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  1. i dont know if this is any better. i do think someone photo copied the original box that had the sticker on it.
  2. im not in a poetic mood today bah! lol maybe i can create something during the week
  3. @bertsampson @Bearcat-Doug @mbd39 hate to hear you guys are down right now. wampie play these last few weeks from the heart my brother. its not a chore, your a back to back champ. playing on house $ meerkat you need a tourny win worse than me. mike get well soon marble madness true skill
  4. @mbd39 im terrible at this game. ive never even passed the first loop. the controls can eat a dick.
  5. @BeaIank hail the master of this game. i miss your weekly whoopings. no, im serious. i took them for granted... i truly did.
  6. both of you are gonna play and your gonna like it. and im gonna win damn it.
  7. ya. woulda been nice. ive won a few times most weeks i run out of talent.
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