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  1. DOWNLOAD HERE! I am working on a new game for the NES: Witch n' Wiz! For the 2020/21 NESDev competition, I have put together a sort of "demo" of game. You can download it for free using the link above. It is just a small sampling of what I hope to deliver in the final game, in fall of 2021. Genre: Turn-Based Puzzle Platformer (e.g. Fire n Ice, Catrap, etc) How to Play: Objective: Vanquish all the monsters in room by slamming into them from the side. Push blocks around in a similar way to create bridges over gaps. You cannot jump! The only way to mo
  2. The FINAL BETA version of Vs. From Below is OUT NOW! Download the FREE emulator-friendly ROM or Vs. Arcade-Ready EPROMS! Read whats new, and about how the best players in the world competed to have their scores etched into the silicon of this game FOREVER! https://mhughson.itch.io/from-below/devlog/212679/vs-system-beta-0100
  3. No said anything about this game involving reading! What a bait and switch!
  4. I saw this game mentioned in another thread with a "word of warning" about pre-ordering. Game looks really amazing though, and I am completely in the dark on what happened... in the past. Without being too harsh, can someone explain in an objective way what happened (I can assess the risk of ordering for myself). http://paprium.com/
  5. Interesting. I don't mind my stuff being on here or anything (happy to have the promotion), but just to be clear... You consider Pico-8 games to be homebrew? And further-more you consider engines written for PC based on Pico-8 to be homebrew? I've just never been super clear with what Mono8 is, so I wanted to make sure there isn't confusion. Pico-8: A fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs. It feels like a regular console, but runs on Windows / Mac / Linux. Mono8: A modern C#/MonoGame game engine written to mimic the functionality
  6. matthughson

    N64 game jam

    Looks like a nice turn out. Congrats!
  7. I must be missing something silly but I can't get the 2nd (blue) player do move. Is it AI controlled?
  8. 2 pieces of news today! The cost of producing From Below physical copies: First, I wrote an article breaking down the costs and profits made off the physical version of From Below. If you have ever wanted to release a CIB copy of a game, I would give this a read!! http://www.matthughson.com/2020/12/19/the-cost-of-making-a-cib-nes-game-in-2020/ Vs. From Below Open Beta: I have been quietly plugging away over the past few weeks on a version of From Below for the Nintendo Vs. Arcade System. I think this is the first game for the system in 30 years! And it is now open
  9. @Scrobins My Mono8 is not a homebrew project (it was a port of the Pico-8 API to C#).
  10. I've posted a pretty lengthy blog about my journey from complete noob, to releasing From Below Complete in Box. Covers everything from my background, what I used to learn NESDev, and my marketing for the game. Next I am planning to do a cost breakdown of what I paid to make the physical copies. http://www.matthughson.com/2020/12/07/from-completely-in-the-dark-to-complete-in-box-making-an-nes-game-in-2020/
  11. OHHHHHHH The first I've seen in the wild! Are you one of the people in Canada? I sent though with xpresspost.
  12. 2 big news items today: First, the From Below physical cart sale has come and gone... All 50 copies have been sold. Thanks to everyone who bought one, and to everyone who missed out, there is a chance I will being doing the remaining 50 copies of the Limited Edition in the coming months. The best way to keep up to date on that is to join the From Below mailing list: https://mailchi.mp/7c4c11bb4480/from-below-mailing-list Second piece of news: the final 1.0 version of From Below is now free to download on itch.io. The is the exact same version found on the physical cart that sold
  13. There is potential for another 50 LE copies down the road, but likely no standard addition.
  14. Yes, thank you! I have taken it down (looks like a mix up with 12 noon and 12 midnight EST).
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