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The Knight

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The Dragon

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The Alchemist

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The Merchant

The thrifty seller acquires rare gems to add to their stock. They strike deals with their trusted customers and help supply the community.

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What's going on at VGS?

VGS NES Weekly Contest - Holy Diver

Welcome, fiery warriors. I hope you all are ready and up for the challenge. The very last challenge of the 2021 VGS NES Weekly Contest will define the one who will bear the coveted crown of the Platformer genre!

For the platformer genre, Dr. Morbis leads with 28 points, but PII is right on his tail with 25 points. Krunch is not out of the race with 20 points.

Dr. Morbis cannot be beaten at the general contest and is the 2021 VGS NES Weekly Contest CHAMPION! CONGRATULATIONS!
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Extra Life 2021

Extra Life 2021 is starting at 9am EST today, November 6th! Join Gloves as he plays games on Twitch for as long as he can in support of children's hospitals, and donate #ForTheKids!
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Official Secret Santa Discussion Thread 2021! (Signups are closed)

Ho Ho Ho!   It's that time of the year once again! Join us for the 3rd annual VGS Secret Santa!

With long shipping times expected, get in quick so things can move smoothly and everyone can get their gifts; tis the season!
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009 Homebrews for Halloween

Homebrews to play for the Halloween season Is that even a thing?
Find out in the episode as we talk about that along with several games and off topic items, including Die Hard and James Bond.

Joining me in the episode are my fellow Homebrew Team Members on Video Game Sage, talking about Halloween 85/86, Scare Carts, Spook-o'-tron, Micro Mages, Curse of Illmoore Bay, Sacred Line, and more including games still in development (Project Borscht, Crypt of Dracula, and Bio Evil).
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Another round of Bingo?  But this isn't a proper bingo card!  The idea here is you get a piece of "candy", aka a ballot, to be entered into a drawing for 2 eShop gift cards for Nintendo Switch Online.  These are for U.S., so if you are in a different country, then we will give you the cash equivalent.

The rules are simple, Simply do what is in the box and earn yourself 1 ballot, with a max of 10 ballots possible, to enter yourself into the drawing. 

Time to get Trick or Treating!
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VGS NES Weekly Contest - Adventure of Dino Riki

Welcome to the last round of the Action genre in the 2021 VGS NES Weekly Contest, which will define who will claim the title and bring it home!

For the Action genre run, we have @Dr. Morbis leading with 28 points, with @PII and @bertsampson tied in 2nd with 23 points. Finally @NESfiend and @mbd39are tied in 4th with 21 points. All of them have the chance to claim the title, despite the big lead Dr. Morbis sports.
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