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  1. context maybe needed?? Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear
  2. That some wild stuff for sure. I looked at some other songs of theirs and I'd say they are a type of Math Rock for sure. They put a TON of effort into their music videos. Not exactly to my taste but I can see how someone could like them. I think most would not like them though. Very non-traditional compared to popular music.
  3. Link to the last train? I vaguely remember seeing this but want to make sure I can properly contribute.
  4. A savory fruit.....no thank you.
  5. I won first prize for this amazing creation/performance. Also I love the 1 comment I got on the video.
  6. According to Google Translate you almost got it
  7. je ne sais pas de quoi tu parles This all looks the same to me....
  8. I'm just making an assumption my self. First step would be creating a thread and seeing how bad it gets and kind prove the point that we need a new area to keep a clear discussion going. Assuming no thread already exist. Which brings me to the point that I think it would be a good pinned topic. Import collecting is a big thing it seems like. So if you look into it you may find what you want and it being hidden may be a good reason to pin it. I don't go into those sections of the forum a whole bunch so I'm making some assumptions that could be wildly wrong. Seeing that you are new, welcome to the party! I also assumed you haven't had a long time trying to hold discussions on "foreign" topics. I did tag some other users who would be big champions for your request if they thought it was needed. So I didn't dismiss it but gave some good guessing and indirectly got some people to take a look at your idea who could provide much better thought behind your idea. Also wanted them to laugh at my Canada joke too.
  9. Hmmm.... So the whole forum is assumed to be American so you'll then have a South American (Brazil) section, European (includes Canada) section, South East Asia ( @fcgamer/ @OptOut section), Australia maybe??, and Japan section. I'm gonna bet Gloves thinks there isn't enough demand for region-specific sections that can just be made into their own thread within the appropriate forum topic section. Maybe you could request a pinned thread so it doesn't get lost in all the posts.
  10. I thought it was worth while as I know older consoles have broken plastic bits and you can buy new shells like you can for popular handheld systems. So many times I find broken plastic pieces of stuff that super glue just doesn't hold up so I just pitch the damn thing. Or the piece is broken and I can't find it to even begin to try and repair. I'd bug @Glovesabout the status of the new section but I want him to first fix the damn VGS logo taking me to the home page in dark mode. You don't know how much you miss a feature until you don't have it.
  11. Your right, I've seen this in the military. Soldier who train the Afghani Army and yet think shit would be OK once we pulled out. Or that we wouldn't be stuck in a forever war while waiting for the right time to pull out. That ship was going to always sink no mater what we did. I figured that shit out years ago and was pissed when Obama failed to pull out. I'm not sure if I should blame the Generals for telling lies/fairy tales about how the government could survive with just some more time. Or if Obama knew the honest truth and didn't want to be the one to get the blame when it fucks up. I'm sure Trump is glad as fuck he wasn't in office when it happened. No president could stop that country's government from crumbling. Granted I think everyone was a bit shocked at how fast it did crumbled. I'm happy the ball got rolling on the pull out and Biden didn't do a 180 and stop it. I know he's taking a beating on the whole pull out but fuck'em. Pulling out was always going to be massive fuck up. Look what happen to Iraq and we LEFT troops in that country. On paper that war ended but there has always been troops left behind to help the local government/military and we still had ISIS issues. Anyways, point taken. Political talking points can cause you to not use your own personal experience and expertise to make judgement calls on shit that you should have more knowledge on than political pundits mouthing off on. I mean I would hope they would fucking trust the organizations in their field over news commentaries. I can't even call them reporters because they aren't. They even admit it because if they didn't they could be held accountable for their statements. Instead they are just people who happen to be on a news channel during the peak hours of viewing to give their opinions on news events instead of actually reporting the news.
  12. Exactly. Or am I way under estimating the medical intelligence/background knowledge needed to do some medical jobs. Like I'm dumb founded to hear nurses say they don't want the vaccine. I'd like a dental hygienist who doesn't wear gloves when cleaning people's teeth.
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