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  1. God dammit. I had complete sets of Marvel series 3 and 4, including all the hologram and 2099 foil cards. Put them in sleeve pages as I collected them. Gave them away about 7 years ago.
  2. Thrift stores are awesome. My latest cool score was a stand mixer for $18.
  3. I have to disagree. Water is good for you.
  4. You still owe money, though? Would you turn down forgiveness? Idk. I’m in the favorable position of not having student loans. @arch_8ngel I do agree that fixing the system is the most important, and it would be wrong to wipe out debt without doing so, but not vice versa.
  5. Her Onlyfans profile picture is a little racy, but you can’t see more than that without paying. I don’t care about this kind of thing. I don’t think seeing this when I was a kid messed me up and this is no worse imo.
  6. February 24, 2021 (Wednesday) At 4:42 p.m., exactly a year ago, then-President Trump tweeted: “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me! I wonder, but don’t especially care, what somebody thinks of this... ok, the HTML feature doesn’t work quite how I expected it to
  7. I don’t see that specific point that way. Bad loans that big, rich, powerful financial institutions made to unqualified mortgage holders who were only trying to secure their personal home security — in a random, widespread, gamble to gain more riches and power and which all evidence indicated was a bad risk —absolutely do not deserve a bailout more than bad loans requested by literally uneducated people who were trying to improve their personal station in life in our vicious system. The home lenders who would be comfortable no matter what got an utterly undeserved bailout. The education borrow
  8. I give it a 6. It’s like Pong of its time. Anybody can play it and it’s great with friends. I could play/watch it for hours at a party. same
  9. No. The picture got too dark to see. I have others, though.
  10. SS was crap. I finished it but more than once I considered not doing so. If anything has ever annoyed you in a Zelda game, it’s here and it’s amplified. It had some cool parts but they are far outweighed for me.
  11. Fast forward the tape all the way to the end [and rewind] to correct the tape tension before you play it.
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