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  1. I know. I gave it a 10. The descriptions at 9 and 10 just throw me off a little. It’s not important.
  2. I only vaguely remember replying to this thread before, but I’ll try in more depth now. I feel like I must. LoZ is my favorite series (common) and II is my favorite game in it (uncommon, if you listen to all internet chatter). And I have claimed the hero’s name here. So, while I hesitate to give any game 10/10, because I feel no game deserves “everyone should play it” — we are all different people — Zelda II indeed is my personal GOAT. There are close contenders and some came later and are more advanced, but this is still the one. I’ll start with old-school Nintendo Power style of rating
  3. I have, but BITD. Not sure I could tell you how aside from the battle tips I mentioned earlier; and many tries, which was more tolerable then, in no small part because of how much less time things take in the NES era of gaming if you really know what you’re doing. Not that I did then, but rather that not knowing in those days would mean a ten minute fight at best, but much longer now when games typically have more recovery options and fewer time limits.
  4. baleted! Not that I haven’t thought about HSR recently, but I have not seen the puppet stuff Loved it back in the flash days. Thanks for the potential info.
  5. I really appreciate your explanation. A lot of it makes more sense to me. That said, I just increased my cornholio portfolio 30 USD in so many minutes by watching some videos.
  6. Haven’t used a desktop regularly in years, and got a new phone since NA died, so no. There’s also the fact that when I go the address bar or open a new tab, VGS is one of three shortcuts that appears, and the only one I use regularly.
  7. Wait. Is doge pronounced with a soft G? I watched SNL and Maye Musk pronounced it that way. I was like “whatever. She was reading off a cue card and she’s old and doesn’t know what this is.” But later Elon said it the same way. This makes no sense. Doge is a cool and nice Dog. Not a Doj. wtf, meme people?
  8. It does for you. None of these use cases are actually useful for me. Crypto is a series of financial instruments. Fiat currency, though it is no longer fully backed by gold or whatever tempertantrum complaints some may hold against it, is made to be exchanged for goods and services. This ephemeral stuff is/not, except as far as fiat is a good. Financial instruments for their own sake, nothing further. Interesting and useful in a programming context, but with wide-ranging economic effects based on bluster and the [Myth of Meritocracy (as far as what it takes to gain success in this space)]
  9. Do you know what NTSC and ATSC are? ATSC 3 is coming Think of when IP upgraded to v6. They’re updating eth, I presume to add more capacity. And if you say you’re staking your claim on something, that means you have confidence in its future value. But I don’t. There could be a crash. I accept that crypto will be here but eth specifically? Who knows. And “temporarily” is a little too vague for me. I like games, but gambling with real money has never appealed to me.
  10. Thanks for the explanations. Still can’t buy anything but other money with it and that’s my block. I don’t use my phone at a cash register. I guess this is like the early days of credit cards. Does anybody still take Diners’ Club? What really kills me is 9 or 10 years ago, people were talking about bitcoin on a computer forum I used. Some were experimenting with it. I played it safe and believed those who said it was unreasonably expensive in electricity to mine. If I knew then… I bought $121 of eth last night and I’m supposed to get free $5 btc after somebody verifies my ID, whic
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