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  1. Impressive. All set @drxandy
  2. Analogue has a Duo FAQ up now, may answer some questions you have. https://support.analogue.co/hc/en-us/articles/360051105131-Analogue-Duo-FAQ
  3. Kevtris (FPGA core and board designer of the NT mini, Super NT, Mega Sg, and HiDef NES) revealed he is not the one writing the core for the Analogue Duo. I wish he was, but it not a bad thing, there are other talented FPGA programers and even ones that made PC Engines cores. That's all the info currently. No word on if Analogue is writing their own core or licensing an existing. Kevtris may be involved in the project, for the board or project management, he would not answer that.
  4. 27 buttons? No more than button then a PS1 dualshock. Link's awaking might be a good intro for you. You are familiar with the original game, it isn't crazy long, and will give you a chance to ease into the controller and system. Suggestions: Blaster Master Zero (Revamp and re-imagining of Blaster Master, highly recommended it) Bloodstained Curse of the Moon (Simliar to Castlevania III) The Messenger (Similar to Ninja Gaiden) Paper Mario Origami King River City Girls (A brawler in the style of River City Ransom) Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl (NES Homebrew brawler ported
  5. Maybe if we can narrow down your tastes. 3D, 2D, or both? What genres do you like? Length of time preference?
  6. For the record, I am voting for SMB. Unfortunately, no way to correct my mistakenly casted vote for Exitebike.
  7. I recently purchased a new copy of a switch game off Walmart and got a South East Asia copy. It has a SE code.
  8. That's makes a lot of sense now. I recently picked up Batman ROTJ, and I was wondering why so many labels looked terrible. I waited to find a clean copy and looking at the back of the shell now, manufactured by Nintendo.
  9. Added Scramble with the top 3 runners from the 2020 Leaderboard Competition. Congratulations @bertsampson @Red @JamesRobot
  10. Final Season Leader Board has been updated. @bertsampson took the top spot, claiming the bonus and as well claiming the immunity prize for Round 2 with his Bobl submission. Congratulations Bert! The scores were all wild. Didn't think we would see +200K, great playing everyone. Unfortunately there has to be a player eliminated . @driveshaft you played great the entire competition and made it the finals, sorry to see you cut short.
  11. That's not as true as you are making it out to be. People may know the difference and choose to use "good" because it is common usage. If you are going for scientific conclusions with percentages, all you know is they responded with "good", not that they don't know the difference between an adjective and an adverb, that is your assumption.
  12. @tbone3969 is referring to the Turbo / PC Engine Duo, not Analogue Duo. The shared naming is definitely going to keep causing confusion in the future.
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