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  1. Maybe, but sweated onions are one of my favorite foods, so I can't imagine it widout
  2. 1. It is definitely a sub 2. Real Phillies have nacho-style cheez wiz and onions. And maybe some seasoning from a packet on top. 3. They are called grinders 4. I really want a sandwich now.
  3. I have to say, if I was put in your friend's situation, there's no way in hell I feel it is my place to tell you about how/when your relationship is going to end. That's on her. If he advocated for you and was a mutual friend, I don't think it's fair for him to be the bad guy in this scenario. I heavily lean on the forgive side of this, after you've had time to cool off.
  4. This series has been nothing but awesome for the Yankees. Looks like the slump is officially over. That 4 HR game was the good stuff. Plus that Cole-Beiber pitching matchup was a battle of the titans. Not the most fun game for a lot of people I'm sure but awesome to watch for those that love the art of pitching.
  5. I was shocked when the A's started so poorly this year because they were my winners pick for the AL West during ST. But maybe that's just because I hate the Astros so much
  6. I agree with @MrWunderful but also know @Tanooki's point about the rich hiding their wealth is the truth, so, that is why we should be taxing companies based on the wealth they report to their own investors, not what they report to the IRS. You want to show the world and your board that your company is doing great? Then you're paying your fair share of taxes. Also would avoid companies artificially inflating their profits Enron style.
  7. Me, holding my handful of GME and AMC shares, looking over Dogecoin investors...
  8. I agree that as a person who is politically progressive, it isn't taxes I dislike, it is how those taxes are spent by politicians on both sides on the stupidest shit imaginable. There was recently a situation where I live in FL where a local tax increase was proposed, under the stipulation that it would be spent, and could ONLY be spent on improving the public transit system. It passed, which the county politicians never thought would happen. A year later, after collecting almost 200 million dollars, the tax was overturned as "unconstitutional" because it wasn't allowed to be moved aroun
  9. Choosing to move to a country where you are a minority and being born as a minority in your own birth country are not even close to comparable, my friend. A black American cannot choose to stop being black.
  10. Would highly recommend Who Shat on the Floor at My Wedding? it is a short 13-episode series about a lesbian couple who literally found a mystery turd on the dance floor of their wedding, and never discovered who did it. Plot twist: the wedding was on a boat, so the list of suspects is a limited number. Now, years and years later, they hire a private investigator with zero qualifications to interrogate their loved ones and find the culprit. They bring in lie detector tests and everything. It's fucking hilarious.
  11. I'm pretty sure one dude owns like 40% of Dogecoin, so he basically can control the market at-will. Would not recommend investing in this long-term.
  12. I think a big part of why the "let's not even bring up our differences and be nice to each other" policy doesn't work in reality is because its main purpose is to allow white people to avoid having uncomfortable conversations with or about people of color (or POC for short.) That is why there is such a push for race-focused discussions and better representation, diversity, and inclusion in so many areas of modern society. I try and explain it in this example... it's kind of like if you were on a team at work, you all have the same job title and duties (on paper) but one group of peo
  13. The Yankees have been drinking stupid potion I guess.
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