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  1. soon..... Only problem is my converter from N64 to USB is on a boat somewhere in the Pacific and won't arrive for like 3 weeks. Maybe I can tackle a game I actually own though.....
  2. I looked up Robinson the Journey....I'm not risking it and bought it while low. Price Chart average low for new was $29. I snatched it up new for $24.79 and will be happy to not worry about getting the game for cheaper.
  3. Even though it's "current gen", they were making games for it back in 2016. So I feel like I'm not too bad of a position to start collecting. Well except for a few games so far. Limited Runs are fucking nuts and will keep that in mind for any future console I MAY collect. I thought the PS Vita would be a Niche collectible console and therefore easy to get a big collection. Let me tell you very few people had PS Vita and collecting for it isn't cheap/easy. Since the PSVR is still in production and forward compatible with PS5 it has some legs to be more popular. Also since
  4. WTF happen in the last few months that caused Moss to spike in price (Price Charting - Moss)? It was a game included in some PSVR bundles. PAL version is pretty cheap though. My initial thought is Moss wasn't sold separately as a stand alone copy (maybe limited prints) in NA but in PAL they did make a lot of copies of the standalone game. But why the sudden spike? I would think the spike would of happen in 2019. Why the late surge specifically. Should I expect this to continue to be high or will it come back down. Knowing what caused the surge could help me buy before this happens
  5. This is a good reason to collect the "complete editions"/"all DLC included". Those late releases will be playable with no PSN to download patches. I still think the system will be collectable but like @Glovessaid, it'll be for only certain games. You're not going to find many who collect the whole system so many games will not be as sought after and remain dirt cheap. Any game with a good/great story that wasn't mass produced to hell should retain value. Any "online" game will be worthless though. Also if the game was released on PS4 as a physical copy I think that will tank the price of
  6. I'll second that in the Cincinnati region there are people who advertise that they are looking for broken consoles on FB maketplace/Craig's lists/NextDoor. If you post the status of the broken console on Ebay you can also sell them there. I will say that the more information you can provide, including photos, the better price you'll get. I've seen some dirt cheap broken consoles get passed on GoodWill Auction site as they don't provide enough information on what is broken. Other systems go for good money even when they are posted as broken without much information.
  7. Good advice about the rare games. Is there an easy way to figure out how many copies are made of a game? I've seen a game or two already starting to skyrocket like Moss. I'm supper stoked about the Aim controller so I've already bought it. I see that if I'm going to be serious about this then I need to get a list of games to get and start to prioritize some games. I hope this console doesn't get too many of those Limited Run type of games. Those fuckers never seem to go down in price.
  8. I've only watch a little bit but I think it has zero appeal to me. Honestly I think VR will be the next "thing" for casual family play. But we'll see. I just ordered the PSVR and some games. I think I'll have to bring it to the family Thanksgiving/Christmas to see my extended family and parents react to 3D games.
  9. Just noticed in the GameStop weekly ad they are doing a promotion for pre-ordering the Intellivision Amico.....gaming console. When the hell did this thing happen? Looked at a couple videos and seem like the games will be all digital.
  10. Lots of fun stuff here besides retro gaming. A fun time can be had in our bi-weekly game night. They do take to newcomers very well. But if you want I know one or two steam the night so you could always stalk from a distance before jumping right in... https://www.videogamesage.com/topic/5415-game-night-for-2202021-tbd-6pm-est-start-time-as-normal/
  11. So I've decided that I'm going to be diving head first into the Sony Playstation Virtual Reality headset for PS4 as it's forward compatible with PS5. And after looking into it I see that it's collection isn't too big (physical) which made me think of the possibility to do a full set of PSVR only NA released physical copies. I know there are games that have PSVR compatibility but for now I'm looking at only games that are playable on PSVR. When budget allows I'll add the other compatible games that are also PS4/PS5 compatible. So my question to the audience is how does one go about co
  12. As a kid Under Siege was the best move ever. Executive Decision was another good one.
  13. I don't know why it irks me so much but fuck them for tacking on $5 for shipping on a fucking $1+ million dollar sale.
  14. Save the Taz Express (PAL) for me....I got the emulator up and running and bought a N64 controller to USB converter so I'll be gaming pretty soon once my package from Japan arrives. Not that people are rushing to play PAL versions of games. Also looking forward to using this beautifully baby.... https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07STR3G1D?pf_rd_r=MXRM5ZW2SDJ1C3WKVXH2&pf_rd_p=5ae2c7f8-e0c6-4f35-9071-dc3240e894a8&pd_rd_r=c749b616-95ec-4253-82a4-976ca91eb873&pd_rd_w=YQmqm&pd_rd_wg=lttB9&ref_=pd_gw_unk
  15. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNQTWG2St2FRcLdkCuKCPHWo5EK44RjdnL19br_nMwur43jxsOGukSWQOMdc71_0w/photo/AF1QipPGcMal1dH4_47i_qPRQ862tfZwbPwnwieiGnu7?key=VVc3QlRpdGpYNzVTUWNkY2V2YVZVOUNzdnR6MXh3 Give me all your love as I show you a puppy and pupper playing in fresh snow.
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