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  1. I'm not gna lie, I was hounding those things. I made sure my take were complete ASAP and was ready right before 3 to get the code. I figured it would be a mess so I planned accordingly. I haven't seen people this insane for Nintendo since 2007
  2. I feel the mis step in banjo was the need to get all the puzzle pieces. Banjo is another 10 for me though.
  3. Yeah I saw someone had went through 3 of them. You need 5V and 2.0a
  4. I mean for some genres yeah. But you had the most wiley accept best game of a decade released in BOTW that had none of that. That format will exist but I don't think it's where the industry as a whole is headed. Frankly, I think people are sick of those types of games already which is why the draw to GTA, BOTW, even Fortnite is so great.
  5. The iPad charger should be different than the iPhone charger. The little block might not have enough amps although it would depend on the model it came with. The iPad is a larger charger with a collapsible socket thingy.
  6. Why does the Ori physical edition gotta be locked into a $150 bundle? https://www.iam8bit.com/products/ori-collectors-edition
  7. But this is the internet! We're here for the outrage
  8. Yeah the emulators on the Wii were a mess. It shows their dedication to the VC that they even put in the effort to make unique emulators for each game. Hopefully the ones they're using on the 35th anniversary game can have other files injected into them without any issues.
  9. I read it needs to be at least 5v 2.0a Lower amps seems to be the issue. Also, some chargers had variable charging speeds. I got one for my wife that can sense if it takes a fast charger or not. I think those chargers are the main culprit. I just plugged it into my OEM ipad charger and had no problem.
  10. My thoughts exactly. The patent for the N64 controller was renewed awhile ago that sparked the N64 mini rumors. Now I'm inclined to think it might be a switch controller like we've got with the NES and SNES and the launch of their virtual consoles. Fingers crossed this is their way of testing the waters in N64 emulation and we get a full N64 virtual console to go along w the price of their online subscription. Imagine a world with online multiplayer Golden Eye.
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