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2023 Summer Cookout Contest Featuring BurgerTime [ENDED]

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Alrighty then, with scores of 428,550, 214,600, & 136,350 respectively, @rdrunner has won in 1st place, @Avgn Gamer has won in 2nd place, & @Bearcat-Doug has won in 3rd place! Congrats, and very well done to you all. You all will be PMed shortly!

As always, thank you all for participating!

@rdrunner@Avgn Gamer@Bearcat-Doug@G-type@docile tapeworm@Link

And a BIG BIG BIG thank you to @JamesRobot as well, for not only coming up with the game for this contest, but for typing up the thread for this one and hosting it for the most part. I would've done it myself, but the timing for this contest was really bad for me, had a ton of other stuff going on (including being out of town) and it really would've been a stretch for me to get the contest out in time, so JR really saved me there. Very nice to have some help with these events.

Aaanyway, that's another contest in the books! With that, the 2023 Summer Cookout Contest has come to a close! Hope you all had fun with it, took us awhile to come up with a good game for this month's contest, but I think we landed on a pretty solid pick 馃檪

Hope to see you all again next event!

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8 hours ago, Bearcat-Doug said:

You were really close to my score. I won a prize in the last contest, so I'd like to let you have mine for this contest if that's okay with @ZeldaFreak.

very nice of you! I hope no one thought I was complaining. I was only joking!

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