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  1. I always find it hard to find the actual episodes when you post here @Scrobins. Might be nice to include a link?
  2. You are correct! I just did this search by the way. Nothing complex https://www.kickstarter.com/discover/advanced?term=nes&category_id=35&sort=most_funded&seed=2695265&page=1
  3. I was browsing Kickstarter today, just looking at numbers different projects pulled in, etc. Here's the top 5 funded homebrew game projects. I was kind of surprised at what was and wasn't in the list! (Original games only) #5: Project Blue ($42,592) #4: Dungeons & Doomknights ($54,715) #3: Jim Power ($63,805)* #2: Super Russian Roulette ($84,263) #1: Micro Mages ($177,115) * I debated putting Jim Power in here since it's multiple platforms, and if I understand correctly is a port of an existing game.
  4. Sounds interesting! I'm worried I'll just end up wishing I was reading the book rather than scrolling through text on a GB screen though... Looks like it's well over the goal already though!
  5. I recorded a playthrough here if anyone gets stuck (or wants to challenge my speed run):
  6. Here is a fan made mapper 28 support: https://forums.nesdev.com/viewtopic.php?p=102718#p102718
  7. I just took a quick look, and it does not look like PowerPak supports mapper 28 (https://www.retrousb.com/product_info.php?products_id=34). That's kind of surprising to me, but I'm not sure how active PowerPak development is. You could trying reaching out to @bunnyboy on the VGS Discord.
  8. DOWNLOAD HERE! I am working on a new game for the NES: Witch n' Wiz! For the 2020/21 NESDev competition, I have put together a sort of "demo" of game. You can download it for free using the link above. It is just a small sampling of what I hope to deliver in the final game, in fall of 2021. Genre: Turn-Based Puzzle Platformer (e.g. Fire n Ice, Catrap, etc) How to Play: Objective: Vanquish all the monsters in room by slamming into them from the side. Push blocks around in a similar way to create bridges over gaps. You cannot jump! The only way to mo
  9. The FINAL BETA version of Vs. From Below is OUT NOW! Download the FREE emulator-friendly ROM or Vs. Arcade-Ready EPROMS! Read whats new, and about how the best players in the world competed to have their scores etched into the silicon of this game FOREVER! https://mhughson.itch.io/from-below/devlog/212679/vs-system-beta-0100
  10. No said anything about this game involving reading! What a bait and switch!
  11. I saw this game mentioned in another thread with a "word of warning" about pre-ordering. Game looks really amazing though, and I am completely in the dark on what happened... in the past. Without being too harsh, can someone explain in an objective way what happened (I can assess the risk of ordering for myself). http://paprium.com/
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