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  1. Intent is not what matters. It’s important to not have bad intentions, that much is true. But when our intended (or unintended) actions have bad effects, we should examine them and try to avoid repeating them. https://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/hesaid-intent-vs-impact-why-your-intentions-dont-really-matter/
  2. Jargon is technical talk, often job- or military-related terms which are not generally known to or understood by outsiders.
  3. I’ll reiterate that I was not referring to events (or, rather, non-events) of this year or the current campaign season, which is what his link was about.
  4. This is the nuance that Tabonga chooses to ignore, equating all banned books as victims of censorship, the end. The books banned in the mid 20th century posed a threat to the power structure. Books getting banned now promote further disenfranchising lower classes.
  5. Since I’m not in the grading scene and only see talk of it here I probably lack perspective, but with this being such a longstanding and apparently chronic issue with this young company, I’m amazed that they still receive enough orders to continue to be unable to fulfill them to meet expectations. And I think I said this sometime back on NA, but the “30 business days” thing is kind of shady, imo. It’s normal to think of 30 days as one month. Making it business days is 42 calendar days. Once you get up to that many “business” days, most people start referring to weeks instead. Man, remember when ordering stuff out of a catalog was 6-8 weeks? Now we all want same day shipping, haha
  6. I was talking about ‘16. Haven’t heard anything about it happening this year. lol, yeah, after being asked a dozen times and refusing to.
  7. I didn’t bring it up like the KKK is a big deal. I brought it up, like the KKK is racists, right? (Or are people gonna say we don’t know that, either?) And they like what The Donald says.
  8. Hm, interesting. I don’t remember hearing about it at the time.
  9. I mean, it’s been a long time since the KKK endorsed anybody in an election.
  10. re: Carville per Business Insider Delaware is the second-smallest American state by area and has under a million people, but it's where 66.8% of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated. The First State has become a destination for major corporations' legal frameworks largely due to policies that result in significantly smaller tax bills than elsewhere in the country. This also means that its courts are among the most important in the United States for business, and the chief justice of its Supreme Court has a platform for influencing corporate law. Leo E. Strine, Jr., is the outspoken judge holding that position, and he's got a lot to say about the current state of the American economy. He pointed to the way some Americans talk about Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is running as a Democratic presidential candidate. "When people talk Bernie Sanders as if he's a communist, they show a profound ignorance" of the market and of history, Strine said. He added that while he doesn't agree with all of Sanders' proposals, they're not actually radical from a historical or global perspective. Per Strine, Sanders is actually a centrist by the standards of some of our closest and most prosperous European allies. "There is profound economic insecurity. That is the sort of thing that happened in the late '20s and 1930s and that we overcame with New Deal democracy, which became a role model for market dynamism that was tempered by fairness for everybody," Strine said.
  11. I can see how this would be entertaining. Do you think the reasons for banning have any relevance? They are almost completely opposed from the first group to the second.
  12. If you want it 100% complete, those items were included in the box.
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