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  1. The article linked to a mod you can buy for SGB1 to get the timing right. Didn't know that mod existed. https://www.tindie.com/products/qwertymodo/super-gameboy-clock-mod/
  2. That is my understanding as well or it as least very close to.
  3. @VGD I don't have FB. Was it a find or a purchase?
  4. Were you the $309 bid that was holding for days?
  5. @ThePhleo looks VGD's post above. New NWC number, 155.
  6. This Sake sold in this panda glass by Miyozakura Jyozo
  7. I am an original owner. I thought some extra features might happen. So I took the gamble and bought the final run as well. Worst case, they were the same and I would sell one of the consoles. I would think most did not do what I did though.
  8. Deadeye

    Owlia LE

    @Scrobins have any idea about this one?
  9. @ecmyers That would be a great. A google spreadsheet or something like that. Maybe the key will be yelling into a Famicom controller 2.
  10. Deadeye

    Space Raft NES

    @Raftronaut any of the tiers going in include the model van?
  11. Olive opinion: They are great. Olives with pits have a better texture. Black and green are vastly different, you may not like both. Canned olives, terrible. Olives Olive Oil Pickles Anchovies Capers Salt IPAs Stouts
  12. I wrote an email to MGC store and got a reply about the status: "Expect shipment next week sometime. Final production is occurring now. As soon as it's done, we'll be shipping everything! Thanks for your patience."
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