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  1. For this round I have a cart only of Dokapon Journey the round works like this... signup here if you want to be in on the free game. This open entry time will be 72 hours starting from this post time. See rules in first post. The winner will be PM and will have 48 hours to comply to rule 1. failure to respond and you will loose the item, and new round will be started. Start time 5/11/2021 12:00am End Time 5/14/2021 12:00 am Any questions please pm me.
  2. Hi all, This round is Opened It's a new year and I've received a lot of good extra games that should be enjoyed and not on some dusty shelf. so to kick this year's FREE. FREE. FREE round. I will start with a free drawing round. how this will work will be simple. for the next 72 hours you can submit your name for a drawing. Rules: Everyone likes rules. 1. You pay for mail cost. (you will email me "The click and ship form" from USPS. all items mail via small flat rate box.) insurance is up to you.... 2. Items will have an expropriation date. 1
  3. how do i get to the home page this is my phone Great looking home page.
  4. wait what. we have a mobile app? why didn't someone tell me this? i have been running back and forth the office and the garage looking for the latest updated and all this time i could have been using the Mobile APP. Someone please tell me this is not true....
  5. I went 5,9,8 Fire fly is one of the series i would like to see them do in a streaming new seasons.. reavers got a bad rap they just wanted to be..
  6. @Code Monkey this the one your looking for??? https://www.ebay.com/itm/124430558164?hash=item1cf8a3a3d4:g:f4QAAOSw31JfqACh
  7. had a similar item in japan.
  8. JVOSS

    WTB GB Games

    just 3 left now who has these!!!
  9. 3 times? oh my i was just looking to beat the game. is all 3 required to beat the game overall or an option? the FAQ did not make that part clear.
  10. @CMR right!!! i had to ask the same question. but you can send me the prince packs
  11. that was the hardest thing on this one as i had no clue as to what was dark and what wasn't. had a few moments where i wanted to.
  12. @RH, @Splain, @RpgCollector are the master minds for GB and @fcgamer, @OptOut are the master minds behind the Asian gb
  13. Thought so i restarted and finished that way. it was crazy as i did not get the same game-play it was all random.
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