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  1. Forgive my being dramatic, I’m just really jazzed this happened. From the moment I first started collecting homebrew and chiptune, I knew some items on my wishlist would be difficult since so many of the earliest games and albums were long since out of print. But in trying to learn as much as possible about them, I occasionally stumble upon a nugget. I was researching the early NES chiptune album Duck Tails by Puzzle Boys, better known as Chaz Buchanan. I found a few old threads on NA that mentioned it, gave me some context on its age and price the last time one changed hands there. But I also found an interview Chaz gave, which mentioned that he was giving some of his limited run of 50 carts to two retro gaming shops in upstate New York to sell among their inventory. I took the long shot and emailed both. One responded, he had one copy left that he’d sell me. And it arrived today! What’s more, the store owner and I have been emailing back and forth as he shares cool tidbits about the album, like how he helped produce them and that the artist wanted to produce it for the Commodore 64, but thought that would be too obscure.
  2. Wait! You didn't post the GIF I made for this weeks contest! -CasualCart
  3. CasualCart

    Boss Rush

    Don't be disappointed. There's always time for a Bob Ross Boss Rush. -CasualCart
  4. No, really. This is a development ROM for Earthbound. This is NOT a sample of the final ROM. There are dozens and dozens of differences. Mostly around text, textures, and polish issues. The debug menu is also enable by default. video-1588289762.mp4 The game has already been dumped and is safe. You'll get it at some point (im honestly trying to let the current Nintendo leak stuff calm down a little first) I have been playing it on stream on my youtube channel in the meantime.
  5. My wife doesn't even know, so I'm sure as hell not gonna tell you guys.
  6. OK. so 4 years ago i bought a m82 demo unit for 2500 dollars. outstanding condition guy claimed it worked. i got it and slot 10 11 and 12 has some kinda weird graphical issues. told the seller about it and said id like to try and repair it so he gave me 1000 back since he didnt insure it and it was packed very poorly. i did the usual of cleaning slots. nothing. i later mailed it to volder mod shop. he tried socketing the chips around the area that had issues and replaced the power supply since the one that was in it was failing. at first he thought he fixed it. but when i got it back same issue even though he claimed it was fixed. Volder does good solder work and installing mod chips. ive seen his videos on youtube so hes very good at what he does but i think this one might have been over his head. spending roughly 400 in shipping and labor, i wasn't very happy about how that went over but anyways! i personally try to brute force find the issue by replacing all the chips i could replace on the board via socketing them with all brand new buffer chips. after that still the same issue... i gave up after that and shelfed it. skip ahead 4 years the corona virus takes a mega dump on the earth. im sitting in my house and think this is a good time to get this thing repaired. so i thought who is the best person to do that job. why Ben Heck of course! hes the only man to have the balls to fix a nintendo playstation and a sega pluto prototype so a m82 shouldn't be too hard. he worked on that thing for a week basically reverse engineering it to to repair it. you can see the results here. so now this m82 is the most future proofed restored m82 on the planet and it had the IRQ mod on all slots
  7. Well, here it is, the last big purchase for the NES set (except Stadium Events). After this, I just need to pick up Donkey Kong and double check all my manuals. The end is nigh! My favorite in this group is a tie between the insane Isolated Warrior and the way-more-fun-than-it-has-any-right-to-be Fist of the North Star. So... anyone got a non-graded Donkey Kong for sale?
  8. Hello and welcome to my personal gaming thread! I've been in my current home for three years and I love it, but my time in Georgia is coming to an end. It's time pack everything up and share some of my cooler stuff with you guys. A little backstory: I've spent most of my adult life in school and then immediately entered the Army, so relocating every few years is a normal routine for me. I actually love the thrill of exploring a new spot and finding new things, so I tend to embrace my moves. They provide a great opportunity to go through my collection and get rid of all the stuff I don't need or want anymore. It's a cleansing! Expect to see more of my actual gaming stuff in future posts. Entry #1: Media Center Entry #2: Inside the Media Center Entry #3: The Flood; or From NIB to C
  9. I didn’t know I wanted this until I saw it
  10. Are rioters breaking into houses looking for tender tapes? No. plus i have pretty good security and live in a safe area. so no. and if you dont “get it”, its probably because you arent a minority who has been systematically discriminated against their whole life. Like the member here who swore up and down that there is no racism in the USA anymore (also a white guy)
  11. Obviously the turtles were busy playing N64... Jokes aside, though, I grew up in the early 2000s and although I was fascinated by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it just seemed too vintage and inaccessible to properly sink my teeth into. And by the time TMNT rose to prominence again, I had already discovered a superior cartoon ninja franchise: Naruto!!! -CasualCart
  12. CasualCart

    Boss Rush

    Dr. RoBobRossnik? -CasualCart
  13. This game is utter garbage. I can't even do a pass or tackle an enemy successfully. I'm not big on sports games anyway, but I did play a few soccer and tennis games growing up. This however is pretty awful and not fun. Maybe I don't understand the controls properly, but at this point I don't even care anymore. The only redeeming quality of this game is the music, which is pretty okay. 00 - 49 = -49
  14. 9 points
    (graphic courtesy of @CasualCart) Well, it was a marathon, but I finally did it. After almost 6 months I finally crapped out wrote up 50 more games. COVID-19 couldn't stop me. Losing my home office couldn't stop me. Buying and selling a new home couldn't stop me. Losing some of my cartridges couldn't stop me. Playing Survivor couldn't stop me. Hosting Werewolf 3: The Deafening couldn't stop me. Getting a repetitive muscle injury from too much... reading, couldn't stop me. Of course running out of things to say will stop me. Or my insecurity over the need to use the words "like" "so" "anyway" and "but" like 5,000 times per page. You'd think I'd have invested in a thesaurus by now... Anyway (see, there it is), no one wants to read this crap. They want to read the crap in the link below. So have it: (TRIGGER warning: popular games in unpopular spots below) (DOUBLE TRIGGER warning: still looks like garbage on mobile, will get to that soonish) http://snesrankings.com/games/300_276.html (ALSO, you may need to do a hard refresh to make things look less crappified) (things like 'search', further incorporation into the VGS main site, and other enhancements are still planned, as soon as I find the time) Also, an extra big "THANK YOU" to @Splain who did all of the editing this time around
  15. Score : 0017100... It's a palindrome that means I win.
  16. Not too much this week, but Shinobi does complete my Tengen unlicensed set (minus one Pac-Man variant). I've been looking for a Tecmo Soccer cart and manual forever so I was very happy to add them to a nice box I acquired a long time ago. P.S. I'm very sorry for what I did with Skull & Crossbones.
  17. Today, in partnership with The Hidden Palace, I released a previously undumped version of Earthbound for the SNES. Enjoy!
  18. Got some cardboard thanks to lucky timing on ebay:
  19. Another week for the VGS NES Weekly Contest, another win for our rising star @Kid Dracula! Congratulations playa, going through the harder loops multiple times is incredible. Our current 2019 tournament champion @bertsampson have gone to the trouble of going through 4 loops, with a good pack of lives remaining, but wouldn't go any further. Still an impressive performance from the human cyborg. In third place comes regular ranker @Gaia Gensouki with a score over 900k!! Notorious shooter champ @skinnygrinny took some shooter slack this week and limited his try on Sunday for a very respectable 4th place with a 600k+ score. Honorable mentions go to @nesmaster14 for posting a second loop score, and also to @dvertov and @ninjistar for going all the way to the last segment of the first loop! Gradius as also been a good newcomers week with 4 new participants in the NES Weekly Contest! Thanks to @NEET.dreams, @dvertov, @DoctorEncore and even our special art contributor @CasualCartfor joining the fun! Participants charms have been duly distributed! Special thanks to contest's dear friend @rdrunner for making a well appreciated appearance this week and blessing us with an impressive 647,800 1 loop score, for entertainment purpose! This week was a great week for participation, let's keep the wave rising higher and higher folks!
  20. *Does not count. Just posting for fun, as always. Did a quick zero death single loop. I think it's one of my higher scores for such a game. Nice job to the multi-loop players on this one. Anything over 2 million is really good!
  21. @ninjistar here you go buddy. easy easy you guys i havent had a hair cut in a while!
  22. Well, he has not figured out how to press the buttons yet. Welcome our newest hall of shame member Max!
  23. Literally zero people get annoyed at your cartoons.
  24. First weekly contest and I actually did the scoring correct this time! First score: 152,300 UPDATE 1: 192,600 And for all you goobers taking a zero, here is 3 year old Doc Jr with his score of 8800.
  25. I give up on this thread for now, if you're going to be out and about please stay safe people. Remember it's a million times better to take too many precautions than not enough, and double those precautions if you have kids.
  26. Room 2: The "family" movie/game/play area Stage 1: Buy furniture... (most likely where all the kid friendly parts of the collection are going)
  27. This month has been really good for my collection. Yesterday I got some amazing pieces. A beautiful Master System with some accessories and games. Also got two sealed Atari 2600 games, sealed Zelda TP for GC, CIB Lunar 2, CIB Magic Knight Rayearth and Mario & Sonic 2012:
  28. The Flood All is not well in the world of DoctorEncore, or as I like to call it, Encoropolis. On the eve of May 23rd, as I helped Doc Jr. brush his teeth, I noticed that there was a sudden, unexplained drop in the water pressure. Knowing something was not right, I ran outside and checked the outdoor faucets, but all of them were fine. I then sprinted into the basement and sadness overcame me. The water heater expansion tank had exploded and flooded my basement and beloved media room with a couple inches of water. This, my friends, is where I keep my video games. After getting absolutely drenched shutting off the main water valve which was directly in the blast zone, I surveyed the damage. At first glance, it really wasn't bad with at most one inch of standing water in a few places. Unfortunately, the water had spread everywhere under the wood floors, so everything touching the ground was ruined or damaged. So, since I had to move, open, and trash a bunch of my stuff, I might as well show off my collection! The Damage The Aftermath Well, that's all for now. Time to get the contractors in here. Remember, never store your stuff on the ground and make sure you know where your main shutoff valve is! Those two tips saved me from a true disaster. Bonus Content
  29. Not to derail the thread too much into this discussion, but a few thoughts to add to the above; 10,000 sounds like a large number, but it's very feasible that there was a 10k production run without recall. The best way to benchmark production run is probably to look at similar items where we have an approximate indication of production numbers based on serial number. We can use the following list of rare NES games in collectors' hands, and compare SE vs. Myriad ownership: http://archive.nes.science/nintendoage-forums/nintendoage.com/forum/messageviewac39.html?catid=5&threadid=50116 The list has numerous duplicate listings for Myriad (based on the serial #), but we can assume that the same applies to the SE list (owners selling games w/o notifying OP), so we can ignore that in the comparison. Myriad's highest known number is just under 1000 IIRC, so let's assume 1k production run. There are noticeably more SEs in the list above, roughly 50% more. That might indicate a production run of 1.5K units. But -- if you look at the Myriad serial #s, you'll notice a large share of them being +/- 500. What many probably don't know is that, similar to Cheetahmen II, new old stock of the Myriad game was found late 1990s and sold directly into collector's hands. I believe that those copies had serial #s around 500. This is an event that AFAIK never occurred for Stadium Events (except for the rumored Tim Atwood confidential new old stock sales, which would not be included in the list above anyway), and, if we look at Cheetahmen II, where such an event did occur, we can see that it has a drastic effect on % of produced units in collectors' hands. I therefore believe that the SE-to-Myriad production run ratio of 1.5, based on the above list of units in collector's hands, is underestimated and likely to be higher. 10 to 1 is certainly not impossible. Also, there are various NES-related retail releases (think accessories, for instance) that must have had production runs of at least 1k+, with a handful or less (sometimes just 1 unit) surfacing publicly in the last 15+ years. We also know from serial #s that there are likely to have been around 4000 NES Hands Free units produced, yet far far fewer have been found to date than SE units (and there was even a stash of new old stock Hands Free units found that went straight into collectors' hands). To connect the above to the thread --> one slight pet-peeve of mine in the hobby is when collectors try to turn assumptions into facts, especially when motivated to do so for financial gain. Great examples are the existance of only 200 copies of SE, 90 copies of the grey NWC 1990, Blockbuster-exlusive story of Flintstones 2, etc. We all like a good story, but I think it's important that, when sharing those stories, they should not be stated as facts unless there is strong supporting evidence available.
  30. 205,900 Long live the barrel trick haha. I'm stoked that I was able to help a few of you nail it down, too. This might be the furthest I can push my score, but I'm proud of myself and that's what counts! -CasualCart
  31. The forum software is Invision Community (every page in the footer gives a link that says "Powered bu Invision Community". The code base is a PHP framework. I should note that I don't have quite as "direct" access (easily) as the "database access" that many devs would be thinking of. We have an interface through which we can build databases, and these function as structures. I'm not popping onto MySQL Workbench and sending SQL to a database to build anything, and if possible would like to continue avoiding doing so. One of the reasons I went with this forum software is to AVOID situations that some people seem still concerned about, such as me going rogue and selling the place, and to keep things accessible for the next person/people who pick it up; I'm a developer, but I make no such assumption of whoever else may one day take the reigns. First off, I have no intention whatsoever of doing so (selling) ever for any reason. I won't go into too much detail suffice to say that I GAVE UP money to make this happen - I was previously working directly with GoCollect, on their payroll as a freelance contract web developer and designer. I walked away from that due to conflict of interest and ideology in order to bring this forum to light, with the community being the force behind it being #1. I don't want this group of people to live under a Dain or a GoCollect, and the moment I start acting in any such way I encourage you all to call me out so I can either curb that shit, or fuck off. I've also already turned down money for running ads on the site from a couple of companies that will remain unnamed. Not that I begrudge them for offering, honestly it's humbling and wonderful that people were so interested in our forum that they see value enough in it to invest. But fuck that, honestly - if we have a sponsorship of any form then we'll be beholden to "playing nice", and nobody in the community would want that. Go ahead and say "Fuck GoCollect" or "Wata sucks" or whatever, they are companies and we are free to judge them as we see fit, and it's going to stay that way. /rant I tend to ramble on these things and make mini novels because I'm passionate about it. I've been searching for YEARS for a community that I can give my all to and goddamned if it ain't this one. And if that flame ever fizzles, it'll be handed over wholesale to an existing staffer, more likely an admin, to take the reigns. That person would be heavily vetted by the community. Anyway. Yeah, migrating one of the existing lists to a database is the most feasible and likely scenario for us to start with.
  32. Picked up a CIB Double Dare and got the box to complete my M.C. Kids from DoctorEncore recently. A couple of quirky adds that I’d only intended on picking up if I found them for a pretty good price. Well, I did. Thanks again doc.
  33. The gradius cross stitch came yesterday and it looks even better in person. And the little guy agrees. He somehow got it off the key chain and tried to eat the options as @guillavoie predicted. Thanks again @MeganJoanne! Edit: forgot to upload the pic
  34. Picked this up off FB market place. It is farm fresh dirty just how I like to find them. Still cleaning everything up.
  35. For those who don't know, Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl launches on Steam and Switch on May 7. With the digital release of Mall Brawl coming this Thursday, I thought I'd create a topic about it here. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/jay-and-silent-bob-mall-brawl-switch/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1087440/Jay_and_Silent_Bob_Mall_Brawl/ As soon as I hear anything about the NES cartridges, I will relay that info here as well, although I'm a lot less in the loop with the physical version as that's being handled by Retro-Bit and Limited Run. I've been working a lot more closely with Interabang for the release of the digital versions so I can answer more questions about those, so long as I'm not violating any NDA or anything. It's actually been really interesting working with Nintendo especially as it's my first official release on a Nintendo console. Kind of cool after being a fan for my entire life to finally get to see things from the other side.
  36. A few uncommon games that showed up at just the right time. I'd probably say Motor City is the toughest to find, but Mario's Time Machine can also be quite elusive. I've had a Canadian Soccer for quite a while, but wanted to grab the US version for my set. Another mini console for the collection. I had been highly skeptical of this one because I have no desire to use cramped controls on a tiny screen, but I've been pleasantly surprised so far. Build quality and packaging is solid and the little LCD screen is decent. I just need to get an actual gamepad so I can play on the TV. This is a big one. Definitely the scariest game I had left on my list as I approached the final ten. I already had a very nice box from last year and there are always plenty of overpriced carts on eBay, but the manual for this game is almost non-existent. I won't go into all the details, but I will say that being nice to people on eBay does pay off sometimes.
  37. Huge arrival today for the TG-16 collection. That makes 28/94 for the set (not that I'll ever complete it).
  38. I've never seen this cartoon and movie but i clearly remember this game from my childhood - Toxic Crusaders
  39. I lost my first life on the last level. At that point, the Gradius effect became very real. I gave it a hell of a shot though. I've only played this game very briefly in a previous contest year. This is the furthest I've made it in the game. I'll likely put some time into crossing this one off of my "to complete" list this week. 384,400 I did it! I got my participation score! I'm very happy to not be disappointing @BeaIank! 0,000,000
  40. 1,068,700 I was able to max out the score and defeat super shredder with 2 lives remaining! Unfortunately I was too excited by the victory and missed the second picture by a few seconds.
  41. I bought a PAL copy of Little Samson for $200 a few years ago. Am I proud of it? No. Do I regret it? Not a chance. Little Samson is awesome, and I'm happy to have a legit version (since I'll never afford an NTSC copy). -CasualCart
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