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  1. I always get caught up in the scoring techniques instead of just laying down fire.
  2. I’ll gladly drop my score this week to be fair. I was just participating.
  3. Congrats to you and your wife lol the charge shot is something that I don’t like actually. I think that’s what splits the series between gamers. I like laying down some fire with the p.buster! But I still really like 4 me and a friend used to rent it a lot.
  4. One of the true surprises in life but my wife is going crazy lol! you know mm4 is one of my favorites in the series. It doesn’t get much love but it’s high up on the nostalgia list for me too.
  5. I came to look at that same item and thought the same thing. $500 For a reg card?! Cot damn. The price of zombie nation has certainly shot up but I didn’t expect to see $500 for this. Maybe an investment in flipping a high grade cib?
  6. It’s a 10 brother Super punch out is great too but the original is better.
  7. @NESfiend those two might represent the most nostalgic from their respective consoles. Mm6 is knocking at the door though (Christmas present). i love the nes mm series. I used to say SMB3 if allowed only one game but I think mm3 has taken the reigns. its a testament to how good chrono trigger is. I never played an rpg before that and never was able to get into another one after that besides ff tactics.
  8. @BeaIank and we took some damage to the master sword during battle but me and finley are still proud and she loves the ocarina...mom not so much lol
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