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  1. More Sega goodies this week. Finally found a decent copy of Phantasy Star at a decent price. Sadly, Wonder Boy is in pretty bad condition and needs art replaced. Jaguar is pretty darn rough, but the price was a steal, so I couldn't turn it down. Night Trap is really nice, so I was happy to find that one. Everything else is pretty solid.
  2. 9/10. Great movie with a nice foreboding atmosphere. One of the few movies where a child co-star actually carries his weight. I think the first rewatch is also a lot of fun just because everything seems so damn obvious. Shyamalan's best movie by a wide margin.
  3. This. I loved EGM. It was the only magazine I stuck with and repeatedly renewed.
  4. I got mine in the mail yesterday but haven't had a chance to use it yet. I almost exclusively use my Switch in portable mode, so I'm excited to see how good the screen looks. Save transfer isn't really an issue since I pay for NSO which has cloud saves, which seems to work well for my Switch Lite.
  5. The top one is the Mattel version which is the Canadian release. The bottom one is a later USA version, AKA "Right Bros." I wouldn't call either one rare and I'm not actually sure about the value of the Mattel version. Regardless, neither one is particularly valuable, so I'd just keep the one you like better.
  6. I was actually thinking about posting a thread talking about a possible downtrend in prices on eBay. I've been routinely getting games for quite a bit less than Pricecharting listings lately. I'm collecting for less popular platforms (32x, Sega CD, SMS) so there may be some bias there, but the price trend is definitely stable to downward. I've even been able to snag a few sealed NES games recently which had been out of the question for most of the past year.
  7. Glad I added this qualifier. I still think it will crash hard, but not sure when. People have finally learned to take profits on meme stocks.
  8. No. I think it will crash down to the $10-$15 range within a few days. But I clearly don't know anything about anything haha.
  9. I'm fuming right now. I saw the news last night, contemplated buying at $12 premarket, and actively chose not to. Missed out on 400% profits. I hate stocks. As for actually plays... WISH premiums shot way up after yesterday's big gains, so I played the $7.50 call for next week. I sold COIN at 300 today for a nice profit and have a SQ call at 262.5 for tomorrow which is going to be a close one. It's been a fantastic couple weeks for me. I'm also still selling weekly puts on SoFi and sold my first put on BABA (170). I think it's probably okay to get back into Chinese stocks at this point.
  10. I really wouldn't be worried. They have been extremely helpful to the emulation communities with semi-official jailbreaks and I'd be shocked if they didn't continue to do so. Their reputation is built on high quality, highly customizable products. If anything, I see this as the first step on the road to a unified ecosystem. While that could lead to a store with official ROMs for purchase, I don't think it will inhibit modding. I'd be willing to bet they'd reject a store partner before agreeing to lock their hardware.
  11. I literally don't even remember at this point. I feel like I've opened at least fifty games.
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