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  • VideoGameSage (VGS) Forum Rules


    1. Have respect for each other. Treat other members with the respect they deserve. All members are equals. No threats or harassment of other users will be tolerated. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but no one is entitled to attack others for that opinion. If you can't communicate without using combative, aggressive, or passive aggressive responses, then consider that these may not be the forums for you. Focus your response on your disagreement with a person's opinion, not on the person. Warnings are issued by moderators.

    2. Please do not spam. The definition of spam is an irrelevant or advertising post. Any post considered spam will be removed.

    3. Post in relevant forums/sub-forums only. Messages posted in the wrong topic area will be removed/merged and/or placed in the correct sub-forum by moderators.

    4. Please do not post inappropriate material, everyone understands what this means. No adult content/pornography will be allowed on VGS. Posts containing adult material will be deleted. Warnings are issued by moderators.

    5. Illegal content. No re-posting of copyrighted materials or other illegal content is allowed. Any posts containing illegal content or copyrighted materials will be deleted. The sale of illegally modded current-gen consoles or exact reproductions of games is not allowed.

    6. Only one account is allowed per user.

    7. Flaming, flame-baiting, and trolling are not allowed anywhere on VGS. Flaming is directly insulting another member, flame-baiting is making a comment with the intention of getting a flame as a response, and trolling involves starting arguments or upsetting people by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

    8. Respect the Staff. If a staff member tells you to stop doing something, please stop. Never attack the staff directly. If you disagree with any action taken by a staff member, please contact one of the Administrators privately.

    9. A single (1) emoji is allowed on your thread title to add flair (must be placed at the end of the title, not before). Any extra ones will be removed from your title by moderators.


    1. Members must post the terms of their For Sale/Offer/Trade threads as clearly as possible and edit the original thread as needed when asked to provide clarification to these terms. The clearer the terms, the smoother the deals will go for everyone. 

    2. When two members enter into a transaction, the terms of that agreement are solely up to those two users. VGS offers no means of compensation or support for deals that go badly. It is urgent that both parties involved perform due diligence when entering transactions with unknown users. Following these rules will help everyone involved.

    3. The sale or trade of Gift Cards with a monetary amount (e.g. Amazon, Apple, Target, GameStop, Walmart, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

    4. All ‘For Sale’ (FS) threads must include prices.

    5. Reneging on a deal after it was paid for is grounds for disciplinary action.

    6. Pre-Orders where money changes hands before a product is finished/available is not allowed on VGS.

    7. Bumps. Please do not bump any For Sale or Willing to Buy thread more than once in a 24-hour period. If someone else bumps your thread by replying in it, that's considered a bump for you and the 24-hour clock resets. It's acceptable for other members to bump your thread by replying in it

    8. Members must post the terms of their Willing to Buy/Trade threads as clearly as possible and edit the original thread as needed when asked to provide clarification to these terms. The clearer the terms, the smoother the deals will go for everyone.

    9. Members are allowed a single active (1) For Sale/For Offer and (1) Willing to Buy/Willing to Trade thread.

    10. The creation, sale, or solicitation for purchase of reproductions of games for which you do not have the rights is prohibited on this forum and its associated Discord unless explicitly allowed by the VGS Staff. This includes reproductions of translations, unreleased games, reproductions cartridges of dumped ROMs, and bootlegs. 

    11. PayPal Payments: When selling on VGS and accepting PayPal payments, you must adhere to PayPal’s Terms of Service (TOS).

                1. In your Selling/Buying/Trading thread, you cannot ask for additional money or percentage of payment to cover PayPal fees (or any other type of fee or charge).  This includes offering a discount for F&F payments, or charging different prices for normal vs. F&F payments. These are violations of PayPal's Terms of Service.

                2. Seller: You cannot require Gift Payments. Buyer: If you send money as a gift (you do so at your own risk) and the deal terms are not met, you’re on your own. We are sorry about this, but VGS Staff cannot and will not be able to assist in this scenario.

    12. Crypto: Be aware that requesting and offering crypto is "fine", but is entirely at your own risk. Similar to PayPal F&F, there are zero protections for the buyer with regard to cryptocurrencies.

    13. Raffles of any kind are not allowed at VGS.



    1. Once an auction has an active bid, the seller cannot adjust ANY auction terms. If you must make a change Contact a moderator before making any such changes.

    2. All bids placed must be for the exact amount of your desired bid.  For example, bids such as "+5" or any other non-specific dollar amount bids are invalid. 

    3. Please form your auction thread so that the title accurately describes what's being sold. (see example in #4)

    4. Members are required to use the format below when starting an auction.

    PS1 Treasures of the Deep! CIB - Ends October 31st 2019, 9pm VGS Time

    4. When your auction has ended, modify the end time to a big ***ENDED*** and a moderator will lock your auction up.

    5. All transactions must abide by the VGS rules. Aside from that, the only rules are those set by the seller, and agreed to by the buyer. If something is unclear, ask the seller. If you don't like a rule, please do not bid. If there's a dispute, you are expected to work it out on your own, in PM, directly with the other party. Moderation will not become involved unless there is an issue of some of fraud or other serious wrongdoing.

    6. VGS Timestamps will decide all auction outcomes.


    1. Cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct in any forum games/events is not allowed on VGSVGS takes all cases of cheating seriously and those cases will be examined carefully to make certain that no member uses any means to benefit their position in any VGS game or event. 


    Thank you, 
    VGS Staff

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