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  1. You try to keep it low profile, play low tier to hinder results, help with a tournament here and there and still end up in an esports article by the biggest media company of the country. FFS. https://globoesporte.globo.com/esports/noticia/20-jogadoras-profissionais-que-se-destacam-nos-esports.ghtml
  2. Only thing better then finding my lost copy of loz:ww? ... Finding my old memory card with all the save files inside: I'm most happy about 212 trophies in the ssbm save file from 2008. Now I'm going for all of them, and finish what I started more then a decade ago.
  3. Picked up this boxed/complete backwards compatible model PS3 a couple of weeks ago. Not an amazing pickup, however, it was 100% free. Guy listed it to give away, no strings attached. I expected perhaps it didn't work, or other issues - but the thing works like a dream and is like new condition. Icing on the cake is it came with 5 games and 3 of them are still new/sealed (Bioshock 2, Doom 3 and Fallout New Vegas).
  4. I haven’t doing a lot of buying recently. These are my two most recent gets, purchased in December: Yes I have the oversized Yoshi’s Island poster in a cheap frame. I just can’t bring myself to blow $200+ on a custom frame job (I already feel like I overpaid for the poster itself lol!) This is an extremely fun arcade game. Check it out, Saturn fans.
  5. Got these in the mail today; the Sunshine Saga is over, I can play the game! Thanks @Renmauzo!
  6. Got more CIB Master System and Mega Drive games: Got some Switch, Vita and Xbox One games: Got a beautiful Japanese Pikachu N64: And finally, got 2 prototype PS3 controllers:
  7. Can you believe I got this clean CIB copy of Castlevania II: Belmont's revenge off eBay for only $200 (after taxes/shipping!)??? I have been trying to get one for 3 years...but I've been outbid at least a half dozen times for $325-$400 copies...this has to be one of my best pick-ups so far this year...
  8. So my Pokemon FireRed third print came in today, which made me very happy, because now I can take this funny group picture of all six FireRed box prints. It's posed in this way because I think this is the only way you can pose each game identically and take a picture such that each print can be identified (apart from just taking pictures of the print codes, but that's no fun!) - pay attention to the manufacturing location on the top flap, and the top of the front of the box. The prints go left to right and top to bottom - so top left is #1, top right is #2, middle left is #3, middle right is #
  9. #001 Most people like to stop the microwave at 1 second left so the timer doesn't go off... I like to stop it at 2 seconds left because I don't need that kind of stress in my life. -CasualCart
  10. It's been quiet lately, just a lot of waiting for things to happen here and there. BUT...there have been a few things in the past few weeks: Big thanks to @Glovesfor the Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire trade; it was my first time ever doing a trade with someone, and it was funny, because it didn't start out that way but that's where it went, lol. It's one of the few Pokémon games I didn't have, and pinball's been growing on me more and more the last few years. As for The Guardian Legend, I was watching a show about Compile and wasn't aware of this game. I decided to get it, and a
  11. I got all of these items for free (except for the multicart) from a friend: Super Monkey Ball Jr. and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Yes, I know the picture is a little blurry. The multicart shown in my previous post that @fcgamer sent me doesn't fit in my NES, which I won't modify because it is the one I've had since childhood. So my friend gave me one of his extra NES's shown here, removed the lockout chip, and took off the top of the cover. Now I can play the multicart shown above (anyone ever wanted to play as Toy Story characters in Bomberman? O
  12. New stuff I picked up in the past week or so: Finally scored a near mint CIB Metroid Zero Mission, had to pay a bit more than I wanted to since the price has gone up since I started hunting for it, but having one with most of the shrink still on, I don't regret what I paid. Game & Watch Gallery 3 is another that I was seeking for quite a while, also a little more than I was planning to pay but again, near mint CIB. The Sonic Combo Pack is an upgrade, found a box with inserts locally in much better condition than the one I had found on eBay before. And Sigma Star Saga was an eBay deal
  13. Happy St. Patty's everyone! I hope you're hyped because we're just two weeks away!! To get you all in the Survivor spirit, here is the official intro to the second season of VGS Survivor - Fires of Redemption!! As you can see, @Jeevanand I already have a twist for you all - we will be starting the game with a whopping FOUR TRIBES!! On each starting tribe will be three newbies, and two returners! To reiterate, here are the tribe divisions! WEARING MAGENTA, IT'S THE KIDD TRIBE! Comprising... - @DefaultGen - @Hammerfestus - @Sumez -
  14. Bought a few new GBA games and had a lot that I needed to catch up on for the cassette project.
  15. Remember the raycaster I worked on? Well, I made a little demo game/proof of concept using that engine. Enjoy Coding, GFX, Design: @Vectrex28 Music: @Famicuber https://vectrex28.itch.io/horror-hospital
  16. Nintendo Power Figurines Collection Update! Just got Bowser today! Just need to find a Mario to complete my set.
  17. AHOY! I've finished Pirates!- this game and uncharted waters are very similar. For me pirates was harder to get into but after reading about the scoring conditions it's much easier to complete than uncharted waters. Having the 8 different save slots makes it less stressful because you can always go back to an old save if something doesn't work out. On a personal note I'm now 20 games from completing the nes library.
  18. The silver box set is definitely one of the most iconic! :)
  19. @DefaultGen @Archon 1981 @Johnny The Collector's Quest is getting into the NFT digital trading card game? No worries, guys - I've got this... -CasualCart
  20. You must be a hit at parties Everything from the last month or two: Rabbids - sticker price, finally gave up on getting the gold release since the pricing makes it not really worth it RE Triple Pack - $25 after Amazon points Astral Chain - $43 on eBay. I waited and waited, but it never goes on sale. Paper Mario, AI, Undertale - from @Gloves Stardew Valley - $35 from Gamestop. Bought "New", ships with one of those damn stickers holding it closed, which leaves adhesive all over the case. Remothered - $15. Got terrible reviews, but fuck it, I'm a sucker for all thing
  21. BeaIank

    Yes, we can #1

    So, I am organizing and running a women's only online tournament here in Brazil to celebrate Women's month and promote the female SFV scene. It will be streamed at https://www.twitch.tv/sofatechfg on the 27th, 18 PM, Brasilia time!
  22. Finally got my wave 2 Super Mario 35th pin set and zipper pouch. The pins are so nice!
  23. Over 100 NES and Game Boy developer / prototype chips and boards. So far I've spotted Paperboy, Jordan Vs. Bird, Mousetrap Hotel and Time Lord. Many of the rest aren't labelled so I have to pull the data.
  24. I'm a very religious guy (Roman Catholic if anyone's curious). And while I don't like to come off as imposing my beliefs on others, I have a few points that I think most people could benefit from hearing: 1 ) It's important to recognize that organized religion is imperfect because we are imperfect. We do our best to interpret God’s plan for us, but we’ll never get everything right. Organized religion is still a beautiful thing, though, because it's a way for us to come together as a community and strengthen our relationships with each other and with God. And different religions aren't
  25. Since my local retro closed last year my pickups for classics slowed down. Here's my recent pickups, got them right here on VGS from @austin532, thanks! Upgraded my super ratty Castlevania II finally, and reacquired another off my list of "had it back in the in day and foolishly traded it away before I knew any better."
  26. I managed to snag me a really clean copy of Cowboy Kid sealed with the hangtab on as well!!
  27. Any love for the Tandy Color Computer 3? No? I’ll just see myself out...
  28. #002 I find that the COVID pandemic has led to a lot of small redundancies... Never before have I had to disinfect the disinfectant that I just bought from the store. -CasualCart
  29. My Pokémon Nintendo rewards came in. I also picked up my preorder of the premium edition of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. The store had a loose copy of Tom Clancy’s EndWar for the DS for $1, so I decided to get that, too.
  30. Wow never seen that before. I still wish I had the SOM2 soundtrack, played that CD to death in college, never did get SD1 though but I wish I had. I had a weird run of random luck, everything here was $3/amiibo(yes Mario is broken), $8 on Galaga, $5 on the fishing (looks almost unused in there), $3 on the wiimote and the added grip was thrown in. Galaga had a little light touch of battery crust sadly, but it came out 100% as it ended up being superficial. I do like the MyArcade stuff, but just can't ever make myself pay like $30 for them, with no batteries either, whe
  31. Not much smb yet today, but plenty of practice for the newly added racing category.
  32. The Atari was the fucking man. Def in the conversation of greatest consoles of all time and in the running for my personal top 2 pick. I have more games for it than any other system except the Nintendo. Plus it has the best game artwork of any system. That's no opinion either. Straight facts. And paddle games rule. I'm looking at you Kaboom! The biggest mistake in gaming is not continuing that format. All systems should come with paddle controls. As a matter of fact, I would have bought the new VCS if the paddle controller was an option. Oh well, ya done fucked up, Ata
  33. I agree! That's why I bought this version. Well, today this arrived. Now I have the Playtronic version of this trilogy.
  34. gb/a games: Also, still catching up on missing manuals: Lastly, two gcn games, both complete. The Canadian release of fzero gx I got for 28 GBP shipped I'm pretty sure this is the first time I get something for significantly less then the ebay going price.
  35. I'm a week late, I had planned to post a week ago and never did, so now you are all getting bombarded, sorry. Finally found a complete Sonic Rush Adventure for $15 on FB Marketplace, didn't post it to my hunting thread though because it's a tiny bit water damaged and I'm not happy about that. Also finally picked up a sealed Pac Man Vs. for more than I could have years ago but whatever. Also picked up my first proto for one of my favorite Game Boy gems. Two more NP's toward the set... Collector friend of mine gave me this Wii bundle for free, he said he had it on eBay
  36. OK, I am out of here till this stupid day is over. I FUCKING HATE "April fools" and the idiotic "jokes" people do during it trying to be "funny".
  37. Finally Received my backup Switch, hopefully i dont need to open it ! Box looks pretty nice too
  38. Thanks again @Deadeye for hooking me up with Hades! Came in today, along with some random things I don't recognize from some stranger I don't know who it was. Just kidding, thanks @Jeevan (I assume) for the really cool cross stitches! I love em!
  39. Well well well, look who's finally dealt up some goods... Me. @OptOut. Shadowgate 64 is done! I found myself pretty underwhelmed by the time I finished this, to be honest. I WAS having a good time, enjoying the atmosphere and the solid world design and graphics, pouring over the dusty old books and relics... then, out of nowhere, it was completely done and over with in mere moments after the big threat is finally revealed! It's a slow, ponderous game, which is actually a GOOD thing for the most part because you can really get into the atmos and just soak it all up. The
  40. Picked up this CIB "like new" Zombi U deluxe set off the 'bay. I turn to eBay very rarely but for this particular set I had to because I've never seen one for sale with all the parts and matching serial numbers. Almost everyone seems to somehow lose the cardboard insert holding the pro controller and charging cable. Also the foam cover for the pro controller has a tiny sticker with a serial number matching the one stamped into the controller body. And the pack in Zombi U game is an NFR. There's also an exclusive artbook and black Nintendo Land download voucher. For these reasons I think it's n
  41. Ready for upcoming game nights, @Jeevan. Thanks @fcgamer. Fun fact: the PS2 version of NHL 06 includes NHL '94.
  42. Messing around at work. Scotch style egg with cheesy hashbrown, wilted spinach, hollandaise, sriacha, and arugula pesto, topped with pea shoots.
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