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  1. I exclusively wear combat boots if footwear is the qualification
  2. Someone didn’t get the shoe memo. OK Corral. Yes there is. Maybe you don’t like it, and I’m not saying I do like it. But when you say nothing EVER understandable that’s a clear sign that you refuse to empathize. There must be SOMETHING understandable about it, or else it wouldn’t happen. Somebody understands it. The person who does it, obviously understands it. Even the riots were in direct response to police attacking large crowds, they focused on property destruction, NOT violence against people. If both sides were equally bad, they could easily have started shooting cops - like the boogaloo shitbags did. But they somehow have yet to be called out for it. Because we're a racist society. Instead, many BLM protestors stood in front of cops to protect them from mobs. Will you ever recognize that? It's like how everybody just shrugs and says "that's terrible" when a right winger shoots up a Walmart or a church or a movie theater or a synagogue, but we have a week long discussion about left wing violence everytime a Nazi gets hit with a milkshake. There's a massive double standard and anyone objectively reading this thread will see you contributing to it. Think critically enough about who is saying what. Too many people let the right define the right, and let the right define the left. Simply believing there are some communist revolutionaries out there somewhere is not enough to justify "both sides are bad" rhetoric when the right has a body count and the left doesn't. Are you saying you have never received an answer to this? Because, Canada Finland Algeria Germany Iceland SouthKorea France Japan Bangladesh ... sure, not everything is perfect (and certainly not perfect past, but if you are talking about NOW) there’s a whole lot of places doing a much better job now. Get off the jingoism and accept the answers you claim to seek. Some people say that America is bigger and more diverse and therefore those models can’t apply... my answer is if we cannot work towards justice due to our structure, then we must restructure. The right and the left are not remotely the same in terms of means or ends. The right uses intimidation for a control agenda while the left uses mass protest for an equity agenda. In no way are these things equally bad.
  3. And your ego says you should be allowed to dictate that nothing is allowed to change, no matter who is involved. Why can’t you understand that there’s a difference between “family values” and racial stereotypes? Where are all of the poor, downtrodden Simpsons fans who did not want this change to happen? Has anyone but you said boo about this and written it down?
  4. Whoa. Al Bundy, right here on VGS. Let’s go to the nudie bar.
  5. Wow. I know you can’t share, but I’m curious who and what. Although as Estil would say, ‘as our fearless leader would say’, I have seen some things over the line “from both sides”. Overall respectful (as a few people have said) (albeit with occasinal general warnings) but if people are getting their feelings hurt... feh! You did come in pretty hot for a while.
  6. This is all good news. I hope in the future, the police license idea gets instituted so guys who do things like this can’t get police work in another jurisdiction.
  7. ?? on the top left corner? That’s part of the box. Standard template for Game Boy boxes.
  8. Open all the windows, I get some good airflow here. Yesterday was 94 but the humidity was mercifully low.
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