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  1. This is all I really recall. I also have no recollection of being worried. I was 10 and in the 5th grade and I understood that the middle east far away.
  2. Yes, that's basically a 51% attack. Again, we were aware of that possibility back in 2010, and I'm sure the community was aware of it even before then. This is one of a few major reasons why Satoshi only considered bitcoin an experimental proof of concept. Regardless, even if no better approach solved that specific problem, cryptos are always free to use and free to abandon. One of the original, speculated safe guards of the 51% attack is that if anyone (or country, organization, whatever) had the capability to own 51% of the network, why would they do that and destroy it's value. Eve
  3. I don't even pay attention much now. It got up to $42k?! Seriously people, why? Why is bitcoin worth $42k other than the fact that people keep dumping money in it?! This is why it's a ponzi scheme. Everyone buying in today is just hoping that tomorrow someone else will buy in at a higher price tomorrow.
  4. This is got to be a long post so to be nice I'm putting in it a spoiler tag.
  5. I think you might want to search eBay for Atlona gear. They make some super expensive, pro-grade stuff but since composite hardware is old, you can find it for "cheap". And what I mean by cheap is far cheaper than a $2,000-4,000 new unit for HDMI switches and such. Here's a 4x4 matrix for $100. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atlona-AT-AV0404-4x4-Composite-Super-Matrix-SKU-1090650-/254379097010?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  6. There's a casual reference to the site you're interested in right there. The purpose of the TCRF (which stands for The Cutting Room Floor ) is to document changes across game revisions. The most notable revision difference for old Game Boy games is the rare, original version of Tetris. It was only released in Japan and there is a different song in the game. There are other minor differences to the first version of the game, but the different music is what's most noticable.
  7. I'm almost 40 and I would really, really like to do something different. I've been writing software since I was 16 and I prided myself of being top amongst my peers. However, after 16 years of doing the same business logic code, but with new tools and paradigms, I'm just done and uninspired. However, a well seasoned dev earns pretty good money. I also live in a small rural town and I work remote so cost of living is good. I would try something new and I even at one point considered going back to school to become an anesthesiologist or even psychiatrist. However, the cost of education and
  8. This is a band that's totally worth a 10, but considering your definition of each ranking, I had to go with 9. 100% worth listening too, even if you're not into 80s metal.
  9. Me?! Maybe I did but I don't recall posting anything to reddit. No wait... was it the Zelda carts? Hahahahaaaaaa
  10. After a recent, failed attempt (100% my fault) at selling my TG-16, I decided to keep my unit and give the thing an honest try. The only game I own is Keith Courage, which is about the only cheap one other than sports titles. So, for the first time ever, I'm considering to get a flash card unit for a game system. So, which should I get? I'd consider an Everdrive but I saw on MLIG that Krikzz has released some awesome hardware updates for everything, but the TG-16 which hasn't been updated in ages. Maybe that is the best device, but are their others that are also notible and wor
  11. You get an eyeroll because I'm in the same camp. I think you and I started GB collecting at the same time, finished our sets within months of each other and are now working on the variants as well. It is fun (usually) but, yeah, it's a way bigger task than I expected. Regarding disinterests, to this day I have no desire to get into Xbox gaming and collecting. When Halo 1 & 2 came out, I'd play those with my buddies and I might get an OG XBox one day just for those games, but I could honestly care less about those systems. Also, with exception to the Switch since it's also a handh
  12. I have that exact SONY. I've seen it go for $150-200 on eBay, not including shipping costs. That price is a steal.
  13. But for the record, that's a form of a loaded baked potato. I've never seen or heard it called anything else, even on chain restaurant menus. Who would call that chili?! The only potatoes that go with chili are french fries.
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