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  1. My Secret Santa was @fcgamer and he really hooked me up. I could tell he took a lot of time picking out these gifts because he shared his thoughts and some personal history of almost every piece he included. Thanks again Dave!
  2. My Secret Santa delivered. Copies of DW, Retrozone and RetroUSB sleeves, a poem for the collection, and a portrait of me by @CasualCart! I've been updating the unorthodox Dragon Warrior website again, so it's just a matter a time before I get the transcribed poem up over there. The real question is, did they all know I did a photo shoot last year with me sitting on a throne made of carts? I didn't think I'd made those public, yet. Hrm...
  3. Merry Christmas everyone. The time has come so I'm just gonna get to the point! You've waited long enough for your gifts, open em up! As per the guess that santa thread, I am revealing myself to be everyone's favorite overweight yoshi, @SNESNESCUBE64. Thanks for everyone who participated, but unfortunately (or fortunately), nobody guessed it. As promised however, the money is going to be donated to Extra Lives! For those who have not received their gifts yet, just please be patient. USPS has been struggling all year and from what I understand some gifts are still in transit. HOWEVER,
  4. I love the candy cane idea, but I felt like it would be a crime not to use that for Earthworm Jim haha. Candy Cane Earthworm Jim -CasualCart
  5. The year was 2004 and I was watching Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim shows. They were advertising a contest to win a Nokia N-Gage QD with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. All you had to do was watch Adult Swim and call the number on the screen when it appears. I called and won, gave them my info and a few weeks later it came in. I toyed around with it quite a bit, but never used it as a phone or experienced N-Gage Arena multiplayer. It was really about what you’d expect from a normal phone at the time, though one unique thing struck a chord with me: The ability to make ringtones in a sheet-music style way
  6. I'll call him PacKirbyPuff the Snowman. -CasualCart
  7. Starting the year off good! In 2018 I found an NES M8 locally for $300 (from a game store no less). Today my wife found a Genesis demo unit on Marketplace for $40! Unfortunately I don't have a model 1 power adapter so I'm going to swing by a game store after work and give in a test run. Fingers crossed!
  8. My secret santa was Drxandy He got me a sweet assortment of games. 4 nes games, two being a boxed nes and an uncommon unlicensed title and a solid n64 game. Also Pretty cool pokemon burger king toy brand new. Thanks andy
  9. My SS was anonymous. But I'm very happy with the dope individually-wrapped gifts. Some Genesis games for my new Nomad, and some Game Gear goodness, just what I asked for. Plus he somehow hunted down the original artwork of my profile pic!! I love this thing. Thanks, whoever you are!!
  10. My SS was very generous with items to check off the collection. Thank you SS. btw Las Veges is truly the north pole..
  11. my Secret Santa was @Scrobinsand he was AWESOME! each item was individually wrapped (i'm never sure if i should open the shipping box or not, it's been 50/50 so far for me...). Inside i received a book, Blood, Sweat, and Pixels, which is about game developing. It interviews 100 developers and talks about the pressures they deal with- time crunches, bugs, glitches, cutting content out, and last by certainly not least, making sure the game is FUN. I read the introduction and it seems like it'll be a fun read. Each chapter is focused on a different game, which is a pretty neat set-up. O
  12. I got @KokiriChild as my santa this year! He got me the last yoshi I needed to complete the yoshi rainbow! He also got me some neat first gen pokemon cards and a super cool hand-drawn card. Thank you so much, have a very merry christmas everyone!
  13. Mailman showed up woo woo! My santa is @WalterWhiteJr. Lemme tell ya, I was a bit excited Buhuh shredded Thank you so much dood!!! My first usa Gamecube exclusive bomberman, I will be slipping the note into the case to save forever The pokemon bk toy is very nostalgic for me and I can't bring myself to open it (even though what's inside is due to be super cool) because I remember going during that promotion with my sister getting kids meals for the sweet pokemon toys haha. I love the Japanese mario charm! The topps nintendo cards are also nostalgic for me, super
  14. Oh shoot. Box is still here. I got em. Thanks dude. I missed them before Heres a pic everyone. Look at these cool decals that he made.
  15. Big shout out to the Colorado crew @JamesRobot @SuperJimtendo and Secret Santa @Richardheadfor making this year extra special. Call it fate, call it karma but Ghostbusters is on T.V! Not one but two copies of Metal Gear Solid 2! Assorted meat flavored products. The gift that keeps on giving! The Piece de resistance! Can't wait to make Gretsky's head bleed! Murray Christmas ya bums.
  16. Down to the final three. I've got Christmas Eve's drawing planned out, and I hope to have the final Santa-Character Reveal ready for Christmas morning haha. Pit the Christmas Angel -CasualCart
  17. Got some nice ones in this week 4 minty SNES complete games (made in Japan Castlevania and Top Gear) 2 new sealed NES games Sealed Wolfenstein for Jaguar Diablo on PS1
  18. Bought this back, from the guy I sold it to for cheap almost 14 years ago. Feels good to bring home something from the original collection.
  19. I was able finish the game room in 2020. Here's a before and after glimpse of the built-ins. I should probably update my game room thread on here too haha
  20. Santa got me some fan favorites I was missing from my PS1 collection!
  21. Whoever my Secret Santa was, Thank You! They got me CIB titles of: WWF Wretlemania, MLB, Tecmo Bowl and PGA Tour 96.
  22. @captmorgandrinker thank you so much!!! Excited to finally play Star Ship Hector, everything is awesome and a great way to finally start adding to my NES collection. @captmorgandrinker Definitely went out of his way thank you again!! Happy Holidays!!!
  23. Thanks to @spacepup for this morning's haul! He went truly above and beyond! Only downside is that I'll have to hunt up a loose copy of the Pac-Man game to be able to play it, as I can't bear the thought of releasing the one he sent from its plastic blister prison after nearly 40 years!
  24. @GameboyRicky hooking it up. I waited until today to open it all up. Hanging with the lady’s family and it was nice to have some stuff to open. I think they were very confused. Being Mormon, they especially liked the pin up card Thanks a bunch Ricky!
  25. I'm not sure who my SS was, but they got me a very nice quality Christmas themed repro. Pretty sweet two toned cart shell Thank you, stranger!
  26. HERE WE GO!!!!!!!! Once again boys and girls, game night was a success, albeit a messy success!!!!! Lots of interesting things tonight. We first started off with smash, then we ventured to Mario Kart and ended the night on Among Us! Wished I could have stayed a bit longer, but looks like it was about time to call it that night anyways. Folks who were there, in no particular order: @imabadguy1: What does the guy in your avatar say again? @drxandy : was super disappointed when i told him the total of votes for the potato v chili thread @fox : always a pleasur
  27. Holy crap, @Masterofzelda hooked me UP this year! Funny that my Secret Santa turned out to be another fan of Zelda, judging by their name, haha. There's so much stuff in this one package. Too much stuff for a single picture, in fact! But before I get to the actual gifts, I would like to point out one thing I noticed on the shipping label itself: Thanks, USPS And according to the label, the shipping cost almost $14! Sorry it got to me so late @Masterofzelda, but hey, at least it did eventually get here! Better late than never Anyway, on to the actual pics, and the i
  28. My Secret Santa didn’t reveal themselves but helped me knock a few guides off my list! Thank you whoever you are!
  29. My Secret Santa was @twiztor and he crossed off every item on my list! Thank you Thank you first of all for your donation to St Judes Childrens Research Hospital. It’s my personal favorite charity second only to Ronald McDonald House. Next, thank you for the candies. There’s something about sour childhood candies that make me happy. I love the custom Hey You Pikachu cart! Now I need to track down a mic and enjoy the frustration I had years ago. Not pictured is the custom ornament! I can’t wait to hang it up on my VGS Tree next year! Finally the piece-de-resistance (n
  30. I got these beauties from the one and only Arnpoly. A fantastic guy! Very appreciative of the games! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!
  31. My Secret Santa gift was fantastic. Thank you @Fleck586 for the wonderful gift. I just recently got a Switch and didn’t have either of these but both were on my list and my kids are excited to play. He also sent me a nice letter and a couple of good diabetic snacks. Thank you sir!
  32. I don't know who my SS is but some of you who have been around can probably guess who sent it from CO. I was truly spoiled by my SS. I had my significant other take photos as I unwrapped my gifts. May my joy and excitement caught on camera be the return gift to my SS. Photo album of opening gifts (Let me know if it doesn't work for anyone) Here is a little teaser.... Here's what I got....minus the bell that I instantly put on and forgot to show in the photo I hope my SS enjoys the gifts I gave but I'll need to provide a little more context to them when they are open.
  33. Not sure who my secret santa was, but he did a great job! Hitting all three systems I collect with a great game for each - awesome idea! Im out of state for Christmas, so I opened it up early and have already enjoyed playing them before I left town. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!
  34. I actually thought @sadikyo was the Secret santa @SNESNESCUBE64. I havnt figured out who my Secret Santa is. But i am really happy for my gifts
  35. Well since the Grinch is already done, I figured King K. Rool might make a decent Winter Warlock... King K. Rool as the Winter Warlock -CasualCart
  36. I worked through Christmas and New Years so I didn't get this gift until today. Hand-made link quilt from my sister in law
  37. It seems like I forgot to post some games. Some DS games: PS2 and PS3 games: Master System, Mega Drive, GBC and GBA games: The GBC, GBA and Arrow Flash were all Christmas gifts. And finally 3 SNES games that I'm VERY happy to add to the collection: Playtronic ISS, Gradiente ISS Deluxe and Street Fighter Alpha 2.
  38. I just got back from visiting my parents for the holidays, and without oversharing, it was a really stressful Christmas. And today itself was one of my busiest workdays that I had to push through while half of the day was spent on the train. But now that I’ve eaten for the first time all day and had a chance to breathe, I got so excited to see my SS package waiting for me from @Jmbarnes101 and it made my day. There’s a few games from my list, some yummy candy, but I really love the adorable artwork from Santa’s daughter, which reminds me a little of Nymn from Tanglewood (but I want t
  39. Finally translated it. SS and I both screwed up and thought the fox "jumped" instead of "jumps". Here is the translation and my own message back...
  40. @Psychobear85 glad you enjoyed! I know Image Fight and Rollergames weren't on your list, but Image Fight is a fantastic shmup and Rollergames is a random fun beat 'em up that you may like. My SS asked to not be revealed if I figured him out, and between the return address and process of elimination I should be able to figure out who he is . Swedish Fish are amazing! Hadn't had the tropical ones yet. And then for the truly amazing stuff: Mystery figure is Ayane, and I'm super pumped to play DOA Xtreme 3 on the Switch.
  41. My secret Santa @JordyRamone donated $50 to Extra Life for my gift! As you all know I'm more than happy to see donations to the kids, so I'm plenty good with that. Thanks bud!
  42. Well Santa was also my Secret Santa! Thank you @SNESNESCUBE64for the gifts, very generous and I will enjoy them. Zelda 2, which was on my list, and the option for a surprise me shooter, which turned out to be Phalanx!
  43. Here we go - the big Santa reveal ... ... oh boy ... ... here it comes ... ... get ready ... ...it's ...
  44. A big thanks to @RH for letting this one go out of his collection
  45. Well it’s been a long time coming and I have elevated myself above you common folk to the next level in collecting reserved for dentists with 3 copies of Stadium Events. I’ve added games from the distinguished Florida Collection
  46. Seasons change, time passes by... as the weeks become the months become the yeeeeears. Staff & Site Updates First I'd like to say thanks to @B.A., who has put in an amazing 10 YEARS between NA and VGS. He's decided to step down from his admin role here on VGS, though he plans to stick around so don't think you're off the hook or anything. If there's anyone you owe for us all being here right now, he's at the top of that list; his leadership has been paramount to the livelihood of NA for longer than most people could know, so huge respect to him. The end of 2020 is bri
  47. Some of you may have expected this one yesterday, but I finished the other half of the Mega Man Miser Brothers. Thanks again for the suggestion, @AverageOliver98! Violen the Heat Miser -CasualCart
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