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  1. I would *love* to see pcb pics of the Shardata version. That could tell us something right there...
  2. It says coming soon to retailers but order TODAY! You're getting down to semantics now to try and keep this argument alive, while wiz is probably balls deep in internet archive searches as we speak, desperately trying to find a single shred of evidence to go his way too.... @Gloves can you please make a face palm reaction to tag posts with? I really really need one right now...
  3. I'd like your list to be an accurate representation of the reality of NES releases, nothing more, nothing less...
  4. Those games now all officially count as releases for @Code Monkey It says "Order Today!" and there's a phone number and everything!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG.... Someone notify @ThePhleo .... NEW GAMES FOR HIS LIST!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG
  5. When they made the ad, no; when they were filling the orders that the ad brought in, obviously yes. I feel like I'm teaching kindergarten over here...
  6. That's huge... hahaha, Sharedata IS AGCI.... how are you missing this? Remember the end of Ace Ventura? This is what's happening and you just don't get it.... of course the ads stayed up for subsequent months because the game was selling well!!! When you called that number you got an AGCI Chiller! Why would they pay to make a new ad? Think like a business for one second, and maybe you'll begin to understand: Sharedata IS AGCI AGCI IS Sharedata Sharedata IS AGCI AGCI IS Sharedata Sharedata IS AGCI AGCI IS Sharedata Don't you get it?!?!?!!?!?
  7. I never said that. Sometimes they are the same, sometimes they are wildly different - it depends on the situation. This isn't a case of Sega coming to America and wanting in on the arcade market and buying an already existing company (Gremlin) that's been doing their own thing for years; this is literally a case of a company creating a particular type of branding for particular video game releases just like Konami did with Ultra. Check out Konami's address in a NES manual sometime, then compare it to Ultra Games address..... they are EXACTLY THE SAME! On paper, they were two different companies, but in reality it was just branding. This is the kind of situation Sharedata would've had with AGCI - they're not going to rent out a whole new location and hire new staff, etc, etc... it was JUST BRANDING FOR THEIR VIDEO GAME RELEASES!!!!! I really hate arguing with you @fcgamer because you always take shit down to the lowest level and make me explain everything as if you were a three year old. I don't know if you're trolling me or what but I almost want to block you.... but I won't
  8. I'll tell you what probably happened: that ad garnered a lot of sales, and each of those kids received an AGCI Chiller, becaues that's what Sharedata had moved onto by the time the ad ran and they were ready to fill out the orders they had received... One aspect a lot of you guys are forgetting about is lead times - ever wonder why there's sometimes such a huge disconnect between boxart and manual text and actual gameplay? It's because of the necessary lead times to put it all together, and advertising is no different. That ad in the first post was probably composed and sent to GamePro before Sharedata decided to go the AGCI route with their entry into the video game market.
  9. Chiller's ad was a FULL PAGE AD IN GAMEPRO, not exactly comparable to your Atari examples. You're telling me that you believe a full page ad in a leading contemporary game magazine garnered no more than a couple of sales? Come on man...
  10. I know it's a "release" somewhere in the world - I meant do you consider it to be a -USA release? That's the code it has, and it's been found boxed, loose, sealed, you name it. If you do not consider it a US release, then why would Chiller be any different? They were both clearly obviously intended to be released in the US, but were held back by the companies after production for whatever reason. So why do you ignore this aspect for one game but not the other???
  11. That's great, also be sure to include every other "unreleased" NES game that was advertised in US media, as by your classification system, all NES games that were advertised were officially released... PS - Can I please borrow your copy of The Price is Right? I've been wanting to play it for years......
  12. And let me ask you this @ThePhleo: do you consider Mega Man non -1 to be an official release? Why or why not? I ask because I consider this Chiller to be eerily similar to the MM6 in terms of our discussion in this thread...
  13. Evidence, either direct (a picture/video from the early 90's of a retail outlet with the game hanging on the shelf) or indirect (dozens/hundreds/thousands of copies found over the last thirty years with dozens/hundreds/thousands of people remembering the purchase of the game and dozens/hundreds/thousands of cartridges and boxes and manuals still in existence to this day). How many copies of Sharedata Chiller have been found in the last 30 years? How many boxes? How many manuals? And now ask yourself this: how many do you think would have been found if the game had been "released"? Think about it.....
  14. Wow, round and round. You're jumping to conclusions.... again. A print ad does not prove a game was manufactured, distributed, ordered and shipped to consumers; a print ad proves one thing only: that a company intended to sell a product. I already gave you an identically analagous example with the Maxi-30 by AVE: an ad ran on TV in the US with a phone number to call, and people did call and try to order it, but the game had not even been manufactured yet - AVE was just testing the waters to see if there would be enough demand to proceed. In short, the existence of the ad does not prove anything more than intention. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
  15. Look, Sharedata Chiller exists and it's a cool curio - I wish I had one and I'm sure most other NES collectors do to. The "different game" argument is irrelevant to this argument; whether or not the game is licensed or unlicensed is irrelevant; all I'm saying is this: Don't put a game on a list of confirmed releases if it's not a confirmed release. Period. Full stop. Anyone who wants to collect it, have at 'er; anyone who doesn't - that's fine too. Do whatever you want, just please do not put a game on a list of confirmed releases unless it is a confirmed release. Is that too much to ask?
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