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  1. The final 50 copies of From Below are going on sale this Thursday at 9AM PST.
  2. Two updates in one day! The Beta is now open for sign-up! http://www.witchnwiz.com/beta Playtesting will likely begin this weekend!
  3. Witch n' Wiz is feature complete! Beta will be starting soon! More details here: https://mhughson.itch.io/witch-n-wiz/devlog/297039/devlog-september-2021
  4. Added! Let me know if there is a better website or name you prefer.
  5. I've spent some lot of time looking for publishers for my game Witch n' Wiz [NES], and thought this info might be useful for others in a similar boat. These are the publishers actively seeking out new NES Homebrew games to publish physical copies. Let me know if I missed any. 6502 Collective - https://6502collective.com/ Bitmap Soft - https://www.bitmapsoft.co.uk/ Broke Studio - https://www.brokestudio.fr/ First Press Games - https://firstpressgames.com/ iam8bit - https://www.iam8bit.com/ Limited Run Games - https://limitedrungames.com/ Mega Cat Studios - https://megacatstudios.com/ Neodolphino Productions - https://twitter.com/JustinOrenich Retro-Bit - https://retro-bit.com/retro-bit-publishing/
  6. If I did it, it will likely be less about unique versions, and more about tiers. So the highest tier will have everything; you wouldn't need to buy all the different options.
  7. Honestly, I personally don't like that stuff, so I have no clue. Just that some people seem to really like it, so it might be cool to have options. But yah, I don't think that's exclusive the LRG. First Press Games had a ton of stuff with Blazing Rangers (https://firstpressgames.com/collections/retro/products/blazing-rangers-nes-pal-super-collectors-edition).
  8. It's funny you say that, because I thought of all the extra shit as one of the benefits of going with someone like LRG.
  9. Oh I didn't realize they were MMC1... I thought I was a lone wolf! Thanks for the offer, and I will reach out if I start to consider a port. Currently I'm just thinking about physical NES release with LRG, so your insight is really awesome to have, thanks!
  10. Yes, it will be sold digitally as well.
  11. Yup, they were quite quick to respond. I'm sure I'm very small potatoes to them, but I certainly don't feel like that talking with them. Now, whether that will turn into an actual formal offer to produce the game, I'm not sure, but I don't get the impression it would be a stretch for them to do so.
  12. Ok, thanks for clarifying. Literally had no idea what you were talking about when you said summer is over (I thought it was some pop culture reference I was unaware of or something). I've updated the post to be more universal (assuming we're all good with the Gregorian calendar... I need to draw the line somewhere ), and I'll keep that in mind when it comes time to formally announce a release date. I'd really like to keep this thread about the game itself, so hopefully we can move on at this point.
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