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  1. Update- the operation was on Thursday , things went well but I’ll be in the hospital for another week or so . They used a bunch of technics to drain the abscess it was the size of a softball which is much much larger then normal. They also put a JV drain in, they used a large needle to poke a hole in my stomach and inserted a tube it drains blood and other stuff out of the abscess in a small bag. They think my appendix burst as well so I may need another surgery to clean that up. i have strep and two forms of e coli in my stomach in the abscess... i know my spelling was bad in my original post sorry guys I was freaking out and didn’t take the time to check things over. they have me on morphine and dilaudid. They are very strong IV opioids... I will be ok, thanks for all the kind thoughts and warm wishes. I do have a long road ahead but I’m no longer in danger of loosing my life!
  2. KHAN Games

    Free ROMs

    Hi everyone. Since most of my games are now sold out, and I have no desire to really put them back into publication, I figured I'd throw a few of my games up on my website as free downloads. You can now download: Ultimate Frogger Champion 8-Bit XMAS 2012 Scramble E.T. Figured I'd keep Sneak 'n Peek a "you gotta own it to play it" type thing since it's become so infamous. As for the games I didn't put up. Sneak 'n Peek: see above. Study Hall: still for sale at retroUSB. Larry: will be re-releasing this year. The Incident: undecided on this one, but I have a free level builder out. NEScape!: one or two copies still available, but is for purchase on itch.io. Here's the link: https://www.khangames.com/file-share Enjoy!
  3. Wow! I knew they were reopening but did not expect this.
  4. OK ive got some good news! after months of battle and late police reports and it appears all hope was lost. i called paypal to prove i filed a police report via scan sent via their complaint email. i needed to veify that they got the notice that police report was filed but that it wouldn't be available for 60 days due to being backed up. i called and a supervisor named Scott took my call. i explained why i was calling and also reiterated my situation to him. so he read my complaint on paypal and told me to hold. about 5 minutes later he returned and told me he returned my lost 487 dollars. it was nothing short of a freaking miracle in my eyes. months of fighting and i finally connect to someone that took care of the issue in 5 minutes! 5 minutes! let that sink in. my faith has been restored for paypal that there are some people that arnt reading a script and actually give a crap about ones situation! he then went on to explain that i should have won the case to begin with and it was indeed wronged in this situation. unfortunately the scammer still got the money, it was paypal that refunded me. i told the guy i could kiss his hand for actually caring about my issue So Scott, you are the man!!! More people like him need to exist. So now that that's finished i don't need to stress about it anymore but let this be warning to all. scammers are out there, so you better do as much as you can to protect yourself! ive been recording the things i pack via camera and no longer do over roughly 100 dollar transaction on paypal.
  5. Hey all, First: I want to say thanks to @Gloves and all other staff members for rebuilding this community. They’ve done a stellar job! **applause** Second: I wanted to share something with the community that I think many will find important at a personal level. For those who don’t remember me from NA, (I was only there for a couple of years before GC stepped in) I am generally new here. I run a company called Lambda Technology Inc. Our goal is to provide specialty IT services to a range of industries. We’ve worked with Architectural firms, Mom and Pops, Aerospace, and our largest focus is Wall St. We are often hired to create thoughtful solutions for problems they face: whether that be Web Master, Website/Intranet Builds, VPN installs, Secure/Hardened System Builds etc., there is little we can’t handle. Another part of our business entails penetration and vulnerability testing for our clients. I’ve been coding (and hacking) for 15+ yrs, personally and my employees are very knowledgeable. I’ve had some small conversations with Gloves and we went ahead and offered an external vulnerability test to VGS as a “Thank You!” For all of the hard work put in here, entirely free. My team was on board and offered to do the work themselves at no cost, and for them I give a huge thanks. We gave Gloves the scope of our test and what we’d be looking for and he gave my team his blessing/go-ahead. We were primarily testing for information leaks (user,admin,root access, etc.) as well as server error handling. I’m excited to report that VGS has passed this test with FLYING COLORS! At any point that we were able to bypass site specific error handling, the server itself stopped us in our tracks and wouldn’t budge. The team here has a lot to be proud of. They’ve done a fantastic job at building a safe and secure community that we can all put trust in. I recall, in earnest, reading several posts about NA users being upset that NA never even had an SSL cert. I can say at this time, that VGS has very strongly protected User Data from prying eyes. All users should take a bit of comfort in this. TL;DR: User Data (PWs, User info, Admin Creds, etc.) are all very well secured. A bit of note that I give to all of my clients on regular basis: (Everyone should read this part). 1) A Vulnerability Test is an examination from the outside to check for common security holes that can be patched with relative ease. Think about this in the sense of a military Recon mission to scope the landscape. A Penetration Test is not just a scan of vulnerabilities, but a full blown engagement, with the intent to break into a system and compromise the target even if it means creating new exploits. This would be akin to a full blown military campaign, going far beyond Recon. The test we performed was a Vulnerability Test, not a full blown Penetration Test. 2) Just because we perfomed a VulnTest and found nothing, doesn’t mean you cannot fall victim to an attack YOURSELF. Be vigilant. Don’t open emails that you don’t recognize, Dont reuse or give out passwords, Be aware of site clones, etc. I think if we all heed these words and practice General Sec Consideration, we will all be safe here. Anybody in InfoSec will tell you: 100% Security is a pipe dream... it simply does not exist. The goal of any sec worker is to make the system so difficult to break into that the engagement is no longer worth the attackers time... and causes them to move on to lower hanging fruit. That being said, this is a big 1-Up for the community here compared to many others. Thanks for reading. All the Best -Lambda Tech Inc.
  6. Customizing the way you view the forum as an individual has always been important to me (I literally make my own personal Google Chrome extensions for most of the sites I frequent to customize how they look and behave). With that spirit in mind, we're continuing to add features to let you choose what you can see and how you see it, and today that comes in the form of the ability to just straight up ignore stuff. I'm gonna... switch around the buttons. Looks kinda odd having them in different order for forum vs threads. Anywho, if you go into a forum, you should now see a nice big red button which lets you ignore the ENTIRE FORUM. This will make it so ANY threads within this forum will NO LONGER SHOW UP for you in your activity feed, in your searches, or even AT ALL while browsing the forum. It'll be wholesale GONE for you. Same with Topics/threads. Are you a homebrewer that really only cares about that section of the site and NOTHING ELSE!?!? Well, I'm kinda sad about it, but hey feel free to ignore every other section of the site and BOOM - now you'll only ever see stuff you're actually interested in. Same w/ the collectors and the players - really customize to your liking. Sick of seeing political posts? Ignore em! OH NO! I accidentally Ignored a forum/thread and now it's GONE! How do I get it back!?!? Simple! Head over to your Account Settings, and you will see options for the topics and forums that you've ignored: As you can see above, I am ignoring Suggestions & Feedback. Typical! Luckily, I can click on the "Stop Ignoring" button to see all your lovely comments about the site not working or whatever. Great. One caveat - You are not able to Ignore the Announcements section of the site. It's important that we be able to communicate with you all when the need arises, so no ignoring that, ok? (Also, the Staff can't ignore the Staff section! Get back to work!) I hope this helps you to keep using the site in a way that suits your needs! Thanks again for your continued support!
  7. So to explain why my boss might he cooler than yours. If been at my current job for about 2 years now. Boss is someone I have known for 10 plus years now I guess, and asked me to help him start his company. I was his first employee and helped do a lot of the work now in the beginning and have trained 3 of the 5 new guys. Whenever he calls and needs me to go someplace I go out and do the job. So last week or so I'm out delivering appliances to stores in CT and he calls and is like can you make a run to south jersey tonight to do a job. I know the place it's in a mall, so I'm like I'm not making it back tonight want me to do it tomorrow, Saturday, he was like you are the best I owe you. Actually I should buy you something to show you my appreciation. I'm like what are we talking here? He was like anything. First response hookers and coke and he was like anything I can put on a credit card. So he knows I'm an avid video game guy and going for the NES set so I'm like there's a certain game I've been wanting to buy but it's expensive. He goes whenever you can get it put it on the card and I got it. So pictured is the game my boss bought me.
  8. Mario 3 Strategy Guide Rear Cover Darkwing Duck Issue Cover and Comp Batman Returns Issue Cover Photo Positive Source Image
  9. Listed as non working, I snagged this up for 300$. That’s what I offer for cabs no power. However, there is a 3 way toggle switch that, unless pulled to the out position, will only allow the cab to fire up when the back door is closed. It was opened when he tried. i replaced the ballast and fuses to fix the marquee light, and adjusted the monitor to get the picture to fill the monitor properly and restored balance and color. this thing cleaned up nice.
  10. Game Boy full set plz! Pkmn Yellow included for anyone who is under-informed about it.
  11. That's how it is with ALL technology. The early adopters are NOT getting screwed over because they know exactly what they are signing up for and they choose to do it because they get to do it first. It's not unfair. No one is getting screwed over.
  12. Since this has come up again, and I've received multiple requests to chime in, and it seems there is still a pretty broad misunderstanding of what "NESmaker" is, does, and how it's being used (as opposed to "non-NESmaker" developed NES games), I thought I'd try and write a definitive write up on this thread to help clarify a few things. It will be thorough and hopefully as objective as I can make it. I've been an independent game developer since the early 2000s and a game development instructor since 2006. I've been actively involved in NES development since around the end of 2013. I chronicled the homebrew scene as part of The New 8-bit Heroes documentary. Besides building our game engine "from scratch" using notepad and an assembler, we got to see (and document) the workspaces/workflows of Joey Parsell (Memblers), Damian Yerrick (Tepples), John White, EDB Holland (Sole Goose), Derek Andrews (Gradual Games), Eli Galindo (Piko Interactive), Jordan Ordorica (Sivak / Battlekid), Frank Westphal (Armed for Battle), Rob Bryant (Sly Dog Studios), Brad Smith (Lizard), Rachel Weil (a bunch of awesome stuff), Brian Parker (RetroUSB), the entire Collectorvision team, James Deighan (now with MegaCat), Kevin Hanley (KHAN Games), Kevin Horton (Kevtris), and probably a handful more that are slipping my mind. I list that group specifically because they are formative in NES homebrew development, and I met almost all of them personally. I got at least a glimpse into their development process, their tool chains, got the stories of how they got into it all and how they built their games. The argument of "tool use" requiring a particular designation: Just about every person on that list used some tool chain to aide in their process. Whether they created their own custom tools to handle things particular to their game, utilized free tools listed on the NESdev boards, or used non-NESdev related tools in ways that could generate or organize necessary data. Many developers (on the NESdev and Nintendo Age forums) started with burner projects, walking through entry level tutorials and building simple games through cargo cult programming (effectively, copying snippets of code and pasting it in their game, tweaking until it worked). Lots of developers farmed out difficult portions of their projects to other developers. Almost everyone that we met used a tracker like famitracker to create music combined with someone else's ASM sound engine (famitone, gg sound engine, and pently being popular examples). Most people used Shiru's suite of tools, like his screen and map tools. There is an epic catalogue of tools on the NESdev wiki to do any number of things. These include full IDEs like NESICIDE and WUSDN that were around long before NESmaker. In addition to NES specific tools, developers use things like photoshop and pixly, they use modern source control for asset organization, they use Notepad++, FCEUX or MESEN emulators for their debugging and PPU viewers, CC65 to write in a higher level language and compile down for the NES,...ultimately too many things to list here. For clarity, those advocating for a distinction between "NESmaker games" and "from scratch" games are not talking about "from scratch" at all. They are of the opinion that all of the things listed above can be used without any special designation, while NESmaker itself crosses some arbitrary border into "uses tools" that needs to be qualified. To me, this demonstrates the absurdity of the argument. I'm sure there are the most rare exceptions, but every single developer who has ever developed a legitimate NES game, from homebrewers to major studios in the 80s, used tools and external resources to a large degree to create their games. So we need to either disregard the "uses tools" distinction altogether, or otherwise be fully transparent of all tools used to create a game. I'm down with either, but the whole thing just seems sort of ludicrous to me. In the professional game world, there isn't some giant clamoring of insistence demanding Ori and the Blind Forest clarifies it was made with Unity so that it can be properly catagorized. There is no assertion that Undertale must be thought of separately from other indie games because it's a GameMaker game. No one is petulantly demanding that Skyrim or Fallout be put in a special genre because they use the Creation Engine. That's just not the way it works, at any level, from small indie titles to major multi-platform AAA releases. Generally, these games have no problem with listing and crediting the tools with which they were made, but use of those tools doesn't somehow necessitate some hierarchy of classification. Being both in the game world outside of NES development and being a part of NES development, there's nothing different in this case except by those who want to invent a difference. But if the charge is that games need to list the tools with which they were made? Great. Then make it a universal point, and have every game list all things not created by them that were utilized in the game's creation so that the player can determine whether or not the level of usage of development tools keeps it within their own orbit of personal interest. Strange gray area cases: Lets pretend that you disagree with the above paragraph. That you believe usage of NESmaker specifically to create a NES game absolutely must be qualified as some different beast than "proper homebrewing". Alright. But let's start with our own studio's in house games. Does a game that we, the tool creator, who have programmed every line of code from scratch, as well as built the tools to better organize our graphics and assets, fall into the same category of requring the distinction? Are they no longer "from scratch?" If so, wouldn't that imply that anyone who builds their own tools needs to list their own "maker tools" and be qualified as not "from scratch"? Because...that would be just about every NES homebrew that exists and likely ever will. Let's say you agree that that's a special case...THAT is a true homebrew and needs no distinction. Cool. What if one of our team members who is not a programmer develops a game in house? That is still our studio's tools, all the programming done in house and from scratch, but by an individual who was not personally responsible for the coding. Does that game require the distinction? Would that mean that an artist at MegaCat that uses their in house tools can't make a game without it requiring a special designation of not "from scratch"? Or, what if we work with an external studio...say we work with Retrotainment and use NESmaker to generate nametable data for screens for a game that uses the physics engine they created for Haunted Halloween. Does that require the distinction? What if Piko Interactive really likes our asset management and organizational structure...they write all of their own code "from scratch", but use NESmaker for graphics and assets because of the ease of organization. Does that require the distinction? Since NESmaker has the ability to expand its use by creating custom plug ins, what if someone didn't use any existing NESmaker methods, builds their own plug ins in C, but utilizes NESmaker because it's what they learned on and they like using it? Even though they have programmed the engine from the ground up and even created their own tool chain, does that require distinction? It's cases such as these which further make the idea of a distinction rather absurd. As people find more and more creative ways to work NESmaker into their development tool chain, what level of usage denotes that this is a "from scratch homebrew" versus "needs to be labeled made with tools" homebrew? Or does the fact that NESmaker was, in any way, part of the development require a distinction? And if so, why? And why only this particular tool? See how senseless that gets? The idea that NESmaker games are template games: No game created with NESmaker that has attempted any sort of legitimate release was a reskin of a template project. There are far more burner project roms that were reskins of the Nerdy Nights tutorials floating around the internet than there are direct reskins of NESmaker tutorials. The feared apocalyptic storm of NES shovelware that was warned of simply never happened, and in fact ALL NES game Kickstarters seem to have benefited from more people getting into the passion of developing in the last two years. For developers that have pursued full releases, an extraordinary amount of work went into the game, including at the code level. Experiencing an awful lot of homebrews, I can tell you that most NESmaker games that are of quality to be released contain MORE custom code than many of the existing "from scratch" homebrews that were created pre-NESmaker. I'd be happy to offer examples for anyone interested. What NESmaker templates allow developers to do is quick wireframes and rapid prototyping, but the default modules that come with NESmaker are hyper-generic with plenty of inefficiencies and bugs. They are starting points to give users the confidence to begin exploring the ASM with real time feedback, and begin truly building their own games. Can a person make a game in NESmaker with zero programming experience? To the same level a person can make a game in Unity or GameMaker with zero programming experience. But there is an obvious difference between a beginner's tutorial re-skin and Ori and the Blind Forest, despite them both using Unity. They might both start with the same base for object management and screen refreshing and sound handling, but no one would mistake a novice user's tutorial project for a polished, professional game, even though they use the same starting point and IDE. For reference, the concept behind NESmaker comes from spending 6 years teaching game development. I learned definitively that for most students, giving a visual wysiwyg front end was the best way to teach programming, because there was an easy visual cue with which to marry the understanding of the code and logic. Unity was a better way to teach C# than trying to write an application in C#. GameMaker was a better way to teach coding logic through their proprietary GML than having them try to start off by just writing straight code. This was true almost 100% of the time for hundreds of students over 6 years. Having gone through the process of learning ASM myself, and watching dozens of others, both more and less experienced than me, going through the same, I am positive I would've learned ASM, and the ins and outs of NES development, much quicker with a tool like NESmaker. Not because it "did it for me", but because it was easier to track down what I was doing and how it was affecting the game. I would've become a better ASM programmer faster. And what you'll see from the majority of NESmaker users is a similar statement - that they never would have learned ASM the old fashioned way, but now they feel they've really grown in proficiency in a short amount of time. So while yes, it is possible to crank out a burner project in a day with NESmaker without doing any programming, it's also possible to crank out a burner project in a day with the Nerdy Nights tutorials or some of the other resources on the NESdev forums with some simple copy and pasting. I'm not sure exactly what the difference is there. Also, many people don't seem to understand that it's entirely possible to use zero of NESmaker's module code bases, and literally write everything "from scratch" inside of the tool, even creating plug ins to use NESmaker in a way that we never designed it to be used. And there are several users doing exactly that. Most use a template module as a starting point to wireframe, and then completely rip out the guts and program better, more efficient, and more game specific routines meant for their game. The idea that NESmaker games are inferior: This is just ignorant. A game is good or a game is not. Just like a novel is good or a novel is not. No one sits around and laments about the merits of a novel based on whether it used Microsoft Word with spell check and a handy online thesaurus, or a Hermes 3000 typewriter, or an in pen on hand-made paper made from trees cut by the authors own hands. Just like a good song is a good song. No one sits around and laments about the merits of a song based on whether it relied solely on live performance with proper mic placements or recorded it multitrack and mixed it using ProTools. There may be purists who are more interested in the craft than the final product, and that's completely understandable. For instance, I love analog recording and am a bit of a tone junky, and I love hearing about clever uses of vintage analog gear in sessions. I'm also a filmmaker, and I love seeing movies shot on actual filmstock and cut with razors in a vintage editing suite rather than filmed digitally and edited in Adobe Premiere. However, that doesn't mean that I think songs that were recorded to ProTools and that used digital plug in effects rather than analog outboard gear need to have a special identifier and be placed in a separate classification of songs. I don't think movies that were filmed on DSLRs and edited with Premiere need to put in a separate bin based on the tools used to film and edit them. And it certainly does not make these output media automatically inferior. Contesting that it does is just...kinda dumb. As always, I love the conversation and the discussion. The goal here, as it has been since I got involved in this almost a decade ago, is to see people make more NES games and keep the system alive for future generations. Anything that is in service of that goal, I am in full support of. Anything that imposes a petty or pretentious layer of elitism which might be detrimental to that goal, I am adamantly against. I'm not sure how that's not the position of everyone who is part of this passion, but...I've just come to accept that there are people who do this that just don't want anyone new in their clubhouse. I hope that changes. I'll keep supporting everyone who is doing something related to NES development, and thanks to everyone who does the same!
  13. I did it guys, and it feels awesome! I first tried this game nearly 25 years ago and couldn’t figure much out as a kid. I heard chatter on the playground as a kid, some intel was solid, some was totally fraudulent haha... but without Nintendo power, I couldn’t finish the game, and I only had the chance to play it at my cousins, since he had Nintendo and I had Sega Genesis. (Our dads who were brothers literally planned that out to make sure we were always entertained when visiting the other... “play a new system?! **eyes wide** “YES!” We’d shout!) 44 Lives later, and I did it. This begs a question I wanted to ask everyone: Who has done this game to completion with zero help? Who has used guide for the whole way? For partial guides, how much did you need and what were the worst parts? (Darknuts were the worst for me in Dungeon 8). My answer: I used guide only when totally stumped... that equated to me search for over an hr for next objective with zero to show for it (as an adult this is a LOT of time when you have a family haha).
  14. It's been quite the journey to get this far, but one kidney, 3 toes and a testicle later here we are!
  15. Ok I imagine you (some) from years ago when I was on NA knew I was friends with Piko (Eli) well I still am. Considering all the back and forward guessing and comments I just asked him as I'm writing this. Yes, he did buy out JJGames. He says he bought it out and more than just the name/domain. It's currently under reconstruction and reorganization. Part of the buy out also extended into various stocks of stuff. He's looking to add to the site his words here: About 6500 items, independent items, and about 17000 games total. Of that around 6000 will be used games and 1250 factory sealed games, and also around 500 toys. Those 2 game boxes showed, Custodian is something he published under Piko. Right now he's trying to figure out the shipping mess, as JJ had it, it's not sustainable. He can't give you free domestic shipping and $4USD international. Shipping to the EU on the whole should be around $13, Canada $9, Mexico with another shipper should be $10 with a 6 day arrival. Currently he's looking to move, so due to that he can't put a lot of that up for sale until after. And of all that the JJ stuff it's like 5 pallets of inventory. I'm not sure how much that clears stuff up, but it's what I was told so far.
  16. and more... these large stitches took a very long time, were quite the challenge since I gone beyond my usual NES stuff that I favor but were so worth it.
  17. I think I'm going to change your username to Complainerguy
  18. One complete (loose at least) Virtual Boy game set, 3 boxes, 1 manual short of the entire deal. And obviously, have extras. I have another entire system minus a stand not in the image.
  19. This thread will serve as a place to list all of the available site awards (Baubles and Charms), as well as how to obtain each. For any Charms which require proof, you can signup in the designated thread here: Baubles Baubles are awarded automatically when you fulfill the requirements, and are generally forum-related. Subscriber (Tiered; 1-4) Subscribe to the site to earn these Baubles. You can do so here: https://www.videogamesage.com/subscriptions/ Charms Charms have some requirement and must be handed out by VGS Staff. These are generally for participating in or winning events, collecting games, making games, etc.. Participate in forum stuff for a chance to get a Charm to show off! Distinguished Service Awarded to ex VGS staffers. Console Full Sets
  20. Picked this up from my local shop last night. It was hiding in their display case with the price covered up. When they pulled it out for me it was a no brainer that I would be adding this beauty to the collection!
  21. This last Saturday was the best day of my life.
  22. Hello, I'm Paul from Tennessee. Like I don't really collect video games but I decided to pop in and say Hello VGS Former member of the old NA site.
  23. Dear Sages, We're happy and excited to introduce some new Charms concept related to the Completion Threads on VGS. These will be rewarded to members who are participating in the Completion Threads by meeting the requirements stated to beat the games on the list. Each Completion Thread will have its own participation Charms representing the controller of the console played. Here are some examples in 64x64 and 32x32 formats : But.... there's a twist in the way these Charms will be rewarded. The complete list of games will need to be beaten for the Charms to be distributed to all participants. So you guys are better to be ready to tackle the hardest challenges on those lists in order to have your Charms party! In addition to the participation Charms, we will add some performance Charms to reward the best contributors in each thread. First, second and third best contributors will be rewarded with a special Charms, respectively in golden, silver and bronze colors. The exact measures to determine who are the best contributors are left to the members running each of the Completion Threads (some already have points distribution system in place). Feel free to discuss and ask questions regarding these Charms or about the Completion Threads in general. We all hope this will give you guys extra motivation in beating more video games!!! Thread Links:
  24. Took almost a year off of Nintendoage. Hope all of you are doing well. Probably going to lurk mostly this time around rather than post as much as i did. But happy to see a lot of familiar faces(Names) here.
  25. Cross-stitches of game characters for sale, stitched by me on plastic canvas. Sizes are shown next to ruler in images. Prices listed with each picture. Shipping will be a flat $4 no matter how many you buy (pricing for shipping is for US, may have to adjust for sales outside United States). These are all single sided cross-stitches, and backside of each stitch are bare, meaning you will see the stitches on the other side. Take as is with jump rings attached, or without (no difference in cost) and a small lobster claw clasp can be attached no extra charge (or large clasp for $1 extra), any other work to them may cost extra. Payment through paypal, send me a PM if interested in anything here. If you do not see what you like here, I also take requests, given the sprite of choice is not too much for me to do, reasonable size and colors, nothing super huge, take what is already listed here and examples of what I would be stitching, and though much of this is NES, I have dabbled in SNES as well as Genesis sprites too, they are just a little more challenging because of the larger color palette and more colors per character. Feedback for stitches can be left here in this topic, and/or here : Anyone interested in the cross-stitching process I do occasionally make stitch videos. Many of them are very long, and could for most be perhaps boring, but anyway they are there for the curious. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKZ1XDvgt_5JSoxHdQa2Lx9xayhp4fiIx $5 Link with Triforce $5 Zelda with Triforce $5 Samus (SOLD) $6 Samus without suit (SOLD) $7 White Mage $7 Black Mage $7 Link (jump thrusting) $8 Megaman (SOLD) $9 Trevor Belmont $7 Ryu Hayabusa $10 Battletoads $10 Zen $9 Bucky $12 Trog $8 Mickey $11 Rampage Lizzy $11 Rampage George $14 Little Samson KO & Gamn $14 Little Samson and Kikira $7 Scrooge McDuck
  26. Finally i've got a first Mega Man for NES for a reasonable price. I'm happy
  27. Over the weekend I got a tipoff going into a locally own comic/card/toy type shop that gets very little in gaming in the store. I saw a couple lame licensed GBC games on the shelf asked if they ever got stuff in. For fun I decided to ask if they carried other stuff really, and was told only when it come sin, but they did have a Gameboy in back but the screen was messed up and said if I wanted it to talk to the owner. So yesterday I went in and asked the guy and he didn't remember at first, then goes back instantly finds it, comments he's had it 2 years intending to do something with it. He walks out with an original one complete in the box, even the warranty and NP paper packets are unused. With the screen out he was like shoot an offer and I was like I'd be comfy like around 10-20 as I'd have to try and repair or replace the screen and he let me have it for $20. Last night I tried over an hour or so to repair it, found that the ribbon/chip combo were toast so I scavenged my old spare DMG for the front PCB/LCD combo and brought it back. When it was open the screen lens fell apart, clean on the outside, but pitted and scuffed on the inside as the glue rotted so I had a spare glass one and popped it on there. It's now my play thing and I've got 2 boxes on display. My donor is getting modded when the parts arrive with a very modern update.
  28. My favorites are: The Mad Wizard: This is my absolute favorite. It's a game that will take you a bit to memorize the map, but once you know where everything is you can get through it in one sitting. Platformer mechanics without the jumping. You have a hover mechanic that you get to slowly power up, as well as the attack power. Very rewarding feeling when you get through it. Cool boss fights. Black Box Challenge: Super big RPG. There aren't many RPGs in the homebrew world, but Rob made this one super unique. You hunt down the various NES Black Box games and even have to play them in the game to unlock different abilities to further your quest. Combat is incredibly unique and becomes very fun after you figure out how it works. (Did I mention it's a super long game?!) Candelabra Estoscerro: Before this game I had never played a dungeon crawler so when I started this game I was just attacking without any thought and getting my ass handed to me. After taking the time to understand combat and realize you actually need to protect people I got further and further. Suchhhh a fun game. Downloaded a program to help me draw the maps of each floor. Unique enemies, secrets and hidden walls abound. And a twist ending unlike anything I've ever seen in a NES game. Micro Mages: If you have friends over this is the game to play, for sure. Incredibly tight controls, amazing music, fun boss fights, etc. Amazing what they were able to fit inside 40kb. Legend of Owlia: Awesome Zelda-like. Wasn't super keen on the requirement to acquire a certain amount of gold to unlock each dungeon, but that small annoyance aside, the game is beautiful and it's a good story. Derek did a great job with this game. Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover: I'm definitely not above voting for my own game. Being able to play my favorite old PC game on my favorite system is a dream, and I still love the music that is in the game as much as I did when I first put it in all those years ago. Converting a point and click game to a d-pad controller was a fun experience and I think it works well.
  29. Hi there, video gamers! I'm Chester from the Knights of Bytes, and we would like to present you some teaser pictures and videos of Sam's Journey, our very first game for the NES. It's about a cute little hero called Sam who finds himself on an unexpected journey in a strange world. Sam's Journey (NES) · Title Picture Sam may look cute, but he is fast and swift! And with the proper suit, he can change his appearance completely and be a fierce pirate with a mighty cutlass! You can see this in our first teaser video! Just click to play: Sam's Journey (NES) · Sneak Peek #1 · "Here We Go, Sam!" You've already seen Sam become a pirate with a mighty cutlass, but in the hot desert with its ancient temple ruins, a special climbing ability comes in much more handy. Enjoy our second teaser, featuring Ninja Sam and an Egyptian-style soundtrack! Just click to play: Sam's Journey (NES) · Sneak Peek #2 · "Sam's Desert Dream" We're going to post more updates as the development progresses. So if you're curious to see more of Sam, stay tuned! Chester Knights of Bytes Facebook · Twitter · YouTube
  30. Sunset Riders - best western game by Konami! (Mmm... there are one more best western game - GunSmoke by Capcom. But it's another story )
  31. VGS is not "done." What is needed most, is patience and understanding. I can assure you that Gloves and the rest of the team are working behind the scenes on potential upgrades, improvements, testing out features, etc. But this takes time, and work. We are willing to put in both of those, and are doing just that. We have implemented the retro store database to test out the database feature and have been working out the kinks there. We plan to add more types of databases. We are working on a marketplace / trading type system, but that has required a lot of testing and fixing behind the scenes, and we want that system to work efficiently and effectively when it is released here. The graphics team is hard at work, creating artwork, icons, badges/charms, etc., and we are organizing those systems and how they will all work. There is much more we are planning on working on. As I said, VGS is not just "done." It is a constant WIP, and we will continue to work on improvements as we can. So please continue to be patient with us. All of the staff working on these items, is volunteering their limited free time to do so. It is worth it, because we want to make this place the best it can be. In the meantime, if people have constructive ideas for improvements, please always feel free to share those and we can discuss or attempt to incorporate.
  32. my thoughts on the matter are apparently unwelcome, with my being a trans woman, considering that I am not offended by the word so much as the situation itself and what it can cause. However, I feel that the author could have chosen another word. that's the glory of interpretation and situational awareness, both I feel, are extremely important when making any adaptation, translation, or interpretation. This translator, if hes really translated the rom as having offensive content in it under any circumstances is seemingly lacking in situational awareness. situational awareness is something like common sense, that many are missing, it tells us, "is this ok to say given the situation". However given the "politically charged nature" of slurs against trans people, whether in japan, or in the united states, or the UK, or anywhere really....I can't understand what positives would result from having a slur of any kind in a work of any kind. If this translator really didn't mean any harm, hes going to have to prove that inevitably, I feel, to those that are truly offended. If he didn't mean any harm, hes seemingly lacking situational awareness. Either he intended harm, or hes lacking in situational awareness. Both are something that's going to cause an issue for a translator, that could have been avoided by changing out the word used. Lets stop fighting about that it happened and discuss how that type of situation should be avoided. It doesn't really matter what the intent was. What matters is the result and that people ARE offended. We can discuss at the restaurant at the end of the universe, what the intent was, and that people "should or should not be offended based on outside perspectives" but what happened and how to fix it is whats important, as well as learning from it. Strawman arguments and false equivalency aside, how can this be avoided and/or fixed? my apologies for my late reply as it seems as though the conversation kinda stopped.
  33. Got all this for $55 today at one used toys/games shop I've visited for years, spread out though as it's fairly out of the way. It's nice having all those manuals, had also lost years ago those 3 system manuals so that's a plus, oddly never did misplace the handheld, nes and snes ones. Also not imaged, $15 grabbed Muramasa for the Wii which pleased me having that again as it's fantastic.
  34. Looking to complete my GBA CIB collection this year. About 312 to go, so a long shot. Also a few PS1 I did not have: I love Homebrew and filling in a few games I though I already had, but was mistaken.
  35. The guys from Pixel Game Squad came over last week and we put together an amazing video. Super happy to share it with you!
  36. Not sure if this belongs here or would be better elsewhere, but here goes... Animation cels from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
  37. I’ve been collecting NES games for a several years now and there has always been one thing above all that I’ve found interesting. The 8 Bit X-Mas series. I started buying the series new in 2013 and continued buying them after. I always had dreams of owning the older ones and as I watched how tough to acquire they are my hopes diminished. ‘12 was an a cheap eBay BIN. ‘11 was traded to me from Bueller and ‘10 I had got from Nintendoage (RIP) for next to nothing. I thought the journey may be at the end but here we are. Id like to give a huge thank you to @Quest4Nes for making this possible and helping me out. I’m beyond grateful and thankful for the easy and pleasant transaction.
  38. Received my prize carts for finishing 1st in the Nintendoage SNES Prize Fantasy Football League and 2nd in the Nintendoage NES Prize Fantasy Football League. Both leagues have transitioned over to VGS. My best season by far!
  39. LOL you guys won’t believe this, a second abscess formed right next to the other one. I just had the same operation on the second one and now I have two drains. ( if you want to be grossed out I can take a pic of what each bag is draining , one is pinkish red and one is orange :p) when this is all said and done I’m going to buy myself a game I’ve been wanting. Since I haven’t seen my all my medical bills yet I may have to settle for a $20-$25 cib genesis game lol My spirts are still high, peace and love all!
  40. Whee! Games are either English or Japanese label. I own all the games that were available in North America and some Japan exclusive games as well.
  41. A few more off the list including the very elusive No Promo Mickey Mousecapade. Unfortunately the front is wavy and will need an upgrade, but that can wait for another day.
  42. No offense intended, but this was very unsettling to read. I mean, so many of his policies do affect people personally and seriously, and the direction of our country and precedents set by this president/senate are gravely serious.
  43. https://connect.gocollect.com I hear these guys have some pretty good features...
  44. Estate sale find yesterday. I stalked the sale bright and early because of the preview photos they posted a day or so earlier. Paid $100 for the lot.
  45. Still dabbling a bit in SNES stuff with these two classics. I'm a huge SotN fan, but never actually played Dracula X, so that should be a fun experience for me. I've heard great things about the Switch Split Pad Pro from Hori. In its unaltered state, I just don't think the Switch is comfortable to hold for extended gameplay sessions. Can't wait to get back to Hollow Knight with this new grip.
  46. Finally received the last one i needed, after 15 years im done with the loose NES set -SE I dont want any major label damage so it took a while to find this one in good condition and at a fair price as you know :
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