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  1. Have some stuff for sale pictures included. If you want better or more pictures send me a message will try to get back within 48 hours. Work and sleep schedule is a little crazy for me. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING games some with manuals noted Adventure Island 2 $17 Bases Loaded 2 w/ manual $2 Blue Marlin $10 Bugs Bunny Birthday w/ manual $7 Godzilla $13 Mega Man 4 $23 Monopoly w/manual and poster $4 NES play actio
  2. hey thanks for pinging me @KokiriChild and I would love to play especially since its a GI Joe one, but like i said at end of batman one, my life has been so crazy with work lately, I think i have worked something like 25 of the last 30 days or something crazy like that and its been a combo of overnights or 3 am starts so most of my free time goes to eating and sleeping so don't think I'd be able to participate as much as I would want to. I'm hoping I get a break soon.
  3. Oh man let me tell you about Doctor Encore 1) His communication is so good it might be too good. 2) Prices are great happy with what I got 3) Packaging was good, might even say the game arrived in better condition than when he shipped it. Witchcraft IDK Great guy to deal with and would trade buy or whatever with him again. Will keep an eye out for anything else I may need from this guy
  4. So to explain why my boss might he cooler than yours. If been at my current job for about 2 years now. Boss is someone I have known for 10 plus years now I guess, and asked me to help him start his company. I was his first employee and helped do a lot of the work now in the beginning and have trained 3 of the 5 new guys. Whenever he calls and needs me to go someplace I go out and do the job. So last week or so I'm out delivering appliances to stores in CT and he calls and is like can you make a run to south jersey tonight to do a job. I know the place it's in a mall, so I'm like I'm
  5. No she doesn't, and i really don't help anymore, and my friend lives in Penn we NJ so i think he tries to avoid her at all cost as well, so I get stuck i usually dont pick up anymore and she can go onto the next one. And i mean i have more great stories, of her ballsyness. She asked me to watch her dog i was the night guy so no big deal either wanted me to stay at house over night cause dog needed to be out early cause she gets up at like 6am for work and lets him out and thats his schedule, so I am up at 6 am anyway so no big deal i can do the let him out at night sleep over if i want an
  6. One of my friends mom calls me for every little thing she needs done, recently put up and probably eventually take down her fake christmas tree, last couple have been oh my daughter and son in law are coming up can you move stuff for me to clear out sleeping space, i want to spend more time with them and dont want them to have to do it. Then next week oh my son, my friend, is coming the mattress you put on his bed can you move it back into other room so he has a place to sleep and doesn't have to move a mattress when he comes in. Of course i messed with my friend a little with that one, in our
  7. I'm just stating this now, if we start for next week i will be in albany all week for work and probably only time i'll be able to post is between like noon when i wake up and 4 or something like that as i work nights, can just on at night if im waiting for shit to dry or something.
  8. @Gloves figured i'd ask since you are in charge any chance we just have a werewolf section in here, so instead of everything else its just werewolf since we do it from time to time and easier to find when comes up be all in one place instead of spread out in everything else with everything else?
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