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  1. I stopped by @acidjaguar's garage sale and he surprised me with a gift. I didn't ask him to acquire this, he didn't ask for any money, and I had no idea it was happening. 720/720. "Set" complete. This is not an easy game to find, it's even harder to find in this shape, and I can't imagine it was cheap. I'll figure out a way to return the favor. Perhaps his Secret Santa needs to reach out to me this year...
  2. Long awaited package from Japan arrived today! Stars of the show, two more sealed 64DD games for the collection! Just two more (impossible) games needed till I have all ten! Also picked up some N64 boxes I was missing to upgrade some loose carts. Sin and Punishment is an absolutely ESSENTIAL purchase, went without that box way too long. Got a decent price on AI3 mahjong as well, that's not easy to find: Loose, empty DK64 big box? I mean why not! And, finally, a bit of an impulse purchase that I really had no business bidding on, and probably overpaid for, b
  3. Does a bookcase full of fake games drop panties like legit grey squares? Don't think so.
  4. I doodle n' stuff. Make art for friends, cover art for video games, that sort of stuff. My style consists of a very anime inspired background, but with very eye-bleeding bright contrasting colors. I'm also very experimental and self-taught. This one is cover art to a video game I'm making that I still haven't made a good dent on creating in the past 8 years. Still workin' on it though: My version of Bowsette: Couple of bunny girls. I drew one when I was a kid, and the other many decades later. Can YOU tell which is the one I drew a long time ago? :V Commission art for a fr
  5. Far be it from ME to feed a troll... I mean, come on. But, based on your previous responses a sad, pitiful part of me actually believes that somehow, deep down, you genuinely do not understand the context and the meaning of the things John Cena said... I am not going to demean myself to the point of arguing with you, and I'm certainly not going to waste my own precious free time going to great lengths to try and enlighten you. I think I've already said and offered enough to make my own points on the matter clear. I can, however, offer you the tiniest morsel, a CLUE, if you will,
  6. After @OptOut’s N64 collection post I felt inspired to get a Japanese N64 collection going. Got a massive haul recently, can’t believe how cheap Japanese N64 stuff is.
  7. exuding little samson i got all these this month. you want to know what i paid for this? i dont know im too afraid to look lol. (4500 with taxes give or take) buying these high cost games make the 100 dollar games feel like pennies lol. Little sampson and the manual ive had for a decade i just threw it in there cause who doesnt like to show of that cart lol. i have a few more on the way. (felix the cat, robocop 3, adventure island 3, and the jetsons)
  8. Going for the full NA set, I got these here recently, never done this before, but here we go! Lots of others, but these are the ones i have on imgur to link here, also picked up the last mario party for n64 and tony hawk pro skater 3 Anyway, within 31 games of a full set
  9. I ... did a Dragon Questy thing the other night. Whatever it takes to defeat the Dragon Lord.
  10. Got some Dreamcast games from a friend: Got some other games: The color of the Final Fight Guy box looks wrong because I had to apply some filters on the photo since it looked dark. El Chavo Kart for the 360 is sealed. Cyberpunk was only US$8,50 at Amazon Brazil with free shipping and so decided to buy it.
  11. Some things showed up today, and one package from Japan that I've been really excited for and has been a long time coming so to speak! Steambot Chronicles was the last game on my PS2 'to get' list; oddly enough, I've had the harmonica pre-order bonus all this time but not the game 0_o? The real excitement came in the form of the Fei Fong Wong version of the Xenogears Square Millennium collection, which I've wanted to get since I learned about it back in '08. I got an amazing price on it, so it was finally time! Next, I got the Mario Golf N64 I've been thinking about trying to pi
  12. here's one of my more recent watercolors
  13. Big pickup to start the month off: brand new FE Tharcia 776 Deluxe. Got this one for the price of a little under the going rate of a second hand copy: some nice N64 games: Battle Zeque Den, ninja ryukenden tomoe, akumajo Dracula xx, deae tonosama appare inhiban: and finally a complete copy of a game I’ve wanted forever, hyper duel.
  14. Not a big sealed collector by any means, but was able to get this in a trade. Game is incredible if anyone hasnt played it.
  15. Got this in today! Trying to rebuild my snes mario all stars-SMW set I had as a kid! If anybody stateside has a pal snes controller and the poly bags hit me up . My SNES came with a pal controller when I was a kid for some reason. Wish I still had it, but alas I do not!
  16. Here is a few more pics of stuff i got this year, I went from under 100 to the 265 mark
  17. I got a couple cool versions of Chrono Trigger recently. The V-Jump edition given away by the magazine (in the copper box) and the sample ROM, a demo of the game with pre-set save points.
  18. Did not think I'd be back in this thread on a Monday to post something, but wow... I got called earlier to take (she's at grandmas for the week overnight) my kids backpack and socks to their house, which puts me on the road with half price books between there. I was going on in since I had to go right back out. The Nintendo portable paper deities were in my favor today as this all just went out. I think this image sums it up, because yeah, each manual was that much (a dollar) also $13 on a really clean well cared for SNES controller too (OEM.) FFV Advance, Golden Sun 2, and Sigma Star
  19. I found some Dreamcast games yesterday at a yard sale. The only one in not going to keep is Sky's and Soul Calibur since SC is already in the collection and I'm not s big RPG fan
  20. Local resale game shop had a bunch that were right up my alley, but I had to limit what I got this time around. I rarely see Corpse Party in the wild so I was really happy to find this one. Might have to dust off the vita.
  21. Geez, tough crowd to follow today. Took another of my random trips to the flea south of here, unlike the last time where outside sucked and inside was fine for one, it flip flopped back to reality nicely. Tried to divide this image up a bit in how it came together. The G1 there doubledealer with knok was just $1 at one spot. Another got that wicked go-bot I've been wanting for a long while at another for $5, and another spot another $5 for that oddly good GBC wrestling game. Next you have the mcds toys and everything to the right of it turtles and all there just $3. And then
  22. I know, right? Canada isn't a country either. It's just America's hat.
  23. Had to seriously reduce my buying recently because I'm trying to afford some major home improvement, but I did manage to get some great trades and deals lately. Here's what's new: Got a great deal on Megaman Xtreme + the cards. The rest came from trades. All this from trades. Should have bought the Ni No Kuni guide before the Switch port was announced, when people could barely give them away. Oh well. The lightgun is a Nyko Cobra for PS1 so I can finally play Area 51. Taiko no Tatsujin is a lot more fun than I expected, but now I need the drum controller for the Switch. Playing
  24. My weekend is going to be consumed so I probably should have had nothing to be too thrilled about. Earlier ago I was hungry in a drive thru as I was out doing stuff, bored fired up facebook, saw this ad which had been up bout 30min. 5 items listed, untested, original owner stored the things. A weird quiz wiz knockoff, a merlin, a ferrari remote control car and sadly they were all broken...car is a mystery the others rotted. Recovered a pretty neat Split Second handheld, but this here, that's what made the $25 risk worth it. (Very clean, no damage, battery cover/serial # on back inta
  25. Heck Yeeeeaaahhh! The VGS artist army is growing! There's you two, @SuperJimtendo, @G-type, @Vectrex28, @BortLicensePlate, @Gloves, @Mumphy, @Sir Centroid, @OptOut, @Red, @BouncekDeLemos, myself, a bunch of the homebrewers, and a ton of other members I'm obviously forgetting. I swear we need to do some big collaborative art project here someday. -CasualCart
  26. Finally received all these after 6 months+, also got a gold Doom 64 card with them for those who are into the LRG cards.
  27. If you’re dropping this money on a JRPG promo item you’re at least XL buddy
  28. Mass Effect is one of my all-time favorites so I had to pick up the remasters. I didn't love the story in ME2 and never played ME3, so hopefully this will get me to go back and finish out the series. FF7 is also one of my all time favorites and I'm a sucker for retro-style anything. These figures were actually part of a blind box set (ugh) so I ordered a few sets. Thankfully I was lucky enough to get the Chase Cloud in the first box I opened so I have the other two for sale/trade. They're kind of tiny and definitely overpriced, but I love the way they look.
  29. It's been a quiet but eventful few weeks. I picked up Resident Evil Village and Returnal last Friday, and R-Type showed up in the mail yesterday. I haven't tried Village yet (my brother started playing it instead), but am I ever addicted to Returnal! The atmosphere, the writing, story, and game play are all top tier...it's been a while since I've been so thoroughly immersed in a game and its world. Then today, Ask Iwata showed up along with the Instax Mini printer form Fuji and Nintendo's joint partnership. A day or so before my wife told me about it and put an order in, I was s
  30. Got these 3DS games cart-only for pretty cheap. New Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario Kart 7, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Miitopia, and Super Mario 3D Land.
  31. I'm back with more. Had a couple good deals I couldn't pass up on Disney Infinity sets. Got a carrying bag, two of the big box sets, some extra figures, and also a Guitar Hero battery for good measure. Managed to score the FF 4 Heroes of Light strategy guide at a good price. Also did a trade for the Monster Hunter Rise CE... I had missed the pre-order for it but at least I was able to find one after the fact. Oh, and I picked up a copy of Dog Football signed by the publisher, along with some extra stickers. My Limited Edition of World's End Club arrived and separate
  32. Been focusing on mostly Japanese stuff lately, but did get some sealed US Wii U games, because why not?
  33. I randomly decided that Japanese Dragon Quest releases were something I just had to have. VI is still in transit. Just Couldn’t wait
  34. I actually hit that flea market south of here for the first time in a year, man stuffs gone downhill to the point the inside which isn't where deals are, were where I did better which is confusing. The usual more expensive vendor I never buy from hadn't kept his prices up. This is the cleaned up stuff. Wario there was $25 and G&W4 was $12 which at first I thought sucked, and Q-Bert was $10 despite sticker and Race Drivin was $5. Zelda was $15, the joes were in a bag of parts and I have O-rings to repair stuff, but that bag was $10 and I salvaged those out of it. The amiibo was $5.
  35. Recent 5 screws. I got the Goonies II for a 3 screw price! Probably over paid for SMB but it was a local pickup and it was in front of me.
  36. Bought a large lot of Gamecube and Playstation 2 games last week while on vacation. Even had a few sealed games included: Thousand Year Door, Zelda Master Quest, Zelda Collectors Edition! Also not included is a Wavebird and a Hori Gamepad (which unfortunately has mushy L and Z buttons). I spent quite a bit, so I'll be selling most of these unfortunately and keep the rest for free. Will definitely be keeping some nice titles for the collection though!
  37. It's not a first release, it's not gem mint, and it's not a black box Carolamabam Collection Wata 9.5 A++ Left stepbro what are you doing. But it's mine and it's sealed and its the only game I actually intend to keep that way as the game itself means a lot to me. Yes I have a regular ol CIB for playing, too.
  38. I always throw away games that are past their expiration date. Wait - is that not what the code on the chips is for? -CasualCart
  39. There's a really nice video game store in NYC. They are well stocked, quite often have higher than usual prices (sometimes insanely higher) but if you browse around enough, there are some good deals to come across. These are two of them I found recently (even the cashier was surprised at the pricing on SOS when I checked out with him today!) Last Crusade UBI is CIB used.
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