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  1. Fun game this week. Probably the best birds eye racer of all time.
  2. Eh! You half ass live in the mountains. Looked like this in the city today too.
  3. Battlestar Galactica is my favorite show ever. Firefly is trash. I am going to watch Stargate SG 1 out of curiosity. Only after I rewatch BSG again.
  4. You and I have more in common than one would think...
  5. I’m old school. I have rollers for cycling indoors. More realistic, you can actually crash
  6. I go to a gym 4 days a week just to use the weights and I use resistance bands at home the other 3 days. I’d say I enjoy it. Gonna get more into cycling again soon though.
  7. Not sure how you do it man! You get shit on daily here and seem to keep calm. Please teach me!
  8. Nah. I do look at this sometimes though. http://archive.nes.science/nintendoage-forums/nintendoage.com/forum/index.html
  9. I'll say "I'm sorry, we don't actually stock the crayon flavor of Smirnoff, but if you would like, I can talk to the distributor and see if we can get those in". That should be entertaining.
  10. Same reason when people come into the store and ask for “cran” shots of vodka instead of cranberry. Annoys the fuck out of me.
  11. I get it with no onions. At that point is it really a Philly?
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