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  1. When I did ultimate triple dud, it was just clearing all the events. Never did triathlon mode. Could need updating since Splain clearly demonstrates he had little concern for the"true" ending of that game
  2. No one is presently working on Blaster Master Boy, are they? I think I would like to give it a go, as the game seems really fun, and novel too, though I'm not sure I see the blaster master connection (I suspect marketing name change shenanigans).
  3. Haha, not to worry, I did see the posted req. I'm pointing out out more because we occasionally have found that what we thought was the ending was actually not accurate, such as with Brain Drain being 250 levels, rather than 50 as previously thought. I suspect this could be another such case, where a GB game that almost no one played or talked about has a deceptive element, drawn purely from lack of awareness due to the high levels of obscurity enjoyed by some of the games we play here.
  4. I beat one match of soccer mania, but I am not sure that really is the ending. The one place online I could find with any info on it said that you won the game upon beating all five other teams. I'm intimidated by that, as trying to beat the Brazil team after the Japan team was an awful time. I feel like I barely understand the game, but I did notice that once Japan was beaten, you could then select another opponent, and Japan's name was not present anymore. I suspect that this site may be telling the truth, and if it is, then I think this game might not get cleared very easily.
  5. Contra Alien Wars is done. Game was really impressive and high quality. The visuals and play control were top notch and the framerates were rock solid. Great little shooter. The only thing I would wish for is it being a bit more difficult, but I guess it would be if you were playing for score.
  6. There's another twist to Pyramids of Ra that I've found. You don't get rushed for sitting on the start square and figuring out the map, and you can still get 100 or close no matter how long you wait at the beginning. So, in my case, I'm not bad at figuring out where you have to go from the start, and I just sit on each map, planning out the perfect route. Once I get it, I find I am able to consistently do 90+ scores even on the higher levels. The moving platforms do suck, but I'm willing to put up with them for now.
  7. Wow, that would suck. I didn't know that this game was that long. I also didn't realize that you skipped levels from the "energy". Fortunately this seems to be a game that I'm not too bad at, most of my clears have been 100 as you said. Now that I'm out of the first temple it may be tougher. I'll try and keep close track of my passwords, thanks for the advice.
  8. I don't see anyone playing it, so I'm playing through Pyramids of Ra right now. It's not bad, sort of relaxing. I'm waiting for the moment to come that it gets really damn hard or something. Also @Splain it has been almost a year but I just noticed, there are a few games, such as NBA Jam TE, where they have been cleared and the points reflect it, but the name is still bold. Thought I'd let you know
  9. I almost beat Baseball but then my batteries died. Shouldn't be hard to do over. Amazing how easy the game is compared to some GB baseball titles. It does the job and is fun to play, but the computer player makes some head-scratching decisions and isn't very hard to defeat. All you really have to do is get on base once, and then you can steal bases really easily. Also, sometimes they won't even respond to a second runner correctly, which is something I've seen in other GB baseball games too, such as Bases Loaded. The AI will focus on whichever runner is most ahead and try to just get them out, and let you get away with stolen bases for free on a second, less advanced runner (ie. a free 1st to 2nd base advance). Wouldn't be surprised if Baseball was simply a product of being a launch title. Like I said, it's good enough but I don't think it is better than some of the other really fun GB baseball games out there.
  10. lol, I figured this would happen. Been dealing with a cross-country move for over 2 months so I wasn't playing. I've still got my save file on Eagle Tower, guess I'll have to do it again next year...eh, at least I took notes and know where everything is
  11. It's a real shame that this doesn't get more traction, but it makes sense. As stated, this is a more America and Nintendo-focused website. Still, you'd think it would get more love at least from the Rareware fans here. Don't forget that they were ULTIMATE first!
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/sep/16/home-computing-pioneer-sir-clive-sinclair-dies-aged-81 Remember to pour one out today lads. Surely no man can be seen as more singularly important to the progression of the home computer in Britain and other territories, and by association the birth of many a great programmer and game developer.
  13. Ha ha, simulation of a low-scoring game That's an interesting element. I suppose it makes enough sense given the conditions. Those scorelines are just funny to me. As for your "Jam mode" question, I can't say that I've ever done it in those Jam games, but for Hangtime on GB, beating all of the teams is how you beat the game and unlock "expansion mode" which lets you play a larger roster, plus gives access to the All-Star team. These are several years apart and made by different companies (I brushed up; Akklaim got the exclusive rights to Jam starting with NBA Jam Extreme, and so the "true" Midway successors are Hangtime and Showtime: NBA on NBC), so while maybe relevant, it's just as much an open question I think. Maybe you can find some FAQs or videos of the game that specify this info?
  14. How in the hell did two teams score less than 30 points combined in an NBA Jam game? Not putting fault on you of course, I'm just astounded that such an offense-heavy series could be that way, or frankly, that a B-ball game in general would end with such low scores given shot clock considerations. I know that the series changed hands at some point in the 90s, and from my memory, at least the GBA games were pretty poor compared to the GB games (which is surprising when you think about it), but man, that seems like a really weird issue.
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