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  1. RH


    I'll take the Sonic disc. I'll message you my address in a second.
  2. Funny you mention that. I've toyed with the idea of making a "homebrew" for it based off of movies. I thought my first might be the trench run from Star Wars.
  3. I can agree that LRG delays can sometimes feel annoying but I think it's getting buggy or sub-par ROM variants. For instance, I was one of a seemingly few that was glad they delayed copies of Panzer Dragoon because they were waiting for a final, patched ROM to fix bugs. I felt that was a smart move.
  4. I knew I should have bought the lot when they were $10 at Target!
  5. In your shoes, @rdrunner I'd just get an everdrive. If you want to play on a TV, then get a GameCube and a GameBoy Player. Nothing against the Wii U, but with battery issues, it might be easier to just go the GameCube route. Alternatively, just buy a GBA consolizer.
  6. I have never heard of this but my gosh, "friendship-ender" almaot sounds like it's putting it to lightly.
  7. I actually try to be mindful of this as a parent. As with ANY form of play, young kids will push the limit to keep doing what they are doing, sometimes until the real threats are made of lost privileges. Regardless, when it's game time, I give my kids 5 minute warnings and I pay attention to what they are doing. If I had been busy, I spend that last five minutes paying attention to what they are doing and I encourage them in their game. This way, I can see when a level ends, or the player dies, and I can tell them it's time to cut the game off at that point. BUT, I am a first-generation gamer and I grew up with a context of what that felt like. I give my Mom a pass and on the whole because she was cool with video games. Still "cut the game off, it's dinner time!" meant just that and there was nothing more frustrating in my childhood than getting to that new level and 15 seconds in hearing "cut it off!" Funny thing, as I got older, my Mom let me self regulate, but in High School, I still had a bed time, usually at 10:00. Xenogears was the frickin bane of my existence. It never failed... 9:45-9:50, a text-based cut scene would start and... crap. 15 minutes later the thing was still going! I was a good respectful kid, but after reading 15 minutes of text the LAST thing I wanted to do was cut it off and have to start over. I would close my door and try to rush through the cut scenes, but some were legit 45 minutes. I think that game is the last game I've ever left on over night. I awoke early that morning to hopefully finish the cut scene.
  8. Regsrding my comments above, I will say that today parents should absolutely censor the games they put before their kids, but comparing 2021 to 1991 isn't apples to apples. Gory, hyper-realistic games, or those with nudity should be monitered just live movies. Today, especially with the new XBox and PS5 levels of graphic quality, games are really starting to get close to realistic. I know people's opinions vary on where the line should be, but above I just wanted to point out that people complained about blocky graphic being an influence on kids in the 80s and early-90s, and I can say that wasn't the case. For every bully/semi-violent kid I grew up around, sure, they may have played video games that might not have been allowed in my house, but me and my friends knew those kids. They all came from rough home lives. In all honesty, most of them were either neglected or possibly abused. Calling out games or cartoons as the problem was puting the blame "cart" before the horse. I do think, however, the illusion of realism can both influence or at least psychologically affect kids. That's where we are today. I don't want my kids numb to violence. I know some of you guys are into horror, and gore and a lot of that is definitely fake looking. That's fine if you are, to each their own and whereever you draw your lines for your family is up to you. However, in my house I'd rather my kids not have the illusion that it's normal. Regardless, it doesn't mean I wouldn't play a modern FPS with my kids, so long as death is still "cartoony" with minimal or, little, realistic blood and canned death animations. However, anything that branches toward hyper-realism, I not only want it to not influence my kids, I'm personally not interested in playing that stuff myself. That's just a clarification of my perspective. Again, everyone is different, as are your kids and how you consider to raise them and show them media. Regardless, 1985-1995, was nothing to worry about from all I can recall.
  9. Not agreeing with the article BUT Nintendo did (and to some extent still does) maintain an iron grip on what they allowed on the NES, at least in the US. If you thought Contra, Rush'n Attack or Bad Dudes where "too violent", it wouldn't surprise me at all if Nintendo would have taken that in consideration before approving games. That said, NES games as an influence were a drop in the bucket compared to cartoons, and even their influence was minimal. There have been similar complaints about entertainment like Bugs Bunny cartoons and The Three Stooges. I don't think any of that entertainment meaningfully ever influenced a child to harm or violence, and if they have, it has been negligible. Children learn poor behavior patterns from either their home (parents or siblings) or their peers. Rarely is it media, and if it is, line action is what had the most significant influence because cartoons/video games simply feel like pretend, even to a 5 year old, where anything live action at least gives the illusion of reality. What amazes me is that this poor reasoning about video games was deeply ingrained into the "good" parents of the 80s. We don't play a lot of video games in my house and I largely enjoy collecting and gaming a few hours each week. Regardless... one parent of either my wife or I is largely against video games as an influence on children. They really hated that "Nintendo stare" which is less about being mentally numb and more about concentration, and you'd think that a kid learning how to concentrate to solve a problem AND having to learn how to control emotions when things aren't worling the way you plan would have been considered a GOOD thing, but no, the media made video games out to be a childhood scurge and a lot of adults still see it that way. They thought the same about mass produced novels 150 years ago too. Well, we don't see it that way now. Hopefully we can get there with video games one day.
  10. They would have been an 8-9 in my teen years, but not today. It just sounds to whiny after a while, but I can still listed to the hits and enjoy the nostalgia for the time. 5/10. Maybe a 6 on a good day.
  11. And to be clear, I know the seller was bragging but... they could be lying. Real sell, not a real price.
  12. Ok, silly question. Was this a Best Offer purchase? Some people post things significantly higher than what they will accept just to fish out offers and to be sure they get the best price. It's a poor strategy, but maybe they really got $12-15,000. That still seems high, but much more realistic.
  13. Donkey Kong for the GB. I was never much of an OG Donkey Kong fan. On a field trip, I borrowed my friends copy and two weeks later, I returned it after 100%ing it. It was a fantastic game. Also, while going for a complete GB set, I popped in Trax to to test it. I opened it during work hours and, oops, 30 minutes later I had to cut it off to get back to work. Xenon 2 is short but also a pretty good space shooter for the ole piss-green screen too. Worth checking out.
  14. I'm sure it's no news to anyone around here that cares, but FFA pre-dates Link's Awakening by a year, at least. FFA is more like a Game Boy games similar to the original Legend of Zelda, but is much better. Sure, it's much more linear but that's ok. The story is, IMHO, the best story of any GB game I've ever played.
  15. RH

    Konkey Kong Jr

    It always amazed me that these companies didn't mind blatantly ripping off these roms but felt the need to hack the titles. I'm sure this has to do with localized, useless copyright or trademark laws, but if you're going to steal a ROM and simply mod 4-16 bytes, why bother when it's obvious it's stolen IP to begin with?
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