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    • I think it's more along the lines of she gradually respects you more as the game goes on, and doesn't think of you as so "lacking".  Of course she's still gonna hen peck ya just to keep you on your toes.  And I guess for "sexy and sassy" they split that into Jade and Veronica respectively (hence I refer to her as "the little firecracker" type seeing as how she is little and her normal clothes are the same color as a firecracker). But seriously, someone like Nera or Serena as an ideal wife in my book is mainly because I most definitely didn't have the sweet kind mom or heroic "I wanna be just like him" dad growing up. 😞  Instead I ended up with a nasty emotionally abusive/manipulative "mother" and a classic schoolyard bully type of a "father" 😞   Neither of whom really loved me or accepted me as I was 😞    So YES, I would most definitely love and appreciate so much a mom like Amber and a wife like Serena...both are so sweet and kind and truly love you and will do most anything for ya...and Serena clearly wants to bend over backwards to be as awesome of a cook for ya!  I mean there is no way you could ask for a better wife.  And like Nera, Serena will do her best to be a good wife for you!  And YES that whole lovey dovey stuff Nera does would be super cute, which would go great to with the rest of our family. 🙂  After all, like Toby Keith says you gotta have a whole house full of little ones...well a specific kind of little ones of course 😄  PS: You guys do know there is much, MUCH more to having a wife than the "passionately hugging" part (as r/Slash likes to call it), right?  RIGHT??  Still judging by a couple of Serena's outfits (especially that hot red one) I wouldn't sell her short in that department either! 😄 
    • It's a spin-off but if you really wanted to you could choose Other for it.
    • I started off strong last year, but work and family got in the way and I set the games aside. I don't have any hopes or expectations for this year. Just gonna play when I can. Boggle Plus done.  
    • I was gonna say this exact thing. The dimensions on the Oskars are pretty much perfect for video game display and they hold a ton of games. I actually ordered a few Oskars but canceled because of all the bad reviews regarding quality of the components. I then looked more closely at Billy Bookcases and realized there is no better value or quality for mass market shelving. The big Oskar is $110 while a large white Billy is $49! Alternatively, you can experiment with more unusual shelving setups like I did earlier in this thread with things like the Furrino organizers. There are a lot of fun things you can do with shelves that weren't meant for games if you're willing to a little customization. In the end, custom is clearly the best in terms of usability, but it's a lot of work, can still be costly, and may actually hurt the value of your home. If you do go that route, there are thousands of YouTube videos to get you started though. My suggestion? Order one of the smallest type of shelf you're considering and see how you like it. Then either switch to another brand or buy more of the biggest size available. Good luck!
    • I decided to make a video about how to fold the bottom of NES boxes which also applies to GB, GBC, GBA, and VB boxes. Very short and simple but to the point.🙂    
    • This happened to me last night with Tombs and Treasures for NES, there was one for $24 and change after shipping BIN and I was bidding on one that got up to over $25 I was like why wouldn’t you just BIN the other one? Same condition and loose edit: I did buy the BIN one lol
    • I guess I’m lucky to have 3 retro game stores within driving distance to me where I can pick up a bunch of cheap Genesis games and not have to pay shipping individually. Even with the more expensive stuff they know me and will still cut me a deal from pricecharting.    Even outside Genesis, pricecharting has become the place for people to get a price and still add 10-20% on it for eBay. It’s really a bummer. PC or GVN used to be the starting point and maybe lower the price based on relationship or quantity of the purchase. Now I’m lucky to pay the pricecharting price. I get inflation but that shit is supposed to take time lol
    • sega stuff been trying to pop off for a while seems.
    • It's quite upsetting. I focused on NES/SNES/N64 for years. I'm on the tail end of it all, and I still need 200+ Genesis titles. But I look on eBay, and I'm just like... it's just too much. 😞
    • I got a preview of what's coming in an April auction and it's going to break all video game records for sales. Just wait until that happens.
    • Cool, that answers the mystery! Thanks.
    • The assembled in Mexico versions came with black and white manuals as far as I'm aware.
    • Nice! I was working on that but got stuck on Level 4. The double-jump seems to require frame-perfect timing and release, but I was kind of getting the hang of it until that gauntlet of three floating eyeball things. Did you use the trick where you change to the mage and deliberately get knocked back in order to remove one of the eyeballs, as seen in some YouTube playthroughs? Or something else?
    • I adore my Analogue consoles. They work amazingly well and look sexy. Have fun!
    • Poll is invalid.  Sonic Spinball isn’t an option.
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