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  1. I have never played an MGS title, but I've always wanted too. This is a shame. I should probably pick up a copy.
  2. I don't game much on modern systems (well, just the Switch) but aren't many physical games on the PS4 and xbox "unfinished", but you don't notice it because on the first boot up, on launch day, you have to download multi-gigabyte updates? I bet if you played many of those games without an internet connection, you'd find a lot of "incomplete" titles. IIRC, that was the case for WWF 2k18 for the Switch and was an abysmal, buggy mess on launch. Historical stinkers that I'm aware of include Big Rigs (PC, 2003), Extreme Paintball (PC, 1998) and Driving Emotion Type-S (PS2, Japanese version,
  3. I got $80ish for an Emerald back in November. That was before round 2 and 3 of covid bucks so, I was a little surprised at that screen shot, but then after a second... not really. Pokemon has gone insane.
  4. EDIT I might consider a 7800 if they aren't too expensive. However, don't those have power adapter problems and new ones are hard to come by due to some molex-like connector?
  5. Man, I love Chipotle Sofrita burritos...
  6. "What am I thinking... it's not worth that! I'll go down to $350, but it'll probably be $300 tomorrow". And I'll beat him. Anyone with a nice copy, I'll give $250, right now.
  7. I know I've mentioned in the past that the Atari 2600 doesn't hold much weight for me as an enjoyable system for me. That said, I did have one as a kid and I can still appreciate the thing for it's historical importance, and can even enjoy playing it from time to time, even if that is once a year. But even though I've felt that way for the past 5 years since I started collecting, I've yet to get a 2600. I think that time has come, however, I want the "best model". I prefer older/original over newer, unless the newer stuff is has a greater build quality. I still have no clue, though, w
  8. I messaged the seller about these items. They formerly worked for Philips back in the 90s. Had no clue they were rare or valuable.
  9. Dude... you're pricing me out of the market bumping your ever increasing bounty. I can't believe no one will unload one of these for $400.
  10. I liked the program but never managed to bank much to earn the really sweet swag. I have a black messenger bag with yellow screen printed emblems of Mario power ups like question blocks, stars and flower powers. I think that's the only thing I bought with my own points. However, I did like the rewards so I ended up buying Ball, the two DS Game and Watch titles, the platinum cards and the Hanafuda cards off of eBay.
  11. @CodysGameRoom & @LeatherRebel5150 I'll try to respond later to your comments. I'm busy at work. I just wanted to make note unless I can't get back to this until late tonight, or tomorrow, and it's buried by other comments.
  12. @RpgCollector, this might be up to your level of expertise. Do you have a CIB Sunsoft TumblPop and know for a fact that yours is 100% complete?
  13. In the late 90s, Sunsoft bought the rights to release many GB games. To my knowledge, none of the ROMs were changed with Sunsoft branding, but only the boxes and manuals were updated with the logo. Probably the most notable Sunsoft rereleases were the four Squaresoft games, because it was a big deal to be getting a rerelease of that content, and Lock N Chase. Lock N Chase is nothing special, but is super rare and the most difficult Sunsoft title to find.
  14. Absolutely, but all of what is presented by atheist is lacking a critical component of the possibility of spiritual truth, which is by definition "unobservable" from a scientific stand point. Religion can have concrete tenants but much of the experience, at least with in Christianity, is a personal experience because we are a faith of a very personal, relatable, present God. Others can observe the experiences of others but internal change is not something that we can measure, especially when the initiation of the change cannot be executed in controlled environments. I've read my share o
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