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  1. Hi, I created an account here so I can answer questions. On the topic of Dain, I felt I was quite clear in the video that Dain was previously associated with the company but is not currently. That's why I said "the cherry on top, is that WHEN WATA Games was incorporated in 2017, Dain Anderson WAS the executive officer.". When I was talking about Jeff, I was using current tense (Meyer IS a director). I then further confirm that Dain was no longer with the business by saying "So this entire deal (when the deal took place) happened between 2 men that WERE or are directly involved with the company". I'm very careful with my words, and my words specifically mention that Dain was not a part of the company at the time of the deal taking place. I apologise for not stressing it more, and admittedly, I keep forgetting that it is very easy for people to misunderstand things. I've since spoken with Dain and nothing he did was wrong, I just felt it was important to mention for transparency. I will be doing an update and I will be making this more clear. I do believe Dain only had good intentions with everything. Jeff's statement suggests that I called him an employee. This is not correct (again, I'm very careful with my words). The reason I kept bringing up Kahn's quote was to stress the conflict of interest that arises when people associated with the company grade their own games and sell them. Being a Director is WORSE than an employee because you have more influence over the company, and there is more potential for fraud. A director grading their own games in a privileged way and flipping them without telling anyone they are a director is definitely grounds for fraud. At the very least, it should be investigated. There were a lot of assumptions about my motives or what I do and don't know (a lot of them wrong) but I would love to answer any questions you have.
  2. Random story I wanted to share that is somewhat pertinent to the conversation, or just Wata in general: A couple years back, right before Wata was officially launched, a buddy and I took a day trip out of Chicago and went up into Wisconsin in the dead of winter to hit a few game stores and flea markets in the Kenosha/Racine area. On our list of stops was a place I'd never been to before (but always heard of) called Inner Child Collectibles in Kenosha, WI. Was told by some locals they had some old games there so we checked it out. Wasn't really anything for sale out on the floor but there was an empty official World of Nintendo store cabinet against a wall, and stacks of really good uncommon NES games behind the counter (I saw the shimmering bright blue glow of a Pesterminator cart and that's all I can remember now). I inquired to the man behind the counter about the WoN cabinet. His response was, "Oh that's not for sale, it's my son's and he's just storing it here." Fair enough...I asked about the NES games behind the counter..."Oh those aren't for sale either, they are my son's, he's saving them for this video game grading service he's starting soon...maybe you've heard of him? His name is @supernesman on Instagram." Ah yes...that guy. I knew of him...I told him I'd heard of him and that yes I've seen the account. He then went on basically a 20 minute pitch about how the grading company is going to blow the hobby up and bring it to the next level...then inevitably asked me what game I thought was going to be the most valued/sought after game years down the road. I answered, begrudgingly (I was already annoyed with this conversation at this point), "I don't know, Stadium Events?". He replies, "No.........Super Mario Bros!" then went on to make comparisons to comics with first appearance of Batman or Spiderman and all that kind of stuff to get his point across. I kinda just nodded and politely bowed out of the conversation shortly after that. We said our goodbyes and left the store. When my friend and I got back in the car, we both started laughing about the experience saying "What the hell was THAT all about? Yeah right, Super Mario Bros?!? Grading games?!! What the fuck is that guy talking about??! Ok buddy good luck to your son with all that...hardee har har har *more laughing and shaking our heads in disbelief*"....and that was that. We went on with our day and didn't really give that experience much more thought until years later when that grading company did in fact explode in popularity. And that's my story. I coincidentally met Deniz's dad, at a small collectibles store in Kenosha he owns, right before the launch of WATA games, when it was still in its incubational period. In retrospect now maybe the joke is on us because we could have gone and scooped up all the sealed Super Mario Bros in the Midwest with that hot insider info, but...eh, I still think it's all just silly. It IS interesting though now, thinking back, that they already had an agenda for SMB to be THE game, or so it seems to me. Also strange there were a bunch of games set aside that supposedly belonged to Deniz, for him to grade with his own company? Maybe that's a complete assumption and those stacks of games were other people's stuff idk. Just a weird story I felt like sharing. That's all. Take what you will from it.
  3. To be extremely clear, none of my opinions are informed or influenced by Pat or anyone else that was in the video. They were very helpful in answering questions I had etc. but my opinions are the result of examining all of the information I have and coming to my own conclusion. We do share sentiments on what is happening though, which is why I gave them a platform and it was good to have them included as a voice. I don't ultimately care what the price of games are, I'm not saying they 'shouldn't' be valued at millions. I care about the manipulation of the market by those with a vested interest in the prices of games going up. If all of the forces driving prices up come from conflicts of interest, it's impossible to have confidence in the market. My focus is on shedding light on unethical business practices, and full disclaimer, it should be obvious I'm not a fan of speculation. Thankfully, if you don't mind speculation and you are ok with market manipulation etc, then you should also be fine with any efforts to drive prices down. It's only fair.
  4. Hey gang! The last two years worth of work has culminated in this! I put on the first Art of Nintendo Power Museum Exhibit at a socal gaming convention called Megabit Gaming Expo last weekend! Here is an early video showing my display. More to come! So excited! And here is the much larger video!
  5. Oh boy. Not looking to insert myself into internet drama, but I'm the blacked out name on Discord. I sure didn't ask Karl to black me out like a mystery informant. Karl asked on Twitter one night if anyone knew anything about game collecting could join his Discord to talk about recent sales. Karl makes good videos, so I helped him understand a bit because he was literally at square zero (not recognizing for example that two games can be apart by $100k because on is players choice). He was hung up on Jeff and Dain being on the Wata SEC filing, which IIRC definitely came up on NintendoAge, but I obviously don't know the inner workings of Wata so I offered to try to put him in touch with Deniz, who ultimately decided not to reach out. Karl didn't attempt further himself, although I hope there's a follow up video if some of the players are willing to be interviewed. I wasn't involved in any part of part of the video's content besides some talking with Karl about understanding some crazy sales on Heritage.
  6. Whelp... been a while since I've been around or posted. Was tough for me when NA got destroyed and I since then I've went through a breakup. I am now moving back home. As a result I am disassembling and possibly never reassembling this video game room again. I figured I would document it here once again as parts of it will never be recreated. Thank you in advance for humouring me. I found the shelves under the stairs of a thrift store. Old movie rental store shelves. Basically the exact same shelves that EB games still uses, except red. While I don't generally like bright colours, or red, I figured it would accent well with the NES as their accent colour was red. Worked well as the wiring wasn't too intrusive. I also found a few other shelves which I stained darker, holding the TMNT set and the SNES games. I also really like the thick photo frames I found for the SNES games. The "door stopper" was partially there when I moved in. The square wooden chunk was screwed into the wall because the previous tenant put a hole in the wall with the doorknob. Instead of patching the wall and putting a shitty spring door stopper I figured I would paint the current square piece of wood and make something unique. I'm going to leave it. I'm sure some of the future residents will understand the reference. Let me know what you think. I'm about to pack it all up. Peace!
  7. Nice try, Brian. Some of you guys were ban-happy and you know it. It got to the point where you guys would swarm against me when I disagreed with your approach and I was in a pickle because all of the mods were ready to quit any time I reverted their decision. If you don't think that's the truth, I suppose I could dig out some of the Mod Squad threads here if you'd like; after all, I have the entire site sitting in front of me.
  8. 1. Yes, Wata clarified. Doesn't change anything. 2. Yes, Jeff left the board in early 2020. So my example was inaccurate. I never said the CC rose to the level of fraud. Please, I implore you to really pay closer attention to what I said. I said there is a 'good argument' to be made that it is fraud, which there is. See end of point 4 in relation to title. 3. I use those words to quickly convey my point. It might not be technically accurate but it changes nothing, and it's substantially true (see defamation defences). 4. You have no idea what my sources are. I showed AN example on the screen. I've heard that from multiple sources, and as confirmed it was correct. I clearly labelled it as a rumour, which is the opposite of sloppy imo. Rumours are unfounded by nature. I'm definitely interested if you have information about things I might have wrong etc, but I'm not interested in opinions about how I should or shouldn't produce my videos (respectfully :D) 5. I didn't substantiate it because it's not important or relevant. It's a tiny mention in my video about unethical business practices. People are trying to scam people, because someone hasn't been scammed 'yet' is irrelevant. Generally when it comes to points that aren't super impactful I won't care to justify my position on them. 6. The entire video shows quite clearly that journalists have been doing a poor job and are complicit in this. It doesn't need to be specifically stated (even though I specifically call out some of their behaviours). Calling a journalistic piece propaganda is directly calling out the journalist who wrote it. Trust me, if you ever attempt to make 50 minute long videos like this, you'll get things wrong. It's impossible to be 100% accurate 100% of the time. I do a lot of work to ensure what I say is correct though. I can't go back and edit a video that is posted or anything. Those mistakes are in there for good!
  9. It's been a slow day at work so I decided to make a table of contents highlighting some stuff in this thread. @ExplodedHamster feel free to add a link to this page in your first post if you think it would be worthwhile. Edit: Forgot to say that I tried to keep this as impartial as possible. Gulag Joe I only specifically mention your discussions about Mario 64 because I actually thought it was pretty interesting and could be a good reference in the years to come. General HA auction results discussion- Mainly discussions around the surprising results and/or crazy prices. Page 1-6 SNES-CD prototype sold along with a few other standout games Page 7 General HA auction results discussion along with the start of people questioning the rise of prices so quickly and fake bids. Some highlights: $9K Atari Spiderman, $3K God of War (apparently not first print) Page 8- 10 Hot Slots reproduction WATA graded and put up on HA. First reproduction in HA? Page 11-12 Auction results, people noticing holes, rips & scratches on high graded games. Highlights: SMB 9.4 A+ (sixth print variation) $114k. $20k Goldeneye. CoD Finest Hour 9.8 A $330 Page 13 Auction results discussion. Highlights: A cut hangtab Sega Genesis Michal Jackson’s Moonwalker getting a 9.4. GTA San Andreas PS2 9.6 A++ sells for $990. Page 14 Auction discussion, continuing of questioning of suspicious activity. Start of Pokemon craze. $84k Pokemon Red & $78k Pokemon Yellow. Page 15-19 Mario Kart 64 VGA 85 with mold sells for $6k, 9.4 Tyson Punchout on Pawn Stars with Deniz appraising the value. Seller wanted $100k. Page 20 Auction results. Pokemon Blue 2nd print $6k, Red 1st print $60k, Yellow first print $15k, crystal 9.8 A++ $75k. Genesis Madden $50k. Page 21-22 9.6A+ Super Mario bros sells for $660k Page 23 General HA discussion, discussion of fake bids. Faded Thunder Force 2 scoring a 9.8A+ and selling for $2.6k. 9.8A++ Sonic 2 sold for $21k but has a hole in the seal along with plastic down the side showing marks. Page 24-26 DefaultGen’s 7 Steps for Identifying First Print Games. Page 27 Auction results, CertifiedLink Auction results (about on par with HA). Page 28-30 The start of the $1.5mil 9.8A++ Mario 64 discussion. This is where it all starts! Page 31-32 $870k second print Legend of Zelda Page 33 Discussion of the rise of prices, fake bids, video game investing and HA Page 34-35 Sale of $1.5mil 9.8A++ Mario 64! Page 36 Discussion of SM64 sale, conspiracy theories, fake bid talk, sale isn’t real, money laundering, Gulag Joe argues with members about how many Mario 64 9.8A++ there really are. Page 37-41 ExplodedHamster comes out to reveal he was the seller of the Mario 64 and the Zelda! Congratulations given, general talk of the Mario 64 sale, ExplodedHamster answers questions Page 42-46 DefaultGen’s Heritage Auction Results July 2021- they graded a fruit fly! PSA bought WATA games & Goldin Auctions. Page 46 Discussion of WATA & Goldin sale, HA discussion, Mario 64 sale discussion, general sealed collecting discussion Page 47-48 PokerPark Wii 9.8A++ sells for $23k Page 49 General sealed collecting discussion, general HA discussion, market manipulation. Xbox360 Bioshock Infinite 9.8A++ sells for $1k. Page 50-54 Gloves posts Karl Jobst’s- Exposing FRAUD And DECEPTION In The Retro Video Game Marke Youtube video- This is where shit really flies off the handle and this thread makes VGS history. Page 55 Discussion of the video, members happy to finally see this in the mainstream backing up what they’ve been saying for years. Discussion of how WATA/HA are market manipulators and happy Karl has done the hard work investigating it, questioning of Deniz’s involvement/character, some people questioning Karl’s agenda in the video. Page 56-60 ExplodedHamster confirms payment of his high end sales (Zelda, Mario 64 etc.), people start questioning Deniz’s appearance on Pawn Stars and assigning values Page 61 Continued discussion of Deniz/WATA’s & HA practices, market manipulation, shill bids. Page 62-67 Karl Jobst reveals he emailed Deniz but never got a response. People arguing about WATA/HA not been given an opportunity to respond to Karl before the release of the video. Continued discussion about ethics of WATA/HA, manipulation. Page 68-70 Jeff Meyer sends a Tweet to organize an interview with Karl Jobst Page 71 Continued discussion on Karl’s Twitter screenshot in regards to contacting Deniz for comment, continued discussion of the video Page 72 DefaultGen swoops in with the bombshell to reveal he was the person Karl was talking to in the tweet. Page 73 Continued discussion of the video, ethics, Kotaku pickups story. Discussion of how much Dain was involved in and/or knew of what was presented in Karl’s video. Page 74-79 Screenshot of Dain saying Karl’s timeline is wrong regarding what transpired after he was no longer associated with WATA. Page 80 Continuted discussion of video, SEC filings, Dain’s involvement, suing Karl, arguments between members. Page 81-84 ZeldaFreak posts screenshots that were posted in the VGS Discord by Dain in regard to clarifying the SEC filing and timeline. Page 85 Dain makes an account and posts to clarify his involvement, explain the SEC filings, posts a screenshot that he no longer wishes to be part of WATA (dated 18th September 2017) and answers questions from members. Page 86-87 NA old timers reunion begins, Dain answers more questions, NA memory lane, general banter that has nothing to do with HA or the video Page 88-92 Karl Jobst makes an account and answers questions. CIBWholesale posts an email from Deniz from March 2018 saying Dain was on the advisory board (page 95), continued discussion of market manipulation and the video, Dain answers more questions, Page 93-103 Argument regarding NA mods and what went down on NA. Page 104-106 General banter, NA old timers make an appearance. Page 107-117 Thread gets back on track, Karl Jobst mentions he will be doing a following up video in September, continued discussion about the video, WATA & HA, general banter. Page 118-131 Karl Jobst links an article by Seth Abramson regarding Mark Haspel (WATA) running an eBay business selling WATA graded games. Page 132 Discussion of the Seth Abramson article, continuing discussion of WATA & HA, general banter. Page 133-134 Call of Duty Finest Hour PS2 9.8A+ sells for $22.8k Page 135 Discussion of CoD Finest Hour, discussion of pop reports, continued discussion of WATA & HA, general banter. Page 136-140
  10. Here's some context: I left WATA in September, 2017 (legal papers were signed on October 18, 2017): I sold NintendoAge in September, 2018 I sold my collection in March, 2019
  11. I love this. How long on NA did myself and others call this stuff out for YEARS? We were told we were trolls, we were jealous, our posts were buried by dumb unrelated comments by idiots like Josh "qixmaster" Byerly (another unlisted partner of WATA). We knew people like Deniz were scammers from day one. This is the guy who somehow amassed one of the biggest collections on the planet by his early 20s by "getting up early and hitting the garage sales" lol. Yeah, okay buddy. We all said this was a scam from day one and the mods at NA, who are mysteriously silent now, deleted our threads and banned us. Tim Atwood tried to call this crap out and was also banned for daring to disparage a "trusted member of the community" like RareBucky. This is vindication for me and everyone else who were gaslit and silenced back then. Now the entire world can see what kind of lying, scamming, scheming, people these "collectors" really are
  12. id post this in the show off section but its not video game related. anyways. i got a master tape for one of the courage the cowardly dog episodes. and not just any episode. one of the best episodes of season 2! oh btw its not a vhs its a beta max SP tape which is much better than vhs lol. that was the industry standard then. i think this was the last epsiode put to SPbefore it was switch to digi beta. digi beta is equiflant to dvd resolution but the file size is 10X larger and much higher in quality. im sure you are wondering how the heck i got this and is it even legit? yes its 100% real i didnt get it off ebay. i got this directly from John r dillworth. and you are probably wondering why he sent me this tape. well for that i will have to talk about parallel universes... im just kidding lol. ok it started back a few years ago. i was teasing john on youtube that if you dont remaster your short film i will. out of curiosity i was wonder what his film would look like remastered. so i bought his dvd off his site to get a higher quality rip and ran it through videox2 then i did some further tweaks in premier pro and posted it to youtube. then sent the link to john. he was very impressed and thanked me for the remastering gift. a few days later i get an email from john saying i liked your remaster so much i want to offer you to remaster my entire film collection (around 16 films from 1985 to 2007) so i said sure! its been a big learning curve on how to get old analogue video to look good in HD especially finding a way to de interlace with out losing video information! this is all going to be authored to a blu ray. a challenge in its self since there not alot of options out there that isnt dated. john paid me with some of his original cel art he had which to my knowledge has never been released to the public before me. so how i got the tapes he didn't have a tape desk to rip these and asked if i wanted to do the job. i said sure so i got a raw of two of his short films life in transition and garlic boy on digi beta and beta sp. i had also requested the tower of dr zalost since the dvd release is horrid quality and improperly de interlaced. mainly for personal reasons. i plan to remaster the courage epsiode to HD in raw quality so it will look better than any crappy dvd or digital released version. so technically its barrowed but still i never thought id get to hold a master tape for a cartoon show i grew up with anyways the blu ray project is all done on my spare time and is nearly complete its going to be epic and done with a labor of love because i just love animation. and john dillworth is top natch in his profession! im hoping once this is complete that maybe i can get the attention of CN to get them to let me do a remaster for ed edd n eddy on blu ray most likely not but i can dream cant i? XD
  13. The most amazing thing is that Seth both posted picture proof and the name of the still-existing Ebay account instead of saying something like "We now bring to you that Proof has determined via concrete physical evidence that Mark Haspel, Chief Advisor of WATA per their own website (See "Executive Team", third picture from the left) is sending WATA graded video games (mostly Atari) via the United States Government Postal Service, headed by Louis DeJoy appointed in May 2020 by the Board of Governors, to unknown buyers in exchange for United States Dollars, a fiat currency controlled by the Federal Reserve System, a sham institution with no place in the United States Constitution"
  14. About two months ago now I finally started a project on a cabinet that needed a lot of help. For a long time now I've been wanting a Bubble Bobble cabinet because it is my absolute favorite arcade game, and when a Taito cabinet came up for sale locally on facebook marketplace, I was able to start This is what I had to start with, a poor Jungle King cabinet that had been converted several times in its life. Unfortunately it had holes in the side of the cabinet and the base was completely totaled. Cabinet also had some swelling problems and was just a genuinely not fun game. Plus the poor thing had its beautiful Taito paint covered. But at least everything was there. First thing was first, this thing needed to be stripped down and redone. Unfortunately I could not save the original paint, they used some really nasty paint on the side. Ripping off the crappy tecmo artwork confirmed what game it was: Jungle King From there it was just pulling the cabinet apart. All the parts had to be pulled out so I could begin the cabinet work. Basically, The goal was to strip down the sides so that I could repaint with a new stencil. While I was stripping, it was also beneficial for me to replace the base because boy was that thing trashed. I used Citrusstrip to remove the paint, from there I could sand down the surface. While after I sanded down the edges, I made sure to use some wood hardener where the cabinet was swollen on the bottom. Hopefully with the wood hardener, it will stop the swelling. Building the base was trivial, I just bought some lumber from home depot and slapped it together. This time however, I decided I wanted leg levelers so that way the cabinet is not sitting right on the wood, which will hopefully prevent damage on there. From there it was just attaching it using wood glue. Worked out pretty well I'd say. From there it was time to fix the damage. This poor thing had a chip missing in the front corner and a few holes in the side. For this I used bondo and a lot of sanding. It made that corner look like it was brand new. I was even able to make a nice groove for the tmolding to fit. While I was at it, I also filled in the holes that were on the side, unfortunately I didn't take a picture of that. After the damage was addressed, it was time for paint. I used Glidden gripper primer for the base, wet sanding between each coat with a fine sanding sponge to give it a smooth surface. From there I painted the sides with electric lime statin finish and the front with black satin finish paint from Shermin-Williams. I was super happy with how it looked, the electric lime was also SUPER close to the original, almost indistinguishable. Now for the really scary/fun part: The stencil. My two options were wait a year for This Old Game to make a run of the stencils or I could get it from escapepod. Now I will say this, the stencil was NOT the best quality, but it was accurate and worked for the purpose at hand. Overall I was pretty happy with it. I will continue to NOT recommend escapepod for anything, I am not a fan of their artwork as a whole, but your mileage may vary. I just used green rustolium spray paint (which was surprisingly hard to find locally). The front stencil was a similar situation, just with a lime green krylon paint. I will say that I was not too happy with the paint itself, but the color was almost perfect. After that, I did the last piece of woodworking that I needed to do: built the piece of wood that power input block slides into because it was missing. It was pretty easy, just used a piece of scrap wood and routed out the slot. After was just some black spray paint and some screws. Basement time! Moving it down to the basement was a straight forward task. From there it was just putting it back together. Stocking it full of electronics is my forte. I had built a harness and redid the coin door because it was all hacked up. I also went ahead and installed a highscore save kit because I like all my games to save my score. I also made sure to rebuild the monitor. The tube itself actually tested pretty healthy, so I think I'm going to keep that one in there. I also replaced the switcher with a high quality RT-125A supply while I was there. The original power supply had been pulled out years ago for a switcher. Controls time: The original control panel was a mess, fortunately joseph77 on KLOV makes reproduction control panels, so he hooked me up with one for this. With the new panel, it needed some planning out to where the holes were going to be, so I laid it out in Kicad because I didn't have real design software. It worked out very well actually. From there I used a drill press for the buttons and then a power drill with some metal bits for everything else. The square holes for the carriage bolts were made using a dremel with a metal bit to remove the roundness. Afterwords it was time for the artwork. The control panel overlay was made by arcadeartshop.com and they did an excellent job. I cannot recommend them enough for artwork, they make nothing but quality. The joysticks were Seimitsu LS-32s and the buttons were generic ones with cherry switches that I got from my weekend job. After all of this, it was time to finally apply the finishing touches with the artwork. It ended up turning out super nice and I am super happy with how it turned out. The rest of the artwork was done by arcadeartshop.com and I am super happy with it. The only thing I wasn't 100% happy with was the stencil, it might have been user error on my part though, but it no matter, it still turned out pretty good.
  15. Hey all, Im back probably for good this time. Unless something tragic happens there is no way im selling my collection again. Here's a short intro as well... Our family bonded over video games when we were younger and those were some of the best times we had growing up I unfortunately had to sell my collection back in the day when I welcomed my new son into the world. We had No room for it and I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with not a lot of money to go around. Video game prices were just starting to spike, but with my limited time sold it off for fast cash to an interested party at a fraction of the value. Fast forward to now where I have to start from ground zero and it's been rough finding anything. What I've found so far I've had to work really hard to get and snag deals as fast as I could. I got a lucky trade which netted me most of the collection I have now. It's been dead lately but I'll continue to look whenever I can. I'll include a photo of what I have after about a month of really hard work. More importantly it's been amazing to re experience some of these games with my now six year old son. So far I have the following consoles. Xbox SNES N64 Wii I've always owned a switch since launch and love it as well! I hope everyone is doing good today. And happy hunting! Here is what I have so far. Hooray to restarting for good....
  16. You know it's bad when people no longer try to deny obvious conflicts of interest and instead try to spin it as if it's something we should openly accept. "If anything, Jim Halperin has a wealth of experience in conflicts of interest and manipulation. If you think about it, this is more of a positive than a negative." Bananaland.
  17. And seriously if I could fly a fighter jet into NA to kill it, I would oh wait someone already did that and paid for the privilege nevermind. This is a guy who clearly doesn't remember me posting on NA a decade ago. Or posting when NA was in its death throes. Or pretty much any time anyone mentioned NA to me online or in public. Or posting anywhere online. Moving on. Oh believe me, I have been furiously masturb... ... furiously masturbating to all of this Wata nonsense. I've been told you can see my erection from space now. It's glorious. If things keep turning up Milhouse for me, I'm going to literally become Milhouse. Which is fine because yet another incredibly stupid thing about game collecting now is literal Pogs. You know, Shantae Pogs. It's like watching a cartoon of game collecting by the guys who did ATHF. So those will go with the Alf pogs. Jokes aside (this will be difficult but I will try), anyone who remembers me knows my disdain for VGA and yes, it went tenfold for Wata, which is still one of the dumbest names I have ever encountered. When I heard they were grading open games, I knew the dam was breaking. Being as I'd rather shoot myself in the head then try and make some sort of public presence (ala Pat... it was possible as I had the patented Wall of Games trick to sit in front of and can curse uncontrollably), I just watched instead of trying to fight it. It's impressive to me that superNESman and cohorts managed to create something that feels dirtier than VGA ever did... and now is being proven as actually dirty. How do you make VGA look like the good guy in all of this? I honestly don't know if there is a rift between this site and the actors who constitute the Wata grift, but I hope there is. With Abramson involved, I would not want any connection to this boondoggle in the slightest. I have been around, not here... oh no not here.... but I've been around. I've largely slowed to a crawl with collecting because I have everything I could want, prices are lol and I have kids. What's that? No one cares? Correct answer, former NA, correct answer. @Dain Hey man. I know why you're posting but I would not. I do hope all is well with you though and that this shit, wherever it goes, keeps you out of it. So in summation: Claw is a centaur; his dad is a horse. Watajoke. I still think the lot of you are twits.
  18. The real scam nobody is talking about is how I market manipulated VGS Likes by closing down the threads people made and redirecting them to my own post of the video in this thread. Classic abuse of power, I'm all about those Likes! Please someone like me...
  19. Got my Yoshi's Cookie Kuruppon Oven de Cookie First auction on YAJ was BIN'd for a ridiculous price during a bidding war in the last minutes of the auction and not paid for. The second auction was shilled up to my exact max bid with a retracted bid (which was $100s less than my original high bid for the exact reason that I no longer trusted the seller, lol). But it's legit and it's in my house, so I'm still happy. Rare Nintendo tapes!
  20. Rest of the goodies I put away, took awhile but all clean again!
  21. Congratulations to @ExplodedHamster for selling the highest priced Super Mario 64 that will ever sell! Hit it RIGHT at the peak there on that one, good work! As for the BUYER of that one, well...
  22. @AdamWI know you were hung up the fraud aspect so let me give you some more concrete info. https://www.watagames.com/learn/blog/post/the-carolina-collection/ Here Wata endorses and promotes the sale of the Carolina Collection. This counts as an endorsement of a product as per FTC guideliness. The FTC has rules in relation to misleading advertisements, and there is a specific statute that is relevant here. https://www.ftc.gov/sites/default/files/attachments/press-releases/ftc-publishes-final-guides-governing-endorsements-testimonials/091005revisedendorsementguides.pdf Statute 255.5 Disclosure of material connections. When there exists a connection between the endorser (Wata) and the seller (Jeff Meyer) of the advertised product that might materially affect the weight or credibility of the endorsement (i.e., the connection is not reasonably expected by the audience), such connection must be fully disclosed. The connection is that Jeff Meyer is a Director of Wata games. So not only did Jeff grade his entire collection, and flip it through Heritage auctions as a Director (this needs to be investigated), but also used Wata to advertise his collection without disclosing the relationship which broke FTC guidelines in relation to a misleading endorsement. I believe as soon as the FTC investigates this (which they will), Wata will be facing a fine here.
  23. I have nothing but love for all of you. Truly. I miss the community that a lot of us built together. I was very disheartened to see my name dragged into the Wata/HA market manipulation article. Those of you who know me personally know I always do my best to act with integrity and have built my reputation over 20+ years in this hobby. I hope my contributions speak for themselves. The only thing I’ll say on the matter is this. At no time did I try to manipulate the market, never, I wrote an article that Wata published about the state of the sealed and graded video game market. It was my opinion and at no time did Wata try to direct me in any one place. I simply shared my collecting journey and gave an update as to how things have changed and where we are. Now those words are being used against me to try and paint a picture of me being one of the manipulators. It’s sad to be honest with you all. I dedicated thousands of hours of my life into this hobby. Thousands. I’ve always tried to help others. I created the sealed collecting guide. I did my best to always act with integrity and professionalism and help others with their collecting journeys. I’ve worked with many of you on projects and had the absolute pleasure of calling some of you friends. Seth tried to sell sales data, and while 100% valuable information, and quite honestly well worth the $5, it wasn’t what he marketed it as, a population report. Historical sales data is just that, a record of past sales, it is nothing like a population report. I confronted him and told him to stop calling it that. For whatever reason he refused and that digressed to me being accused of “bilking” buyers because I sell video games. I said I welcome a true pop report because it will confirm what WE know. In relation to all other collectibles sealed video games are far and away rarer. In turn with the pop reports my games would increase in value, meaning my collection. He took that as me saying I’m making tons of money and labeled me a money grubber. He continued to peddle his data as a pop report. I again asked him to stop. He blocked me. Then two days ago included me in his article. I can’t really explain how disheartened I was, and still am. It seems all the work I’ve done in the hobby was for nothing. I’d like to think I had a part in bringing sealed and graded collecting to where it is today. I’m not talking about the money, I’m talking about it being recognized as a legitimate collectible hobby. I poured over 2 decades into this. I just wanted you all to hear this directly from me. Again, I love you all, and hope you all see the truth It was always for the love of the hobby. Peace ✌ MinusWorlds
  24. I don't disagree with this statement... a rift was forming near the end of NA between myself and the mods/admins as to what should be allowed on the site. I'm a free speech kind of guy, and we often bumped heads on issues regarding bannings and thread removals. It's one of the many reasons I walked away from everything.
  25. Fair enough, and I've never blamed anyone for feeling this way. I totally get it and I do have many things to add to this conversation I'll eventually write about.
  26. Was this posted somewhere yet https://sethabramson.substack.com/p/breaking-news-national-video-game?justPublished=true I’m on the edge of my seat that we might find out who this mysterious “Bronty” character is if we just keep digging.
  27. For clarity, I was the one (one of the ones?) willing to buy NA with an offer of $5000.00. @B.A. and I scheduled a call with Jeff to discuss it (among many emails back and forth) and he straight ghosted us, and then completely stopped responding. @Gloves and I had started to develop a plan for updating NA to a modern site. Total Bitch move, and no matter what happens with any of the SEC shit or whatever, I will still see him as a greedy, money grubbing prick. At least kiss us on the mouth before you pound us out in the back of your car before ditching us on a fire road. A simple “no thanks” or “im looking for more money” would have sufficed.
  28. Bahaha. Or Gloves said screw it I need to go to bed I can't stay up all night monitoring this thread.
  29. Guys guys guys. It's fine! It's fine. See? They investigated themselves and found nothing wrong. It's fine! So fine.
  30. I have always had a massive soft spot for this line of Game Boy systems, the Green one pictured below is my original from childhood and I always kept the original packaging and posters in extremely nice shape. I was born in 1987 and wanted a Game Boy for many years as a young kid. My mother ran an at-home day care in the Early 90s and I would usually have about a dozen kids over to my house after school or during the Summer, and a lot of them would bring over their Game Boys and we would play Tetris on the link cable. But my parents would never buy me one because we already had a Super Nintendo and Genesis and they thought a third system was unnecessary. A few years down the road though, my parents decided to divorce and I needed something to do on the long rides between custody swap. So in 1995 I finally convinced my Dad to let me get a Game Boy. I still remember going to Walmart and seeing the rows of new Play It Loud merchandise for Nintendo, the rainbow of Game Boy and Virtual Boy systems behind the glass shelves. I decided to pick green which was basically my favorite color as a kid, and got a copy of Super Mario Land 2 and Donkey Kong. I remember turning on Donkey Kong in the car and being blown away. And so for the rest of the 90s that Game Boy got me hundreds of hours of entertainment. As of this post I have 52 carts, with 52 official dust cases, and enjoy playing on the DMG still. As an young adult in the late 2000s I managed to strike deals on copies of the Black and Clear versions in mint shape for extremely cheap. The Black one still has the original batteries and registration card in mint shape, and the sticker seals on the bottom. Once I managed to get those, I really wanted to find a Yellow and Red to complete my set. And so I looked....and looked....and never got a good opportunity at a CIB. Got scammed on a few auctions using stock photos that turned out to be nothing more than loose Game Boys. Those little pieces of cardboard are the key necessity for me, those are what I am looking for. As prices started to climb higher, and Yellow & Red systems seemed to almost never pop up at all, I figured I was probably stuck at 3/5. But lately a trickle of these systems have started to appear on eBay at extremely high asking prices. And then this week, it happened, finally a Yellow appeared at an asking price I could afford on the spot. I did not hesitate. The only issue in the photos, is in every shot, only 3 out of 4 sides of the cardboard seemed to be there, but I knew there was a chance that the cardboard was just improperly rotated, and the 4th side was being hidden by the front piece. As soon as I received it today, I could tell I was right, and opened it up to turn it and find the cardboard is in fact flawless. And the system is super mint. I'm so happy. Can't believe I finally got a Yellow and am at 4/5! It would be a dream to land a Red and finally complete a collectors fantasy that I have had for over 25 years! As a bit of an added bonus, I've always had this pamphlet since I got my Game Boy back in '95 too. I picked it up at the service desk of a little electronics shop, the address is even still on the back. I've always thought this pamphlet was really cool, not only is it really uncommon, but I find it really cool that the same pamphlet contains both an original model NES, and a clear Play it Loud Game Boy. I remember grabbing this in case anything ever went wrong with my system. 25 years later and haven't needed to call the number.
  31. This is stuff I've accumulated over a couple months but since I have nothing else coming I figured this was a good time to put protectors on them and put them away.
  32. I happened upon this incredible M29 retail sign some time ago. I have a new game room I'm setting up and would like to display prominently on the main wall, but I'm not sure what the best method might be. I considered building a shadowbox-like enclosure for it that would protect it from dust and allow me to safely hang it up for displaying and without damaging the actual sign. Anyone done anything like that before, or do you have other suggestions about how to display it carefully?
  33. Come on lol. "I have put money into the company, and am an equity stakeholder. I am featured as an Executive Team member on their site (to this day!). I've never had any oversight role (CHIEF ADVISOR!?!?). I DON'T WORK FOR WATA!!!!"
  34. My first pickup in 6 months! Coming back has ignited the spark again!
  35. This quote is amazing: "Why do I mention this? Because by selling only Atari games—if in fact what Haspel is selling now, which comprises exclusively second-generation Atari games, is indicative of what he typically sells—he ensures that most or perhaps even all of his business on eBay escapes the notice of U.S. journalists" He's arguing Mark's doesn't attempt to hide his sales (which he presumably wants to hide) because no one would find them anyway, because no one cares about Atari games. Excellent.
  36. New arrivals. Getting closer to re-completing my longbox set.
  37. My original responses contained a lot of annoyance because I didn't come here to argue with people about my interpretation of a 1989 FTC ruling. I came here to answer questions and learn things from the people here that would help me in the future. Apologies for that. Just letting you know I'm going to be doing a follow up video in September and all of the known inaccuracies (including this) will be corrected.
  38. Wata can flow …or it can CRASH Oh the irony of this statement
  39. Because you would show up once a year or so knowing nothing of the work we had done, the conversations we had, and throw your weight around completely undermining us. If you bothered to talk to us and learn the entire situation it wouldn't be an issue. That's why everyone would threaten to quit.
  40. What a joke. You were completely absent from anything to do with the forum for the better part of a decade. You would have had to show up for any "bumping heads" to have occurred. You just sat back and let us get shit on, some things never change.
  41. In the last 12 hours, Dain came back from the dead and Karl Jobst made an account on VGS. My head is exploding.
  42. It's a shame that there are absolutely no avenues for WATA or Heritage Auction to reply themselves and refute Karl's findings.
  43. "The NintendoAge forums were never taken away, nor were any of the forum’s information/discussions. GoCollect’s video game price guide will be launching this fall and will deliver the data and tools that video game enthusiasts will be excited about. My goal was always to give NintendoAge a second life. That remains unchanged. I certainly wish that I’d been able to get the new site off the ground faster."
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