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  1. RH


    Is Mega Man for the Genesis a clamshell and a high quality copy? Also is it the NTSC version?
  2. RH


    I can't tell you if it's legit but I would question this too. What could make it "legit" is if it was returned to the store unused and then resealed by Circuit City. Option 2, though less likely is that Circuit City packaged these themselves. I find it tough to believe they'd pay to have 20,000-50,000 of these cut open, have a game dropped in and then have a sticker slapped on it,but stranger things have happened.
  3. Well, it was worth asking. We know of the 3 late run titles. My gut tells me that Nintendo probably re-released 5 games. Just as they thought making the recent NES mini would be a nice, small nod to the fans, I could have seen them thinking the GB had a really nice 12 year run up to that point, which is why they released these first party titles one last time. Sort of a "last hurrah". I need to check my carts date codes but I also know that Wario's World 2 was a late run GB title, so if they had five games in a group of releases, maybe Wario and one other late run titles was part of the set. Still, I've not heard or seen any marketing relating to these titles, so that furthers the mystery of why they even exist to begin with.
  4. Are you the original owner? As I mentioned later after my post, this variant was manufactured in late 1999, and might have likely been sold in early 2000. I know it"s a bit of a stretch to remember buying a game 20+ years ago, but do you remember seeing any other OG Game Boy games on the shelf at that time? We all know about SML, SML2 and possibly Dr. Mario were all part of this re-release set. Any chance you can recall seeing any others?
  5. Yes, these forums do look the same... but do you know who's forum doesn't look like this? Our sponsors!
  6. Paging @Bronty... Hahaha, what do you think?
  7. I mean, that's not impossible. I doubt it was the item itself that just did that much damage, but since it was rare (recall it was an item I only had one of in my inventory) I guess they could have coded an end-game situation where they did some fancy formatting. I really think I was in the sub, but I could be wrong. I know that was a good grinding spot. There was also a place on a beach that I think was good for grinding materia experience, so I guess there's a chance I was there. Maybe using the item, on a specific enemy, triggered this behavior and maybe it was an Easter egg. The 4 digit damage really is a hard coded operation. If they did make it an Easter egg, my guess that they possibly did take 2-3 attack values and just properly align them. I saw no sign of that but it could have been a way to "fake" massive damage.
  8. No, on the last image, there's a red logo on the base. I'm pretty sure it's on the plastic case.
  9. Ha, I got the notification about 20 minutes ago, and I'm watching part 2 now.
  10. Here's the question we need to ask-- where is that red Nintendo stamped? Is it on the case, or is it on the shrinkwrap. I assume it's on the case, but I wouldn't want to believe that without OP verifying.
  11. I've considered this. In my case, no it wasn't. I was attacking a single enemy, and it was OHK. To my knowledge, unless you are hitting multiple enemies, you never see multiple attack values on screen at the same time. In the case of something like KOTR or even Meteor, the values of multiple hits, flash on the screen in rapid succession. I threw a grenade/bomb/??? and there was just one, really big number. Regarding the image in the strategy guide, I wondered myself it that is what was happening. But, from context of the image, that neither appears to be the case and the digits seem to be perfectly aligned. If that is an image of multiple attacks firing at once, everything was positioned properly in front of the camera on the X, Y and Z axises to look like one giant number. That's not impossible, but I don't think it's likely.
  12. Yup, white mages were always a last choice in party selection for me too. It was always cheaper/easier to just stock up on potions and just reheal after each battle. If there was a way to focus your experience gain in an RPG, and if there was a healer character I liked, I always tried to beef up both their physical and MP, but not Magic Strength. The healing affects of the healers were bonus, money-savers so I used it while I had it but once it was gone, I was always stocked on the potions. This is probably different than most people because I rarely strategized affective magic healing and just burnt through it, even if I was grossly over healing, until I had to use potions. But then you are left with a weak physical attacker. IMHO, it was good game design to allow some healer-types to equip small blades so you could at least do moderate damage rather than something like 27HP when the boss started with 5,000.
  13. Oh, I'm not afraid to use magic, so long as there is an Inn near by. If not, I "hoard" my MP so that when I can get bosses, I can hammer them with magic attacks, which is where your real strength tends to lie in most RPGs. But, items I rarely touch are ethers. Why is it that ethers are either completely unpurchasable or extremely expensive in many RPGs?
  14. I grew up in Columbia, SC and as I got older I wanted to move away for one reason, and one reason only. The heat. It's the "hottest place on earth". I've said that for years and even though a lot of people like to say "but what about Death Valley?", well, many people who have lived in or near both places will say that Columbia is the worst. Many days of +100 degree heat, 100% humidity, not a breeze in sight and stagnant air that just chokes you. It's nasty and a legit baking, choking type of heat. Anyway, I now live in North Carolina about an hour south of the mountains. The benefit to living in Columbia as a kid is that even on "hot" days here (mid-90s to low-100s, 100% humidity) I can still sit on the front porch and enjoy myself. That's warm, but that's not hot. Anyone thinking 95 is hot is a light weight. Lol. The A/C stays around 74 in our house. Personally, I could take it up to 76 or even 77, but my wife starts sweating above 75 and feels miserable so that's not fun for anyone. In the winter, we cut it down to 68.
  15. Back when I was a kid I LOVED Final Fantasy VII, which is no surprise considering my avatar and it quickly became my favorite game of all time. It was one of few games I not only finished but also went on to 100% find all items without cheating (though once I finished that, I admit cheating to level out all of my materia at least once) and I spent many, many, many hours playing that game legitimately leveling every player to level 99. I have always been the type of RPG player that never really used damage items in battle. I don't know why but unless you had to use a specific item to win a specific battle, I never used stuff like grenades. I always stuck to magic and physical attacks. After I had beaten FF VII, I went back to hunt and collect all of the stuff I missed. I remember in one grinding session in the possibly in the underwater sub, I got a little bored. When the battle started, I went to use a damage item in battle and I didn't even pay attention to the name of it, but I just selected a damage item I had, and it was the only one I had. All I recall is that it was an item with a flashy/explosive effect. When I used it, I saw a ridiculously HUGE amount of damage. I'm not talking about something like 8967 because, you know, the cap is 9999. No, I'm talking about something large like 439058505869, which instantly killed the enemy?! That moment really stuck with me because as you can imagine, I was shocked. So, I did what anyone else would do and I started reading through the strategy guide, looking for anything they could tell me what I'd done. Well, you know what, I found nothing mentioning an overflow glitch or some super, secret, special item but I did find this screen cap. Keep in mind, this is taken from the official strategy guide. If you have it, you can look it up yourself! Wait!? That's exactly what I saw!!! To make matters more confusing though, this is within the Safer Sephiroth section (page 175), but it doesn't mention anything about this overflow. It's just a screen cap. Obviously, this image doesn't make since, just as my story doesn't because the maximum size of damage isn't just the soft 9999 limit, but math is suppose to be calculated using 32bit integers for these games, which has a high limit of 2,147,483,647. The PS1 also doesn't support float-point mathematics, so any real number shouldn't come from a float-point either. Within the past few years, I have learned that FF VII did used strict integer math for damage calculations and to my knowledge, never implemented a float-point path engine OR some way to calculate larger integers beyond 2bits. A number THAT big should theoretically be impossible?! However, I distinctly recall seeing it and there at least seems to be an image, in the strategy guide reinforcing that memory, so I assume I saw what I thought I saw. Interesting enough, when the author's took the screen cap, they caught the occurrence when their next party member brought up the item menu. I speculate this because the authors might have taken this image during a sequence of when they were playing around with items in the game, and taking notes. So, there's a chance that the glitch I found is the same one they might have found, and it's specific to an item. If you google "Final Fantasy VII overflow bug" you will find multiple results. Specifically, the two best links are the ones below. The first is a link to the Final Fantasy wiki, documenting a known overflow case that can result in instant death of any enemy. The second link is a video demonstrating and talking about this technique. Final Fantasy Wiki - FF VII Overflow Bug YouTube - FFVII Overflow Glitch Breakdown So mystery solved, correct? Well... no. You see, when it happened to me as a kid, what struck me was that it was very evident that the displayed damage was well above 9999. There is a chance that it was under the signed, 32 bit limit of 2,147,483,647. I couldn't remember how many digits it was but I do recall feeling like it took up half the width of the TV screen. Both articles mention mention that due to the four-character/9999 damage limitation that when an overflow occurs, weird random characters are displayed rather than the actual damage. I've never personally seen weird characters in any time I've played this game, so my overflow/glitch had to have been something entirely different. So, I'm curious about you guys. Have you seen this bug, or a similar one? If it is at all prevalent, this game has been dissected so many ways, so many times I'd really, really think someone would have found out about this bug. But, since so many hackers and fans have probably spent +80% of their time dissecting how to exploit materia or weapons, so I guess there is a chance no one has tried to see if there was a bug with any damage items. Any of you fellow FF VII nuts seen or know anything about this bug?
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