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  1. New Episode! The Legends of Owlia. Video long play with interview and commentary with the developer, Gradual Games. Blog Link Youtube:
  2. In this episode of Homebrews in Focus, an interview and long play commentary of The Legends of Owlia with developer Derek Andrews of Gradual Games.
  3. This is the one I have installed: https://www.game-tech.us/product/turbo-duo-pc-engine-region-mod-kit/ Pins 15 - 23 are reversed between Turbo Chips and Hu Cards. The region mod interrupts those pins on the console slot and can reverse them with a flip of a switch. The mod is internal, besides the toggle switch, you wouldn't know from the outside that the console has been modded.
  4. The difference between NT and mini NT is that the NT was a custom PCB using original PPU and CPU chips. The mini NT uses FPGA to do "hardware emulation". This allows for a number of benefits. To cut to the chase, a list of features for the nt mini noir. The biggest ones in my opinion are the simultaneous dual output (crt display + hdmi capture if you like) and the jailbreak (allows for the nt mini to become a bunch of other 8bit systems).
  5. I am assuming it is a low quantity held back for possible lost / damaged deliveries and now that the time has past, they can sell off that reserve. Your last, last, last chance
  6. The poke places by me make sushiritos. I need to find a good one though.
  7. Nice. Oh, don't get wrong I like the debates not for gatekeeping, saying something has to be X, but rather to see how people think differently about food. Isn't the fusion of different influences and regional takes the most interesting part of it? Anyway, back to burrito talk.
  8. @dvertovI ask because I like these food debates that spawned from is a hotdog a sandwich. I came across this food organization diagram a while back and it has been a good conversation starter. Good luck
  9. What are the limits to what is called a burrito? Any collection of food items wrapped in a tortilla?
  10. @a3quit4swithout looking into it, Trophy is MMC3 and Haunted Halloween 86 is MMC1 are the only ones coming to mind. Many homebrews are nrom, unrom, bnrom, or gtrom. GTROM is not fully compatible on flashcarts right now IIRC.
  11. Yes many do. However some only release as digital or as both.
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