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  1. While not a reward, N64 Online controllers back in stock: https://store.nintendo.com/nintendo-64-controller.html
  2. I have an Atari 2600 suggestion- Pitfall Harry and the balloon from Pitfall II: Most hilarious random part of that game. I make him float as long as possible so I can hear more of the music.
  3. AV should work Power supply I'll leave to someone who would know more; if nothing else you should be able to use the euro one with a step-down convertor.
  4. So much for getting an Apollo 13! It's cool, but not 7700 dollars cool. I'd rather get the 8 multiball Indy if I'm shelling out that kind of cash.
  5. It would have let me today, but I have no use for a 50 dollar Switch N64 controller.
  6. I'm glad they're leaving the $20 NES/SNES tier alone. Zero interest in any N64 or Genesis games.
  7. Unrelated to your games- if you have shit you haven't touched in a few years, now is the time to get rid of it. I have totes of stuff that have remained largely untouched since I moved 13 years ago; before the next move that stuff is either getting sold or tossed.
  8. What size stuff do you typically sell, and how much? You could look for 25 packs of certain size boxes on Amazon, or if you really sell a lot see if Uline has a Canadian equivalent?
  9. Any time there's a preorder bonus, I make sure to preorder in a store so I can make sure they hand me said bonus (thanks for the Lost Judgment steelbook!) Had that issue with Saints Row the Third on Switch; they offered some pretty cool preorder stuff (while supplies last ya know!), and my order didn't come with any of it, so I just returned it to the store.
  10. Yeah, I do that. More expensive stuff I'll play longer, but for your cheaper titles that's about all the longer I do as well. If you send in something with a deeper scratch (that'll catch your fingernail when lightly taken across the disc) maybe test those out a bit longer.
  11. Do you have the Caravan Shooting Collection?
  12. Do you have a PSP? If so, either the Soldier Collection or Parodius Portable should be right up your alley.
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