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  1. Preorders open today at 1100 EST! I would not drag your feet if you want one. The Pocket, Dock, and Cartridge Adapters will definitely sell out quickly. For reference, the Nt Mini Noir lasted about five days at $500. The production run for that was around 5-10k and it was a reissue product. Based on Analogue's history, I suspect this will be a similarly sized production run. Good luck!
  2. Hey all. Not quite back to VGS yet, but felt it was my civic duty to update this thread. Not sure if preorders start today or just an announcement on preorders or something completely different, but wanted everyone to have a fair shake. 1100 EST! Good luck!
  3. I haven't had a chance to get it yet, but soon!
  4. I would agree with you except for the fact that Ubisoft released two 100 hour Assassin's Creed games in back to back years (2017, 2018) and have another one coming later this year. That's in addition to their other AAA stuff. I do think we've hit a max for AAA games per year and the number will remain steady or decrease. There is no way the number of releases will go from here up since development costs have far outpaced inflation.
  5. For me personally, the answer has to be 1997 thanks to FF7 and SotN. But the objectively correct answer is 1998 because that year is absolutely stacked.
  6. Very cool! Keep us updated!
  7. Big bonus points for I.Q. mention. I'm giving Hollow Knight another try. I initially found it boring, but decided to go back and give it a fair shake. I'm now about five hours in and I'm still struggling to find much joy in it. I feel like I'm exploring with the sole intention of filling in the map rather than actually trying to discover something new or learn about lore. Also, having to use one of my very limited charm notches just be able to see myself on the map is asinine. In the same vein, only being able to change charms while sitting on a bench is just painful. It seems like whenever the developers had the option of making the game more fun, instead they chose to "make the game experience more authentic." And that is the antithesis to game design for me. It is in stark contrast to something like Ori and the Will of the Wisps which revolves around giving you more freedom to enjoy the game. Still, I shall push forward. I'm sure it will get more enjoyable as I gain abilities, but I feel like the game is overrated thus far.
  8. This thread has not aged well. It turns out the answer to "Will Wata grade _____?" is YES.
  9. One of my personal faves. Underappreciated when it came out, but it seems to have gotten it's due in recent years.
  10. Let us know if you ever decide to leave that room. Nice work!
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