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  1. Contributing 3 games here. Boogerman Task Force Harrier EX Phelios.
  2. I took a bit of a hiatus from collecting for about a year. Im getting back into it by specifically picking up games that I've been wanting to play for the longest time. Most of my collection has been built by picking up games locally. For like 8 years, I've never found a copy of Virtua Cop 2. Why do I do this to myself? There has been no reason to wait this long lol. I finally got around to buying this game (good deal on eBay). I'm so happy to finally play it! It is a whole lot of fun. I love the Saturn and Sega's arcade titles. This rocks.
  3. Sweet. Just beat Boogerman (Genesis) for the first time. This knocks another game off my list! I never played past the intro level before now. It's actually a pretty fun game. I'm not a fan of the theme at all, but the smooth animation is appealing. I may want to give Aladdin (Genesis) a serious effort now.
  4. I had that thought too. Yep, I've got the cart on Switch. Just deleted the game, but it requires the update for me to run it. Maybe because my save file is from the updated version? Doesn't seem like this will work.
  5. Gotta get back into this! I do have some Resident Evil games planned for October. Looking forward to playing RE 7. I did complete Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated. I would have gotten 100% completion, but there is 1 missing collectable sock that did not spawn. So I will forever be stuck at 99/100 spatulas. UGH. For a time, you could break the game and collect a sock which was out of bounds. Unfortunately, they patched that glitch but didn't bother to fix the initial missing sock glitch! So now I can't even break the game to get 100%. What a mess. Fun game though!
  6. Oops just got to the final level of Fortified Zone before I realized yall have already beaten it. Ah well, I haven't beaten it before so I'm seeing this through to the end.
  7. Interesting. Just looked up gameplay and it looks similar to The Rocketeer on NES. Makes sense since it's the same developer, Realtime Associates. If you like this one, check out The Rocketeer. It's a good game. I beat Mega Man III. More frustration than fun?
  8. Beat Battle Unit Zeoth. Not a great game. Its very short. If you don't die, you can blast through all the levels super quickly. It becomes hard to beat the bosses without the power ups on stage 4.
  9. Y'all seen the prices of Devil's Third & Shantae and the Pirates Curse (Switch)? They are going for around $300 for some reason. Pretty crazy. I bought those for retail price. Also, I got Ribbit King (Gamecube) for $40 in 2019 right before prices went stupid and shot up to $300.
  10. Wow! Thank you for sharing this comprehensive list. This is great information. Do you happen to have the date codes for the complete -1 variant list as well? I didn't see the date codes included in the Google doc. It would be interesting to see what changes were made to the boxes on USA-1 releases. (Aside from the ones with the obvious publisher change, players choice badge, and esrb).
  11. I just went over the USA-1 list on the first page and found them there. Just a sample of examples: Electrobrain: (Hudson Soft, HAL games) - Bonk's Adventure/ Revenge, Revenge of the Gator, Trax, Felix the Cat. Natsume: (Taito games) - Chase HQ, Super Chase HQ, Elevator Action Sunsoft: (Vic Tokai, Squaresoft games, Data East) Aero Star, Daedalion Opus, Final Fantasy Legends, Lock N Chase.
  12. I'm trying to understand release dates of these reprinted variants. Looking at game PCB date codes I think I've got an understanding. Electrobrain reprints: 1998 Natsume reprints: 1998 Sunsoft reprints: 1998 Does that sound about right?
  13. Day 31: The Best Picks for Each Day Day 1: [NES] [1989] Monster Party - Prologue - AstralSoul Day 2: [Atari 800] [1984] Ballblazer - Theme: Song of the Grid - rdrunner Day 3: [Gamecube] [2001] Super Monkey Ball - Alternate Main Menu - rdrunner Day 4: [Genesis] [1994] Castlevania: Bloodlines - Iron Blue Intention (Stage 4)- nesmaster14 Day 5: [PC] [2011] Terraria - Jungle - ZeldaFreak Day 6: [SNES] [1995] Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time - koifish Day 7: [Dreamcast] [2001] Sonic Adventure 2 - That's The Way I Like It (Metal Harbor) - AverageOliver98 Day 8: [SNES] [1994] Rex Ronan - Flying in Your Microscopic Spaceship - fox Day 9: [Switch] [2018] Kirby Star Allies - Prayer Song to God - AverageOliver98 Day 10: [Gameboy] [1991] Spanky's Quest - Tower 5 - aguy Day 11: [SNES] [1994] Final Fantasy VI - Searching for Friends - PII Day 12: [PS1] [1996] Air Management '96 - Europe - aguy Day 13: [N64] [1997] Twelve Tales: Conker 64 - Western Saloon - AstralSoul Day 14: [NES] [1992] Erik the Viking - Peace in the Harbor - nesmaster14 Day 15: [PS2] [2004] Naval Ops: Commander - Wirbelwind Theme - AverageOliver98 Day 16: [DOS] [1994] Doom II - Running From Evil - AstralSoul Day 17: [NES] [1992] Super Spy Hunter - Medley - nesmaster14 Day 18: [NES] [1990] Jacky Chan's Action Kung-Fu - Levels 1-4 - PII Day 19: [Wii U] [2014] Shovel Knight - The Requiem of Shield Knight - 0xDEAFC0DE Day 20: [Wii U] [2013] Super Mario 3D World - Snowball Park - AstralSoul Day 21: [NES] [1990] Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos - Title Theme - sp1nz Day 22: [C64] [1984] Lazy Jones - Stardust - 0xDEAFC0DE Day 23: [N64] [1997] Extreme-G - Track 1 - AstralSoul Day 24: [Genesis] [1993] Shining Force II - Town Theme - tigerwolf Day 25: [N64] [1999] Donkey Kong 64 - DK Rap (Unused Version) - rdrunner Day 26: [Famicom] [1991] Tetra Star: The Fighter - Title Theme - nesmaster14 Day 27: [N64] [1999] Mario Party 2 - Space Land - koifish Day 28: [NES] [1991] Shatterhand - Final Area - nesmaster14 Day 29: [NDS] [2006] Elite Beat Agents - Jumpin' Jack Flash - koifish Day 30: [N64] [2000] Mario Party 3 - The End - rdrunner
  14. No worries at all! I will probably go back to it. How many lives did you have when you got to the final stage? You can infinitely continue on every level before the last one. So I would enter the last stage with 2 extra lives after intentionally killing myself and continuing on the green Abobo boss. Yep I'm still working on Choplifter. It's a tough one. I can get to the Cave level (3) fine. Haven't gotten past that level yet though. It'll take a while to get through it.
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