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  1. Where's the Bleep Bop Records collection charm? WHERE'S THE CHARM? WHERE'S THE CHARM? WHERE'S... no one else is chanting. hm.
  2. Thanks but I’m going to pass! Add me on fortnite: neverslapafatdog
  3. We got the switch for christmas and I picked up the Fortnite and haven't put it down yet. In my late teens it was N64 bond, and mercy was that a good time. But... what if it could be expanded to a whole world with more players? Enter, very very late to the game, fortnite. Right now, I believe you can make it to level 100 (quests every week force a player to explore different parts of the island) and you reap 1500 vbucks? Something like that- more than the 950v for a pass, so it's rewarding players who play and explore- the OLD way of doing things! Anyway, I'm looking for players for Duo/Quad play... my handle is NeverSlapAFatDog pew pew pew
  4. thanks again for the competition, but I do this on the reg and am regifting to @spacepup for a first time chip tune maker. Hopefully he [and everyone else] will make more- merry christmas!
  5. got picked off. heh, lost a LOT of games, I'm am not good at this at all! gonna stick with vidya games good game all!!!
  6. Thanks for the competition, @Deadeye- It was fun to learn/use sequencer online! I Voted for famicuber, but everyone had great submissions and should be so proud of their creativity... keep chiptune alive and Meery Christmas!
  7. Best christmas album of all time? Sia's 2017 "Everyday is Christmas" with it's modern pop sensibility, nostalgic (and sometimes depressed) tone, and some classic Sia (if that's a thing). I've never used online sequencer so I gave it a shot: http://onlinesequencer.net/1761383 and the original video, which is totally worth a watch: Great job everyone, it's very cool to see folks diving in with Famitracker! Merry Christmas!!!
  8. I lied. Sia's 2017 album "Everyday is Christmas" is most excellent and by far my favorite album.
  9. thanks for the tokens - i bought the fog o' war but don't have the invite anymore ONE more resend and I'm ready to rummmbleee
  10. I don't see the invite in messages or pending. can you resend? user: _zi_
  11. I joined one, but the fog of war one I get the error "You haven't purchased fog of war." This is where it all falls apart, boys. at the $$$$
  12. https://dominating12.com?referrer=75033 click to join- always lookin' for a game!
  13. ha! running a few now with the lads. ummm - deathmatches are great- please sign me up for games 1 & 2!
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