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  1. Dude same here. I had two orders come a day early in the past week.
  2. Got these puppies in. I'm SO glad I laid a bid down on Batman bc I ended up getting a second chance offer for $160 shipped. It's in great shape too, no craps on the case and includes the foam. Super happy about it. This brings my want list for the Saturn down to about 3 titles. I'm really excited to get close to getting all my wants out the way. Slow and steady gets the spaghetti! I grabbed the Hori pads for the Switch since I play basically entirely in handheld mode. And the note pad is from Club Nintendo.
  3. Will prices go up? Dunno. Will prices go down? Dunno? I do know that prices are as high as they've ever been. So judging solely on the current market value its a good the best time to sell. Also, is a time value of money situation. Let's say we're not at the peak, but the peak isn't much more expensive than the current prices, say 5-10% across the board. Is it worth waiting another couple decades to take the cow to market or better to take the cash now knowing that you sold at the best time historically. I honestly don't see the dilemma especially if you bought these games with
  4. Good time to sell? It's the best time there's ever been. If it's the best time to sell? The only way to find out is to sit on it for another 10 years and find out.
  5. Snorlax and Togepi is a hell of a score. Great stuff
  6. Yep there was a different one. The dlc from that bunlde sells for $150-180 just for the code. Im tempted to pick this up just to sell the code and keep the controllers.
  7. Fortnite CE console and joycons. This is new to me. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/nintendo-switch-fortnite-wildcat-bundle/6436771.p?skuId=6436771
  8. Man I got a long list. It seems like all o bought were bad games. One of my earliest was Kung Fu. I played that game everyday after school for months as a lady. One SNES I had Kalbooey as a legit 7 year old kid. I played the shit out of that game and got effectively no where. Lucky we got Mario All Stars + SMW the following Xmas and that was basically all I played until the N64 arrived. I had objectively better games on N64 but I really like Quest 64 growing up. That game was my jam. Oh and Silver for Sega Dreamcast. Another weird and overall a bad game probably by todays standards
  9. You can always buy back games, or anything else really. I sold off a large chunk of my collection in 2014-2015 and bought back a ton with no regret. I needed the money and now I have money to spend. The only things I hadn't sold were sentimental items. I honestly like my collect more now than I did not old collection, despite having fewer games overall.
  10. This is honestly how I end up with most of my ebay purchases. Late night, best offers on things that would otherwise be poor financial decisions.
  11. I will say the HDMI mod is a God send to the N64. Also, the retro fighter controllers reconfiguring the controller layout makes the games way more enjoyable, at least for me. My wife still likes the banana controller. So for the low entry price of $250 and a 6-10 months wait for install, you too can properly enjoy your N64 games
  12. I know it's a long shot but I really hope we could see the 2nd coming of a founder of mandalor since the first mando was a force user. I know it's would be the ultimate fan service but that's what my hope is Fan service aside, I'm really happy with the way the first half of the season is going. It really feels like clone wars, and to me that's a good thing. Mando seems to really cut the filler episodes down and is added huge substance every other episode at least.
  13. I've heard the younger crowd say that but I just don't believe it's bc they know what they're talking about. To me, if you play the most praised NES games, there is no way that claim holds water. It's just weird considering how easily they are to emulate too. The amount of timeless, playable games is stinkin long got the NES. I just can't take people who dismiss it without and substantial argument seriously.
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