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  1. Never played it. Almost did before I sent my copy to Gloves.
  2. Or if nothing else, have it sorted into dollar stacks or something so your transaction goes quicker. Back in the bachelor days I'd occasionally need to change-dive for some stuff, but if you give it to them in dollar stacks they can just go by looks/feel, or general not-give-a-F-ness.
  3. ...and then Dolan sells off any decent talent they have. He's the real-life Rachel Phelps.
  4. Also, the PS3 one will work on your WiiU, just snag the disc for a buck at Gamestop.
  5. Yes, but we're operating on two different assumptions. You're assuming he's lumping them into the bad person category, and I'm assuming the non-marriageable category, like someone that chews with their mouth open. We both may be incorrect with our assumptions, but I'm just presenting another side to it.
  6. Most cases where you see that it's because they ship either UPS or FedEx. FedEx might deliver to PO Boxes now but pretty sure UPS does not.
  7. I could have sworn I had a regular second round KO (not TKO) on Tyson, but I haven't seen any evidence that's possible to do.
  8. I think he just said he couldn't marry one, not that he couldn't befriend one. Huge difference. I have lots of friends that I wouldn't marry if I were single for various reasons.
  9. If it's unrolled, no more than 50 so you don't overflow their till. Our change we roll and use it at the local pet shop. They gladly accept it and will even cash out our other rolls so they don't have to make a bank trip that day.
  10. Hooray! Glad the 3 pack made it there so quickly as well.
  11. ^^^Same. I'm also one of those that doesn't beat you over the head with it like some of the examples given, so that probably helps.
  12. I didn't watch it until about a month before the second one came out in the theater. I gave it an 8. Definitely fun to watch.
  13. There's really no reason there wouldn't be a restock on these at some point.
  14. It took me a while of spamming the order button but I finally got an order to go through yesterday (and they didn't cancel it!) With the limit being 2, hopefully Target looks into these sellers that magically have 10+ for sale.
  15. Don't use the same password for different things. Also, enable bitlocker as mentioned above. That way should someone steal your computer they won't be able to access any of your info; at best they'd have to format it to resell it.
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