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Found 12 results

  1. @Aguy @spacepup @Gloves @drxandy @TDIRunner @Mega Tank @Splain @nesmaster14 @RegularGuyGamer @Gaia Gensouki @JamesRobot @Jicsan @ZeldaFan042 @darkchylde28 @DefaultGen @RH @Brickman @Red @NESfiend @the_wizard_666 @Bearcat-Doug @FireHazard51 @DoctorEncore @SuperJimtendo @Dr. Morbis @mideast @Deadeye @JVOSS @koifish @acromite53 @KokiriChild @Jeevan @G-type 1ST PLACE WINNER DARKCHYLDE28 - 4,670,000 2ND PLACE WINNER RH - 469,300 3RD PLACE WINNER BONANZA125 - 464,800 ------------------------ (If any of you would like to be removed from this ping list for future events, please let me know and I'll take your name off the list! Or, likewise, if you'd like to be added to the list, let me know as well! For these events, I ping people who have participated in previous events, and/or people who I think would be generally interested in future events.) Heya there everyone, happy almost-Thanksgiving! To prepare for this year's Thanksgiving feast, we're going to need to get quite a bit of food. In particular... well... I was HOPING we could all hunt some turkey, but... well, I couldn't quite get the right hunting permits, and... sorry to say, we're gonna have to settle for hunting duck this year instead. But hey, turkey, duck... close enough, right? For this year's Thanksgiving contest, we're going to be playing some Duck Hunt on NES! The rules for this contest are very simple: Boot up Duck Hunt, select Game B (Two Ducks,) try to get the highest score you can, then submit your score! Prizes will be dealt out to those who end up with the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd highest scores, respectively. As per usual, the prizes up for grabs are as follows: 1st place: $25 amazon gift card or cash equivalent 2nd place: $20 amazon gift card or cash equivalent 3rd place: $15 amazon gift card or cash equivalent The only further stipulations to the contest are as follows: Make sure to play the actual NES version of Duck Hunt, as only submissions for that particular version of the game will be accepted. Any of the multi-game carts that include Duck Hunt on them (IE Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt) would count as well, so long as it is specifically the NES version of Duck Hunt you're playing. As you would expect, no save states, cheat codes, slow motion, turbo controllers, etc. are allowed. Anything that would give you any kind of advantage over playing the base game on real hardware is not allowed. If it feels like cheating, consider it not allowed. When you submit your score, make sure it is either an actual photo, or a screenshot of the score (if using an emulator) with your VGS username somewhere within view of the photo/screenshot. It could be a slip of paper with your VGS username written down on it, or if emulating, a text document displaying your VGS username. Use whatever method you like, so long as your username is clearly visible alongside your score. In the event you roll the score over, take a pic of your score once you hit around 900k, before the score rolls over. Continue as normal until you game over, then take a pic of your final score as well, and submit both pics. If you roll the score over multiple times, take pics every 900k or so until you game over, then submit all of those pics in addition to your final score pic. The best time to take these pics would be in between rounds, when you have a bit of downtime. If playing on real hardware, try to stay at least 2 ft. away from the TV screen (roughly) as you play. If you've already submitted a score, and you end up getting a better score, you may of course submit the better score, and it will simply replace your previous score. Also, I know that playing Duck Hunt on real hardware can be a bit of a pain, since you not only need a Zapper, but a CRT TV specifically, otherwise it won't work. For those of you who would prefer to emulate the game, here's a quick little tutorial on how I got it set up and working properly on an emulator. I used FCEUX personally, but this same general process should work with any emulator: This event will last from now until 11/26/2022 at 12 AM EST, a little over 1 week from now. Once we make it past that deadline, that'll be the cutoff point for new score submissions. I'll tally everyone's final scores up, and deal out prizes accordingly! Good luck, and I hope you all have fun! Remember that there are real prizes on the line here, so try your best!
  2. @bag@darkchylde28@drxandy@JamesRobot@jonebone@Kguillemette@Krunch@LutherDestroysTheGond@Makar@Mega Tank@NESfiend@RegularGuyGamer@Renmauzo@SailorScoutMandy 1ST PLACE WINNER BAG 2ND PLACE WINNER JAMESROBOT 3RD PLACE WINNER MAKAR ------------------------ Heya folks! Sorry, meant to get to this earlier, but... well, I had one hell of a day to put it lightly, haha. So, now that the voting has concluded, JamesRobot and bag are tied for 1st place, and SailorScoutMandy and Makar are tied for 3rd place, respectively. As such, here's the solution I've come up with to (hopefully) resolve the ties: SUDDEN DEATH VOTING! A couple new polls have been added. From now until 11/13/2022 at 6 AM EST, just about 48 hours from now, you all may vote for which carving you all like most between specifically JR and bag's, and which carving you all like most between Makar & Mandy's. This is the tiebreaker vote! Or, well, votes in this case. Now, in the event that at the end of that voting period there's STILL a tie/both are still tied, I'll get myself and a few other members of staff together (an odd amount, to ensure a tie cannot still happen) and we'll discuss which ones are overall our favorites between the tied carvings, and pick the winners that way. I considered simply flipping a coin, but even in this case I'd prefer not to leave it up to random chance if I can help it. I'd ask that @JamesRobot and @bag refrain from voting in the poll between their own carvings, and same goes for @SailorScoutMandy and @Makarfor their carvings, however you guys can of course vote in the other polls, so JR and bag can vote in the poll between Makar and Mandy's carvings, and vice versa. Anyway, that's about it, hopefully after this we'll finally have some clear winners, and I'll finally be able to dish out some prizes! (Also sorry about all the pings again, but we gotta decide on the winners here!) Also, real quick, while I have your attention, I added a THIRD new poll, since I wanted to get your guys' opinions on something: For future pumpkin carving contests, should I allow more than just carvings? As in, other types of decorated pumpkins, such as painted pumpkins. For this year I wanted to keep things fairly simple and allow only actual carvings to count for the contest itself, but I wanted to get some opinions on allowing things beyond specifically carvings for future contests, since I know some people, particularly a couple members of staff, expressed interest in doing that. Let me know, and feel free to discuss this in general outside of voting in the poll itself! Anyway, as another quick reminder to you all, here are the carvings you're all choosing between for the tiebreaker polls: 1ST PLACE TIEBREAKER bag JamesRobot 3RD PLACE TIEBREAKER Makar SailorScoutMandy ------------------------ The voting has begun! Please everyone vote for your personal favorite carving of the bunch! As a reminder, the only rules here are that you can only vote for one carving, and you CANNOT vote for your own carving, you must vote for someone else's! The poll will be open until 11/10/2022 at 12 AM EST. Whoever gets the most votes will win $25, 2nd most votes $20, 3rd most votes $15. Here are everyone's submissions. 14 in total, very happy with how many of you participated this year: bag: darkchylde28: drxandy: JamesRobot: jonebone: Kguillemette: Krunch: LutherDestroysTheGond: Makar: Mega Tank: NESfiend: RegularGuyGamer: Renmauzo: SailorScoutMandy: @Gloves@Jicsan@DefaultGen@RH@Splain@TDIRunner@Avgn Gamer@Mega Tank@Gaia Gensouki@darkchylde28@LutherDestroysTheGond@ZeldaFan042@drxandy@Aguy@JamesRobot@nesmaster14@spacepup@RegularGuyGamer@doner24@Richardhead@Kguillemette@DoctorEncore@Shino@Psychobear85@bag@Nintegageo@Br81zad@Strikezone1@a3quit4s@jonebone@SailorScoutMandy Welcome everyone, to the first annual VGS Pumpkin Carving Contest! I hope you're all in the Halloween spirit! The rules of this event are very very simple: If you'd like to participate, submit an image of a pumpkin carving you've done in this thread. Just an image will do, but feel free to explain the process by which you made the carving, how you decided on the design, etc! The pumpkin carving can be any design you wish, and the pumpkin itself can be any size and variety you wish. The only stipulations are as follow: The carving must be done on an actual pumpkin. You must have been the one to have done the carving itself. It must be a carving you made this month, October of 2022. As such, if you've already made a carving this month, but before this event started, feel free to submit it as it will still count. You may submit a different carving if you've already submitted a carving, however this will replace the previous carving you submitted, meaning you can only have one carving count for the contest at a time. This event will last from now until 11/2/2022 at 12 AM EST, a little over 1 week from now. Once we make it past that deadline, that'll be the cutoff point for new submissions. Immediately afterwards, a poll will be added to this thread, which will last from 11/2/2022 to 11/10/2022 at 12 AM EST, once again a little over a week. In this poll, anyone will get to vote on which carving is their personal favorite, and everyone will get to discuss the carvings that were submitted. The only rules here are that you can only vote for a single carving, and it cannot be your own carving, it must be someone else's. I'll be keeping an eye on the votes to make sure none of you try to vote for your own carving! After the deadline, the poll will be closed and no new votes will be accepted. Once this happens, the votes will be tallied up, and prizes will be dealt out to the people who's carvings received the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most votes, respectively. The prizes up for grabs are as follows: 1st place: $25 amazon gift card or cash equivalent 2nd place: $20 amazon gift card or cash equivalent 3rd place: $15 amazon gift card or cash equivalent As an extra little bonus, here's a Sage carving stencil! Feel free to utilize it for your carving in any way you please. If any of you don't know how to carve a pumpkin, there are plenty of tutorials online to help you out, but the general basic steps are as follows: Select your pumpkin Cut off the top of it Scoop out the gunk on the inside, making it hollow Print out a stencil of the design you want, and tape it on to the side of the pumpkin (or use a marker to manually draw the stencil) Carve out the design you want, utilizing the stencil Put a candle inside the pumpkin, light it Put the top back on Done! Good luck, and I hope you all have fun! Remember that there are real prizes on the line here, so try your best! (I used a really tiny pumpkin this year for carving, which turned out to be a mistake since it made precise carving a lot more difficult, which is why this one looks a little funky, haha. Sorry for butchering your art @CasualCart)
  3. @Hybrid@Splain@ninjistar@Reed Rothchild@0xDEAFC0DE@JamesRobot@Adorabear@CasualCart@Hammerfestus@Deadeye@KokiriChild@Jicsan@Gaia Gensouki@DefaultGen@Jeevan@drxandy@SailorScoutMandy@spacepup@ZeldaFan042@BattySalem@PII@GPX@Avgn Gamer@LutherDestroysTheGond@NESfiend@Gloves@NintendoTwizer@nesmaster14@BirdDogGaming@FireHazard51@Rhapsody98@darkchylde28@Mega Tank@Red@BortLicensePlate Welcome to the first of many new events we have in store for you all: VGS BINGO 2022! So, for those of you who have participated in the first Bingo event back in 2020, you all pretty much know the drill by now. But, for those of you who didn't (or for those who just need to have their memories jogged a bit,) here's how all of this works! On that bingo card up there are a series of challenges. Your goal is to complete as many of those challenges as you can. Pretty much as simple as that! Each tile on the card corresponds to the name of a challenge in the list below. Complete a challenge to fill in the corresponding tile. Complete enough challenges to earn a Charm! There are actually a number of Charms available, in a tiered fashion. Each tier up replaces the Charm before it: T1: Line Complete a single full line, the classic BINGO! T2: Cross Complete two lines to create a Cross/"X" I would also accept a "T" (or any other similar pattern) T3: Lattice Complete four horizontal or vertical lines which all connect at some point T4: Blackout Complete the entire board In addition, just like Bingo 2020, there are a number of SECRET CHARMS you can acquire! Unlike the tiered Charms above, it IS possible to earn ALL of the secret charms. How do you acquire these secret charms, you may ask? Well, that's for you to find out, and for me to not definitively say one way or another, wouldn't be very secret if I told you. There is a separate Submissions Thread where you may post any tiles you have completed. For each tile submission, make a post (or update an existing post) in that thread, with the name of the tile(s) you're completing, alongside whatever prerequisite proof is required for that tile. For instance, if a challenge is to beat a particular game, you may have to post a photo of the end of the game as evidence, with a slip of paper somewhere in the photo showing your VGS username. Refer to the individual challenges in the list below for what proof is required for any given challenge. Also, note that tiles do not stack. That is to say if you at any point meet the requirements for multiple tiles at the same time, it can only count for one tile or the other. For instance, if you have an N64 controller with a custom paint job that also has, say, a modified analog stick, it can only count for either Fresh Coat of Paint OR New and Improved, it cannot count for both. Which one it counts for in this scenario is entirely up to you. This event will last from now until 10/24/2022 at 12 AM EST, a tiny bit over 1 week from now. Once we make it past that deadline, that'll be the cutoff point for new submissions, I'll tally everyone's tiles up and see how you all did! A few last point of clarification in regards to the challenges below: Retroactive = If you've already done it/already acquired the item in question (etc) before this event began, it still counts for that challenge, though proof will still be required. Not retroactive = You must have done it/acquired the item in question (etc) AFTER this event began. Any challenges that require you to beat or otherwise play a game have the standard rules you would expect: No save states, cheat codes, slow motion, turbo controllers, etc are allowed. Lastly, take note of which challenges only require a screenshot, and which require an actual photo, as some require photos, and for others just screenshots are fine. Now then, with all that said and done... ---CHALLENGE LIST--- Across the Pond - Show off an item in your collection that is from a different country than the one you live in Requirements: Post a photo of any gaming-related item you own that was released, or otherwise came out in a different country than the one you live in, with your VGS username visible somewhere within the photo Retroactive Casual Art - Create a pixel art drawing of another VGS user's profile picture Requirements: Minimum 30x30 pixels size Post a screenshot of the art, and explain who's profile picture you chose to recreate Not retroactive Clean as a Whistle - Clean a game, console, or controller you own that's incredibly dirty, making it look far better afterwards Requirements: Post before & after photos with your VGS username visible somewhere within both photos You must be the one to have cleaned the game/console/controller Not Retroactive Cross Your Heart - Beat a classic Castlevania game Requirements: Beat any of the games from the list below, and post a photo of the endscreen/credits of the game, with your VGS username visible somewhere within the photo Not retroactive Diamond in the Rough - Write a review blog on a game you like from a series you otherwise dislike Requirements: Post the blog in the Blogs section of VGS, then post a link to the blog Series in question must have a minimum of 3 games in it to count, including the game you like Not retroactive Done Deal - Participate in a trade on VGS Requirements: Must specifically be a trade, meaning you trade one item for another with another user @ the person you make the deal with They must "Like" your post, and you must like theirs I'll be keeping an eye out for some FEEDBACK for both parties! You do not have to ship out the item ahead of time to complete this challenge, so long as both parties have agreed to the trade in question, and both posts have been liked by the other member ...Although, with that said, please do actually follow through with the transaction and don't just cancel it after the event is done, haha Not retroactive Fresh Coat of Paint - Show off a console or controller you own that has a custom paint job Requirements: Post a photo of any console or controller you own with a custom paint job, with your VGS username visible somewhere within the photo You do not have to have painted it yourself Retroactive Game Night - Play a game online with at least 1 other VGS user Requirements: Play any multiplayer game with another VGS user. Minimum of 2+ people, for 1+ hour(s) At least one of you needs to post a photo of the screen with some manner of proof that at least 2 people got together to play a game. This could be, for instance, the pre-game lobby in Mario Kart Not retroactive Genesis Does - Beat a Sega Genesis game Requirements: Beat any officially released Sega Genesis game, and post a photo of the endscreen/credits of the game, with your VGS username visible somewhere within the photo Not retroactive Glamour Shot - Take a stylized, over the top photo of a console you own that was released in 1990 or earlier Requirements: The photo must be stylized in such a way that it looks like a staged promotional product shot, or as if the console is a model. Ham it up as much as humanly possible, get creative! Retroactive Good as New - Show off a game, console, or controller you own that has been repaired by you after previously being non-functional Requirements: Post a photo of the fixed item with your VGS username visible somewhere within the photo. Explain what was broken, and what you did to fix it The game/console/controller must have been disassembled, fixed, then reassembled for it to count You must have been the one to repair the item in question Retroactive Homegrown - Show off a physical copy of a homebrew game you own that was made by a member(s) of VGS, or that was created in partnership with VGS Requirements: Post a photo of the game with your VGS username visible somewhere within the photo. Explain who the creator(s) of the game are Retroactive How Charming - Claim a charm on VGS Requirements: Post a screenshot of whichever charm you claimed, and explain what you did to claim it Not retroactive It Belongs in a Museum - Show off an item in your collection that was never officially released. IE prototype, not for resale game, unreleased game, etc Requirements: Post a photo of the item with your VGS username visible somewhere within the photo Item in question must not have been initially released to the general public in any way. This includes retail releases, giveaways, promotions, bundles, etc Retroactive It's Dangerous to Go Alone - Complete a swordless run of The Legend of Zelda Requirements: Post a photo of you in the Ganon boss fight room, without a sword in your inventory, with your VGS username visible somewhere within the photo You may not pick up ANY of the three swords in the game (Wooden Sword, White Sword, Magical Sword) at any point in your run You must make it to Ganon. Making it to Ganon will end the run, as you cannot beat him without a sword Not retroactive New and Improved - Show off a console or controller you own that has been intentionally physically modified in some way. IE different analog sticks, new backlight/frontlight, etc Requirements: Post a photo of the modified item in question with your VGS username visible somewhere within the photo Item must have had an original part replaced with a noticeably different part, such as an improved analog stick or d-pad, or have had something brand new added to it, such as a backlight when it previously did not have one Item must still be functional An item that has only had something removed from it without it being replaced will not count, since then you could just take a chunk out of the item and technically that would still count, haha. It must have had a part(s) either replaced, or a brand new part(s) added to it You do not have to have been the one to modify the item Retroactive NINTENDO SIXTY-FOOOUUUR - Submit a game to the Beat Every N64 Game - 2022 thread on VGS Requirements: Share the post in the thread showcasing which game you beat Not retroactive Pew - Create a basic Shoot 'Em Up game Requirements: At least one screen or level Must be in control of a ship or character of some kind, which can move and attack enemies in some way Must be at least one type of enemy which attacks or is otherwise harmful to the player in some way, which can be killed by the player, and which continually spawns in Must be either a final boss enemy or large wave of enemies that appears after a certain period of time, OR the game must have a scoring system of some kind Once the game is complete, either post the file for the game itself, or record a video of you playing the game in its entirety and post that video Not Retroactive Pixels > Polygons - Create an 8-bit or 16-bit sprite of any character from a 3D game Requirements: Post a screenshot of the sprite, and an example of the character which you portrayed in pixel art form Character's sprite must be identifiable in some way, if it's a completely featureless, unidentifiable stick figure then I'm gonna ask you to try again, haha Not Retroactive Pr0fe55i0na1 H4ck3r - Alter the code of an already existing game to display your VGS username on the title screen instead of the title of the game Requirements: Original game must have been officially released Username does not have to be in the same style as the original title, however the original title/logo of the game must not be visible whatsoever Post a photo of the modified game's title screen, and explain which game you modified Not Retroactive Reimagined - Modify an existing song from a video game to be in a completely different musical style to the original. IE if a song has a lighthearted happy feel to it, modify it to have a darker, more serious tone, but still be identifiable as the same song Requirements: The song can either be modified from the original, or it can be remade from the ground up, so long as it's still identifiable as the same song, but with a distinctly different style Post the audio file for the modified song, or a link to the modified song, and explain which song you chose to modify Not Retroactive Supportive - Be a VGS subscriber Requirements: Post a photo of your active subscription in the Subscriptions section of VGS, with your VGS username visible somewhere within the photo Retroactive Souvenir - Share your favorite item in your collection related to a specific game or franchise that isn't, itself, a game. This could be a poster, book, figurine, etc Requirements: Post a photo of the item with your VGS username visible somewhere within the photo, and explain why it's your favorite item Retroactive Tools of the Trade - Show off a tool or set of tools you have used to clean, repair, or modify a game, console, or controller in the past Requirements: Post a photo of the tool(s) with your VGS username visible somewhere within the photo, and explain what you used the tool(s) for Retroactive What If - Re-create the logo of a 16-bit game, but in a completely different style/font to the original Requirements: Minimum 40x40 pixels size Post a screenshot of the art, and explain which logo you chose to modify, and in what way Not Retroactive
  4. Welcome to the Submissions Thread for VGS Bingo 2022! This is where you will post any and all submissions you have for tiles you are trying to clear. Please include the name of the tile you're trying to clear in your posts! You can either have one post for submissions which you update every time you clear a new tile, or you can make new posts for every tile cleared, up to you! Good luck!
  5. @Gloves@Jicsan@DefaultGen@RH@Splain@TDIRunner@Avgn Gamer@Mega Tank@Gaia Gensouki@darkchylde28@LutherDestroysTheGond@ZeldaFan042@drxandy@Aguy@JamesRobot@nesmaster14@spacepup@RegularGuyGamer Aaand that's a wrap, everyone! Thank you very very much to those who participated! I really hope you all had fun with this, it was in the works for quite awhile. Several of you got bingos, a few of you got crosses, and one of you even got an outline a lattice! No blackouts this year unfortunately, but hey, there's always next year! In terms of secret charms... honestly, I was quite surprised by how long it took for you guys to start getting them, haha. I guess I spread out all the challenges on the sheet better than I thought! Several of you were only one away from getting one, or even multiple of them! Unfortunately, a couple of these charms ended up being unclaimed, but that's alright. The secret charms this year you could think of as a spin-off of the 2020 Bingo's secret charms. They're still based on completing specific challenges in specific categories, however this year, each charm was based on one of the VGS mascots, and by extension, each challenge related to the mascots in one form or another. The mascots being a part of the Bingo card's design was a nice touch, as their presence gave you all a very subtle hint as to what the secret charms were, they were hiding in plain sight all along The secret charms this year, and how to get them, were as follows: | The Alchemist (Complete all 5 challenges related to creating or modifying games and software) | The Blacksmith (Complete all 5 challenges related to fixing or modifying hardware) | The Dragon (Complete all 5 challenges related to collecting) | The Knight (Complete all 5 challenges related to playing games) | The Fairy (Complete all 5 challenges related to the community and VGS itself) This is also why there wasn't a free space for this year's Bingo, each mascot's charm needed to have 5 challenges, haha. These charms, along with the standard tiered charms, haven't been implemented as actual charms on the site yet, but the designs have been completed so we'll make sure to get these out to you all very soon! Of course, if any of you have any feedback you'd like to give, that's always greatly greatly appreciated. Keeping in mind of course that a blackout (or even an outline) is meant to be very tough, how did a week feel for the event? Did that feel like a good amount of time, or did it feel too short? Likewise, how was the overall difficulty of the challenges? Too easy, too difficult, fair? What was your favorite (and least favorite) challenge to complete? Any and all feedback you all can provide helps give me an idea of any changes I should implement going forward, as I'm planning on having these Bingo events be a consistent, yearly thing. So if you have any thoughts on the event, good or bad, and how it compared to the previous two Bingo events, please do share! Now, with all that said and done, here is the full list of how everyone did, who gained what charms, and below that, the full challenge list, including which challenges correlated to which secret charms! Final Tally: Aguy: Spacepup: Gloves: drxandy: TDIRunner: Mega Tank: Splain: nesmaster14: RegularGuyGamer: Gaia Gensouki: JamesRobot: Jicsan: ZeldaFan042: darkchylde28: Summary: drxandy: Secret: The Blacksmith TDIRunner: Line Mega Tank: Line Splain: Line nesmaster14: Line RegularGuyGamer: Line Secret: The Blacksmith Gaia Gensouki: Cross Secret: The Knight JamesRobot: Cross Secret: The Dragon Jicsan: Cross Secret: The Dragon ZeldaFan042: Cross Secret: The Dragon darkchylde28: Lattice Secret: The Dragon Full Challenges & Secret Charms List: Once again, I hope you all enjoyed and had a good time. That's all that matters in the end!
  6. @Hybrid@Splain@ninjistar@Reed Rothchild@0xDEAFC0DE@JamesRobot@Adorabear@CasualCart@Hammerfestus@Deadeye@KokiriChild@Jicsan@Gaia Gensouki@DefaultGen@Jeevan@MegaMan52@drxandy@SailorScoutMandy@spacepup@ZeldaFan042@BattySalem@PII@GPX@Avgn Gamer@LutherDestroysTheGond@NESfiend@Gloves@NintendoTwizer@nesmaster14@BirdDogGaming@FireHazard51@Rhapsody98@darkchylde28@Mega Tank@Red That's right, the next Bingo event is here! Or, rather, it WILL be soon. Hosted by yours truly, we're kicking off the new wave of VGS events with a bang by starting out with the next iteration of the (hopefully, if we can keep coming up with good challenge ideas, haha) annual VGS Bingo! This will be essentially the same format as the FIRST Bingo that @Gloves hosted back in 2020, and some of the challenges this time around will be just as tough (or, dare I say... perhaps even a bit tougher?) so many of your skills will most certainly be tested if you plan on blacking out the entire board! This event will have a few secret charms in addition to the usual line, cross, box, & blackout charms, just like the first Bingo, and it will last for one week, just like the previous two Bingos. But regardless of whether or not you've participated in either of the two Bingo events we've done thus far, we hope you'll be looking forward to this one! And of course, special thanks to @CasualCart & @BortLicensePlate for the incredible art! And trust me, this is only the beginning of a whole host of events we're in the process of planning out, all of which will be hosted by me. Many of the events that will be coming up over the next year will be more varied than ever, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you all will enjoy some of the ideas we've been coming up with to keep things fresh! But of course, that's all in the future, for now let's focus on the present. 10/16/2022, mark your calendars!
  7. until
    After 2 years, The Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo is back! See https://www.vancouvergamingexpo.com/ for information.
  8. On this day 40 years ago, Mario debuted in Donkey Kong in Japan.
  9. On this day 30 years ago, Sonic the Hedgehog was released in North America.
  10. BINGOOOOOOO!!! But not for 5 of you. I'm hoping everybody who participated had a good time, and maybe tried something new along the way. The goal of this event was to get people not just active but participating on the site with each other, and to step out of your comfort zones. I'll start with a big congrats to the 3 who cleared the entire board! @DefaultGen, @Jeevan, and @ZeldaFreak, well done! I'd like to get everybody's feedback on the event, so please do be sure to respond to the poll questions. These will help to make similar events in the future even better! And beyond that please do feel free to leave feedback in this thread. Also, it's been suggested that someone compile the cool stuff people made for this event, and I was entirely planning to do so, but by golly you all have made SO MUCH cool stuff! Like jeez you've not made my job easy in this regard. I'll get to it soon... >_> Now, to the reveal! As you can see by the very fast moving gif above, there were 3 secret charms - Make, Collect, and Play! The idea being that these are the 3 pillars to the community. I made the tiles based on the pillars, each with a (roughly) even amount of easy, medium, and hard tiles (green, orange, red, respectively). If you completed all of the tiles for a pillar, that earned you the secret charm for that specific pillar. Yes, if you earned the blackout, this means you also earned all 3 of the secret charms. Do note that the secret charms are one-time only! If/when we run BINGO again, the completion charms will remain the same and you can upgrade your previously earned charm; if however you have a blackout this time around, you will still be able to participate next time to earn new, different secret charms! Phew that was a lot of explaining. Here's the list of who won what, for clarity: @Reed Rothchild Secret: Collect @0xDEAFC0DE Line @JamesRobot Line @Adorabear Line @CasualCart Line @Hammerfestus Line @Deadeye Line @KokiriChild Line @Jicsan Cross Secret: Make Secret: Collect @Gaia Gensouki Cross @DefaultGen Blackout Secret: Make Secret: Collect Secret: Play @Jeevan Blackout Secret: Make Secret: Collect Secret: Play @ZeldaFreak Blackout Secret: Make Secret: Collect Secret: Play
  11. That's right! The time has come to put on your bifocals and mosey on over to the local community center for a game of ye olde Bingo. Here we will set forth a series of tasks on yon board, and is is thine task to complete as many as thou mayst. Ok I'll stop. You can view the board in the spoiler here: Each tile on the board corresponds to the name of a task in the list below. It's pretty simple really: complete a task to fill in the corresponding tile. Complete enough tasks to earn a Charm! There are actually a number of Charms available, in a tiered fashion. Each tier up replaces the Charm before it: T1: Line Complete a single full line, the classic BINGO! T2: Criss-cross Complete two lines to create a Cross/"X" I would also accept a "T" T3: Box Complete all 4 outer lines T4: Blackout Complete the entire board Yes, I realize this would take a lot of effort to complete within a week, welcome to tiered event awards To make things even MORE interesting, there are also 3 SECRET Charms you can earn! Unlike the tiered Charms above it IS possible to earn ALL 3 of the secret charms. This would be incredibly difficult to do, but don't let that keep you from trying! Complete as much of the board as you can for a chance to take home more site awards! I encourage you to talk in the thread here to try and deduce what might be required to unlock the secrets of the board! There will be a separate submission thread where you will post what you have done. For each tile submission, make a post with the name of the tile(s) you're submitting. For instance, if a tasks is to beat a game, you must post a photo as evidence, with a paper showing your VGS username. If a task requires video proof, you must post a link to your video. For anything which requires that you create something, you may attach the file to your post as an attachment, or on another hosting site (google drive, dropbox, etc.). If you are submitting a task which requires that you post in another thread on VGS, link to that post in your submission. Every post on the site has a "Share" icon, which will give you a direct link to the post: Now without further ado... The task list (alphabetical order): (Practically) Free Post "I'm in!" in the event thread (this one right here) Early days Beat a game from 1995 or earlier Remasters and compilations are allowed, as long as they don't alter the gameplay significantly Not retroactive Game master Max out the score on a console game Not retroactive Game Night Play a game online with other VGS users 2+ people, for 1+ hour(s) At least one of you needs to take a photo of the screen with some manner of proof that at least 2 people got together to play a game. This could be, for instance, the pre-game lobby on Mario Kart. Not retroactive Gotta go fast Post a top 10 qualifying speedrun on speedrun.com You don't have to actually post it on their site, only prove with video evidence that your speedrun would qualify Not retroactive Homebreviewer Write a review blog for a Homebrew game Not retroactive Hy, brid Share a photo of a misprint that you own Not retroactive It's a-me Beat a 3D Mario game Eligible games: https://www.ginx.tv/en/video-games/3d-mario-game-ranked-anniversary Not retroactive Jump, man Make a platformer Must be a new creation you've created yourself Yes, I'm asking you to develop a very basic video game Minimum requirements: 1 screen or level The level must have platforms Your character must be required to traverse those platforms in order to reach the end I must be able to play what you make (e.g. in an emulator, in a browser, on my PC, etc.) Not retroactive Make your mark Create an NES ROM which displays your VGS username Yes, this is a simpler version of the above Jump, Man task; however you are limited to making an NES ROM specifically Suggestion: Read the Nerdy Nights tutorials Not retroactive Merch Buy an official VGS shirt Retroactive: if you already have one, post a photo of you wearing it! (or just of the shirt and your username on paper if you're uncomfortable sharing what you look like!) Musically Inclined Create a song in the chiptune style Can use any software, but Famitracker is a popular one for NES dev Song must be at least 10 seconds long Not retroactive Particip ant Participate in the VGS Weekly NES Contest Not retroactive: you must play Mappy for the Famicom I will however also accept a post-contest submission for Caveman Games, due to Mappy being on a foreign console for the majority of users Plastic prison Makeshift a graded game Post a photo of a game you've put into some manner of "slab" with a "grade" I'd also accept an ACTUALLY graded game, I guess... Not retroactive Racing fan desu Watch Gloves' favorite movie Your submission must let me know what you thought of the movie! Retroactive: If you've already seen it, just submit your thoughts! Rollercoaster of emotion Post a photo in the Coasters thread https://www.videogamesage.com/topic/526-game-coasters-20-official-cheers-thread Not retroactive Seriesous about collecting Share a photo of your completed collection of a series of games Series must have at least 3 games in it, for example, all Silent Hill games Spinoffs are not required, only mainline games Not retroactive Show off Share your most prized gaming possession Post in a relevant thread in the Show Off forum: https://www.videogamesage.com/forum/11-show-off/ Not retroactive Spritely Design a character sprite Must have at least 3 distinct poses (e.g. standing, ducking, jumping) Must be original, not a recolor of an existing character Only the sprite needbe original, you are allowed to take an existing character and make a sprite version, e.g. The Sage! Not retroactive Supportive Be a Subscriber Retroactive: if you are already a subscriber consider this a free space! Finally the sub is paying off eh? Taste the brew Participate in the Homebrew Contest https://www.videogamesage.com/topic/4704-homebrew-leaderboard-competition-2020-game-8-brony-blaster/ Not retroactive, unless you participated in the CURRENT iteration The future is now, old man Earn a platinum trophy on PSN or 1000 points a game on Xbox Not retroactive With these hands Beat a handheld game Not retroactive X Factor Submit a game to one of the "Beat every X" threads Not retroactive You scratch my back Participate in a transaction on VGS Required proof: @ the person you made the deal with They must "Like" your post I'll be keeping an eye out for some FEEDBACK for both parties! Please don't just ask someone to like your post for a free spot I mean you COULD, but is that really any fun? Not retroactive
  12. Make your submissions here. I'll fill out a FAQ here if it seems necessary. Please include the name of the tile you're submitting in your posts!
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