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  1. @Dr. Morbis I've only been given the flower for my past crimes. The other way around is just mind-boggling for me...
  2. Apparently Cupid here is like the Mailman of Love - Every dog on the block wants a piece of this guy...
  3. Nice to see that your complexion finally cleared up. Must be the secret brown goo treatment...
  4. Yeah, pretty much. Why do I get the feeling that they're drinking each other's diarrhea?
  5. Hey everyone, just thought I'd throw a couple of pesos in the fountain. Presuming that an Oddball system is anything that the average gamer would be more or less unfamiliar with, I currently have an active interest in the following: Colecovision Intellivision Atari 7800/2600 Commodore 64 Apple II Atari 400/800/XL/XE Admittedly none of these are extremely oddball, they are just the ones that I have and actively play/collect. In the case of Atari 400/800/XL/XE I have games but am still on the lookout for the actual computer... Colecovision is the only on
  6. What do you get when you cross David Lynch w/Purple Drank? ... The bulk of the last 6 posts on this thread, apparently. It's 2021 and its official: Nothing is required to make sense, Ever. No explanation necessary. Maybe I just forgot to read it backwards...
  7. How I see things: 1. Black Assertive Guy VS Whiny White Boy 2. Plastic VS Steel 3. Infectious VS Repellent 4. Shallow VS Deep I actually like them all, Greater or Lesser, except "what's up?" BLECH! You're free to disagree, but that won't necessarily make you as right as me. ha ha, just goofin' ...
  8. PII

    The Threads Thread

    Favorites so far: The High-Tops of course, Duck Hunt Socks/Hat, Anything that actually says "ULTRA 64" has extra awesomeness, the shirt that just has the minimal 3D N on it. Also, would be cool if there's more out there with the just the pixelated art like that Tecmo Bowl Shirt...
  9. Bomb Jack is complete. I had been hoping that it would contain 60 entirely unique levels but it's still a great game with 12 repeated 5x. I was treated to a cool musical extension at the end; either that or I never let the intro music play long enough to get there, probably the latter. Did it on Normal difficulty and Normal speed, so I'll have to give it a shot on Hard sometime...
  10. This movie made me feel like poop Yeah, I think everyone should see it.
  11. Go watch "Salò Or The 120 Days Of Sodom" and then give us a little report on how you feel afterward and how long that feeling lasts....
  12. Dino Riki (high scoring omits the possibility of using continue) Back To The Future (high score no looping) Loopz (game A - most loops or high score - difficulty level ?) or (furthest progression in game C w/o password) Snake Rattle N Roll Roadrunner Pyramid Kabuki Quantum Fighter Paperboy 2 R.C. Pro-am II Thunder & Lightening Castlevania Overflow Darkness (if hacks are acceptable submissions)
  13. I rarely have them anymore, but if I do I dunk them in water rather than milk and they simply melt/dis-integrate in my mouth. The @BattySalem technique of using hot coffee is at least equally good if not better, but using milk does not work.
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