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  1. I can totally relate to the OP. I saw a CIB copy of Mario 64 that was players choice sitting on ebay for $60 shipped and it looked like it was in good shape, no crushing it huge dents. When I looked through the pics one both of the tabs were ripped off which of why it was sitting. So while no real immediately visibled damage, even small flaws just tank the value in this market.
  2. They got them in PA? There was a rite aid near me that had the vaccine and had people call for appointments and they received 500k calls in 3 hours.. lol so I'm not optimistic about getting my vaccine until we get a substantial increase in supply.
  3. I gave it a 7. It's definitely exceptional. I got it at launch and ended up having 20+ games for it between launch of it and the launch of the OG Xbox. My friends and I spent a lot of time going straight from school to my house to play DC, then watch DBZ and then go back to playing DC. I was blown away playing NFL and NBA 2K online and talking trash with the keyboard to strangers. I have really fond memories of the Dreamcast even if it hasn't held up over the years. Power Stone, Sonic, House of the Dead, Daytona, the start of the 2K series, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, hell e
  4. They're pushing out GBA SPs with IPS screens on Aliexpress so these could be the left overs from that process.
  5. The meanings of the 1-10 ratings are defined above. This isn't an arbitrary "how good iz da game" scale. 4 means there's better alternatives, just wonder what alternatives do you recommend that are better than Wii Sports in the same genre? A 2 is recognizing the game has redeeming qualities but you just don't care for the genre, or style of gameplay. Like you can recognize that Fifa is better than Mario Strikers, but you don't care for soccer games so you don't like either of them regardless of the redeeming qualities.
  6. Duuddee! Ice been looking for that screen for years and never came across it! Excellent grab with that one. Paint me jealous. I have about 5 around me and he gets in a month what I get in a decade lol some places just have honey pots as thrift stores.
  7. My bad, Brian is retroUSB. He owns and operates the whole show. Well, I guess his kids help with packaging if you go by the retroUSB Facebook lol Did anyone pick up a RetroVision vision when they were on stock?
  8. Here's another sale (sorry Canadians) Daemon X Machina for $30 shipped from Best Buy https://www.ebay.com/itm/Daemon-X-Machina-Nintendo-Switch-/203102825994?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  9. GOAT game for me, 10/10. No shame. It defined an era and revitalized Nintendo home consoles after a decade of duds. I maxed out my score on Tennis one summer, played golf with my friends for money and bowled with my grandma before she passed. I can't even think of a party game that might be a close second. Wii Sports blow the competition out the water.
  10. I know I'm picking at hairs here but MK8 is $50 right now at Best Buy US with a 7 day free trial of Nintendo's online service & the same price at Walmart Online free shipping. I know things Up North might be different but State Side Mario Kart 8 has been as low as $40 shipped by Amazon in late December.
  11. Yeah people who say games stay at $60 and don't move clearly don't shop for games. I think the only Switch game I paid $60 for was BOTW bc it came at launch. I've gotten most 1st party games $40 or below. Hell 3D World just was on sale for $50.
  12. I saw there was another one in there this time! Gameboy homebrew are dripping from the box trains lol
  13. @foxAre we going to get some handheld action into the mix? Or are those not consoles yet?
  14. I actually got it in the one random gaming box train. I hadn't seen them before but recognized they were homebrew. Idk if @Mae247still has the contents list to know exactly who put them in the box.
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