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  1. Go to the store (https://www.analogue.co/store) and practice checking out with the Mega Sg Adapters (the only thing they have in stock). It's a standard checkout process. If your browser can pre-populate your address and credit card, that should get you through quickly.
  2. I definitely wasn't since this was in the SNES heyday, but that sounds like an awesome rom hack.
  3. I may start it tonight unless I play more Outriders. Looks so cool! Also cool that a friend can play for free without buying the game.
  4. No time for eBay lately, but still have a few items trickling in here and there. Jumped on the bandwagon for Atelier Ryza and also grabbed It Takes Two since I heard it's amazing. And Amiibo! The third Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo is on the way.
  5. It's free-ish if you have HBO Max.
  6. As a kid, I was 100% sure I spent many hours playing as the dog in Secret of Evermore while my brother controlled the main character. When I bought the game ten years later, I could not find any way to activate the two player mode. Turns out there is no two player mode. Did my brain make it all up or was I holding a controller that did nothing for hours on end? Either scenario does not make me look good.
  7. I bet the guys at Wata are laughing their assess off (after wiping them with $100 bills, of course) looking at the population reports. How many of these buyers are Bitcoin millionaires? I have disposable income and could join the party if I really wanted to, but I can't comprehend parting with my hard earned money as frivolously as these buyers do.
  8. @Code Monkey, I'd temper your expectations a little bit. These are not all going to keep going up forever. For right now, as Bitcoin goes, so does the tide. That will change at some point though. If you have a grand lying around, buying $100 of each of the smallest alt coins isn't the worst idea in the world. In fact, I did that exact thing for the coins on Voyager about three weeks ago (I put an extra $100 in BTT after it started running). You just have to be okay with the fact that these coins are more likely to become worthless than to make you any significant money in the long run. My
  9. Microsoft is such a good long hold. I've got a nice stake in them that I don't plan on selling until I'm ready to retire.
  10. It's so hard to tell. Tech is more volatile than crypto right now. A lot of iffy companies are still ridiculously overvalued. Speaking of which, I got out of Tesla at 670, so that was a good little day trade for me.
  11. Very cool. I can't believe they actually made promotional material for that game.
  12. Hahaha, thankfully no. They actually announced the delay yesterday since they had promised an update in March. This company already has such horrible PR and a terrible reputation for communicating with customers, I don't think an April Fool's prank about delaying shipping would go over well.
  13. Nice. Any favorites? Or is everything sealed?
  14. Do you have everything so far, @MiamiSlice?
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