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  1. You’re right. No point. Peace out.
  2. Can we rename this thread to “place to come and bash people who didn’t come over from NintendoAge”?
  3. Then don’t be a dick and start calling people names. You don’t know about why he left. It’s your kind of shitty name calling that makes people not wanna be around. So keep it up and watch this community fail.
  4. If I make it into the tournament, I’ll pass my spot one down to the next person anyways
  5. Like I said, one and done for me this week then I’m out the rest of the season. I didn’t try too hard, kinda gets old putting in lots of effort just to be rekt by the same people over and over. Time to let the big dogs duke it out. I’ve got lots going on the rest of the year anyhow. Congrats on your score though.
  6. For you to not do your due diligence and actually find out why he didn’t come over here, makes you the idiot. I don’t blame him for not coming over here. He had reasons, it wasn’t just loyalty to NA.
  7. There was never any pressure on Bert. He knew exactly how to beat my score...
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