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  1. What does "VAGS" stand for? Or is that a textual Freudian slip?
  2. St. Paddy's Sage lasted like a week long too. I guess the Sage really likes to settle in and savour every lasting moment of his holiday time, long after the rest of us have moved on with our lives...
  3. Yeah, I was gonna do that until I saw your post right below his. MGS isn't even the first Metal Gear stealth game, never mind...
  4. Same here. As for the PC Engine side of things, I've got about a third of the cards, and I'm actively seeking out the full set now that my NES set is winding down. Love me some Turbo!
  5. ....And that's not enough to garner a 10/10 out of you!?!?!?!??! Man, what will it take???
  6. Never released in Canada But all the games are derivative ports from other libraries, rendering the console moot
  7. Okay, I've officially topped Bart Simpson's, er, Bert Sampson's score, which is always goal number one since he comes in guns a-blazin' every week and puts up a good score before the rest of us have even put our pants on, and I think I'm done now until someone gives me a reason to try harder. I missed exactly 10 wrenches, so I left 15,000 points on the table...
  8. The only games I have and would break four figures for are the last couple NES CIB's I need for a full set, but like another poster mentioned, once I have that full NES set, those last items would forever be the record holders for highest paid items in my collection. I have no intention of "stepping up my game" and getting into the flavour of the month WATA nonesense; I made a personal collecting goal over twenty years ago, and I'm gonna stick with it till the end (probably minus SE, sadly...)
  9. At first blush it looks like a hack of Bionic Commando, (and as a guy who can't stand hacks, I avoided it for years for this reason), it is actually all original game code, based loosely on the concept crudely implemented in the Action 52 game of the same name. In a nutshell, you've got a "streemer" that goes up at a 45 degree angle and grapples onto walls and whatnot, and each level is a giant obstacle course where you're trying to get from point A to point B. Tons of options and a cool little story the first time through that you can skip in subsequent playthroughs - and there will be
  10. Trophy if you like Mega Man Micro Mages if you like 4 player co-op Armed for Battle if you like RTS Mall Brawl if you like Double Dragon Lizard if you like old-school NES action adventure games with an air of mystery NES Virus Cleaner if you like one screen arcade games EDIT: Oh yeah, and I forgot, STRREEEEEEMMMMERRRRZZZZ is the greatest of them all!!!!!
  11. What? Are you talking about NES Open Tournament Golf? If so, it was released in September 1991, so basically at the same time as the SNES launch, which factors in heavily as to why it doesn't get the credit it deserves...
  12. It's funny: this guy joined Feb 10, posted for three days before realizing we were mostly a retro board and then left for good on Feb 13, never to return, and now you guys have hijacked his welcome thread to talk about stuff he'd probably be interested in...
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