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  1. Soo, you're "Done" for the week then, is that it?
  2. Alright, let's see if I can pass the bar with either attempts #2 or #3 here for complete series. (I know the Dead Series is expecting more entries starting in 2022, but for now these are it.)
  3. Now you've gone too far and must be destroyed.
  4. @Jeevan No worries ol' chap. I'm 'avin a jolly ol' time takin part so far. Side Note: you got me to finally try out a Splatterhouse game - Famicom. Very fun so far, but how many chickens escaping out of an oven does a boy have to behead? Yikes!
  6. My understanding of a Series is at least 3 and this is a complete series of NES Castlevanias as any others outside of the NES would be a part of the larger Franchise. Idk, perhaps further clarification is needed?
  7. I've successfully rescued it in both of those situations, I believe. In this instance it was in static formation...
  8. Here is a complete, Complete Series of NES Castlevania Games.
  9. I may have played this game casually for years without ever having a ship captured. I just found out a couple of months ago. I thought I had this whole ship gets captured / ship gets rescued thing figured out. Just shoot the enemy holding the ship, but don't shoot your ship. So I shoot the enemy and the next thing I know my ship is bright red and fluttering down so I try to collect it and it kills me. Why did it turn into a bad red ship? Did it take me too long to release it or what? seriously asking.
  10. Ok, here is my Newest Favorite Sp00000-ooooky Game that I recently got into by winning the disc in an auction for ~ $7. ¡WOLFCHILD! For Sega CD!! There are versions on SNES / Genesis as well but the Sega CD version has the most Kick-Ass music / Sound FX by far. 2nd Level music reminds me of one of my Swayzak Records. The first time I got into playing this I couldn't help but AAAWHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! along with the hero at the top of my lungs every time he turned into a werewolf, which is frequently ( I may have been drinking at the time... and can only imagine what my buddy's neighbors were thinking) but it was just too much fun not to do it! So basically its a Run N Gun Platform Action Game and the Hero's run animation looks Ultra Cool. It makes me think just a little of the way Ryu (Ninja Gaiden) has furiously running legs and ever still torso. Wolfchild moves his arms but he's got a similar rigid kind of gate. My first serious go I made it to the boss of Level 4 out of 9. Maybe I'll change my mind at some point but it seemed a rather unforgiving boss, so I'm figuring the later levels will not be short on challenge. So there you have it, a partial revue of sorts; Play Wolfchild! AAWHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  11. JAWS I knew everyone would be racing and clamoring and generally murdering everyone in there way just to be first to beat this based on a horror movie video game, so I went ahead and got to it. JAWS
  12. Show us your pet dressed up for Halloween. Translation: Torture an animal. Just kidding, little Halloween humor !
  13. In a nutshell NIGHT - Great, Groundbreaking DAWN - Very Good, Also somewhat Groundbreaking DAY - Some Incredible Moments but very irritating overall LAND - I enjoyed this one quite a bit (people seem very divided on this one) DIARY - Total Snooze Fest SURVIVAL - Surprisingly Ok
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