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Every Sage starts their quest somewhere!

For just $5 a month you can help to keep the site running, and you get a cool badge on your profile to show you're supporting the community!

All subscription tiers unlock: 

  • Exclusive access to a members-only subforum
  • Beta access to certain new features on the site, ahead of other users!
  • Unlimited private messages!
  • Extra file storage space

Tier 1 storage space:

  • 500mb total
  • 10mb available per post

Some prefer the scenic route.

For $60 a year you can support the site at the same price as a $5 a month subscription, but in one annual lump sum. Convenient!

Tier 1 storage space:

  • 500mb total
  • 10mb available per post

It takes effort to be this cool.

Your $10 per month subscription will help The Sage to befriend the dragon that is... SERVER COSTS! 

Tier 2 storage space:

  • 1gb total
  • 10mb available per post

It's lonely at the top...

But your support will help The Sage to pull through on his quest! $20 a month will go a long way to keep the community up and running, and we really appreciate your support!

Tier 3 storage space:

  • 2gb total
  • 15mb available per post

You've made it.

At $50 a month you are almost single-handedly keeping the site alive. You're making a statement here, that the community is really important to you, and that means a lot to the community. You're the best!

Tier 4 storage space:

  • 5gb total
  • 20mb available per post
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