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  1. RH

    NES Hot Seat

    You mind letting us know how much you paid for it? Thanks, if you are.
  2. I'm not sure if this has been requested but if this is verifiable, there should be a badge for donating to @Gloves annual play in support of Sick Kids. Ok, so I understand that many people might do charity events and some might say this is problematic because "what about other members pet, charity drives?" True, but Gloves is a stellar member who, let's be honest, not only keeps the lights the place running but was also instrumental in getting this place off the ground. And @Gloves, thanks for doing what you do. Both hear on this site, and with your charity drive. As an admin, if
  3. Dude, these "sheenanigans" have been going on a loooong time. Remember the Wii? That thing was sold out for years. Literal years before you could walk into a Walmart or Target and for-certain see one on the shelf. In fact, we got our Wii in our home 9-10 months after launch. I walked into a Target and by luck saw two on the shelf. The guy told me they just put them out. Before I checked out, another guy had come up and wanted one. Nintendo never makes enough hardware and I've argued even countless times that it's often to their financial determinant, meaning that if they could match
  4. It does damage it, sort of. When they make these boxes and send them to assembly, they first put pressed creases where the box needs to bend to make it's form and shape. The then make two folds and then glue the one side that needs to be glued together. This make a flat paper item that's easy to ship to the assembly facility from the printers. In final assembly, the boxes are opened, and the flaps are tucked in. The thing is, on the top-flap, when you bend at the crease for the first time, and only the first time, you get a nice, smooth round look. This is one way you can verify if a
  5. RH

    NES Hot Seat

    I honestly have no clue how Norm got his for the video. Or, I can't recall if he said it was on loan. I'd love to have one of these. Smack in the middle of my game room/office, in front of the CRT wall. Alas, whatever OP hopes to get (and probably can) I doubt I can afford it.
  6. From what I learned after the release, Nintendo created custom emulators so that when certain assets were loaded, they could swap them out for better quality versions. They at least did that for Mario 64. If they had enough time, I bet they could have done it for more than just textures and had been able to swap out higher poly-count models and maybe even small snippets of code for bug patching. And that begs the question, when a game+emulator is bundled together with special instructions and modifications like that, when is it no longer "just emulation". I mean, I get that it starts w
  7. I'll take that N64 cart, if no one has claimed it.
  8. RH

    NES Hot Seat

    Is this Norm? From Video Gaming Historian?
  9. Which of those NES titles are 5 screws? I might have a trade for you.
  10. Though I did own a Wii, I basically used it as a Virtual Console for a bunch of DLC games. The last "new" console I bought was the GameCube. So, basically, my gaming experience jumped from the GC to the Switch. Well, I guess we could count the DS/3DS, but I think you're just looking at home consoles to be hooked up to TVs. Since my experience is limited, here's my short list which are all for the Switch. I own over 30 Switch titles but these few alone justify the purchase. In fact, I'd say holding only 2-3 of these games in any combination justifies the purchase and ownership of the s
  11. Final Fantasy Adventure, followed by Final Fantasy VII, Tactics and then Final Fantasy V. Those are all some of the most formative games for me and I get they all had the same name. But I don't know what it was. I tried many other RPGs and none others resonated with me the way Squaresoft games did. For non-Final Fantasy games, I think I'd want to replay Xenogears. For a non-Squaresoft game I think I'd pick Metroid II.
  12. @Gloves That's a fair point. I know the WATA crowd has had their share of haters around here, so they may not come along anymore, but I assumed a couple of them dropped in from time to time, and some of the people here knew them. I don't use twitter at all, or FB or Instagram that matter, but I'll try to send them an email to see what they say.
  13. Well, the intention isn't "can something be so perfect, that it's a 10?" My real question is that based off of their proper grading standards, is it even possible for a 10.0 CIB to exist since opening a box to inspect it will degrade it. Can an object exist that could be scored as 10.0? Absolutely. But can it be scored and entombed as such? I am assuming no since opening a box damages it and, ergo, a 10.0 can't exist. That's the question I'm trying to answer.
  14. I like/liked Will Ferrell. His comedy has gone consistently down hill with every movie, though. His best work was with SNL, Anchor Man was pretty good, I can enjoy Elf at Christmas but after that, it's basically "meh" or worse.
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