little goof from the first challenge helped eventually But darnit, I was assembling my list in the "normal" way already now Lol. NESMASTER14's Listener's Choice Picks - VGMC 2 - DAY 31 AstralSoul Boss Music: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Battle 2 Arcade: OutRun - Passing Breeze Water: Donkey Kong Land - Kremlantis Ave
  4. ^I had an issue trying to post my link for yesterday. After a bit of refreshing/wait I was able to post. Hope the upload feature works now so we can see these banners in all their embedded glory!
  5. Watched Bride of Frankenstein last night and Frankenstein a few days prior. Last year for Spooktober I watched a ton of silent movies and even went to a live score showing of Nosferatu (1922). Can't believe it's already almost Halloween. I need to catch up on more films this year, haha. *Edit* random aside/off-topic. Took me awhile to realize why I had a quote from Bill & Ted just appear under my username... 69th post. Good one @Gloves
  6. Ive had this cheap Costco chair for years now, not sure if they sell it anymore. I like the functionality/storage and compactness and it's pretty comfortable compared to some other chairs I've used. https://images.app.goo.gl/CbME2hEsg55AaLKU9
  7. Definitely a milestone. Also, I find it interesting that Tennis for Two was showcased on October 18th, same day the NES was released in North America.
  8. Right now I'm listening to this great PC adlib tune:
  9. I stream via composite, svideo and HDMI with a buddy a lot. I use an old version of Elgato called Game Capture HD, which has native analog support,as well as HDMI and passthrough.
  10. Doing it on mobile version for me now. I guess you can't just replace the favicon image? It's definitely not showing over here. Though I imagine there's more layers to it.
  11. I think there was that stage where you descend into a mine from the start and basically it's entirely underground. It's been a long time since I've last played (but still listen to soundtrack). Cheers!
  12. AverageOliver98 - I was going to choose Gimmick for day 6, haha. Solid game and soundtrack throughout! I recall there was even a mini documentary on the composer years back by Red Bull Academy (?). It's pretty neat if you haven't seen it.
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