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    • Actually, we often didn’t even have the blurb on the back of the box. Back then games were often sold in a video game section of big department stores, locked inside of a glass case (kinda like Walmart still does today).    Your parents would let you look at games while they shopped and then come back and tell you to pick a game. You typically didn’t get to even hold the box until after the cashier rang it up and it was paid for.    Then you would read the blurb on the back of the box in the car on the way home
    • I'd be inclined to agree with you, but the thing is (at least from eBay's perspective) if you go to an bid-only auction, go to contact the seller, and then look at the reasons, there's a "Make an Offer" option.  If you follow through that path, you will see it say: This would seem to imply that house rules allow for this type of engagement. So, is eBay wrong on this and should they not allow it (or suggest it to begin with) or if the house allows for outside communication on working out a deal before the end of the auction, should it be considered fair game?
    • Let’s say for example you are a big Nintendo collector. You got a bunch of games you play and along the way you’ve also picked up some sealed games.    Since you have sealed games that you are never going to play anyways, they’re strictly just pieces of artwork for looking at. Assuming you don’t own any non-Nintendo platforms, would you then consider picking up sealed games for a franchise that you like on another platform (ex. Atari, Sega, PlayStation, X Box, PC) even if you don’t have that console and never intend to play it?
    • I mean it was still pretty obvious lol:
    • ^^^ Never played any of those versions (only played original on PS1 and MGS2 on the PS2). I mean, it's possible he was wearing an obvious strap-on harness in the original game, but I feel like there might have been some ESRB complaints about it in that era.
    • @WaverBoy @KHAN Games Waverboy did you buy the regular edition or the premium edition of the game? The premium edition is the one I bought and the product page makes it seem like different boards were used for the premium. It may also be why we have received different answers. The regular NES edition page just says compatible with original NES hardware and the premium edition page is sort of ambiguous.    https://limitedrungames.com/products/jay-and-silent-bob-mall-brawl-nes-premium-edition https://limitedrungames.com/products/jay-and-silent-bob-mall-brawl-nes   If you bought the premium edition as well I’d say that’s bad on LRG for not having process in place. 
    • Him on Gamecube: And on PS3 (as a ghost): And of course as a kid on PS4:
    • I don't think I've seen any psycho mantis imagery since the original game on PS1... definitely didn't remember him wearing that much high-detail bondage gear...
    • Some chicken patties for dinners/lunches at work this week. Probably just eat them with some carrots and cucumbers.   
    • Bids are supposed to be binding, meaning the buyer is prepared to pay that and the seller lets it go for whatever amount. Trying to make a deal while bids are in place is interfering with someone else's agreement. Without any bids this isnt an issue. Also without bids the seller can add a public BIN option, so its still available for anyone to grab. Ive made an exception for this once, when some ass killed a great BIN price with a 99c bid. I messaged the seller and offered his bin price and he accepted.
    • There is far too much complaining about current prices when everyone had over 15+ years to buy most of these titles were cheap and choose not to. When you have that I’ll get around to it mentality what do you think will happen? Someone else got around to and decided it was worth the price. If it not for you that’s fine.... if people dump new money into the hobby then I think that’s great. Every year for the last 10 years, especially on NA, there was a bubble pop prediction, then everything cooled and it took off again. So is life when you wait around.   
    • I've got a Wata 7.0 Mega Man (Dr. Wright Text) and 7.0 Metroid (Hangtab) up for auction with no reserve ending 8/5. Check them out here: https://www.ebay.com/usr/bearcat-doug
    • I think the only spendy stuff I still need is a Stunt Racer Box/Manual, Super Bowling Box and Bomberman 2nd Box. I grabbed most of the other rare stuff years ago. Other than that I need about 100 random boxes and 15 manuals of mixed difficulty, but not too expensive. 
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