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  1. I've been thinking about this and it is odd retrospective into your own logic. For me, Chrono Trigger (snes). $200 for a loose copy is too much. I really like the game, and have spent the same amount for other games that I didn't like as much on other platforms. I just don't have a lot of nostalgia for Super Nintendo, I am okay playing it off a flash cart. But then why am I spending close that amount on Turbografx games, a system I never had before a year ago?? Why??
  2. @phart010Konami is the rights holder of the PC Engine and Turbografx. Konami absorbed Hudson years ago. This is how Konami released the PC Engine Mini. Rondo of Blood release, through LRG, will have Turbografx branding on it. The tweet tread specifies this.
  3. For Rondo of Blood, licensed by the IP of the game property and Console, as both are Konami now. The resulting question for scenarios that happen like this going forward, is this now part of a complete set? With license from both IP holders. In this case, for Turbografx.
  4. I am going to pick up LRG's release, but I still think having a guide to spot the differences between original and PCE Works (or other 1:1 copies) is important.
  5. FWIW Limited Run just announced they are doing a Rondo of Blood release. At the very least, it is licensed, should be visually different, and also should be a quality pressing.
  6. Deadeye

    8-BIT XMAS 2020

    Eleventh entry in the 8-BIT XMAS series. From the publisher's site: "There's nothing more emblematic of the Holiday seasons than the cozy feeling you get waking to a fire and conifer brimming under with presents. That feeling of togetherness and warmth and holiday spirit shared while singing songs of the season with friends and family. That feeling of wonder as you lay in bed and hope you are not getting sick! Got a case of the holiday blues? Dr. Covio has the cure! Line up pills horizontally or vertically to kill viruses. That might sound easy but don't take too long or the v
  7. Star Keeper for bid listing on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Keeper-NES-Homebrew-Game-by-87-Arts-/234049935277?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  8. I don't see any PCE Works logos on the images I have seen. @MrWunderfulThanks! Maybe better pictures will help.
  9. Looking for help or a resource of how to spot bootlegs of Rondo of Blood for PC Engine. Market seems flooded with PCE Works releases and I am having trouble identifying official versus PCE Works. Someone made a guide for identifying Sapphire, but I haven't found one for Rondo of Blood.
  10. Deadeye

    Gold Guardian Gun Girl

    From the NES publisher: "A mysterious small-town mine is beset by some evil creatures. Elena Stone and her trusty Gunride have been enlisted to help get it back... and line her pockets! Speed through the mine and kill the bad guys within to get the gold back! Brought to the NES for the first time by Neodolphino Productions, this release is the second US localization of an amazing new Japanese homebrew!" This homebrew was originally released in Japan on the famicom. It was subsequently localized and released for the NES for international release by Neodolphino Productions for sale
  11. It is still light on entries. I need to get back to entering more, but I had hoped others in the community would also make entries as well.
  12. Lucky for you, I just added it to the database with the info
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