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  1. I'm definitely in! Sorry I never did complete my Day 31 list or the Twelve Days of Christmas list, I did want to but a whole bunch of stuff kind of distracted me at the time. I'll definitely make sure to finish this list, and make sure to get the Day 31 List done as well. I'll do Hard difficulty, as per usual.
  2. Even though that is definitely far too high of a cost, I am glad your uncle at least saw the error of his ways. Some of those people just plant their feet where they are and choose that hill to die on for whatever reason, so I am glad he at least realized and recognized that he made a mistake, as there are plenty of people out there that are far too stubborn to even do that, no matter the circumstances. I'm sad to hear that you sank to that level, but I'm equally as glad to hear that you seem to have clawed your way back out of that dark place for the most part. It takes an extremely stro
  3. Really sorry to hear about your grandfather. Hope you're doing OK mentally, in spite of that and having to face the pandemic head-on. I also hope the loss of your grandfather gave that person in your family a new perspective on the disease, but knowing people like that personally, my hopes aren't high. We're all doin' OK, best as I can tell. Me and my family did come down with it last month, but very thankfully we all only had very minor cases of it, and the only lasting effect of it has been the partial loss of my ability to taste and smell, but hopefully that won't last forever, and I'm
  4. Oh yeah, I know with a quick google search it probably would be very easy to track down their faces, I'm just making the choice to not do that.
  5. Personally, I like that we never did get to see their faces. Honestly it's impressive people that insanely successful managed to conceal them for such a long period of time, they deserve huge props for that.
  6. Didn't see anyone else post about this, so I figured I'd do it myself. Apologies if someone had already posted, and I just missed it. Daft Punk, the musical duo who needs no introduction and who've literally been around for longer than I've been on this planet, recently announced via a video titled Epilogue that they'll be splitting up, and that Daft Punk is ending. https://pitchfork.com/news/daft-punk-call-it-quits/ Kind of a strange feeling waking up to this news, they've always been kind of... omnipresent throughout my life. I'd always hear their music literally eve
  7. I've definitely taken plenty of notes from his collection if my collection ever gets to that point, haha.
  8. It's alright Opty Haikus are not meant to rhyme As such, they're easy
  9. Sure, OK, but why? What is the point of this thread? Oh well, guess it's fun. Castlevania. Katamari Damacy. Sonic the Hedgehog. Hotline Miami. Super Mario Sunshine. Final Fantasy. Oh, uh, don't mind me. Making haikus with game names. Try it, it's real fun!
  10. Since when was Skyward Sword a bad looking game? I dunno, I always thought Skyward Sword looked really lovely, and the HD version is no exception, but maybe that's just me.
  11. Eh, it's always that way with Directs. People are never satisfied. I mean, I'm not going to go around claiming this was the best direct of all time, but it certainly wasn't bad enough to yell about how awful it was.
  12. That would've been a nice announcement to spice up the direct, haha. Oh well, hopefully one day...
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