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    • I found a good condition BIN of the Link's Awakening -3 cart if anyone is interested.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/353297012200
    • Yes there will be a maximum number of players.
    • I went with 6.  The three prior Paul Feig movies were all funnier.  Then again, they were 3 of the funniest movies of the last decade.  Tough competition.
    • I could have sworn I posted on here, but I guess I didn't hit submit? Anyway, I definitely had a few games I really, really liked in my younger days but to be honest, I have no clue if some of them were bad.  My nostalgia glasses are over 20/20 today, so it's tough for me to be a fair judge.  But, here's my list of games that I doubt others consider "classics" so they probably are just fair at best. Cybernoid (NES) - Tough as nails and I could never get much further than the past stage.  Still, I loved it. Anticipation (NES) - Not a great party game once you memorized everything, but once my brother and I did learn all of the timed puzzles, it was usually a game of seeing who could tap the "OK" button fast enough to answer the questions. Yo! Noid (NES) - I think others think this is a good game, I'm not sure, but I loved it a bunch.  It was the only CAPCOM title I owned for the NES. Star Voyager (NES) - I borrowed this from my uncle a lot.  I really liked it, although I never ever really figured out the point of the game. Stealth ATF (NES) - Ok, it's a fair game but what made it suck for me is I could almost never land the plane.  So... I rarely made it past the first stage, or training even if that's what it was.  Regardless, I enjoyed playing a game as a stealth fighter jet! Wheel of Fortune (NES) - Same as Anticipation.  This is a fine 8-bit version of the game, but once you've memorized all of the puzzles and can guess them after 2-3 letters are revealed, it's not fun.  But I continued playing it anyway. Lunar Pool (NES) - I still don't know why I enjoyed playing this game, usually lowering the friction to 0.  It's an ok pool sim for the NES, but what I got into was just mucking around with the physics. Sonic 2 (Game Gear) - Yeah, no.  This is just not a great game.  It's too hard.  But it was my first game on my Game Gear so, dog gonnit, I logged tons of hours on it. Star Gate (Game Gear) - It's a puzzle game.  Probably not a bad one, but I bought it without even looking at the back of the box.  I loved the movie, and the genesis port looked cool from commercials, so I assumed it'd be the same general game.  Though I was at first disappointed with it being a puzzle game I did enjoy it regardless. The Berenstein Bears (Game Gear) - This was a game my sister had, but once I had worn out all of my other platform games for the system, I borrowed this one.  It's an easy enough game, but I still found it enjoyable for a light game. Star Wars (Game Gear) - Ooooooh my gosh, I'm sure this is considered a bad game but I outright loved it.  I never beat it, I don't think, but I got close and never tired of trying. Jurassic Park (Game Gear) - I guess this one is good?  I don't know.  I loved it to much as a kid to objectively grade it. Star Wars Rebel Assualt II (PS1) - My Dad bought this to give to me when he bought me my PS1 one Christmas.  I have great love for this game because of it.
    • I believe the term is "schlock". 
    • Never seen it. Probably never will. Maybe if I'm really bored and it happens to be on TV.  
    • I had no idea there were variants of single line and dual line labels. I have to check mine now.
    • Picked this up recently, first Game Boy game I ever played and owned:  
    • I expected Galaga to be in this year's tournament but I guess not because we're already playing a shooter. Really curious what the finals will be. My guess is Rush n Attack for low score/progress. I hope not though.      
    • But maybe the games I would have bought with the money from selling it will go out of print before I would have bought them, ensuring I missed my opportunity to get them cheap.
    • The entire Paper Mario series and Mario & Luigi series.  I started with Thousand Year Door and Superstar Saga, respectfully, and I don't get the hype.  Went back to the first Paper Mario and it was ok.  I left it feeling like I would just rather play Super Mario RPG. Kingdom Hearts.  I bought it new back in the day with paper route money and I tried to start that game so many times and it just never grabbed me.  I gifted it to my little sister and she still adores the series.  I'm still bitter about spending like a month of paper route money on it.  Modern sports titles.  I like the 2K sports back in the day but haven't been interested in playing any sports titles in the last 15ish years. Mortal Kombat / Killer Instinct.  Even as a kid I didnt care for these series. 3D platformers.  Mario 64/Sunshine/Odyssey, Donkey Kong 64, Croc, Banjo series, etc.  I just never felt like platformers transitioned well into 3D and every series being a collect-a-thon is just not enjoyable
    • It involves a hilarious amount of slowdown with so many enemies on screen.  
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