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  1. i never saw a master system. genesis of course. and one church family i random visited had the only sega cd i ever saw. i played eco. oh! another kid had a 3do and loved space hulk lol, that was a lil later on. i picked up a turbo a few years back. played through keith courage and played some blazing lazers. i didnt keep it long. maybe a couple months. it is a really nice system but its all so pricey.
  2. got the two bonks and parasal too i only knew one kid with a turbo. i had a super nintendo. ill never forget the first time i saw it. i cant remeber if i went over his house that day, to play video games or just hanging out. but anyway, i remember thinking it was so odd looking, i didnt even think it was a video game console. and then of course the hu cards were like alien. we played bonks for sure and jackie chan i think. the other thing i remeber is he always swore up and down how awesome the turbo was lol. it didnt wooo me too much. i gladly went hime and played super nintendo lol.
  3. the misleading costumers line is bs. watas argument for not releasing pop info to people who can understand it, is that they are protecting the un informed?..... i got some ocean front property in arizona. from my front lorch you can see the sea
  4. i started a thread attempting to find out how many of us who loved nes,super nintendo jumped to ps at that point. i know i did.
  5. i jumped from snes to ps1. cause that n64 is traaaaaaaaaaash!
  6. yup. i think you scan a matrix code on the slab somehow, thats free, to acces the pop reports on that title. if i understand it correctly you can pay more for more pop info.
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