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  1. I feel we need some changes here for sure. I work at booze store and hate seeing all kinds of weird stuff on my phone. Can we also get a fucking rule change this week. Shit isn’t working for me at all.
  2. I’m just a Liquor Store “worker” so I don’t have much to professionally contribute. But what I can tell you, is that a lot of fucking people aren’t taking this seriously. Last Monday, our governor told the city of Denver, that liquor stores and pot stores were gonna be shut down for a minimum 2 1/2 weeks. I was actually fine with that. We had a plan to “loot proof” the store. Our boss is a stand up fucking guy and would have paid us during the shutdown. As a team, we all stepped up and went to work to relieve the 3 people that were working. I have never seen anything like what I saw before, in my life. 50-70 people shopping/waiting in line for just over 3 hours. It was fucking disgusting. Fast forward to this week. We started to close the store at 730-8pm Instead of 10-11pm. Each day this week ,we have done weekend sales numbers. A lot of people are coming in “bored” shopping. They say shit like “I’m just browsing, I haven’t been out of my house in days”. The rest are the people that come on once, twice, thrice times a day to get a shot, a beer, a pint of vodka.... mix all that together, we have been reaching out 7 customers at a time capacity quiet often. Getting people to adhere to our extreme distancing policy has been a pain in the ass. Some people are cool about it, but others just blow this whole thing off as no big deal. Now as much as some people here know, I can be a huge asshole. But believe it or not, that’s not something I really like doing. Well, if you don’t stay the fuck away from people or follow the rules we have put in place, I will haul off on you. I honestly believe, it’s going to take a complete shutdown of most major cities to curb this. #endrant I’m off to try and decompress and stop crying to play some games.
  3. Oh man! Thanks for this. I’ve got nothing positive right now to share. I’m hoping I will at some point though. I’ll be following this for sure.
  4. It is a chore. Especially with all this SIP stuff happening. Jennie is always here when I’m here, so I spend more time talking with her and watching movies. My concentration level after work is so low I can hardly get a good run in. I’ll be doing really well then die at some stupid point in area 3 or 4, sometimes in the late parts of 1 or 2. This fucking virus thing has got me all kinds of fucked up in the head.
  5. Oof! How I wish things were not so uncertain at the moment. Hope that finds the home it deserves
  6. I’ve literally had a hard time decompressing and being able to concentrate on anything the last few weeks. I’ve never done a no death run at this game, I’ve come somewhat close though. I’ve only gotten to that point once in the last month of playing.
  7. That seems like a pretty big accomplishment. I tried to play that game and decided it was too much of a pain in the ass! Congrats fella!
  8. Will make my falling apart hoodie look good again. Thanks
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