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  1. Thats a good point. It would sure explain a lot.
  2. Funny you mention that since I usually catch myself slipping not capitalizing the S. PSX sounded cool too, although I usually saw that as a written abbreviation instead of people actually saying it.
  3. I always thought Playstation was a pretty cool name. I guess Sony did too since they kept it for all of their consoles after the original.
  4. It looks like resellers are getting $400+ for Super NT pre sales. These scalpers wouldn't be making money if people would quit paying 2-3x retail for these things.
  5. It seems like bitcoin has been that way recently. I'm fairly satisfied with what I've got in it, so I'll probably just sit back and watch for any major dips before doing any more buying.
  6. Is GME still a thing? I haven't paid much attention recently.
  7. Bitcoin hit $61k overnight, but it looks like it's leveling out around $60k. Hopefully this is a good sign going into next week.
  8. I figured they had sold out too. Scalpers are already selling Super NT pre orders on ebay for over double the price.
  9. I've never played one, but I'd give it a try.
  10. That's what I was thinking, assuming a boxed G1 Optimus Prime isn't thousands of dollars.
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