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  1. Growing up in the console war era, most people chose either Mario or Sonic. I don't like either series.
  2. The label itself looks fine. Color is right, cuts are right. The lifting on the edge is normal, as is that bubble near the top of the cart. I've seen it on all sorts of carts. If anything would concern me, it's that it looks almost TOO nice. But everything else checks out, so I'd say you have yourself a really nice, 100% legit label. Although if you're really concerned, take a look at the board...if that checks out, then I wouldn't sweat it. Nice snag.
  3. It's simply a matter of diminishing returns though...the closer we get to being able to deliver photo realistic graphics, the less variation you're going to see between generations. You can't get more realistic than reality after all.
  4. Two Bobbit clerics, and two Fuzzy wizards. That's all you need.
  5. Yeah, it's hard to even give the shit away here. Probably the same in most places. It's too bad though, cuz there's some real hidden gems on the 2600. Intellivision too.
  6. Yeah, but that other 1% will still be out there I don't mind paying fair price, and I don't mind if what I pay today ends up being more than what I'd get tomorrow, because I have no intention of ever selling them. So at the end of the day, it's a non-issue for me. If I don't have it, I want it...and if the bubble bursts, I'll be able to acquire more faster
  7. Thanks! I'm just having a quiet night with the family. Not like there's much else to do mid pandemic on a Tuesday night
  8. Well, according to the FAQ for the game, the Vegas level awards points differently based on the slot machine in the background. So with good luck, the same number of baskets on a 60 point game could potentially put you at a 200 point game. Just a matter of luck. A big tip I found is to basically just beat the piss out of the other team with your player and let the computer do the work. Each of the various settings pre-game are essentially saying what your commands to the AI are with and without the ball. Hit right twice and the A button with the ball is to tell him to shoot high. The top basket is worth more points. Hit B to tell him to shoot if the enemies are near him, but if he's clear, aim high as much as possible. If the CPU player is set to either Kunio or the other good one (can't remember offhand), then he'll make the shot more often than not, and with some slot luck the points will rack up. It's definitely possible to get a good score with minimal effort, just gotta be lucky.
  9. On the plus side, I know it's entirely doable on this stage. It's just a matter of luck really.
  10. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK!!! So you gotta be pretty damn quick with the camera...just won 60-44, and didn't get the camera in time
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