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  1. Coffee and water, while enjoying the only good view of the day.
  2. An oldie but a goodie. One of my favorite SNL performances actually.
  3. Been listening to the most depressing music I can find. Any suggestions? Anything will do at the moment. Thanks in advance.
  4. Had this last night. Thanks @Reed Rothchild
  5. I don’t know jack aboot stocks, all I know is they’ve been out here in Colorado buying up chains of pot stores. They are in some other country buying up pot stores too. They will at least have a leg up over the competition if it does go federally legal. Which I’m still unsure of.
  6. Maybe look at a company called Columbia care?
  7. King Soopers in most of Colorado. City Market in the “mountains”.
  8. I’m trying to be good this year. But dammit! There is just too much good beer.
  9. I'm about to DL this game onto my Switch. Hope this raving review doesn't disappoint.
  10. That is currently the status of my coffee. Gonna have to re-up before work. Thanks for the reminder.
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