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  1. Looks like he swallowed a jack-o-lantern, haha. I like it, very halloween-y
  2. Also, if four player co-op games such as Left 4 Dead are on the table for Game Night now, I'd like to once more suggest Payday 2 as a possibility for a future game night I've got the vast majority of the DLC for it, and the way it works is that only the person hosting the lobby has to have any of the DLC heists for everyone in the lobby to be able to play them, so I'd be more than happy to host a lobby if we wanted to do that sometime in the future. Just figured I'd throw that out there.
  3. I'm excited to play some Left 4 Dead, I've played it solo once in a blue moon before, but I've never actually played it with a group.
  4. Seeing you wanting to do some 2600 sprites actually got me thinking about some of the few 2600 games I've played, and that inspired me to come up with some more suggestions for you. First of all, here's some suggestions from some of the 2600 arcade ports (of which I actually found to be pretty good, at least the ones I played) The little bird-riding guys from Joust A variety of sprites from Tapper (I'd love to see your interpretation of an angry, very impatient customer at a bar pestering the bartender for a drink, haha) The dancing ladies that appear whenever you beat a stage This doofus who shakes up all the drinks except one in a random order, and then forces you to open the one he didn't shake I always thought these guys were aliens and that this was some sort of intergalactic bar or something, but I have no idea if that's actually the case. Probably not, but that was how I interpreted this stage, it's Atari so you gotta use your imagination, haha The ships from Galaxian Which then got me thinking, why not do some actual arcade sprites? I'd love to see your interpretation of some of the enemies from Galaxian or Galaga, particularly this guy Maybe one or two of the enemies from Robotron: 2084? And then here's a weird one I thought of, how about your interpretation of the little... yellow... thing that you control in Tempest 2000? Or really any of the enemies from that game would be cool as well, the whole game is super abstract so there's plenty of room for interpretation on what any of the things in the game are actually supposed to be beyond just random polygonal shapes Anyway, just some more ideas I came up with that I wanted to share!
  5. Yeah, I did some quick Googling and every source I can find says that the ideal viewing distance for a 65" TV is actually less than 10 feet (7-9' seems to be the sweet spot depending on personal preference) so I definitely find the claim of 10 feet being the ideal viewing distance for a 32" TV a bit dubious, haha.
  6. Who the hell sits ten feet away from a 32" screen? Are those seriously the actual guidelines? I use a 32" PC monitor and I sit about a foot and a half away, and even at that distance I barely have to turn my head at all to use it, haha. Honestly, even if those are the technical guidelines for recommended viewing distances, nobody in their right mind would actually sit that insanely far away from a screen of that size. Realistically, if people have a 55 - 65" screen, most people probably are going to sit around 10 or so feet away (or less) regardless of what the actual guidelines are. The guidelines are irrelevant if nobody actually follows them anyway.
  7. You've got a fancy pants OLED one too, we got a 4K TV back when quantum dot was the hot new thing and I can still tell there's a pretty substantial difference between 1080P and 4K content.
  8. I dunno, 44% seems like a pretty good amount to me, although I dunno what you'd consider a "wide" install base. And you can definitely tell the difference between an HD TV and a 4K TV at standard viewing distances as long as you're actually looking at native 4K content, or at least I can. It may not be as substantial of a difference as the initial jump to HD was, but there's always going to be some diminishing returns with this sort of thing. 4K vs 8K is really when it starts to become questionable on whether or not you'd be able to tell that much of a difference, if anything.
  9. In-game chat (voice or text) has been a thing for like 25+ years. It's been around for longer than I've been alive, haha
  10. He's probably never going to watch it anyway with the sheer number of movies he's never seen, haha
  11. My favorite horror movie of all time, and one of my personal favorite movies of all time in general. Easy 10 for me, I've probably watched this movie at least half a dozen times and I never get tired of it. Plus it's one of those movies where every time I watch it, I notice a new tiny little detail I never noticed before.
  12. Oh wow, I love how that turned out! I figured some of the enemies from the original 3 games would be good suggestions. Felt like they were detailed enough that you can make out what they're supposed to be, but vague enough that you can still go in your own direction with them. Plus they're great for spooky season, haha.
  13. Well now I wish I had requested a ridiculously complex and huge sprite as well to see your interpretation of it, haha.
  14. He did last time, so he may or may not do it again this time, we'll see. (In which case, I'll definitely take that Dracula one if nobody else has reserved it, haha)
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