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  1. I wish I found trashed bookshelves at that rate, haha.
  2. I have a couple Billy bookcases and they've been serving me well for a few years, and were relatively painless to assemble, so they'd get my recommendation as well, and I think they should suit your needs.
  3. I went with Goldeneye and Among Us (Still want to play Goldeneye one of these times) but I'm very happy to see Smash Ultimate is winning. It's been quite awhile since I last played Smash, so I'd be down to boot it back up.
  4. Got all my gifts ordered, just waiting for them to arrive. The tracking numbers all claim they should get here on or before December 5th, we'll see if that rings true or if I also experience delays.
  5. Thank you! Honestly didn't think you were going to do it, haha. Sorry for all the trouble dark mode has caused you.
  6. I was wondering why I wasn't seeing it, until I realized the dark mode still has the regular mascot. I guess I'll have to stick with light mode
  7. Couple more ideas I had: Either one of the Kremlings or King K. Rool himself, Both from Donkey Kong Country, as the Grinch Another one I think could be fun is Rush from Mega Man as Rudolph And here's one that's really out there: Blaaz and Fraaz, from Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, respectively, as the Miser Brothers. (They're both elemental bosses, with Blaaz being fire-based, and Fraaz being Ice-based.) I'll post in here if I think of any more.
  8. Here's an idea: Geno from Super Mario RPG as a nutcracker, perhaps?
  9. Definitely pretty nice. I managed to get enough points for the ornament, but I'm not going to be able to get enough for the holiday cards it looks like. So far I'm missing the Mario Pin Set, the Xenoblade Phone Ring Holder, the Animal Crossing Tom Nook Keychain (Which looks like it's been permanently removed) and probably the Holiday Cards unless they keep them up for awhile.
  10. Yeah yeah yeah, I know John Carpenter's The Thing is in and of itself a remake, but I'm saying that movie was never remade, the 2011 movie was intended as a prequel
  11. OK well I wasn't gonna just spell it out for everyone, but I guess if the cat's out of the bag on that now
  12. In The Thing's defense, they never remade The Thing, the 2011 movie was a prequel. They made tons of absolutely amazing practical effects and the studio forced them to cover it all up with CGI which really sucked, but still, that wasn't a remake, and it was never intended as one
  13. My items have arrived safe and sound, and it looks like I got a bonus item as well! Thank you @JVOSS!
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