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  1. 01 - Link [The Legend of Zelda] @ZeldaFreak - thanks for the suggestion. At first I wasn't going to do well-established characters since they're so iconic and they've been reimagined by so many people already, but I figured it would be a good challenge to try recreating Link as if I'd never seen anything but the NES sprite before. -CasualCart
  2. @Tanooki @Andy_Bogomil @peg @Splain @spacepup @JamesRobot @bronzeshield @Space Jockey @Kguillemette @Daniel_Doyce @a3quit4s @ICrappedMyPants @scaryice @Matchbook @Shmup @KokiriChild @ALTQQ @jonebone @Ausden @AstralSoul @Gaia Gensouki @doner24 @Foochie776 @guillavoie @glazball @profholt82 @TheBiRD
  3. 05 - Construction Mario [Wrecking Crew] I've been on a NES black-box kick recently, so this was a great suggestion @ThePhleo! I feel like I unintentionally gave Mario some 'Wreck-It Ralph' vibes haha. -CasualCart
  4. The deed is done! That is until the atooi collectors edition arrives lol
  5. 09 - Mega Man [Mega Man] Okay, we've got a double-entry today inspired by both @guitarzombie and @Jeevan's suggestions. A Mega Man interpretation along with my humble attempt at "fixing" the Mega Man 1 cover-artwork (without deviating from the composition and design too much). I'll be honest, this took way longer than I anticipated... -CasualCart
  6. 03 - Shovel Knight [Shovel Knight] Thanks for the suggestion, @Makar! I've never played Shovel Knight, but the sprite-work in that game looks killer. My rendition ended up being a bit too similar to the official design than I would have hoped, so I decided to mix things up with a more 'realistic' take as well. -CasualCart
  7. There's a common "challenge" among online art communities to make an ink-drawing for every day in the month of October. This year I will be creating my own interpretations of 8-bit character sprites. For the 31 days of October, I'll take a character sprite from an 8-bit video game and re-imagine it as a cartoon. Here's an example based on the NES Lode Runner sprite: Feel free to share your own ink-drawing character interpretations, or post a sprite you'd like to see me tackle. Happy October, VGS! -CasualCart
  8. @DefaultGen - this was the track the collecting-world didn't know it needed. Chase Peri-dope. -CasualCart
  9. 18 - Creep [Final Fantasy] @Gloves - every time I pick up Final Fantasy, I want to stop playing and draw the monsters haha. I have an imp drawing in a sketchbook somewhere, but this is my first attempt at the Creep. A design to fit the name, I think... -CasualCart
  10. New to the site here... My CIB NTSC Gamecube collection I completed Summer 2019. I spend my free time enjoying it... have ripped all titles and now use a GCLoader to play them.
  11. 04 - Samson [Little Samson] This was a fun one, @a3quit4s! Back in 2015, I caved and got myself PAL copy of Little Samson, and it was worth every penny. That game is a platforming masterpiece, and the graphics are just as amazing. -CasualCart
  12. We are pleased to announce that IN ONE HOUR FROM NOW(!) we will be offering 50 copies of Haradius Zero by Impact Soft for the NES in the official VGS Store!!! The game is on the store now, and stock will be added at 6pm EST today. Our own @neodolphino is handling this release, bringing the game to you all the way from Japan! It's important to note that he has himself worked closely with the original developer to bring this game to us on NES! Proceeds from the sale will be going to the dev, with a small kickback to VGS's "keep the site running" coffers. This will b
  13. 14 - Billy "Big Bang" Blitz [The Clash at Demonhead] Fun suggestion @Vectrex28! Dude, you should be posting stuff here for ink-tober, too! I was hoping more of VGS's resident artists would've joined in by now... -CasualCart
  14. 13 - Train Conductor Goro [Mappy Land] I picked this one myself because I have such a soft-spot for Mappy. And the fact that Goro wears a bunch of different costumes in Mappy-Land makes it even more fun to reimagine. -CasualCart
  15. 12 - Warlock Lord / Behemoth [Shadowgate] This one was a trip, @Bearcat-Doug - great suggestion! I don't think I've ever played a point-and-click adventure before, but maybe Shadowgate would be a good introduction to the genre. -CasualCart
  16. 08 - RBI Pitcher [RBI Baseball] Cool idea @Kguillemette - I never would've thought of sprites from a sports game, and these RBI characters are adorable haha. -CasualCart
  17. Design my own knight? I'm way ahead of you haha - behold the fearsome Cardboard Knight!!! (Also - that's so cool that you've built a rapport with them over the years. Yacht Club seems to really like you @Makar) -CasualCart
  18. Damnit, looks like I got some more SATIRE to do... I don't get paid for these you know, it's for the love of the craft!
  19. It is with a happy heart that today I announce publicly (you may have already noticed...) that our good pal @Jeevan is now donning the badge of an official my god can I stretch this sentence out any further... Events team staffer. Heavens. Jeevan has shown a consistent positive outlook and has participated in a number of events, always happy to try something new. We've successfully roped him into taking that passion and turning it into new events for the site. We're hoping to squeeze some interesting stuff out of him similar to the recent Bingo event, as well as maybe bring some form
  20. Hey peeps! Are NWC finds still thread worthy? Well, if they are... may I introduce you to a copy you haven't seen before! #0341! Like my first copy, this was obtained from a former employee who staffed the event. Not much more to the story I'm willing to share other than that
  21. 11 - Dino Riki [Adventures of Dino Riki] @Gloves - ummm... the 'creative juices' weren't exactly flowing today haha. You should do a few of these - didn't you say somewhere that you've been drawing a lot recently? -CasualCart
  22. @Code Monkey thanks eh! i appreciate the box brother. even though we might disagree on inbox etiquette @arnpoly gave me a nice price on the cart...prob been 4 years ago? this isnt a game i care for but i do enjoy making something (cib) from parts most people would pass on. especially when they come as gifts from other members here. thank you guys.
  23. 06 - Captain LeChuck [The Secret of Monkey Island] I had a blast with this one @Murray. But I based my rendition primarily on the original character graphic (which wasn't that easy to track down - it seems like the first entry in this series isn't particularly well-documented online...) -CasualCart
  24. Update! N64 games finally made it on the shelves! This shelf holds the complete set of 296 games + 1 extra. Can you spot the title that's doubled? More to come, but life is busy.
  25. @DefaultGen you are a fool for this one... instant classic!
  26. As an outsider who doesn't care about sealed, doesn't do business with sealed, will never have any involvement with any of this, has no background in law whatsoever... The entire WATA extended operation seems like one gigantic conflict of interest, with dubious legality.
  27. For thread posterity, here is the recent price history of Mario no Photopi
  28. 17 - Reaper [Kid Icarus] Those Kid Icarus sprites are great, @twiztor! I think you picked the most frustrating enemies in the game haha. I might want to add Little Nemo to my list for later in the month, too. -CasualCart
  29. 16 - Armos [The Legend of Zelda] @Makar and @ZeldaFreak - you guys are the bomb! These original Zelda enemies are exactly what I was looking for! Especially because I'm not too familiar with Zelda characters, so I don't know what the modern iterations even look like... -CasualCart
  30. Once again, where Casual Cart fails, @OptOut is here to pick up the pieces this Inktober 16th! Was it cowardice that made Casual Cart look the other way??? Lack of talent? Or sheer callous arrogance and disrespect to his loving fans? Who can say? Me. I can say. @OptOut. It was all three. However, no fear, @Makar for today Christmas, your birthday and Hanukkah have dropped all at once! In an amazing TRIPLE THREAT posting, I provide ALL THREE of your Paper Mario suggestions lovingly reimagined! Up first, we have, um... spiky rock face dude? Anyway, he's James Bond now:
  31. Some new things: Found a great looking Darkstalkers for PS1: Got Mario Party 6 for an amazing price. Now I just need Mario Party 5 to have all Mario Party games. A bit of Master System, Mega Drive and Game Gear: Hagane has a bit of damage on the label but it was priced accordingly. Mario Kart is sealed. I don't consider myself an Atari 2600 collector but sometimes some things appear I just have to get. Espial was one of those things. I was VERY surprised by its price but I got it for half of what it's going on ebay.
  32. I picked up a Honeybee Family Adapter. I can finally play Famicom Disk System on my NES, if for some reason I decide I just HAVE to do it. These aren't easy to come by, apparently. I've already modded it to allow for passing FDS expansion audio through properly. The build quality on this thing is horrific and I cannot believe it actually works.
  33. @CodysGameRoom and @arch_8ngel he's just trolling, he did that for a few dozen pages earlier. Got my first results today and I'm negative, we are conducting a second test though because of my symptoms getting worse. I am thankfully able to quarantine for two weeks regardless without issue, so hopefully this lab test will also be negative and I end up having a pretty rough cold that won't damage my lungs forever
  34. Was validating collection and found these in a box that I picked up last year first time i have really looked at them. (kind of forgot about them.) demo cart "We are back" Two Prototype Carts Camera Repair Cart (used to repair SLR's via a modified 4 player adapter and an OG Gameboy. Did the research and found that over 100 different carts were made for different camera's. sad i was not able to find the full set and the tech manual for this but i do have the cart for history type. if any one had data on this please pm me. Thanks
  35. 07 - Tamagon [Devil World] This was a neat one, @DarkTone! I had to actively keep myself from turning the Devil World character into a carbon-copy of the Bubble Bobble dragons haha. -CasualCart
  36. Inktober 7th and it's time to get back on track with another of my favourite videogame heroes, Kirby!!! I always found the art tutorial at the beginning of Kirby's Adventure very helpful in bringing my own artistic creations to life, so I have painstakingly recreated it here in EXCRUCIATING detail: Believe it or not, those are NOT screen caps from the actual ROM, I, myself, @OptOut, recreated them pixel perfect in MS paint down to the tiniest element of the frame. Sometimes I wonder why my genius goes unappreciated in my time...
  37. Just received today. 10 years looking for this one. (I hate the word "Rare") I'll just say its a Mythical CHN Manual. and the matching game
  38. Tetris. Any time I need to cram things in a suitcase or the trunk of a car, this helps.
  39. Enough with the GBA, time for some Jaguar, got these 2 beauties to add for my full set goal. Almost there
  40. This thread is really really really out of date. So I thought I'd toss some new stuff in!
  41. (Mods if there is already a similar thread please close/lock/merge) I was just thinking about when I first really started to get into collecting and getting a bit nostalgic over it and thought I'd start a thread. I have all of my childhood games but I didn't really start collecting until Summer of 2007. I still remember that Summer vividly. I was 22 years old and already getting nostalgic for my younger video game years. I had my first apartment on my own and was working a shitty teller job at US Bank. I would go to a lot of the local Retro game stores to look and maybe buy stuff her
  42. On this day in history, Inktober 5th 1998, Nintendo launched their final assault on the SEGA homeworld (Saturn), destroying the blue scourge once and for all! In memory of the brave Nintendo fanboys who died that day, we salute them with the following mural:
  43. GG Everybody!!!!!! Following were there: @ChickenTendas - can confirm he sounds young @KokiriChild sorry u showed up late, but still a good time @Gloves - the most honest impostor @DefaultGen - get carlos to join vgs!!!! @0xDEAFC0DE - get cukes to join vgs!!!! @SNESNESCUBE64 - spraying paint and watching it dry @Vectrex28 - gone drinkin!? @Deadeye - keyboard and mouse next time @ZeldaFreak - sneaky sneak killing me @spacepup - good bois kept interrupting @Rooster - too good for us @Mega Tank - AKG and AKM @fox - won again
  44. 02 - Milon [Milon's Secret Castle] This was my favorite suggestion so far, @glazball. Milon's Secret Castle always draws me in with its neat graphics, but I usually give up playing after a few minutes because I have no idea what's going on... -CasualCart
  45. Got these special edition 3DS games for only $100. Legend of Legacy is still sealed and for the other two the games were opened but the collector's content is still unused/sealed where applicable. Also had 2 cool pickups recently at a great price. First, this N64 lot. The ad was up for 5 days but nobody seemed to notice the little Nintendo Power 100 logo on the gold controller. I saw the ad myself when it was first posted but I also missed it. Asking price was $150 and I passed initially. When it popped up again in my recommendations I noticed it and offered $120 and it w
  46. There's a lot of GBA in this thread in the last couple pages and I have a new one to post. I just got it yesterday. From what I could find, it seems this one is another rare GBA game but I'm not sure how rare it is. I looked at pricecharting and there's just 2 CIB listings: one from this year and another from 2014. The one that sold this year was in very poor condition and it went for US$36. I found this one that I bought for around US$32 and it's in a much better condition. I would love to know more about it and how rare it really is.
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