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  1. Calling me an expert in Rad Racer 2 is a bit of an overstatement. I just like the two games. And without the continue option I wouldn't have beaten either of those, unfortunately. The last levels demand near perfection and every little error can cause you to lose the race. I tend to use the booster start at the beginning of pretty much every track and it can help after a crash. But of course you have to watch out whenever the road has many curves or when you crashed in a curve. Then it's obviously too dangerous to use the turbo start.
  2. Thanks, @nerdynebraskan. I think I will then try out Genghis Khan first, if noone is currently playing it. However, I can't promise when or if I'll be done with this game since it's my first time trying out a game like this.
  3. Here's my current attempt: 44,910 Also, if you've beaten this game, you could crosspost this to the NES competition thread, where Alpha Mission is still unbeaten.
  4. I tried one of the Ultima games last year and was immensely turned off. Unless you want to spend dozens, if not hundreds, of hours you might have to consult a guide, which defeats the purpose of the game somewhat, imho. I though of maybe trying out one of the remaining Koei games, but I've never played any of their strategy games before. Which one would be better to get into? It seems like L'Empereur and Shingen the Ruler are left.
  5. You can have the Alpha Mission crown, @docile tapeworm. I tried this game for the NES completions thread and it's pretty horrible, imho. I might give it a shot later this week, but I can't promise anything.
  6. Just beat Werewolf: The Last Warrior. What an aggressively mediocre game with awfully janky controls. The fourth and fifth level were really cheap causing most of my deaths. There are constantly enemies that hit you out of nowhere just to throw you in a pit. And the final boss was incredibly difficult and took way too many hits to beat. I think it took me roughly 40 hits to beat him in his second form, while he could beat me in 10 hits. But whenever you were down to roughly one third or two fifth so of your HP you transform back into a human and are so weak that you can basically just sit ther
  7. Recently I was very busy and did not feel like spending much time on NES games, especially when the remaining choices are so unappealing. But Rocket Ranger is not so bad and I could finish it in a reasonable amount of time. I recommend looking up a guide that tells you where the rocket parts and the fuel storages are depending on where your spies are located. This makes the game much easier. You then go rescue the professor by shooting at the rockets from the blimp while trying not to blow up the blimp itself. After that I would raid the fuel factories repeatedly and grab some of the rock
  8. What are the rules regarding arcade games? Do you have to beat them on a single credit or is it okay to brute force your way with lots and lots of continues/coins? If it's the latter then you can count Caveman Ninja as well as Joe & Mac Returns as beaten. I got both of them during a sale from the Johnny Turbo's Arcade collection and they were nice and bite-sized games to play during commuting. Caveman ninja, or Joe & Mac, was a nice platformer with some good and creative visuals and enemies. But in typical arcade-like fashion it's insanely difficult and a real quarter muncher. I c
  9. I've finally beaten Cloud Master! This might look like a cute and quirky little shoot 'em up, but it sure does ramp up in difficulty. Still a neat game.
  10. I got the true ending in Xenon Valkyrie +. This game plays a lot like Spelunky, but with additional RPG mechanics. In order to get the true ending you have to play through this game at least four times: once with each character and with two of the characters you have to unlock some sort of secret level where you can get the Xenon Valkyrie Prototypes. After these three playthroughs you have to talk to a specific NPC, unlock the Xenon Valkyrie and beat the game to unlock the final boss fight. This however was really frustrating since the whole game was an action platformer, but all of a sud
  11. Speaking of Master System games I just beat Ghouls 'n Ghosts. I think I tried it last weekend but got really frustrated. However, it gets much more fun once you've figured out how the upgrade system works. That's actually pretty cool und unique to this version.
  12. I tried Double Dragon and R-Type previously, but I couldn't finish either of them so I played some other games, like Bravely Default 2. I think I will try some of more Master System games. Golden Axe Warrior does look interesting indeed as well as Ys and Golvellius, but I just didn't have the time/motivation/energy to commit to any of them yet.
  13. Wow, I didn't know that. I just saved as many as I needed to. Pretty cool, that the game rewards you for that. I also barely managed to survive that boss, so a little help would have been great.
  14. And I beat Alien Syndrome. This was a tough challenge. I really liked the NES version that we played for the contest this year, but this version somehow plays worse even though the Master System should have better hardware. Maybe they made all the sprites too big and then the game didn't run so smoothly or didn't play that well anymore.
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