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  1. i think we talked about this one back in NA but don't know how to do a lookback to see. any how. who has the snoopy DMG-SN-USA corrected version...
  2. I think the box's will be the hard to find. all the examples i see on ebay are poor photo qty to verify what is has. mine also has a board change from a bean-01 9011 to bean-2 9104 span 5 months
  3. Found a new one for you to get. its Radar Mission. version X has the link logo wrong. version A has the link logo corrected.
  4. Hi all looking to complete a photo catalog for gameboy. any help in with photos of the following box and contents would be helpful. the codes are from the box id. thank you for the help. DMG-98003-EUR Twin Pack Big Value - Super Mario land - Super Mario land 2 DMG-98003-UKV Twin Pack Big Value - Super Mario land - Super Mario land 2 DMG-98005-UKV Twin Pack Big Value - Tetris - Tetris 2 DMG-98073-UKV Twin Pack Big Value - Wario land - Wario Blast
  5. that is what i thought. TCRF had noting on this. and FAQ was showing a us version but no image. and of course wiki is to trashed to help. and Nintendo's list show a name but no id.. so i guessing the list from Nintendo was for a Canceled US release, much like the Star Hawk game. @Hybrid you have a pic??
  6. just out of curiosity where did you get the data?
  7. looking to get a conformation on a game. Have been unable to identify this game by cart for the gameboy system. any solid proof of this game exist or was cancelled. thanks Title: FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 [game ID DMG-A8SE-USA]
  8. wow that many games. are they all Taiwan or other regions?
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