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  1. Sega CD is definitely a cool console to collect for. I'm really enjoying exploring the library since I've had zero interaction with it prior to this project. And they really do look great lined up on a shelf. Thanks for the link as well. I grabbed a pack of ten and I'm sure I'll be getting even more in the future.
  2. I remember hearing about those replacement cases and I think there was even a thread here discussing them. If they're still obtainable, I will probably buy some to replace the badly damaged ones. Quite a few of these actually have cracks and broken hinges, but they photograph well. Just like you said, it makes bargain hunting a bit more fun.
  3. Since starting on Master System, 32X, and Sega CD, I'm enjoying Sega CD collecting the most. It's pretty accessible, but still has some high end stuff that is interesting. And the hard cases allow you to take risks on stuff with cracks and dings on the outside since they often still have mint inserts. Also, I'm pretty sure my new mailman hates me. See if you can spot @Tabonga's favorite game mixed in this post.
  4. No major variant at least. Could be TM/R variants, but I don't track that.
  5. That Asteroids cabinet looks fantastic. It pairs perfectly with the brick wall in the background. Nice setup!
  6. Anyone need a "sealed" Track and Field 2? SEEMS LEGIT He also has several other insane descriptions on resealed games.
  7. I think initially it was mostly speculation on the introduction of new consoles and the big bump seen in pandemic gaming. The last 10-20% was probably short sellers. I think their only real advantages over competitors at this point are the sheer number of storefronts and their name recognition (which is fading fast). If a big online competitor wanted to make a splash in retail, they could partner with Gamestop or purchase half of those locations to give buyers immediate release day pickup options. Gamestop gets a cut of the sale and a chance to sell you a shitty subscription while Amazon/
  8. DoctorEncore

    KUBO 3

    Just saw this on Twitter! Congrats to you and your son! I'll definitely be picking it up.
  9. Man, the stock market is so weird: https://www.fool.com/amp/investing/2021/01/17/gamestop-stock-surges-100-in-2-days-but-it-wont-la/ (Unnecessary rant about capital gains taxes and income equality behind spoiler tag) But to bring it back to GameStop. Great call, Jone. I really thought they were dead in the water and it looks like a lot of recent shorts thought so too. I still see them playing only a minor role in gaming in the future, but they've navigated a rough patch surprisingly well. I don't think they have a long game though. By letting so many Steam competitors get up and ru
  10. Nah, it's just a variant. I'm not sure which one is the original release, but both boxes are available on eBay right now.
  11. Very true. Personally, I just went with a repro standard size box for my WCTM, but everyone has their own preference. I also have one for Miracle and other combo pack-in carts that never had a box. Now that I think about it, I should get one for Stack-Up so my shelves truly hold every game.
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