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  1. Fun fact, Chris Farley actually hurt him self in this scene because jumped through the wrong area and took out a 2x4
  2. Next major holiday is my birthday. I expect a rigged competition where I win by a land slide and get to gloat about till the next year's competition. August is right around the corner so you need to start working on that now.
  3. I've been a "off the grid" all 4th and the week after so I missed this. Not that I went anywhere but just checked out of all online stuff.
  4. @BattySalem's sister was no joke. She's pretty damn good at Among Us. But can she handle a round with the greatest werewolf player.....
  5. Looks like you got me in 1, 4, & 5 which is good for me.
  6. So almost all consoles go to my new office/game room TV, Samsung Q60R 55" (https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/q60-q60r-qled). It's a nice budget 4K TV. Our PS4 is downstairs on a barebones budget Samsun 65" 4K TV that I'm not happy with. But OLED TVs were still too expensive and our old TV was just too damn dim to be used any more. We'll replaced that main TV in a couple years.
  7. Put me on the board! This one is a fun one for sure. SCORE: 54,000
  8. Yeah, I saw you did Jeep and quickly tried it.....Much better, too late to really make a much better score
  9. I don't think I can do 5 at once......sign me up for 3 though.
  10. I have the amazing ability to really focus on doing something very detailed at a small scale. Basically I can clean a M16/M4/M240B better than anyone. This can carry over into other things but the military is where I learned I had this natural gift. Now when it comes to larger items I'm absolute shit like cleaning the Kitchen. I'll clean the fuck out of the coffee bur grinder but 2 hours later nothing else gets cleaned I'm also I'm the best ever at werewolf
  11. So sorry to hear about your loss Estil. I hope your memories of Denise never fade away.
  12. That label is obviously legit though. You can't fake that kind of aging. The plastic is not very well fit so looks legit to me.
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