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  1. Ooook... I thought the price valuation they were using was just the value of the sealed game BEFORE grading. So, they can grade your $100 sealed game (not graded) and give it a 9.9+++ MEGA AWESOME GAME!!1! and then say "Well.. we've never seen one graded this high so we think it's conservatively worthe $1,500... so pay up!" If they do that that's beyond wrong. They need to value all games at their worth pre-grade. I mean, this is so shady, I could see this easily being a class action lawsuit. I'm going to lay my cards out for my personal experience. Back in October I found a truly mi
  2. Ah, but with statistics, the devil can be in the details. There are two dynamics we must consider. First, the nature of the person wanting these games as of time of release. Metroid 2 is a SNES game and at that time, consoles were mostly seen as a kids toy. This meant that kids largely had to scrape together their allowances to buy games or they had to ask for a game at Christmas or for birthdays. The net effect was that for most "owners", if you wanted a game you either had to really want it, or hope to luck out on the bargain bin and get a good, overlooked game for $10. We can
  3. Another bump in case anyone has heard anything on this. I mean, has the Pentagon even given a time frame of when the details will be released? I'm starting to think this whole story is becoming one big nothing burger.
  4. I'm sure it's whatever maritime law dictates in international waters and the same would probably be true for a child in Antarctica, if that were to somehow happen.
  5. AS someone who once owned about 350BTC, I highly recommend that if the market is still red-hot and they start offering $1,000,000 do what everyone else does and list them for $1,000,000 and instead of closing in 3 days, float all the offers you get for two weeks. If this craziness keeps up for another year or so and considering your location, it's not impossible. I do believe that what goes up must come down, even with the massive influx of useless investor money. Whether it's political or they wake up to the stupidity of their constant buying and selling of American property and inflat
  6. Well... I am never active on social media, so I can't ask. Haha. I could reach out through eBay but, ew. I don't want to be THAT guy.
  7. I wonder if Howard has any clue. It's a shame that it doesn't seem like he made the transition over here from NA. :'(
  8. That completely makes sense, but considering NOA was rather fledgling at the time (compared to what it even was a few years after the NES went crazy) I figured there was a chance that some of that art might have been tossed. This was even in the days when Mario's art style was far from nailed down and tons of stuff in those early NES days made Mario and the cast look quite wonky. I'm sure they kept stuff under lock and key pretty quickly when business took off, but I could see there being a chance that when they were building the box art in early 1985, it got lost in the shuffle.
  9. Oh, and one more thing to chime in about. Regarding "Tidus is whiny" I'm not entirely sure he is. I mean, many protagonists in RPGs have had the solid ability to whine when they wanted, but they weren't voice acted. It's easier to make read-text sound a bit more commanding, or nonchalant if that's how you want it to sound in your brain. This was an early voice acted game by Squaresoft. To me, Tidus isn't much worse than many other protagonists and a sub-par voice over only made it worse. And yes, you are looking at the game with rose colored glasses if you can write off the laughing
  10. Which area/market is this? Any chance LA or around NYC or Chicago. I knew those were hot beds for Chinese investors 5-6 years ago and why small suburban homes were going for millions of dollars. I'm curious if this is spreading to the next larger metropolises in the US. We live in very rural town of about 3,500 people and it's about an hour and a half outside of Charlotte, and a good 30 minutes drive to the closest "Charlotte sprawl" neighborhood. We took a hit in home prices during early COVID, but even now they are shooting up by a few percentage points every month. A large portion
  11. To that point, today if you wanted to define "What makes a Final Fantasy game 'Final Fantasy'", I'm not sure you can come up with a standard set of tropes that matches everyone one. I've not played them all, but my guess would be that there are Chocobos and you will be on an airship... at some point. Cid is a common one but I'm not 100% sure he's in every game. In fact, I'm not even sure about the airships either in later games, so we might just be left with Chocobos. If SE ever drops the Chocobos, then they have truly lost their way with these games.
  12. I chose Super Metroid before reading your first post. I forgot you create special scenarios around one-game only weekends. In this context, I'd really pick Prime over Super. Super is amazing. I played it twice through and could potentially see myself some day doing it again. Prime I've not had the option to play much. I've enjoy it enough but from quick 10-20 minute plat sessions, I've yet to really be gripped by the game like any other game in the series. I want to give it a better chance but I've just not had any motivation. A week in a cabin with this game would be great moti
  13. I know that first CNN article was about "crazy" things Americans were doing to buy homes, but at large, is this still due to Chinese speculators moving their money out of China? It was the cause of the last boom, so much so that some cities and states considered heavy taxes on unoccupied houses to curb the outside investing.
  14. Viggo - You can be in a bunch of stuff and it not be notable. Maybe it is and I missed it. He just felt like he could have been BIG Bloom - Ok, I'll say that's a good call. I think I forgot about it, because every time I see Depp doing anything now, it makes me hate him all the more. I think by proxy I'd forgotten about those films and, yes, they are awesome. At least the first was, and the second was "pretty good" on the Reid-Scale.
  15. No. If those are Post-Its they sure don't look like it on close inspection.
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