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  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing it with everyone instead of hoarding it!
  2. I disagree. Daniel Ahmad is a very trusted source and has plenty of inside info. He may not know directly about what they are announcing, but I'm guessing he would know something if the big rumors were true. But we'll see! I'd love to be wrong. Microsoft desperately needs help in Japan.
  3. It looks like Sega will not be peddling the Sega Series X.
  4. I was just about to buy a copy earlier this week until I saw it on your list.
  5. I'm not sure about in store, but it is occasionally as low as $30 on Amazon with free shipping.
  6. Nice! Look at all that space! Can't wait to see everything on display.
  7. Knocked out a few more variants and posters. Now someone please sell me that Donkey Kong!
  8. Thanks dudes! Unfortunately my homeowner's insurance doesn't cover the value of collectibles (i.e. the fact that items are boxed or NIB), but instead only pays for the actual item (i.e. a functioning Wii U instead of an NIB Wind Waker Deluxe Wii U). It's not really a big monetary loss since I wasn't planning on selling all of this stuff, but it's still a wake-up moment. I will definitely be buying collector's insurance when I move to my next home.
  9. I have to give you props for a strong argument here, although still not enough to sway me.
  10. As much as I'd love to see Sega return to the console wars, there is no way their investors would allow them to gamble $3.4 billion dollars of revenue by giving up multi-platform releases. They have finally returned to prominence as a publisher and developer and the cost of creating a new console is astronomical. It also doesn't make much sense to release a Dreamcast Mini since those games are readily available in multiple places. So hopefully we'll see a Saturn Mini! Or how cool would it be if they released their legacy consoles with 1080p HDMI output and support for the original media? Now that's a pipe dream.
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