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  1. conch fritters were lame hush puppies but the bloody mary was real good
  2. i cant recall a time i have played an nes game, on my own accord, since i started playing the weekly contest.....
  3. galaxy 5000 is aight. danny sullivan is the best top down racer on the nes imo.
  4. i will practice gradius lol but i really love rad racer. i dont know about the second game but the original is nostalgic for me and i like the game alot. so ill try rr2
  5. bad dudes doesnt have the curb appeal to keep you around but if you stick with it, it turns into a fun game. clunky for sure but seems desths are player error not cheap programing.
  6. you been aroumd longer than me thats for sure. i still pretend like im at the "campouts" when watching your videos!
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