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  1. I mean if they have the same title but just a different cover I don't see that big of a difference. When they were release doesn't mean anything to me so I'm find with "Greatest Hits" version of games. At least as far as I know these two games below are the same as an example. Now the ones that didn't get a re-release, yeah those are 100% on my need to buy list. And I'm being a stickler and not accepting the PAL versions of the LRG. Yeah, I debated about only doing games that REQUIRE the PSVR to play. And after seeing how many games I'm setting my self up to collect tha
  2. Some good news is that there were one or two that were published else where so they are just variants and I'm just focused on do I own a copy of the game in a physical media that was released in North America. Maybe later on I'll get a full LRG VR release set too. I am most definitely late to the VR game but in doing so I made sure it was a good console (w/ good games) and most games have dropped in price so better for my collecting budget. But after experiencing the PSVR I'm just amazed and want to collect all the games as I think it will be a big part of gaming history. Not saying i
  3. I blame Gold Star fans for Skyline not being #1
  4. I'm trying to get a full collection of PSVR physical releases. I'm mainly focusing on North America releases but I'm also open to imports IF there isn't a North America physical release. You can see what I have here, FireHazard51's PSVR collection If you got anything related PSVR let me know as I may be interested in that as well.
  5. I mean you put my name on it so I had to vote for it.....debated on making it my only second vote too VGS's members only game play...
  6. I have the tend to do this as well because I'm too lazy to click on smaller text that goes to the forum page. Also....
  7. New brew, cheeky little bastards with their naming of the bean mix....
  8. https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2021/05/07/skyline-chili-voted-one-of-the-top-10-regional-fast-food-chains-in-america
  9. From high school till now I've been off and on with lifting weights over my life. Usually it boils down to how easy is my access to weights for me to be doing some strength training. I honestly enjoyed it as it's a very constructive way to get out frustrations/built up rage. There are certain workouts that I hate or don't look forward to and that is the overhead press. By far one of the weakest things I'm at no matter how much I focus on improving it. And dead lifts. I think I hate dead lifts because it's so exhausting to do and I'm always worried that I'm not doing it correctly.
  10. I barely played this game but thought it was fun but also that it would be a long game to play. With my busy week I just never had the energy to play it. And it looks like @Jeevancrushed it this week so nicely done.......I would of beat you if I tried
  11. @PII You're not even taking into account all the extra merchandise they would sell too because of how big the movie was. I tried to find the original YouTube video that discussed this movie and the following one but it was kinda nuts. Like in the OG Ralph says "damn" like 6 times in the movie... A PG movie! Also they used "real" weapons to fight. In the second movie they don't curse at all and mostly used improvised weapons in a funny/goofy way. The OG was the best one for sure. I loved the 3rd movie as a kid but I rewatched it as an adult and it is a horrible movie. Oh man was it bad.
  12. What I'm drinking right now... And blueberry tea action shot with my newest little mug
  13. Forums are my favorite. I never got into Twitter as its too hard to follow a train of thought/discussion. Anyways, welcome to VGS!
  14. Rare is anything in my collection that other collectors don't have I think rarity also plays a factor in where you find it. To me a game or system can be rare if people don't find it in the "wild" aka thrift stores/garage sales. But if you go to ebay you could find said item easily. I also think people take "rare" as the highest status of rarity. In collecting baseball/basketball cards as a kid you'd see cards listed as rare all the time. It never meant you'll never find it. It just meant that in a full set of cards, these 10% were the least produced. This had ZERO to
  15. Sold! For $261 plus shipping. PriceCharting list the monitor alone is ~$90 so sounds like an over priced lot unless those microphones and memory cards are worth that much. Or is it the GameCube lunch box that fits system that is worth the extra money....
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