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  1. No scores count until the the opening of the competition on April 3, VGS time.
  2. Homebrew Leader Board Competition 2020 - Game 4: Mine Shaft Play Period: Friday, April 3, 2020 - Sunday, April 19, 2020 Download the rom here. Up next is the endless falldown platformer called Mine Shaft by Nioreh. In Nioreh’s first homebrew from 2012, it is a survival of the fittest in this high score challenge of how long can you last. Inspired by NS Shaft, a 90’s Mac game, this homebrew was programmed in C, using Shiro’s library, as well as some 6502 assembly, NES Screen tool was used for the graphics, and Famitracker for the music. Your challenge: endure the forced scrolling where you face the dual threats of being crushed by the ceiling or plummeting into the abyss. You must run off the platforms and choose your next target wisely, before you may meet either doom. You will be presented with blue platforms, which give you health, red platforms, which take health, spring boards, and conveyor belts. Survive as long as you can because there is only one life in this game. Scores revealed when you lose all your health or fall into the void. The round will begin April 3rd, hold off until the start because no score posted before then will be accepted. How to submit your score: 1. Scores shall be submitted by posting a picture to that month’s game thread. Screenshots of a computer screen (print screen) are not acceptable. 2. The picture must include the entire screen and have your VGS user name within the picture on a piece of paper. Username can not be added digitally to the picture. 3. Type out your score in bold on your thread post. 4. Scores must be submitted within the posted time frame. 5. Do not submit scores from previous runs. 6. Use one post for your score. You can submit as many as you like by editing your original post. You can bump the thread to announce your new score. Rules: 1. NTSC only, no PAL. This will create a level playing field and not create differences based on timing. 2. OEM, FPGA, and clone consoles are OKAY. 3. Emulators are OKAY. Play game at 100% speed. 4. No save states allowed. 5. Flashcarts (i.e. Everdrive / Power Pak) are OKAY. 6. No turbo or slow motion controllers are allowed. 7. No game genie codes. 8. Do not use glitches in the game to boost your score.
  3. And the prize goes to....... @JamesRobot I'll PM you to get your address to send the prize. Congratulations!!!!
  4. Now that both sides and back up info is up and public, I have to side with Rob from Slydog Studios. Read through both sides and decide for yourself.
  5. Here is a link to Rob's side. There is a lot info there. Emails as well and a link to audio of Jeff talking about the project.
  6. Scam. For banking, there is check clears, as in the funds are available in your account, and then there is check clears as in it goes through all the official channels. The second part takes longer and that is where you may have the funds, but the check is a fake and the bank will claw back the money. The few times I have dealt on cragslist, cash only.
  7. Added Jammin Honey with top 3 runners. Congratulations @Red @zi @ecmyers
  8. Congratulations everyone who played. Overall standings have been updated here: https://www.videogamesage.com/topic/1577-hblbc-2020-homebrew-leader-board-competition-2020-announcement/?do=findComment&comment=28208 See you for the next game, Mine Shaft.
  9. I wish they did as well. I have many issues running GTROM games with the NT mini. It has to be in the slot just right. Other than that, as long as the cart pins are clean, I am good.
  10. Last weekend is coming up for submitting scores. @Red, @Ausden, @DefaultGen make sure to submit them in time.
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