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  1. Hi All! Been a bit as I've been slammed with a million different things, but as many of you recall my most absolute favoritest thing to collect are prototypes and my favorite game series ever is Shining Force, with the second installment being my favorite. Many years ago, DreamTR put one up for sale in the old NA sales forum and I was fortunate enough to grab it, but alas it was a final version even though it had some quirks, namely that the save file was corrupted and the physical version was glitched to hell and crashed when it started up, though the rom was complete and playable just fine. As I recall, the main character turned into a boat after the first step and then couldn't move anymore lol. I was contented with owning any SF II proto and considered myself fortunate, but then last year, across my IG feed the following beauty appeared and changed my everything. What we have here is not just a giant tank of a proto, but the earliest known (very, very early) prototype of the game. In fact, I think it's the only other physical copy known. All I did was start up the game and run the approximately 8 minute opening cut scene and, well...I'll let the results speak for themselves. Anyone familiar with this game will understand things even more (the rat's name in the released US version is "Slade," not "Jippo"), but on its face some stuff is pretty obvious lol... This particular proto has been held by various collectors throughout the years and never released, but I'm doing so. If you are interested, please just send me a message and it's yours. I never plan to move or sell it anyway, and to me the value is always in the physical copy and I'd like everyone to have the chance to experience it. As I have chunks of time, I'll be recording my playthrough via a framemeister and Gato and uploading the videos to YouTube on the same account as above. How long this will take I do not know, but hopefully not terribly long... Any questions, please do let me know! I'd love to see comments for anyone familiar with the game who notices stuff that isn't completely obvious (of which there is quite a bit). Thanks!
  2. So in the early days I posted pictures of my game room but, it was lacking in the refinements. Since then things have been reconfigured, things added (pong table, first 4 figures, etc) and in general things just refined and cleaned up. In other words, I don't plan any further changes to it outside of anything that is added over time, so I figured i'd post it again. Many people from Nintendoage and Segaage had sold games that reside here now, over 12 years of effort. Eventually I'd like to take more pictures of my personal full sets but that's a pretty big undertaking, so only a few are present near the end. I'll post a few pictures but, click the link if you want to scroll through it, there are a few videos buried in there too on the short side. Link to the whole album https://photos.app.goo.gl/rivXTf4kUAdcgAbQ8 Edit: The album changed and broke the pics, will fix later.
  3. Finally snagged this one at a very fair price! Now I might as well finish up this set as I’m 80% done.
  4. I made a helpful diagram on collector behavior in 2020. It also works if you substitute 'Mario' for any well-known franchise and 'ebay' for Heritage Auctions... -CasualCart
  5. A few more things I have to go along with the cart
  6. The Scream Tetraptych (Original Pallete, in Red, in Blue, in Videomation)
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, deliberation has been made and it is now my pleasure to announce the results for the VGS 2020 Videomation Contest. Grand Prize, awarded to the overall best appreciated art by the jury goes to : @JamesRobot for The Scream Flashing To symbolize his win, JamesRobot will be awarded a unique Charm specially created by @CasualCart which represents a miniature depiction of his drawing (in the red palette) : 64x64 version : 32x32 version : Best Original Art category winner is : @SuperJimtendo for Videomation Landscape : As the winner for the best original creation, SuperJimtendo will also be awarded a unique Charm : 64x64 version : 32x32 version : Best Graphic, exclusively picked by the VGS Graphics Team goes to : @0xDEAFC0DE for Penrose Triangle With this awesome depiction of an 'impossible triangle', 0xDEAFC0DE is rewarded with a matching unique Charm : 64x64 version : 32x32 version : These are our 3 winners for the Videomation contest, congratulations to the three of you! As the competition was such a success, the jury also decided to gives a Honorable Mention to particularly deserving submission. Each judge had the opportunity to pick a submission of his choice : @BortLicensePlate's pick, for Best Unfinished Art : @nesmaster14 with Videomation is Fleeting @CasualCart's pick, for Best Software Use : @bertsampson with Tetris @BeaIank's pick, for Best Depiction of a Video Game Character : @ninjistar with Pac-Man Ban @guillavoie's pick, for Most Shocking : @docile tapeworm (skinnygrinny) with Kickle's Tapeworm Huge thanks to everyone that participated and/or was involved in this Special NES Weekly Contest, this went marvelously well and definitely give everyone an incentive to organize more 'out of the box 'competition of the like on VGS. I will personally thank BortLicencePlate and CasualCart for helping us in making this contest a success, and to BeaIank for all the great work she does for the VGS NES Weekly contest.
  8. Hey all, I was at 440ish GameCube games about a year ago just through casual collecting. Only grabbing them when I came across them in the wild, plus a bunch of targets I grabbed from eBay, I thought were rare years ago and due to spike like Pokémon Big Box (under $100). I decided to get serious about finishing up the set and got the last CIB (Zatch Bell Mamodo Fury) I needed today, in person at a local store! I’m missing 2 manuals, Luigis Mansion and FIFA Street which I’ll grab shortly (pm if available). As for the rare multipacks, I only have the Resident Evil 10th anniversary and don’t really care about the others as I already have the individual games. I might grab them down the road if the price is right though. Below is a pic of everything, plus the list of the last 117 in order of when I got them, lower the number, the later I got them. Enjoy! Also, how rare is the Karaoke Big Box? I can’t find anything online about it.
  9. People think every piece of media should be made for them, because they love the IP more. I see nothing wrong with this animated series. People just like to whine. The only place this type of complaint is valid is if the writing or style changed during the actual show. For example; Game of Thrones. Went from being a political drama with a medieval fantasy setting, to...whatever that was when it ended
  10. I went through each issue of NP years ago and made a list of how much coverage each game got. There were 63 games that didn't get any coverage at all, you can see the full list here: http://vgstats.blogspot.com/2012/02/nintendo-power-coverage-project.html
  11. It's a hoax - they're both Elmo's Number Journey in disguise! -CasualCart
  12. Gloves

    NWC #103

    This is a for sale thread, not a discussion. If you're not an interested party there's really no need to post, bumping sale threads more than once a day is against site rules.
  13. Greetings! I am new to the forums and this is my first post. Name's Nate. I am software analyst and in the last few years I had to shift focus to Assembly and in an effort to become more proficient I decided to learn how to make an NES game. Just when I started to get my feet wet in the pool of NES development I learned about NESMaker and it's Byte-Off competition while at PAX South in 2019. After talking with Joe Granato for a while and listening to a talk he gave at the con, I decided to give NESMaker a try and make something for the competition. Watching my, then 4 year old daughter, doodling on notepad paper one day the idea hit me. Make a game based on her doodle. Enter Doodle World. In Doodle World you play as Doodle, and he is out to save his world from the evil King Eraser and his minions of office supplies. Doodle World is a simple classic style side scrolling platformer. Run, jump, and kill enemies by jumping on them. There are a total of 15 levels spread across 5 lands... Notepad Hills, Crystal Crayon Cave, Felt Tip Forest, Dry Erase Desert, and King Eraser's Castle. Along the way you will collect crayons which grant you an extra life after you collect 100. Find a flashing super crayon and you will be invincible for 10 seconds! The whole game gives the appearance of being drawn and colored on notepad paper. Doodle World was made using Notepad++ and NESMaker for script and asset management. The game is complete and is currently being play tested and bug fixed. I am planning a Kickstarter campaign scheduled to kick off on Aug. 17th.
  14. I built one in the last year or so. Do it. I decided on windows 98 SE / DOS build with 3-1/2" and 5-1/4" floppy drives based on what I wanted to do with it. @KHAN Games helped me with selecting the parts. Selected a AMD K2 processor and built around that. I used a modern case and modern power supply, and the rest was used parts. Due to limited space, I used a scaler (Extron VSC-500) so I could use my PVM as a monitor. For ease of setup, I bought a floppy emulator (the image with a red number on the display), so I could install DOS very easy. The rabbit hole goes deep with wave table chips for your sound card or DOS Wifi adapters,etc. There are still BBS servers in use.
  15. You call it hilarious rivalry, I call it sexual tension.
  16. Color a Dinosaur would have indeed been a better choice. Or better yet, Power Coloring! I can't do this though, I'm going to get back into Tetris for the first time in a couple years.
  17. I keep a pen and paper book with my finished games. I finished my 500th game in 2019...probably around 530 right now, this is what it looks like, games that have an X in blue are finished meaning i saw the ending credits
  18. I guess that's why I never get the desire to sell: I DON'T collect for nostalgia, I DON'T collect for the thrill of the hunt, and I DON'T collect for investment purposes; I straight-up collect because NES is my primary gaming console and I want to have a really big library of games to choose from every time I go to do some gaming. And that's it! If I sold, I'd be selling from my actual gaming selection, which would inhibit my choices next time I sat down to do some gaming. I guess if I collected based on feelings or future retirement plans, I might get the urge to "play the market" sometimes with my games, but I don't, I collect video games so I can play video games as the end goal in and of itself, so the thought of selling never crosses my mind.
  19. i got this to convert to ntsc (which will be reversible) its a pal-b unit. i noticed theres a few extra caps on the buffer chips for the pal unit and the board is also much higher quality than the ntsc version. im going to look in to getting those caps and see if placing them on the chips on the ntsc will fix the weird graphical issues on my other unit. power supply is a 120v/240v all i needed was a simple converter. plug. i used a composite to hdmi device to convert the pal signal to digital signal. it included all the games so ive tested and its working. only issue i notice was the switch on the back wont respond with the timer on the custom asic chip. i confirmed its a bad switch and have found an exact replacement on the internet to fix it with. power supply will be replaced. cpu, ppu, lock out chip, and crystal oscillator will be swapped out with a ntsc version. these chips are already socketed so only soldering will be the crystal oscillator. the video amp modulator will also be replaced cause im not sure if those circuit are the same between pal and ntsc. i think thats it. i paid a ton for this! dang taxes and import fees suck!
  20. Last Tuesday, a scheduling snafu gave me the day off from work. While in the eBay app, I saw a new listing for a saved search. The search was for a ps2 game. Once I tapped that beloved blue dot and saw the price was $20 more than I wanted, I casually flicked down to see similar items. My heart dropped because this N64 controller lot was the first one. For the price, I immediately bought it. I anticipated it being a scam, or I was only going to get the two standard controllers. I need them anyway, so I went back to my day. The seller messaged me about half an hour later saying he had some offers to cancel the sale, but he was going to honor it. I was thrilled. The controller was legit! Through our correspondence, he had multiple offers between $750 and $1500. For a controller in this condition (bad with a rattle!) those prices seem insane! But the take away is... I am over the moon about the seller sending the Millennium controller, but I’m equally sour on the eBay community. I was never going to pay the going rate for this controller, if I ever found one at the going rate. Why can’t we let someone get a “win” every once in awhile? Why does it have to be “If I can’t get the deal, then no one can?” What a roller coaster of emotion. Should I open this thing up and clean it? I definitely don’t want to sell, fwiw. And thank you so much, Dean!
  21. I think I made a thread about this on Nintendo Age but it's probably lost somewhere and I've gained new info since then anyway. So I finally got a boxed Samurai last year and it could be CIB. There's so little information out there and I haven't come across any other photos of the paperwork/manuals/inserts so I'm assuming CIB at the moment. If anyone has more info please chime in! Here are the pics of everything in the box: Front and back: Top and bottom: Sides: Styrofoam box: Console: Most consoles have a punctured warranty sticker, most probably for attempted repairs to the 72-pin connector. I'd say only 10-15% of consoles still have the warranty sticker intact. Controller: There is a cheap Samurai sticker covering the Nintendo logo on the back. The sticker has fallen off on most of the controllers I've come across. I'd say this is very rare, perhaps as rare as the box if not rarer. Only about 5-10% of controllers still have the sticker in my experience. Power adapter: Even though the console actually runs on AC all the Samurai power adapters I came across output DC and it works just fine. Paperwork: I've had at least 20 different Samurai consoles pass through my hands. I mainly got them for research and sold a few but still have most of them. At the moment I have 13 loose consoles. 3 more are still in India but I doubt I'll get my hands on them any time soon because of corona. Most of these will be up for sale soon once I finish documenting and cleaning them up. These are some of my observations: - The highest serial number I've seen is about 53000. So that's a good indicator for how many were actually sold. - The lower serial number consoles had a black Samurai font. These seem to be pretty rare. They also have smooth tops. I only have 2 of them. You can see one of them in the picture above. - The black Samurai logo on the console is actually a sticker covering the original Asian Version branding. I figured this out because the second one I have has a ripped sticker with the original branding visible underneath. What this means is that the initial batches were imported as fully assembled units from Asia. The more common units with the red Samurai logo printed on were imported as parts and assembled in India. The black logo consoles have both a Samurai serial and also the original Asian Version serial on the bottom. - The consoles with red logos do not have any metal shielding on the inside. They also have fewer screws holding the console together even though all the original screw holes are present. Seems like a cheap attempt at cost cutting. Now moving on to the games. I've only ever found one game CIB. Everything else is just loose carts. I have a few games with box but no manual. Here are the pics of the CIB game: These are all the Samurai carts I have right now. Unfortunately they're all stuck back home in India so I only have older pics. Samurai carts come in different styles. Grey carts, black carts, black labels, colorful labels, etc. A friend of mine actually has a gold Ice Climbers cart! Never seen that before. Closer view of the labels with artwork: Gold Ice Climber cart (not mine): I found 3 of these Samurai branded game protectors. I think they are the equivalent of NES game sleeves but I don't think they were included with each game. These seem to be more like accessories you could buy separately. Future update: A discussion on legit vs pirate Samurai carts. I have some very interesting findings which lead me to a controversial conclusion. Will update soon.
  22. Here is one more from me. Initially I drew that on the 2nd palette, however it works kinda well with a few others:
  23. Here's Guillavoie getting a sword shoven up his bum by Fabio. Commissioned by @BriGuy82
  24. Was working on one this morning, though realized I accidentally turned off TV before I got to finish it. Had the AVS plugged into TV, which powered off system when TV shut off. For the title, I'll borrow from JamesRobot's quote about art "Videomation is Fleeting"
  25. Just stuff that I think other people might think is cool!
  26. First time ever playing and I really enjoy what I made. Needless to say I’m an far from an artist! this is the Chicago white Sox logo from 1976-86 and my favorite logo of all the ones they’ve used. Happy to see it’s making a comeback over the last few years. Top pick is my logo, bottom is the referenced logo.
  27. Alright, this probably won't be my final submission, but something to get the ball rollin'' "Videomation Age" by nesmaster14 Looking forward to seeing what other uses make
  28. Two weeks ago I met with one of my local contacts, the guy that has the storehouse of goodies. Generally, I'll always buy whatever he digs up for me, and if he finds empty boxes or lose manuals, he will generally give them to me for free, as he has no use for them anymore. Two weeks back, part of what he unearthed was the box and manual to the Sega MD game Eliminate Down, though no cartridge. I didn't realise the value of the game until I got back home. From that point on, I wondered if my contact had the cartridge lying around somewhere in the storehouse or not, but it's a situation where I can't request him to search for specific items, so I just need to buy what he turns up, hoping that there's something good inside. Well today he handed me a bag of goodies, and there was something really nice inside. Price paid for this one, $4.
  29. A tiny bit of photoshop effort later and observe the below. Side-by-side of OP's photo vs a NO. 0333 from a quickie google for comparison of similar images. One thing you tend to look for when looking for 'shopped images is sections that were taken from other images and/or created by hand with weak artifact recreation. Notice how the image on the right has no discernible straight edges in the pixellation. It's a smooth "gradient" from the numbers to anywhere else on the image. Note, however, with OP's image that the ENTIRE "NO. 0155" section looks to be a single rectangle, as well as different pixel density compared to the rest of the image. It's not 100%, but without further evidence from OP I can pretty surely tell you that the images provided are fake. There's evidence of this all over the image.
  30. Huge fan. I have a pretty large collection, mostly TMNT related. I mostly collect retro stuff but I do have a lot of the modern NECA TMNT stuff. They are making things I never dreamed of when it comes to TMNT Movie action figures etc. I also collected a lot of the World of Nintendo line when it first came out. But I have a large portion of the original Playmates TMNT line, as well as a bunch of random 90's lines like Bucky O'Hare, Cowboys of Moo Mesa, Power Rangers, etc.
  31. Its not anything super rare but I'm happy.
  32. 000001 I like Tetris, but my brain is slow and my reflexes are slower. -CasualCart
  33. I haven’t posted in a while... Got a deal on a well loved CIB NGPC, decided to resist the collecting bug for Yet Another Platform and get the Neo Pocket Game Drive instead, also got a back-lit LCD for modding, haven't had a chance to install it but soon! Been pulling in lots of Switch games, mostly sales, a few swaps here and there. Bakugan was a $5 local deal and I probably overpaid at that. DDR for Wii was a $10 local deal, not something you see every day! I won't pass up a deal on an authentic DDR pad, ever. Paid $43 to finally have a manual to complete my Car Battler Joe. Joined some retro trading FB groups that do claims sales, went a little overboard filling in some of my GameCube / PS2 wanlist. With Mario Party 9 and Island Tour I'm really really close to completing a big milestone... not gonna divulge though... hush hush Guardian Amiibo was a $35 deal on Woot, not crazy about the deal though because the amiibos were all damaged, not a great price actually, but I will probably keep it. The time had come to pick this up, NIB. Some in-store pickups today, I used to not bother with pre-order bonuses because they usually meant paying MSRP for something I'm not gonna play yet, but recently I realized I really like these things and if I want them I gotta be willing to pay up.
  34. The mask issue points out one of my biggest fears in this country which are people who are anti science. Idk why a person's political affiliation has to reflect on their ability to digest scientific information. As someone who is rather fiscally conservative, it makes no sense why the right isn't pushing for masks. It would allow for businesses to operate at normal capacity sooner, including the service and hospitality industry which makes up a huge portion of our economy. It's all this far right, librarian bullshit they adopted during the Obama administration that ended up polling so well. And then they throw god into it like he has a dog in the fight? It's like there is a think tank devoted to pleasing the stupidest people in the world. They have no concept of a logical fallacy or inductive reasoning as a whole, and they're exploited by strawmans, violations in the Law of Syllogism and Deduction. Sorry to rant but it makes me frustrated as someone who has conservative values, I can not identify as a republican. The party has gone too far right.
  35. I use them on cardboard but not disc stuff. I've always used videogameboxprotectors.com , it is ran by a long standing NA member. The promo code "NintendoAge" still works for 5% off.
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