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  1. It's pretty much confirmed that multiple 3D Mario games are being prepped for re-release. This has been reported by numerous outlets with reputable sources and was even casually commented on by Jason Schreier of Kotaku. What we don't know is what format they will arrive in. One report suggested there could be a compilation containing numerous games while the others didn't specify. Personally, I think there will be a compilation (64, Sunshine, and Galaxy 1&2) and individual $60 releases for Super 3D World Deluxe and the new Paper Mario game.
  2. I definitely agree with that statement in regards to our current situation, but I was speaking more in generalities (i.e. the entirety of 2020). I just don't know much about collecting outside of NES and a little bit of SNES, so I was mostly just wondering aloud about those less familiar systems. Although it seems like NES has been the hot stuff for years and years now.
  3. I guess it's not too surprising given the age of this stuff. We should be seeing an N64/PlayStation/Saturn price spike any time now, right? We've got gamers who started on these systems 25 years ago making good money as they enter their 30s. Or are we already approaching the PS2/GC/Xbox generation? Those systems are 20 years old already. How did I suddenly get so old?
  4. Occasionally rental stores would get a few unfolded NES boxes for display. They were legit boxes, unlike the SNES display boxes littering eBay. I had one for Bump 'n' Jump, but eventually folded it and actually used it. I think there are still a few floating around on eBay if you look hard enough.
  5. The cart discoloration is just an artifact. The black box messed up the coloring of they pic so I adjusted it a bit. They box is water damaged which is unfortunate because it's otherwise very crisp and sharp.
  6. NFL (Oval Seal) Box: NES-FN-USA (90804) Cart: NES-FN-USA Manual: NES-FN-USA Playbook Poster: LJN-FN-US Ljn Advert: LJN-NES-US Nintendo Power Advert: PMG-MW-USA Smooth Black Dust Cover
  7. Yeah, I feel like the price will definitely be $60 a pop for the newer stuff, but maybe 64 and Sunshine will slide in at $30-40...
  8. If I wasn't laser focused on finishing the NES set, I'd seriously consider the N64 bundle... Maybe next year!
  9. This is great news. I never played 3D World or Galaxy. Hopefully Galaxy comes as a two-pack though; I've heard the sequel is even better than the original. What a time to be alive.
  10. Welcome! I've always wanted to visit Scandinavia. How do you like living there?
  11. 1. How did I not know this existed? 2. How did this get released on not one, not two, not three, but FIVE different platforms? I'd love to see the numbers someone crunched to determine that this was a good investment. How many copies did they need to sell just to break even? Mind boggling!
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