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  1. I only count games as part of the set if they are officially licensed, a unique game, and were released during the active lifecycle of the console, so that cuts out most of the LRG stuff, re-releases with minor DLC updates, homebrews, and even the insanely late Just Dance releases. But that's what I like about set collecting, there is no official definition and we can all do whatever the hell we want. Anarchy!
  2. Yep, they will be just like the Mega Sg Adapters. The Pocket will play GB, GBC, and GBA carts natively. You will have to buy the adapters for the other systems, probably as a set, unfortunately. The Mega Sg Adapters took quite a while to release after the system was out, so hopefully the Pocket adapters are ready immediately. But given their track record, I wouldn't hold my breath.
  3. If you just want a case, then CGA makes custom cases with UV protection. https://cgagrading.com/OnlineStore/CustomCase.aspx
  4. 7/10. Very good. Original plot with some fantastic social commentary.
  5. Gotcha. Hopefully it doesn't come at too much of a premium. If I hear anything about restocks, I'll update here.
  6. If you really want one, I wouldn't recommend waiting for a restock. They are notoriously bad about restocking and even worse about telling people if there will ever be a restock. The Nt Mini has been "out of stock" for years. They are supposedly going to do another run, but that's based on a few Twitter posts, not even an update on the website. If you're extremely patient, you could buy a black Super Nt and leave it sealed for a set amount of time. If there is a restock on your color of choice, resell it for a minimal loss on eBay and buy the one you want. If they don't restock in that timeframe, open and enjoy.
  7. That thing looks really cool. Stuff like that will be important as mechanical parts start to fail en masse.
  8. I think you're being too harsh and a bit illogical. Extending your argument to other mediums doesn't help your case. If I print a Michael Jordan rookie card or create any of the other fakes you mentioned with no nefarious intention, why would you care? As long as these items are not being sold or presented as legit, there is it literally no negative effect on you or society as a whole. And this is coming from someone who has paid for some big ticket items because I prefer the real thing. Live and let live. Everyone should collect how he/she/they want to.
  9. Good eye! Interesting. I didn't even realize that was the case. I'll have to check my copy. And maybe take my extra cardboard riser off my for sale list.
  10. This auction just came up. I'd consider it likely complete until a new copy is opened for confirmation.
  11. How was it? I liked the first one and loved the second one, but skipped the third. I enjoyed the new one, which is an entirely different beast, but was contemplating going back and playing three.
  12. Have you perused the Wikipedia lists? Probably not perfect, but a good start. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Xbox_360_games
  13. The box art is just sooooooooo bad. It really looks like it's stolen from a shovelware PS1 game.
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