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  1. I texted my buddy the other day because I heard there was trouble on his block. It didn’t affect him, but he thanked me and said “none of us need extra trouble right now.” I wrote back “ugggh i have it”. I was saying I have extra (unrelated) trouble, but he thought I meant I have the virus, lol Isn’t that a very interesting not political story.
  2. You point to a very specific and brief, very recent incident to cause this, and you were quite well-adjusted before that. These are all positive factors. For me, cannabis twists time. I feel slow, like I can’t apprehend anything and everything is too fast for me. Simultaneously time drags on and I feel like this will be forever and I will never come out of it. Sometimes I become extremely talkative, and after talking at someone nonstop for what seems like a full hour, I suddenly realize I don’t know what I’ve been saying at all. I am usually not a talkative person and this is very odd for me and I can’t control it. It also makes me feel first numb, then dizzy, then like I’m floating and extremely heavy at the same time. I’m sure that’s interesting for some people. For me it’s a bad combination with the time thing and I end up hating all of it. Doesn’t matter if I smoke it or eat it. I think I have experienced something like the “dementophobia” you describe while high and not enjoying it. Waiting to come down and feeling like it’s never going to happen. The first time you have a new drug, it can give unfamiliar sensations, both physical and mental and they may be uncomfortable. It sounds like this was your first experience with strong intoxication of any kind. Is that a correct impression? This experience affected you so strongly and with such a duration, try to grasp that it was a temporary condition. You twisted your brain up for a few hours. Now it’s over and you are sober again. A one time occurrence has practically zero chance of permanent effects.
  3. Stay. In. Place. Stay in place stay in place stay in place. What is wrong with these people?
  4. NES CASE: Super Mario is better on NES. In Super Mario World the flying navigation is much worse and less useful for exploration than SMB3. The save mechanism of SMW makes it easier to beat the whole game, but ruins replayability and the whole concept of favorite stages. Alternate stage exits and collect quests are less common, less gimmick, and more meaningful in SMB3. SNES CASE: TMNT: TMNT1 is unique and challenging adventure platformer. TMNT2 is a pretty good adaptation of one of the greatest arcade beat ‘em ups ever. TMNT3 is a decent followup to that... TMNT4 blows 2 and 3 out of the water in every way (fun, gameplay, story graphics sound) TIE: Zelda: 1 is legendary [lol] 2 introduced a lot more elements to the series than I think most people recognize in terms of gaining abilities. The NPC interaction is also at the perfect level for me in this game. 3 did a pretty excellent progression. The navigation, story, combat, and items are very good. But it’s a shame they could only get one game out on this console.
  5. Love me some Freak Brothers. A few months ago(?) I read they were going to make a movie or a TV show, but never heard anything further.
  6. If you can get thousands of dollars to play videogames. Mrs Link sings the song too.
  7. Now I know where I went wrong in the virus thread.
  8. So long as activity is reduced and people aren’t spending any more time than necessary in public places, it will help. Obviously a full lockdown would be more effective, but probably nobody wants that. We need to get the testing situation in much better shape. That would help a lot.
  9. Right. Our priorities are totally jacked. And we supposedly can’t change them... because “People enjoy the security a strong military brings” as someone put it in the impeachment thread.
  10. Maybe we’ll figure this out now. https://www.forbes.com/sites/williamhartung/2020/03/05/to-save-lives-shift-pentagon-spending-to-public-health/ The security of United States and the world depends on far more than throwing money at the Pentagon to deal with potential military challenges. The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) underscores this fact. The Sustainable Defense Task Force, a group of former Congressional and Pentagon budget officials, ex-military officers, and non-governmental experts brought together by my organization, the Center for International Policy, makes the case for a more expansive view of security: “[T]he most urgent threats to U.S. security are non-military, and the proper national security tools ought to be non-military as well. [The threats] include climate change, which undermines frontiers, leads to unpredictable extreme weather, and fosters uncontrollable migration . . . global disease epidemics, which pose societal risks to all nations; and income and wealth gaps, which foster insecurity and conflict.” Unfortunately, federal budget priorities are far out of line with this new security landscape. The Pentagon budget and related spending on nuclear weapons, pegged at a near record level of $740 billion, consumes well over one-half of the nation’s discretionary budget, which includes most government functions other than entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security. This leaves inadequate funding for the non-military tools we urgently need to deal with non-traditional threats to public safety and global security.
  11. I’m not getting any prepared food. On one hand I feel bad for the businesses. On the other hand I rarely do it anyway. Of course, with restrictions in effect I want it more, lol
  12. Are they all trolls? Or just angry members? Top big thread there right now that I see is Phins very upset about the state of the site. As Benihana mentions, I also definitely remember his presence on NA.
  13. You can log in with your old account. Oh wait you self-banned for unstated reasons just before the takeover, didn’t you? Well I think you can still see. I’m not logged in there right now and can still read threads.
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