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  1. Interesting. What's with the edge of the cardboard on the inside flap? It looks worn to me. Any chance that this was an odd reseal? I am stretching with this one since it has Electro-Brain documentation, but I always assumed that type of wear happened after a game was opened.
  2. That was exactly how I felt. As if they were disappointed in the end result but... really like either the NEC company, or maybe even M2. It's hard to say your friends project sucked on the internet when you have a high degree of influence and reach.
  3. Yeah, I'd really like to see a side-by-side comparison. There comparisons weren't specific enough. It sounds like there's a small chance it's the same size as the original.
  4. That's more true than you realized. I loved cards in the 80s and 90s and it seems that if you want any of that stuff to have value today, you have to find the rookies that went on to make names for themselves, get them graded and hoped they grade north of 9.8. No thank you.
  5. Very interesting that these aren't numbered. I love those cards. Both the stickers and the scratchers.
  6. Those, as well as manuals, use to be available on eBay in 2-40 piece lots. Someone worked in the warehouse and was just dumping the paper.
  7. Hey, if you wait long enough they may pay you $.50-1.00 to take that barrel. Of course, you'll have to figure out what to do with the oil inside, but at least it's a cheap barrel!
  8. Well, I've got nothing to show, but I recall asking a while ago about an empty Pepsi 12-pack box that had Mario Branding (I think it was Christmasy, but I can't really recall.) Anyway, the empty box went for over $40 on an eBay auction. At the time, I was shocked at the price. I know people love Mario and collecting oddities, but even that surprised me. I guess I'm still a little surprised but I must concede it was a nice looking box (for a soda box.)
  9. I'd say get into DS games. There's so many and because the market is flooded with shovelware, even good titles can be cheap. But repros can be a problem, so maybe not... The PS2 has a killer line up. I don't believe those games are counterfeited. $100 could go a long way on the PS2 lineup. I've never owned a PS3, but there's a chance that one might even be a better choice. I couldn't say where to start and what games are worth getting, though.
  10. Well, they might get close to that. I'm honestly not sure of how this business works but it is built on a literal flow of oil. Often when any industry is built on continual movement, it is a massive burden to stop flow and to turn it back on. If the reserves are 100% to capacity, they could theoretically start paying to have it offloaded. We won't see "free gas" but those savings will start to trickle into the prices at the pumps because gas stations are far removed from the source but yes, refineries could be paid to take the oil, which they could turn around and distribute for free/practically free. And they could still be profitable if they are getting paid enough to take the surplus, although probably marginally profitable at best. And convenient stores often already slash their gas prices to be as slow as they can with only a few cents on a gallon being profit, but they could completely drop that if they are desperate. And negative oil prices have happened before. Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-19/the-idea-of-negative-oil-prices-is-more-realistic-than-you-think It's crazy to think but it is possible that gas could get so cheap for us that all we are all only paying tax and distributors costs to get the gasoline to the gas stations.
  11. Before I judge this woman, I have just one question-- was she pregnant? (I know it's old, but it deserves the comment.)
  12. Ah, I tried to follow that guys shenanigans for a while. I assumed this was inevitable! Honestly, though, I never believed he was a flat-earther. I think he just wanted to die doing something "big and stupid" and he just found the flat-earth crowd dumb enough to believe his line about flying up in the air 4,000 feet and taking pictures to prove the earth was flat, just they would fund his rocket(s).
  13. Yup! I started watching with the Choco Mountain one and have pretty much watched every one since. I still need to dig into the earlier ones. I need to look into the Sonic 2 video. I'm willing to bet, that's a pretty intense one.
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