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  1. The little clicky sound a console makes when you press the on button/flip the power switch.
  2. This one hurt. I watch Jeopardy pretty much daily. The program will never be the same. RIP to a great man!
  3. One time in college I went to a St Patty's day house party. Ended up getting black out drunk. There was a seperate room where some guys were smoking Cubans and playing Hold 'em like out a gangster movie. Apparently in my black out state I literally climbed on top of the poker table and fell asleep while they were in the middle of playing. If it weren't for my friends dragging me out of there they probably would have beat the shit out of me. I threw up on the T (public subway - I went to school in Boston) into a gigantic leperchaun hat I had bought at the dollar store. My frien
  4. I will be busy murdering some teenage babysitters on Halloween, so I won't be able to make it. Count me in for the next one though!
  5. I do have to say the current state of the world in regards to both Covid and policy changes and what they have done to the USPS probably plays a huge factor. Before the Survivor prize incident, I never once had USPS lose a package.
  6. Let it be known that all mail carriers can lose packages including the good ol' USPS. I'm still sorry Jeevan.
  7. Happy birthday VGS! Super awesome community here. Really happy to see NA's legacy live on in such a dedicated and positive way. Thanks to Gloves, BA, and all others who make this site possible!!
  8. I'm in. I would like to be a high elf, complete with Cirque du Soleil- level dexterity, skin so flawless I could be on the cover of Vogue, and a not-so-subtle genetic superiority complex (read: fantasy racist) Also, I am both an avid DM and player for DnD and I have a fresh and ready-to-go 5e campaign written out for levels 1-5 if we ever wanted to make a group to play!
  9. Best friends growing up owned a family pizza shop. It was incredible, because it was still, to this day, easily the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life. (God, how do I miss it!) Whenever we were with them we could order literally whatever we wanted and never paid a dime. We would order boxes of mozerella sticks, multiple pizzas, energy drinks, you name it. We were middle schoolers after all Anytime my family went to the pizza place without them, we always paid in full and never expected otherwise. If you're really friends with the owner, and not just friends with them for the pe
  10. Can confirm this is only in dark mode theme. I now see this as a plot to make me use a white background
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