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  1. Raising the minimum wage would not increase the prices of goods nearly as much as people think, it is a scare tactic sold by corporate America for decades. In fact, by increasing wages, people will have more money to buy goods from these very companies and will boost the economy. Trickle down economics and tax breaks do not work. The money stays lodged at the top and just makes average Joes have to foot the national tax bill. It makes zero sense why a middle-upper-class person should have to pay siginifcantly more taxes than Amazon or Boeing, which pay ZERO!? When people hear "tax the rich," they think we mean "take that small business owner who makes 200k-2m a year's hard work away and give it to the poor." What we're really talking about are the 0.01%. The Jeff Bezos and Koch Brothers of the world. It's hard to fathom how much money they actually have. You could work a full 40 hour work week, 50 weeks a year, at $100/hr, and you still need to work for over 100,000 years to have the same amount of money as Jeff Bezos. Think about that for a second. It's not the government social programs, immigration, or a minimum wage which is the issue. You could pay for every social program in America with a droplet of the taxes these companies should be paying. It is corporations lobbying for a lower corporate tax rate, which used to be over 90% in the 1950s, down to in the 30s and 40% range by the time of Ronald Reagan. Then, they eliminate that 30-40% through tax breaks and other incentives by the government. And ever since Citizens United was upheld, making bribing our politicians legal, it will never, ever change. This country is run by big business and no one else. That is why we need to tax companies based on their wealth, not what they claim. You can't hide public information like that. Had a "bad year"? Well, make a decision, either admit that to your investors, or pay the damn tax.
  2. Any updates on Ogre Battle @themisfit138? I am thinking of trying my hand at it after South Park.
  3. Motherf- I just learned that if you save the game on South Park Rally and leave the game, it only saves anything you've unlocked, you have to start the Championship all over again. Two hours of trying to beat this stupid thing down the tubes. This game officially slides from the "Not great" to the just straight-up "Bad" category
  4. Nearly finished with South Park Rally. While far from completely terrible, this is definitely one of the less than stellar racing games I've played in my life.
  5. Any game that had either a Blockbuster-exclusive or nearly exclusive release. Kiddies got their grubby lil fingers on my labels and manuals Also employees putting the stickers on the back lables drives me insane
  6. Lifelong Pokemon fan. Gengar is my favorite Pokemon so your tattoo sounds awesome. But I have to agree, Shield was the first mainline Pokemon game that I couldn't even finish. The hand-holding and railroading has gotten so bad, it feels like a four hour long "Press the A button" simulator. I disagree very hard with their design philosophy that "easier/casual" = "more accessible/fun." I realize its a kids franchise, but we played the mainline Gameboy games with no issues. In fact, the mysteriousness of the game with things like Missingno. and Mew made the game that much more fuckin' cool! Rumors on the playground were what made the game so eternal! I also have a personal connection to the greater IP, as I was a very serious Trading Card Game player at the regional and national championship level for a long time. That game too has been having the same issue. Power creep and oversimplification that takes all strategy and finese out of the game. Its such a shame, because the solution is SO EASY to fix. It's not an issue of the deisgn of new Pokemon, or moves, or regional mechanics/gimmicks. Literally just don't make the game borderline impossible to lose. If you're worried about scaring away newer/younger fans, just add a "Hard Mode" for oldschool players.
  7. To anyone who sees the "posted images" section - I posted the wrong meme originally. Plz don't judge me
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