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  1. You’re missing out. Songs like Amazing and Dude Looks Like a Lady were overplayed for sure, but others like Spaced, Combination, Heart’s Done Time, or Hoodoo Voodoo Medicine Man are far from those descriptors. imo.
  2. ATSC 3 implementation is coming, and with that most new TVs are going to be 4K. I remember the first hi-def TV in this house, difference in broadcast signal was drastic. Will this be relevant to Switch games? Perhaps not, but demand for hi-extrahi-depth picture is coming.
  3. People who think raising minimum wage will severely impact the cost of goods have a diminished understanding of doing business. Pay for bottom level workers is one of the lowest costs of operation. Zero surprise that someone named @obnoxiousdoesn’t understand the real world.
  4. I would say every job does deserve at least $15/hr. As far as only students working certain jobs do you think those stores should be closed except from 3 or 4-10PM on weekdays? According to Code Monkey, you’re spending too much. Simple fix.
  5. They were my first favorite band. Then I sold all their albums as I found my taste. Now I appreciate and have rebought them. Some of the discography doesn’t do much for me sure. But their stuff that I like, including deep cuts, is really really fucking good. Solid 8.
  6. pre-rendered graphics? Donkey Kong Country series Mortal Kombat series Pit Fighter Clay Fighter Rendering Ranger (Japan exclusive)
  7. I think we are describing the same thing, so yes.
  8. Above a certain threshold I don’t really care about condition. Of course I like things to look nice, but I’ll buy something in VG or even G for $50 to save $100+, every time. That said I do appreciate a descriptive grading scale. It’s way more transparent than a number grade and lets me know what I’m actually getting, unlike (for example) WATA giving 9.6 to a box with a crushed corner when 9.8 is supposed to be gem mint and 10.0 is nearly impossible. For as long as I can remember I’ve gone by this scale, which isn’t for video games but I consider it a guide to accurately note condition. There’s no need for secrecy, except for inconsistency.
  9. I used to listen to a lot of stuff from OC Remix. I wouldn’t be able to name any of the artists but I did enjoy it as standalone music.
  10. ….because too many people won’t mask/vax/distance. Not because vax is crap.
  11. lol I’ve also noticed @Driftwood’s constant passive aggressive “disagree” reacts as I catch up with this thread which I haven’t been in a bit and, just, idk, lmao. Bro, say what you mean and say it mean. otherwise chill TFO.
  12. Yeah, if he was just in the scene and competing properly he could probably get more attention as one in a stable of players… like pro wrestling. He’s obviously a skilled player, but knowing that doesn’t make put his shenanigans in any different light for me. And I was reading about Twin Galaxies in the early 00s.
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