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  1. @Sumez I'm not one to compare clock speeds and decide a victor just from numbers nor one to fall for marketing hype ("bit count" was always a sales gimmick just like blast processing). I wanna know if you can answer this: Why do SNES games show more slowdown? Just off the top of my head are Gradius 3 and Super Ghouls'n'Ghosts. Sure, the two consoles are each capable of things the other couldn't do, but I see more fluid action games sans slowdown on MD or PCE than on SNES. Moreover, SNES relies more on cartridge add-on chips. MD probably couldn't handle Yoshi's Island, but then neither co
  2. PC and western RPG gamers would have a word with this statement.
  3. I think they'd be amazed at how cheap the new games are (new games are often more expensive in Japan than in NA) but shocked at the high prices of old games, especially the famous SNES RPGs. One look at the cost of an FFIII cart vs. an FF6 cart and their heads would spin. Finally, they might get a kick out of all of the sports games; I only remember seeing one American football video game in a retro store in Japan, and it was pretty expensive as it was an EU import. Someone enterprising could probably flood the JP market with Madden drink coasters and door stops and do ok.
  4. My guess is that since Scott Pilgrim has a lot of "so epic reference" to it, that they are continuing the trend here. It's just that they reference things that are 20 years old, so where the original comic/movie/game references NES games, those are no longer vintage en vogue, and so they've moved up to something 20 years old by today, aka dreamcast. Maybe also they want to tap into sonic fandom for sales, because that is a big and active fandom that will not hesitate to throw money at things indiscriminately (see also, the countless horrible sonic games that somehow still weren't total financi
  5. I've had Ultima 4 floating around in the back of my mind for a while. Same for Wizardry series. Last I played wiz, I was on floor 3 and was getting schooled by what is probably an amateur trap. Someday I'll grab one of the trilogy ports (I hear PSX version allows you to import parties from 5 but I dunno if I would care to play 5 anyway) and continue my struggle. I don't often have games that wait on a "want to play" list however. I'm more the type to find the game and play it immediately; I can tell pretty quickly if I like a game or not. Usually it has to be really hard to get for me to
  6. Not really my favorite, but it would be pretty hard to find zero games you like for it. I prefer NES so I'll put it at 8/10. I would liked it more if it had been given a faster processor and thus more action games. Many of the big games are sort of a slog to me (Zelda 3, metroid 3, the unending RPGs) and I suspect that the processor might be part of it. Also, Mario world is the first mario that I think is entirely too easy.
  7. Interesting, I've never found mario 64 to have bad controls, but I've played it in very formative years, so maybe I just grew around it. Very surprised you never use the somersault. That's the fastest way to get up to higher platforms. Stopping to crouch and back jump is both slow and doesn't give you facing to grab onto ledges. Somersault by comparison is great for that. I'd recommend trying it more often. Are you using an N64 controller, and an original one, not a 3rd party? I won't defend sunshine as it was just a retread, but it wasn't bad. You could tell they added the FLUDD to
  8. Curious to know what is "specific sites for each platform" as I didn't know there were sites specialized to older games. As for myself, it really just comes down to whatever I happen to hear about. I am really far removed from current gaming; The newest non-nintendo console I own is a PS3, I rarely play my switch in all honesty, and I own a gaming PC, but I rarely play computer games newer than 2010. The only thing I play that is recent is VR games. I have an oculus quest and that satisfies my needs. Even then I spend more time lately making games for it than actually playing it (I h
  9. Didn't realize Billion Road wasn't available anymore. What happened? I'm not sure, but I think you can play Dolphin online, just it takes an additional trick to let you play as the new method for Wii online has a check to block dolphin by default, or so I've heard.
  10. I don't fully understand the appeal of USB-C mods for older GBs myself. I get it if you want to not have to carry multiple chargers for multiple devices perhaps, but if it's a pre-SP game boy, then you already are using AAs, which are a standard battery that is widely available and easy to replace. They even come in high quality rechargeable NiMH models. Why would you want to instead get a unique, hard-to-find battery, that isn't standard and which can't be easily replaced, when their one upside over alkaline AAs, their being rechargeable, is already mimicked by existing AAs? I ask the sa
  11. I've become interested in this topic over the past 6 months, the question of what to do with your game system batteries. The ones of particular note to me are built-in proprietary batteries, like in a 3DS or Switch, because unlike AAs, there isn't a constant new stream of batteries being made for game systems and controllers; Inevitably, they stop being relevant, and companies move on, leaving future players at the mercy of time and good battery management. You can't really pretend it won't happen, as the GBA SP and PSP have proven (the latter doing so in disastrous fashion). Your only option
  12. It's more in response to the general trend than to any one person. What I have been recently inspired to do is to dig under the skin, so to speak, and see if I can learn more from people by attempting to dismantle various common styles of posting that I've seen online over the years. By poking into comments I hope to learn more about why people feel the way that their posts suggest. It's about challenging something that I myself did too often over the years: Asserting that because I thought something, others must be wrong or corrected to see my way of reasoning. Increasingly I find that to be
  13. I've almost finished tour mode and now I want to see what new skills and strategies I can learn from playing people online. I hear you can still do Wii netplay with a fan server; I'd be up for that and hopefully there are some fortune street fans here up to play.
  14. Zelda 2 randomizer sounds hard as hell. Maybe someday when I want to suffer again
  15. The best I can is say to agree to disagree before further play. My experience doesn't say anything similar to yours on controls/enemies, but it's only that much. I pointed out the overused internet lingo specifically because ultimately, matters of whether one likes or dislikes certain aspects of a game are entirely boiled down to subjective taste, whereas your original posturing made the common online gaff of asserting that one's own feelings must in fact be universally accepted truths. We can go nowhere with a games discussion when one enters the conversation with a mind already made up.
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