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  1. I already asked about Ultima V and actually started it. Currently I'm still at the point where I'm trying to figure out how it all works. It's a pretty complicated game. I went through 2 dungeons, but don't know what I'm supposed to do there. Then there are also the statues that send me towards the Shrine of Codex. No idea, how I'm supposed to get there, yet.
  2. Yeah, Nerdy is insane with his 168 games beaten and the consistency with which he pulls off his victories. So congratulations on the title once again! Also, I have to secure my second, or least third place in this competition. Maybe I'll give Ultima V another shot, unless someone is already playing it right now. I tried it many weeks ago and wasn't impressed by it. But maybe it's something that you can grind out. I'm also starting to have some fun again playing various retro games (although the current selection isn't too enticing). For a while I felt really burnt out.
  3. Okay, thanks for the reply and the help. Thanks to some of the little hints from Arnpoly I finally managed to beat Days of Thunder!
  4. Sorry, if this is a stupid question, but what is the winning condition for Days of Thunder? Do you have to win the championship, i.e. get the first place or is just getting to the end enough? Last year there was only the ending screen which you get either way. I was still missing 120 points to get first place. Maybe if anyone has a piece of advice that would be much appreciated.
  5. Not sure if this counts as beaten, but I got a medal on all 24 challenges in Wipeout 64. If not, I'll go back to earn some more gold medals.
  6. Thank you for digging that up, @bronzeshield. Apparently waiting did the trick. I tried it before for like a few minutes, but I had to wait roughly 15 minutes before the game would react to my button presses. I will try to beat at least the rest of the challenge mode tomorrow.
  7. Okay, I continued Wipeout 64, which is overall a pretty cool racing game, but way too hard. But not just that. There's either something wrong with the game or with my cartridge, because it frequently freezes after I've won a challenge. Imagine finally getting one or several medals after lots and lots of trying or maybe even getting a gold medal only for the game to freeze and crash before you can save the progress on the controller pak. What's even worse, I can not continue from the second challenge onwards. Whenever I beat super combo challenge 2 I get this weird bug, where the winning screen just continues all while I'm unable to do any button input. Wtf is this?! It must be some kind of bug, right? But even cleaning the contact does nothing for me. I can't finish the game! Maybe I need another cartridge?
  8. Two more small clears: Family Dog and An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. Family Dog was a pretty lackluster platformer, that feels extremely rushed. It only has three levels with two or three sub levels, so it's extremely short. However, it features clunky controls and some bullshit level design with lots of blind jumps, enemies coming at you out of nowhere and some really stupid death traps. The last level was absolutely atrocious since you had to bounce on tree branches and follow some vague directions. However, if you landed on top of a hollow tree trunk you fall to the bottom of the level where you usually have no other option than to fall to your death. Meanwhile, enemies are constantly harrassing you. It's really terrible once you try it for yourself, especially due to the strange jump mechanics. When you jump to the left or right you just make a very short leap. However, when you jump straight up you jump very high and then can glide to either side as if you were a flying squirrel. It's so bizarre. Fievel Goes West was a pleasant change of pace as it was a cute and quite fun platformer. I don't think it comes close to something like Mickey's Magical Quest due to a few shortcomings, but it's still a decent playthrough.
  9. Well, if we're loking at sales numbers then SMB comes ahead with over 40 million units sold whereas SMB 3 "only" sold 18 million copies. Source You could even argue that SMB was much more of a game changer than any of its successors, because they basically just built on the previous game and maybe just added different characters or power up and maybe an overworld. But the foundation has been laid with the original SMB and it terms of historical significance, legacy an marketability (it was a launch game and the first Mario game that resembles modern Mario games) it probably outshines anything else. In terms of historical significance and legacy I would probably also throw The Legend of Zelda into the ring as a close second, because I think this game also changed gaming forever. Sure, like SMB it wasn't the first game of its kind in the genre and there were Action Adventure / Action RPGs before and after tLoZ, but none of those hold a candle to Zelda, not even remotely. Try playing The Tower of Druaga nowadays, especially without a guide. Ugh! Or look at Hydlide Special or The Adventure of Valkyrie. I personally like both games, but in terms of playability and content they're far inferior to tLoZ. You'd have to wait years for a game to even come close, i.e. Deadly Towers. I'm just kidding, I meant to say Crystalis. I think that Zelda also extended beyond its own genre and influenced other action-based games to include light role-playing game elements as well, be it from a top-down perspective or side view. The second quest was also an ingenious idea since it improved replayability and a higher difficulty. Nowadays it's pretty standard for a game to have some sort of new game plus, but even then you're usually just going through the same game again. Meanwhile Zelda offered an almost completely new experience. Maybe this even inspired randomizers to some extent? Anyway, I think that both SMB and tLoZ are complete game changers not just within their own little genres, but in terms of gaming as a medium. Sure, they're technically not the best nor the most asthetic games (although you could argue that they at least have a good and consistent style), but at least SMB was the best game you could possibly have created on the base famicom console. It didn't need any enhancement chips or a save function to be playable and fun and even Zelda wasn't possible on the base console and needed the Disk System addon, but still worked without all the different mapper chips, which are kind of cheating anyways.
  10. Just beat Chester Cheetah: Too Cool To Fool. How to sum up this game in one picture: Other than being the product of absolutely tone deaf executives that try to imagine what young people consider cool, this is an absolutely atrocious game with horrible controls. It's so sluggish and janky, you have to play it to believe it. It also looks like garbage and barely any better than a late NES game. The hit boxes are also extremely erratic and there are only five levels with blatant sequel bait at the end. I tried to play the sequel, but that one is even worse with one hit deaths. These have to be some of the worst SNES games I have played so far.
  11. Isn't that the plot of Silent Hill Origins? You even have radio announcers talking about how a murderer goes about killing people, i.e. you, the player.
  12. Did some quick and relatively easy clears: ACME Animation Factory, Math Blaster Episode 1, Fun 'n Games and Snow White in Happily Ever After. With ACME it's just a simple matching pairs game with the added difficulty that there are four blanks on every field and once you pick 3 it's game over. So basically, it's mostly just a game of luck as to whether or not you hit three of those. With Math Blaster they actually tried to turn this into something resembling a game. At first you're in a spaceship and have to shoot garbage with your laser, but in order to find the right piece of garbage you have to solve the math equasion. Sometimes there are enemy ships that you have to shoot as well or they shoot at you and you'll lose a life point. After this you have to fly with a jet pack through some kind of maze where there are invisible barriers that won't let you through and that can hurt you. To the left and right of those barriers there are math equasions and they give the lowest and highest number that you're allowed to have in order to get through. You can change your number if you're getting hit by drops of water that add or subtract to your current number. Meanwhile there are also enemies attacking you. For the last level you have to fly into one of four entrances of a UFO and again there's a math equasion and numbers above the various entrances. Not quite sure if this game can actually teach something, but givent he low bar of edutainment games it's tolerable for maybe a weekend rental. Fun 'n Games had two mini games, one pack man clone that ended after stage 25 and some kind of space shooting game that went until stage 5. Basically, you shoot a bunch of enemies before they attack you and every now and then you have a boss encounter. For the boss encounter I found it to be the easiest if you just keep pressing to the right while pushing the A button down all the time. Bosses 1 to 4 are unable to take aim since you're constantly moving around. It just takes a long time to beat them this way. For bosses 1 to 3 you can shortly stop when your crosshair rests on the boss and shoot at them for 1 or 2 seconds before moving on. Boss 5 on the other hand is where you're best off just shooting at him. Snow White seemed like a janky platformer at first, but once you get used to it it can be a serviceable game. You have to collect 40 coins in every level and then find the exit. Meanwhile you have to fight off enemies by throwing apples at them or some super weapon. However, you're getting so many weapons and lives that you can pretty much fire at will all the time. It's also a fairly easy game. My main gripe was that you often ended up doing blind jumps or you didn't know where to go to.
  13. I've tried my hands at Wipeout 64 and was wondering what the completion criterium is?
  14. I beat Castlevania III and Super Castlevania IV on the Castlevania Collection for the switch. III is still insanely difficult, even though I had beaten it once before. I think it was one of the first games I contributed to the yearly NES challenge. This time around though I didn't go for Alucard, but got Grant first and then wanted to recruit Syfa as well. However, it seems like you can only have one companion at the same time, so Grant left and I had to do the rest of the game with Syfa. SC IV is still really good, but I forgot just how much I disliked the last 2 levels. I think I wasted most of my time on those levels alone. At least the fight against Dracula was really intense and epic!
  15. Dragon Quest II is done as well. It's a really nice and comfy game once they've removed most of the terrible grind from the cave to rhone/eldarak. I think on the NES I spent 6+ hours grinding away, while here you gain levels extremely quickly later on. Also, the QoL improvements and rebalancing from the Super Famicom version were quite nice to have.
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