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  1. Can I have the T Shirt charm back por favor?
  2. I'd like to try my hand at Paper Mario, if no one is opposed or already working on it.
  3. Thank you very much, I really do appreciate them!
  4. No, but considering the prices of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards these days due to a huge surge in people collecting them (mainly due to YouTubers like the Paul brothers) I would be shocked if they were, nor do I plan to pick them up any time soon. Alas, my GameCube collection will, for at least a decent portion if time, not be 100% complete.
  5. Happy you enjoyed the Yoshi plush @SNESNESCUBE64 who knew I was giving a present to Secret Santa himself!! Merry Christmas! I am still not sure who my secret santa is, but they sent me two awesome GameCube games I needed for my collection! Whoever you are - thank you very much!!
  6. It's moreso a competition show, where 16-20 people are thrown on a remote island with a machete, a pot, and some rice and have to fend for themselves for 39 days. You have to build shelter, go fishing, etc. The game starts with 2 or 3 teams or "tribes." Every few days, you compete in challenges, which in the show can be anything from hauling giant, heavy objects (really hard to do when you are literally starving), untieing knots, doing some kind of mental challenge such as trivia, or putting together a giant puzzle. These challenges can be either "reward" challenges, where the tribe will
  7. Consider this your official Boston Rob opportunity
  8. COMING 2021 TO A VGS NEAR YOU... @Jeevan and I are hard at work on bringing you an all-new second season of SURVIVOR, COMING EARLY 2021!! Fight your way through social politics and video game high scores TO JOIN JEEVAN AS SOLE SURVIVOR AND HOLD THE TITLE!! Consider this your official teaser trailer. Stay tuned for updates!! Pinging everyone in the Survivor Island club... @ZeldaFan042 @NESfiend @SpoonMan Abrams X @ChickenTendas @Gloves @Tulpa @Nesfanatic @Sumez @Jmbarnes101 @Bettington Bear @Krunch @B.A. @G-type @doner24 @Reed Rothchild @Splain @Maka
  9. The little clicky sound a console makes when you press the on button/flip the power switch.
  10. This one hurt. I watch Jeopardy pretty much daily. The program will never be the same. RIP to a great man!
  11. One time in college I went to a St Patty's day house party. Ended up getting black out drunk. There was a seperate room where some guys were smoking Cubans and playing Hold 'em like out a gangster movie. Apparently in my black out state I literally climbed on top of the poker table and fell asleep while they were in the middle of playing. If it weren't for my friends dragging me out of there they probably would have beat the shit out of me. I threw up on the T (public subway - I went to school in Boston) into a gigantic leperchaun hat I had bought at the dollar store. My frien
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