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  1. 56,794 Fun game, but it sure makes my left arm go numb in a hurry...
  2. The 8-bit Zardoz reminds me of the Sealab 2021 "Bizarro" episode the way they just keep repeating it over and over mixed with the flashing lights... Boogerman is certainly a contender... As forlorn attempts go, this seems like a good enough time to remind everyone that this happened: I've always figured it had to have something to do with a bunch of suits in a Capcom boardroom trying to get their tentacles deeper into the PAL market via Nintendo in a Sega dominated region using a famous Nintendo character coupled with something that people in those regions are known to go for ie
  3. Likewise, I think maybe I'll see about removing my handle and avatar from this thread, right before I go and see a Priest, a Therapist and a liquor store, not necessarily in that order...
  4. Never heard of this before / searched for it and found this fascinating article referencing it. http://internetisinamerica.blogspot.com/2018/10/propaganda-review-saturday-morning-mind.html
  5. It's on my seriously maybe list of consoles = It would probably have to fall into my lap a bit for a very sweet deal. Always been real curious about the game library though..
  6. They say that any publicity is good publicity. I disagree.
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