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  1. Here we go, brothers: please read... and please take mentions of what I say here: I live in NY. Long Island. There are well near 4k cases here reported, with 25k cases in NY whole reported. The number of people walking around is now astronomical compared to “reported cases” (which are the numbers you all are seeing.) ... (I’ve had my data scientist on my team run numbers against SKorea, Italian, and Spanish charts... all equations have checked out). 1)I lost 13k$ TODAY ALONE. (6k in vacation costs (for my own birthday that my wife spent), and not a single company has offered refund: VRBO, Southwest Air, and Fronteir Air)). (6k+ in my IRA alone, even with today’s uptick, given the downfall I have realized in prior days). (This is NOT INCLUDING prior loss for all prior days since lockdown in NY)... my retirement losses are devastating. 2). There is NOTHING available on shelves... toilet paper, baby food (I have a 13 month old), diapers, etc. 3). Schools are permanently closed. 4). Police patrolling streets in our area to ensure you are a “local” after 8pm. 5). Gov Cuomo is a D... I am registered R.... THIS IS NOT a partisan issue. And I support what Cuomo has done for us 1000%, and I respect his work for the people of NY. Partisan ideals need to be put aside here, and I have set all of mine aside. Democratic, republican, it doesn’t matter... we just need to preserve lives, and he is trying to. And I’m thankful. But it isn’t enough *tearfully*, despite ALL of his efforts. This is a matter of CAPACITY not QUALITY. We in NY DO NOT have the beds or ventilators to support those who WILL DIE. This is disgustingly scary. 6). My wife is a healthcare worker. She has been exposed as of 7 days ago. Which means I was exposed 6 days ago since she works 12 hr shifts. We have no symptoms yet... but the fear is devastating... I have a 13month old daughter with next to zero immunity build up alongside two step children. 7). I have not only donated my N95s to elderly, but I have also started converting my work stations within my company to begin converting out PCB cleaning stations to Hand Sanitizer production units, with ZERO income on products... meaning we will donate EVERYTHING we make. 8). Hospitals here have now began setting up outdoor triage, to separate COVID patients from GP (General Public). 9). MT Sainai hospital here in NY is now using GARBAGE BAGS as PPE, because they don’t have supplies. (Google It) 10). Ethics Healthcare Committees are now convening in NY. (This is the most disheartening of all). Ethics committees are meeting to discuss 1 thing: who lives and who dies under condition. please note: this is the type of decision that a medic makes in war time situations. This is NOT a decision our loca doctors should be having to make. Italy docs have already said that they’ve been doing this for a while now Over the past week. They are deciding who lives and who dies in triage. (Google it). 11). The most disheartening of all*** i have family (MANY) in healthcare in NY... hospitals are convening now to decide whether or no to currently designate all ICU patients at all NY hospitals as DNR’s. (For those who don’t know, a DNR is a “Do Not Resuscitate” order). The reasoning is simple: if a code is called for a failing patient, docs and nurses have no way to get PPE on fast enough to save them. If they attend... they themselves become the next spread vector. This is disgustingly grim. we here in NY know that if our loved ones enter ICU, it may VERY well be the last time we see them. If you are 30-50 yrs old... you may enter ICU, and if YOU deteriorate..... you will have no visitors before you pass. think about this... this is heart breaking... iy wife is a nurse on a floor with COVID... we have both been exposed based on her hospitals reports... I have a 13 month old and 2 step children... I love them all dearly, more than I could ever put in words.... living next to NYC right now... this is getting hairy..
  2. Hey, they've been the smartest in all of this... They've been self isolating for months.
  3. Received International Soccer Superstar 2000 today to complete my US N64 set!
  4. Dear Sages, Better late than never, we are finally ready to honor the winners of the VGS NES Weekly Contest 2019 Charms! Without anymore introduction, here is the list of Charms and their recipient : Tournament Winner : @bertsampson 1st Rank Main Leaderboard : @8bitdontquit 2nd Rank Main Leaderboard : @skinnygrinny 3rd Rank Main Leaderboard : @bertsampson Action/Platformer Genre : @8bitdontquit Arcade Genre : @8bitdontquit Shooter Genre : @skinnygrinny Puzzle Genre : @8bitdontquit (You again! Man you're going to have a bunch of Charms under your name real soon!) Beat Em Up Genre : @8bitdontquit Sports Genre : We have a tie! Both @Tablew/chairs and @8bitdontquit get it! Congratulations to all the Charms winners of 2019, and special thanks to @CasualCart, @BortLicensePlate and @Gloves for working on designing the Charms, and naturally to @BeaIank for running most of the 2019 year! As you may all know, most of the 2019 season took place on our old place (I can't remember the name already) and these Charms are a proof of the continuation of the NES Weekly Contest we all love from the former site to the present one (which feels so much more comfortable!). But this also means that we're starting anew, and one way to celebrate it is to have a brand new Charm to reward anyone participating in at least ONE week in our contest. Here's the new participation Charm and the list of the players that earned it early on in the 2020 season : VGS NES Weekly Contest Participation : @MeganJoanne @Bearcat-Doug @bertsampson @TWarwick07 @Gaia Gensouki @mbd39 @skinnygrinny @8bitdontquit @0xDEAFC0DE @ninjistar @arnpoly @Richardhead @SuperJimtendo @Murray @JamesRobot @Ausden @Reed Rothchild @Krunch Charms will be distributed shortly, we just need to wait for our good friend @Gloves to do it whenever his busy administrator in chief life permits it (thanks for all the work you're doing on here Doug). Again, thanks for everyone involved in these contests, and keep up the good work for the 2020 season!
  5. It is time for the first random giveaway of the season, HURRAY FOR PRIZES!!!! I have a soft spot for this first prize, as it is a cross-stitch from @MeganJoanne, which was one of the early special prizes we got in the 2010 NA contest where she made very elaborate cross-stitches for 1st to 3rd ranks on the main leaderboard (always thought this was awesome of you Megan!). For this week we have quite a fitting cross-stitch, which feature Thomas from Kung Fu : Here are the entries for the giveaway : 1 = @Bearcat-Doug 2 = @bertsampson 3 = @TWarwick07 4= @Gaia Gensouki 5 = @mbd39 6 = @skinnygrinny 7 = @8bitdontquit 8 = @0xDEAFC0DE 9 = @ninjistar 10 = @arnpoly 11 = @Richardhead 12 = @SuperJimtendo 13 = @Murray 14 = @JamesRobot 15 = @Ausden 16 = @Reed Rothchild 17 = @Krunch Congrats to 0xDEAFC0DE for winning the first random giveaway prize of the VGS NES Weekly Contest! Way to go champ, you get that cool Thomas cross-stitch hand made by Meganjoanne! Thanks for everyone participating, and keep up the good work with your scores at Tecmo Bowl for this week!
  6. I am also officially too old for this shit today. Hooray 40 years old me.
  7. Hey there ! This is my very first post here since NintendoAge closed, and I have some pretty cool and exciting news. But first, let me explain what it's all about... (you can skip directly after the pictures to get to the exciting part). For 2 years now I've been working on a WiFi project for the NES, to offer the possibility to make online games (and/or download new content, fix bugs, and so on...) ! First prototype was a module that plugs in the second controller port. You can check it in action in this video (English subtitles available): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tK1qEAI-mGE But there were too many limitations, so I decided to move on something more powerful, but also more complex. An NES cartridge, with a WiFi chip on it! That's when the Rainbow project really started. https://twitter.com/Broke_Studio/status/1081955456409657345 https://twitter.com/Broke_Studio/status/1084557110413877248 https://twitter.com/Broke_Studio/status/1088896001874817024 For many months I kept on working on this project with @RogerBidon, me on the hardware/firmware side, and him on the emulator side. We made a lot of progress, and I'm really proud to share with you the first example project which can be seen as a kind of tutorial for those who may want to take a shot at making an online game for the NES or if you're just curious to see the thing in action. This is a simple chat project using a NodeJS server which also provides a chat webpage to communicate with the NES, and of course a ROM (compiled with cc65 suite) to use in a custom FCEUX build that allows to connect to the server and... chat! The project can be downloaded here: http://brokestudio.fr/rainbow/rainbow-chat.zip There's a README.md file included with all the details on how to install/use it. For windows users, you can download the custom FCEUX build here: http://brokestudio.fr/rainbow/fceux_wifi.zip Or you can clone this repository and build it yourself: https://github.com/sgadrat/fceux (branch rainbow, not master) Of course this is emulation, but the project works perfectly fine with my WiFi prototype board ! Let me know what you think about it, and feel free to ask if you have any question.
  8. As another day of cookie matching MaDNeSS draws to a close, eleven competitors have submitted scores. Let's take a look at the events thus far! Active competitors this week: We have a new pastry chef in this mixing bowl of sugary fun: @0xDEAFC0DE! To date, he has come storming onto the scene, charging ahead of many veteran players! He has taken an early lead with his cookie-crushing score of 100k! Pastry popping veteran @mbd39 is cruising along nicely with his score of 50k+. Will he be able to bake his way to victory this week? Can he crush the other confectionist competitors in this crazy contest of cookie calamity? While tackling the task of besting his previous Yoshi's Cookie score, he has lamented that this week will be a grind. He is surely not alone there! Incognito veteran @MeganJoanne has arrived! So far, she has clawed her way up the leaderboard to take a position in the top 3 this week! Will she hang in there and continue to pound a plethora of pastries? Returning competitor @Gaia Gensouki has reached into the cookie jar, putting up a solid score! One has to wonder what the Colorado Crew is planning. A recent review of the leaderboard shows that @Murray, @SuperJimtendo, and @JamesRobot are all locked up, tied with a score of 6 each, revealing the mark of the beast! Are they forming a nefarious plot to burn the other bakers this week? Will they finally assemble like Voltron and slaughter the competition? Former champ @Richardhead has put in a solid first score, but has remained quiet. @SuperJimtendo has taken an early lead over his Colorado brethren. @JamesRobot has chimed in as well. But where is @Murray? The mysterious @ninjistar has returned to the competition after a long hiatus! He continues to grind away at the 2020 season! Veteran @ookii_risu has landed on the leaderboard with their first score of the season! Superstar administrator extraordinaire @Gloves even popped in with a surprise score! Long-time contest contributor and veteran @Reed Rothchild continues to dazzle us with his Verizon wireless "infinity phone" (tm), complete with cracked screen! One has to wonder how he is able to play games on this device, let alone use it. Kickle artist of the week: @JamesRobot!!! Resident artist @SuperJimtendo is well-known for his twisted and unsavory renditions of video game character, Kickle from the game Kickle Cubicle. Jimbo's "know no bounds" creations have lead to much conversation and discussion in the past. This week, @JamesRobot decided to contribute to the infinite recreations of Kickle with a Limp Bizkit-themed rendition! The Kickle-loving @ninjistar quickly adopted this artwork by using it as his profile picture. Perhaps a trend is forming... Everyone loves the competition! But some folks are missing... Where is @skinnygrinny? The Grinder, aka Kobra Kai, aka 40foottapeworm is not known for his love of puzzle games. So far, he has not submitted a score, but instead decided to reassure himself to hang in there! Will he come blasting in with a surprise score? Will he smash the competition much like he did with his last physical copy of Tetris? Or will he be smashed like raw cookie dough? Veteran @Krunch, reigning champion @8bitdontquit, and puzzle master @arnpoly have yet to be seen this week. Contest champ @Tablew/chairs has also been unusually quiet thus far this season. Legendary players @bertsampson, @Bearcat-Doug, and @TWarwick07 seem to be sitting this one out. The 2020 NES weekly NES competition has just begun!, but one question lingers in the air... Who will walk away as this weeks master baker?
  9. so since 2001 ive been on and off collecting the mega man franchise it all started in 1995 when my mom bought a mans collection from the repair shop i got my nes fixed at. 50 nes games 2 dollars each mega man 2 and mega man 3 was in the stash. i very much enjoyed those games! in 2001 i discovered mega man 1 at a gamestop. at first i thought i had them all. (yeah right) then i found out nes had three more games XD i got mega man 4 in early 2002. and mega man 5 and 6 for christmas that same years mm5 was boxed and thats when i started going for cib. over the years ive replaced all my nes mm games for better CIB at least 3 times as my standards got more tight on condition. the gme boy mega man 1 was replaced 4 times with in a few months to piece together all inserts and better boxes. mega man x2, x3 and 7 were bought when they were still cheap to get in 2005 (50 each) the gameboy mega mans and game gear i paid the most for. mm5 gb and gg mm were 1400 and 1600 dollars to buy mint all inserts anyways ive almost completed my collection im only missing one (cybeast orange version) from the GBA and am still looking for it cib near mint to mint. the side games im missing is the psp combo release wily wars pal release. and mm8 on saturn. the stupid amount of ds and gba game was just ridiculous!
  10. Anyone know anything about the Nickelodeon ps2? I only know what I read on the "console variants" website. That between 1 and 50 were made. I've got it in my collection and don't know too much about its desirability or value.
  11. My sealed Gameboy Amazing Tater is mine.
  12. Thank you @Deadeye. Had a blast working on Larry. I wanted to do a few other submissions too but real life is constantly getting in the way. I would also like to defer my prize to @SuperJimtendo. I have a copy of NEScape! and thoroughly enjoyed it. So please send it to Jimbo so he can play it. For anyone interested, here are several images showing my process. NSFW of course. Larry and his lady were originally all cut out construction paper. The doll's eyes were much larger in the first concept and she had no tiddies. I also didn't like the background, so I ended up scanning individual sheets of construction paper and layering those digitally. I went through half a dozen backgrounds before settling on the final one. "Deconstructed" Larry was just how all the pieces looked when I opened my book of construction paper to rebuild the (final) image the next night after the first initial test photo shoot. Finally, thanks to @KHAN Games and all the other homebrewers for keeping my favorite sytem alive and consistently delivering some of my favorite Nintendo games new or old.
  13. And the prize goes to....... @JamesRobot I'll PM you to get your address to send the prize. Congratulations!!!!
  14. Lambda Tech Inc received some capital funding from a local Landscape co (Clean Cut Cleanups on LI NY... amazing owner. Reach out if you need a cleanup or yard care services ). We produced a small batch run of hand sanitizer. 80+% Mix of Isopropyl/Ethanol Alc, 9% pure Aloe Vera with Hyaluronic Acid (to prevent hand dry out), 1% tea tree, lemongrass, spearmint, orange, rosemary, cinnamon essential oils for scent. We converted our PCB, Circuit Board Clean and Build Unit into a Hand Sani Production Unit. Converted all workers to remote and are doing our best to keep the distance. All bottles will be donated to essential business across the country (mainly in NY since it is the epicenter as of now). Next batch coming in a couple of short days. If we have any extra at all, (it may be very small if any), but we promise to offer it here to those who have no sanitizer. Remember guys... do all you can to help those in need around you during this horrible period. Let this situation bring out the best in you love you guys!
  15. Hey fellas, it is time for a random giveaway prize (cue bugles and horns)! This week prize is another freshly handmade cross-stitch from our good friend @MeganJoanne : a 100 % butter, sugar coated Yoshi Cookie : Here are the players eligible for the random giveaway : 1 = @Splain 2 = @Gaia Gensouki 3 = @arnpoly 4 = @mbd39 5 = @ninjistar 6 = @8bitdontquit 7 = @bertsampson 8 = @Krunch 9 = @TWarwick07 10 = @Tablew/chairs 11 = @SuperJimtendo 12 = @Richardhead 13 = @Mega Tank 14 = @Gloves 15 = @ookii_risu 16 = @Ausden 17 = @JamesRobot 18 = @skinnygrinny Congratulations to TWarwick07 for winning that sweet Yoshi's Cookie cross-stitch! Way to go bro! Thanks to everyone playing in the NES Weekly Contest and see you all this week in the Star Force contest thread!
  16. Thanks to @JERedmond I now have a complete Earthbound!
  17. Special guest Kickle artist this week. Yours truly!
  18. skinnys saturday reflections its the end of week two in the 2020 vgs weekly contest. lots of two hand touch was played without pads. the rainbow kid and all his partners, unsurprisingly went to san fransisco with flowers in their hair, proudly toting strawberry drinks in hand. it was a festival if you will. two of the members from team tie die scored the most on each other. over and over they scored. only four contestants used teams other than the fabulous 49'ets. the fish guy used a team that must feel betrayed by the "colorado crew". even the father of the rainbow child (who has met and groveled before the mighty qb) turned his back on the mile high horses. ausden the whitesox fan from north carolina used the chicago bears for a good score time. and a party. im out of thoughts. the newly defeated kung fu former champ decided to use the ny football giants and he did ok. the mightest of players who got his score of 84 without throwing a single pass, using the same exact play 100% of the time and exclusively bo jackson.... put up a hell of a performance and probably would win this week considering style of play and creativity. the kanadian picaso who accused the goat of copy cat soon found himself replicating the worms incredible gameplay in order to MUSTAAARD! a mad watch... lots of fun this week between contestants. sandafloor used his phone. where is @789bit? where is @chairy? where is ti-83? where is gutsman? where is murray? mike only cares about rolling the score in kung fu and flipping cookies. ninji ensures me that guy is indeed from smb2.
  19. Doing a little bit of boasting on my part....like the title says,I just completed the game and got all the items in the game without any help,which to be honest,I am surprised I did. I had the itch to play Metroid last week but wasn’t able to do so until this past Saturday. I really was not too concerned for getting every item, I just wanted to get the unaided completion which I had never done before. I have always liked Metroid but would get really frustrated with it as a kid because I would get so lost. Then subsequently I would get fed up with the game and ultimately give up. Many of the rooms looked too similar to me and that’s how I would get lost. While many of those rooms still look similar,I was more observant this time and was able to discern my surroundings a lot better and that helped me find everything. I knew I had to find the varia suit,the screw attack,the ice beam,and a majority of the missiles and energy tanks to beat the game....I just did not think I would find all the missiles and that’s what really surprised me and makes this victory more satisfying. When I got to 240 missiles was when I thought to myself that I can get a 100% completion and I went for it. I would have beaten the game a lot sooner had I been able to find the varia suit and screw attack quickly. Took me forever to find those,especially the varia suit. Claimed the varia suit yesterday and the screw attack tonight. (They hid the latter really well for sure.) Overall,it took me from Saturday evening to tonight to conquer it. I did not get the best ending but i’m elated with my accomplishment nonetheless. End boasting.
  20. If you're going to spend stupid money on ridiculous N64 peripherals, frankly it's Train Simulator or GTFO:
  21. I sold off my Saturn stuff years ago, but couldn’t pass up a deal. The Die Hard trilogy is sealed and about half of them are in really good condition. Came with 3 controllers but the person couldn’t find the console . I’m gonna need a Saturn and some more shelves.
  22. The goal isn't to stop the spread completely. The goal is to slow it down as much as possible, so that the medical system and infrastructure doesn't get completely overwhelmed to the point that not only covid patients die, but also those with other issues, as well as the medical community. And even if some of the measures aren't perfect, I do believe that they are helping to slow the spread. And when you look at some of the relative statistics between states and other areas, you can see some differences. Also, it seems that medical and scientific experts have analyzed both the current situation, as well as historical pandemics and different measures that were taken, in order to come up with some of these solutions, even if they aren't perfect. When well respected, top-of-their-field infectious disease experts are giving me suggestions and information, I tend to take that pretty seriously and with some credibility. No one truly knows where the best "line" is of what is appropriate and what is not in these times. And obviously our economy is going to suffer because of this - I don't think anyone doubts that, and yes I believe the impact will be serious. But I also think that without any of the restrictions in place, we would see exponentially more deaths, our medical system would be overwhelmed, and things would be worse not only for our citizens, but for the economy. Can I prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt? No. But my opinion on this shaped by what all of the experts are saying, and by "experts," I'm not just talking about politicians and governors, and I'm not just talking about one state or one country. We are talking about experts in the field from all over the world. When we have politicians from both sides of the aisle, medical experts, doctors, scientists, disease prevention organizations across the globe, and more, ALL SAYING that we should be doing some of these measures and that they will help, I tend to take my advice from them. Also remember, that these aren't going to be permanent. The "sacrifices" we are being asked to make, are not permanent. As we learn more about the virus, build up infrastructure, build up immunity, and hopefully develop vaccines and treatments, we will be better equipped to deal with this. What we are doing, is buying time.
  23. I mean that seems pretty commendable actually @Richardhead. I think you're doing a good job. It's on the people at this point, to follow the rules.
  24. Things have slowed way down lately, but I did manage to knock a few more off the list.
  25. MAde my own to fit the weird space I have to work with. I would like to re-do them one day and adjust spacing, add doors, lights, etc. Sorry for the blurry picture it's the only one I have at the moment and it's a few years old.
  26. Only way to know is to put it up for auction. My guess is somewhere between one dollar and one million dollars.
  27. Just beat Banjo Kazooie for the first time. Final boss gave me a massive headache. Hate the flying in this game
  28. The moment we have all been waiting for is nearly upon us!!! Official Video Game Sage T-Shirts!!! There are 3 colors to choose from in sizes ranging from Small to 4XL. They will be $20 shipped in the US and $25 shipped worldwide for all sizes! Now available for purchase directly from our fancy storefront https://www.videogamesage.com/store/ These are 4.6 oz ring spun cotton, soft feel t-shirt, not some scratchy stiff ones. In short, you would actually want to wear it. We could also use your help even if you don't plan on purchasing right away, but perhaps in the future by voting in the poll. The poll will give us a better idea of the quantities to order initially. All of the proceeds will go directly to the the costs associated with running the site. We will place the order in about 2 weeks, and start shipping out right after that. Hopefully you are as excited as we are to have the 1st batch of official VGS merch!
  29. This has actually been the start of me collecting sealed game. Can't play the games if they're sealed.
  30. I bought some games from someone here. Any guesses as to who I bought the games from? This is how it came in the mail. I’d say it was packaged with love
  31. Here's the before and after pictures of my N64 kiosk. It needed new bulbs, lots of rust removal and minor rewiring.
  32. So i thought i should make this project a bit more public/official - there has been a lot of questions lately if these graphics are for a game, and yes it is. It's been going reaaally slow all the way since 2016 when i had no idea what i was doing. I might still work on it in 2026, but hopefully not, now that i know the ropes a bit and what i want. In any case, it's a slow burner. I've only recently had a fit of inspiration to work on new tilesets for it, but it comes and goes. I'm going to give it a proper name probably last of all, but for now let's call it Project Borscht. It is my favourite soup and has a fitting colour. It's going to be a spiritual successor to classic CV trilogy. CV3 was my first own game (along with barker bill's trick shooting but who remembers that game) and i've been drawing inspired levels since that day... well, with pause in the teens and early 20s when it was more interesting to waste time Vampire fiction stuck with me throughout all my life. So this is sort of a personal exploration of what could have been for the nes, but never were. I also want it to be mostly free of the compromises that commercial game studios struggle with. I don't mind it taking forever to complete. As long as creative decisions don't get compromised. There is a story written out, but i keep making changes to it. I'm trying to do everything myself. We'll see how that goes. Some music, prior final mixing: https://frankengraphics.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/frankengraphics_secrettitle_16.mp3 https://frankengraphics.files.wordpress.com/2019/09/frankengfx-track27.mp3 https://frankengraphics.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/frankengfx-rat-smell.mp3 https://frankengraphics.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/frankengfx-horn-and-hoof.mp3 Downhill edge-of-forest level: 50% done graveyard scene - just got the outlines for the mausoleum done. The black and blue tiles help me figure out where clouds and other far structures will go. And the old stuff which you've problably seen 1000 times: I think this scene tileset needs to be updated to match a little bit better. but there's very little tilespace left to do it in. I mean this works but i have half a mind to update the foreground especially. If you look closely, you see that most of the tiles are just recycled from the bald mountain.. which is sort of jarring in the style castlevania 3 graphics can be jarring, in retrospective. I'm thinking, though.. i need to use mmc3 or something similar to pull this off anyway. So i might as well swap out the tile bank at the scroll split to bring in something new. That should probably work. Prisoners' tower from the same area. This is easier to update, because there's a fair bit of vacant tile space left in this set. I think there will be stairs, where stairs make sense. Before i thought i could do a proper platformer, i sort of experimented with all kinds of styles in the same theme and background story. For fun, here's some old screens that might make it into something eventually, but not quite this project. Maybe a spinoff sometime most likely (not too likely given time) to become something on its own. Isometry is super hard on the NES. Not least because of the attribute clashes. maybe something from this scene gets recycled, but i think i've grown a lot since 2016 and can do better now.
  33. After some back and forth we managed to work it out. I ended up just keeping the game and closed the return. (Apparently when you start a return for item not as described it auto locks their account, i was under the impression only a claim did this) I'll take it as a lesson learned on my end, and hopefully he feels the same way. I can always resell it instead of making him take the return if i really don't want to keep it. Despite us arguing here, we actually had a much better and constructive conversation privately. Thanks for all of your opinions on the matter, it was appreciated, even if you disagreed with me, it never hurts to have a bunch of points of view. Because it was so divided here with about a 50/50 split it seemed, it made me think more on it and switch my take on it. I genuinely wanted to do the right thing, which is why i even bothered to ask here at all. Otherwise i would have just returned it, not posted here about it and moved on.
  34. Decided to pick this one up for a future unboxing episode. It's the 1HP version to.
  35. Classic American big breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and pancakes
  36. With all due respect, are you daft? The world is in the middle of a pandemic with no cure. Their entire business model is having a bunch of people crowd into a store to trade in plastic discs where the virus can live for days, and that's not mentioning the lack of cleaning supplies, medical personel to determine who is sick, or government policies in place to close all non essential stores.
  37. @a3quit4s, @ICrappedMyPants, @Mega Tank ^these dudes all reached out to me with helpful advice, offers to help, and literally to go shopping for my buddy!! I’m thankful for every single one of you, more than I can say. These are the gents that make this place amazing, and THESE are the types of people who are going to be some of the real heroes in helping others out during all of this. If I could buy you all a round of drinks, I would right now (unfortunately they just closed all of the bars and restaurants here indefinitely ) haha. on a serious note... Thank you guys!!!! The helpful tips and offers have been so much appreciated. I was able to use some of this info and direct my buddy to a store that had some baby formula tubs in stock. You guys ROCK!!!
  38. I agree. I hope the presidential debates have both candidates calling each other buttfucking oompa loompas, because why not? Nothing matters anymore.
  39. I got a few more things: the Star Wars games from LRG finally arrived (but I'm still waiting for the Shadows of the Empire cart) and some other stuff.
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