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  1. this is just what i have found for the NA releases. take note this is only showing on the 2 player games that have link capabilities. 3 lines (ie 2 player, Linked games) are first print runs. if they did a second print run they "may have" update to the 2 line version. best example is tetris there are 3 (2 if are not counting the no dash version) updates before a -1 version. not all games were update to the 2 line version. off course there are exceptions like the Nintendo Baseball it was never updated to the 2 lines (that i have found, not to say that did.)
  2. That is way cool thanks @RH, for debunking this one. @RH, Thoughts on the Brazilian catalog coded / "serial code" USA Carts? just looking to see if they fit in a sub category of the USA carts or sub category of Brazilian carts.
  3. will if watch the video for the Game Boy introduction you will see the tetris that is placed into the gameboy has no "catalog code" making this a blank USA game cart for tetris. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TI64McyYF4
  4. @samsamsamsmasmasma what your thoughts on the no dash tetris? or the blank tetris(new one yet to be talked about)
  5. and injecting false info kills the community effort such as this. a photo is the least likely way to validate so you do you...
  6. Ahh, for me unless its in hand i don't count. its best to just count what is in hands ie @samsamsamsmasmasma, @JVOSS, @Splain, @RH and a few other before we go explore the "unverified" carts. IMO this is how we end up with a list like @Mario_Friend1982 list of some thing? and @creepsthething mockups. IMO the ones on ebay are not verified as "real" IMO as for GB DB that is the last place to verify. Pete has obscured the cart counts so fare left that it's not funny. don't get me wrong his group has done a bang up job to get the DB up but He is just getting the list and not refi
  7. @samsamsamsmasmasma , the list you provide is that a deep dive on you games or a quick once over?
  8. so far the count is at 23 with and with out major release changes. so to take a step back let's first identify what cart have the 3 line logo....
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