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  1. Well I finally pulled of a No-Death Run and put up a respectable score. I don't know if I have it in me to start looking for good farming spots on particular stages and whatnot, but I guess we'll see...
  2. Yeah, they seem so tacked on. And since they're so easy (has anyone ever actually died on a driving or shooting stage in the history of ever?) they just feel like 100% filler. They are fun to play through though, so whatever. My only real complaint is that they started with a driving level, so if a guy has dozens of games to test out, he pops it in, and, "oh, driving game; not my jam," and that's the end of that. I would have put the driving stage at the start of Stage 2 so gamers could experience the kick-ass sidescrolling action right from the get go...
  3. Damn, someone's been practicing! Making the podium is gonna be real tough this week...
  4. Well I just 1CC'd the game with only two deaths, and my first death was pretty late at 9-2 (jumped into a pit, sigh...). I now believe a No-Death Run is within reason if I keep at it, which I will be since the game is top notch...
  5. Damn, I just packed it away as I won't be building my new collection room for a couple of months. But I will unpack it again one of these evenings and hook it up again to get a video...
  6. It ain't always 'bout playin', man! I'm 100% getting one of these as a collector and as a fan of the NES Zelda's. I will probably not play it for more than half an hour on the first day I get it, but it's gonna look really cool on my shelf for the next 50 years
  7. Hey, I was just playing around with my M82 and my ROM behaves differently than this one: the words "entertainment system" are not present while it's drawing the word "Nintendo" and they don't slide onto the screen until after "Nintendo" is done. This ROM you posted, on the other hand, has the "entertainment system" on screen the entire time. Do you know what the story is behind this discrepancy or is this an issue with the emulator I'm using to run this ROM?
  8. I've been hunting down coins since I still haven't 1CC'd the game. Once I've done that, I'll stop getting coins and just work on a No-Death Run... but one step at a time
  9. Heh, we both posted new scores at almost exactly the same time, and our scores were almost identical... except that I beat you by a hair The real question, though, is how did I get twice as many coins as you going through the exact same levels to almost the exact same point in the game (7-1 vs 7-2)??? Weird...
  10. Well I played through the game for the first time in almost two decades, and man, I forgot how good this game is. Anyway, I've thrown up an initial score to see what sort of skills I'm starting with...
  11. Actually, it's the difference between you three and everyone else
  12. Yeah, the sticking point for me is that the 500k bonus (and to a lesser extent the 100k ones) are egregiously more points than you can earn over multiple waves of normal play; if these were like 10k bonuses, then no big deal, but one 500k bonus is literally the difference between third or fourth and last place in our competition. Like the entire compo this week just boiled down to who could get the 500k to appear...
  13. Reserved for score as well. Looking forward to my first week in a long time that I can actually spend some time with the ol' NES... SCORE EDIT #1 - Played through the game once as a re-familiarization exercise and then restarted and played till I died to see where my initial skill level is at: 116,700 SCORE EDIT #2 - A little bit better, but falling in pits is still my number one cause of deaths about 99% of the time: 165,600 SCORE EDIT #3 - 1CC'd the game with two deaths. First death on 9-2 at: 257,100 SCORE EDIT #4 - Finally pulled off a No-Death Run. Here's the shot ri
  14. No idea over here; but I'll tell you this: I would have damn-well figured it out if I had given this game more time, which I wish I could have because it's an awesome shooter. But I'm done moving now, so I should be able to get back on top in no time. Enjoy the summit while you're up there
  15. Fair enough; I'll settle for fourth (I think) and have to start putting more effort into these games much earlier in the week...
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