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  1. Most people would tell you to use weapon #7 to power through the game, but honestly, I always go with #3 (the force field) which, when fully powered up (get the same weapon four times in a row) doesn't really let anything get through to your ship. Also, on almost all bosses and mini-bosses, you want to take out the guns that shoot the larger bubbles before anything else...
  2. You want weird AF, play Miracle Ropit's Adventure in 2100; I love the game, but it's bizarre and not really "good" in the universal sense of the word. It's kinda like playing any other Micronics game on the NES... and the "Ropit" is probably a really bad translation that should have been the word "Robot," so you get some great Engrish right in the title. Also, I forgot to mention it in my original list, but Tetris 2 + Bombliss has the best 2-player version of Tetris on the NES - way better than what Tengen gave us in North America...
  3. I'm of the opposite opinion: I love the reflex-oriented shooters and dislike having to put the time in to memorize the strategy ones, hence why Zanac is my favourite NES shooter. Honestly, the only "strategy" in the game involves shooting the right parts of some of the bosses first, and this is especially true with the final boss. Outside of that, it's all reflex action, baby!
  4. Probably the family version was first, didn't sell well, and then the camel art was the "action-packed" re-release artwork dolled out in a last ditch effort to scrounge up some sales.
  5. I don't know if the op is emulating or using real hardware, but if you're going to inter-mingle FDS games into your suggestions, you should maybe flag them as such, because playing those on real hardware is not exactly something that someone dipping their toe into the Famicom world is going to be doing right off the bat...
  6. There are a whole bunch of them on eBay, they're just all super expensive. I think you'll have a tough time finding one for under fifty bucks...
  7. Most of the LED Irem games had very limited late releases without the LED, Spelunker being one of them. So this is a rare variant, but not really worth anything in the condition it's in, IMHO...
  8. Well there's a guy on this forum who thinks the full Sachen set is worth TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!! So divide that by about 70 and that'll give you a nice healthy outrageous price-per-game...
  9. But that one technically has a different name: The Family Fun Fitness Mat. As for the Power Pad retail release, it is important to CIB collectors because it is the only way to get a stand-alone WCTM cartridge and a stand-alone WCTM manual CIB'd
  10. I thought the remake was complete garbage and accentuated everything that's wrong with the modern movie industry. As for the original, though, a solid 9/10 for me and one of my top 5 Arnold movies.
  11. Man, they should've won. Imagine if that fumble into the endzone at the end of the first half hadn't happened....
  12. That's okay; I've got 600+ Famicom games to get that charm. I just need to find some motivation some time to dig out my camera and take pics for whatever charms I qualify for...
  13. ...And furthermore, is it relative? I'm Canadian but I collect US games exclusivey, so technically, my entire collection is "imports."
  14. Easily my favourite NES shooter. Gun-Nac is good and has better graphics, but Zanac is a way better game. I just have one piece of advice for you: do not judge the game until you've beaten Area 4; this is the kinda game that you can pop in and get your ass handed to you in three minutes and never go back, but you'd be missing out on the best the NES has to offer in the genre. Learning how to excel at this game was one of the most enjoyable NES experiences I've ever had, and now I can throw it in and burn through the game on a whim any time I want to, having a hell of a lot of fun every time
  15. Man, waaaaaay too many good games to list! Some personal favourites: -Holy Diver -Hi no Tori -Spartan X 2 -Mini Putt -Destiny of an Emperor 2 -Nuts & Milk -Sweet Home -Splatterhouse -New Ghostbusters II -Gimmick! -Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa! -Zombie Hunter -Moon Crystal -Flying Hero -Crisis Force -Adventure Island IV -Rod Land -Moai-Kun -Cocoron -Bio Senshi Dan That should keep you going for a while...
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