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  2. I just found this site thanks to a baseball guy I watch on Youtube, and its bad ass. I used to frequent funtrivia.com in the 90s, and this is actually quite a bit better. If you sign up at the link below, reply with your username so that we can test our wits against each other. Silverspoon402 https://www.sporcle.com/
  3. I gave it a 4. I had a CIB console and enough CIB games to have a collection at one point but I just couldn't justify keeping it around. I had no nostalgia for the console and the games I liked were mostly novelty as they were better elsewhere. Ultimately I switched my Atari fix to the 2600 and never looked back. I respect people who appreciate the system. I can imagine people growing up with it and have strong nostalgia tied to gaming on the 780/, however that just not me.
  4. you can play through steam, that is the part u might be thinking of @SailorScoutMandy
  5. I knew didn't need to buy. Had thought it ran through steam not browser based, my bad.
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  7. Sega CD is definitely a cool console to collect for. I'm really enjoying exploring the library since I've had zero interaction with it prior to this project. And they really do look great lined up on a shelf. Thanks for the link as well. I grabbed a pack of ten and I'm sure I'll be getting even more in the future.
  8. Didn’t know penises came up that often Certainly is a nice easy way to dismiss the point I was making without actually rebutting it though. I did ignore the hrw link because I’m not going to read a 45 page document for an argument on VGS to find the bit where they may or may not call them a threat to western democracy when the damn thing is titled China’s Threat to Human Rights, which we’ve already established is an issue. And what makes Melissa Chen an expert on this subject? The subject of the US’s aggressive policy stance towards one of our biggest trading partners. No one’s
  9. I did end up purchasing the 2X-pro, still waiting for it to come in the mail I was aware that it cannot do 480p, but I was under the impression that I could switch the wii's output to 480i..? I think? I was planning on using it with a wii for emulation, so hopefully there isn't an issue with that. Anyway still would like to hear your thoughts once you get it! I'll be posting about my experience as well.
  10. Yeah it worked without using any codes. I guess they didn't want you to finish the game with any help. Pretty interesting bit of programming if that was done intentionally.
  11. China certainly wants us to continue to purchase their stuff, they just want the USA to become powerless. Western diplomacy (not just the USA) argued that China and its people would adopt Western values over time if the West opened its doors to China. That, is simply not true and is a failure. I'm not saying there are simple ways to "fix" this situation, but yes, we are certainly in a second Cold War.
  12. It's browser-based. You don't need a steam account or anything at all. Only the host (@Jeevan) needs to own the game(s).
  13. you just watch my stream and play on ur phone/tablet/whatever. No purchase necessary!
  14. Nicely done! Did you use the shortcut or whatever it is? I need to check out die hard. I have a copy, but the games reputation has kept me from putting in any time on it. Kind of stupid considering how many "bad" games I really like
  15. I think spinner is fun. Totally random and I think evens out what everyone wants to play. I'll make drxandy a steam account so we can both play. Im assuming this will run on almost any pc?
  16. I have to say what I think is sad is that you 1)think this is about American hegemony when experts are saying otherwise 2)you ignore groups such as Human Rights Watch that discuss what a danger China is to democracy 3)you belittle experts such as Melissa Chen and 4)you show no support for your position rather just state your own opinions. So be it. We're obviously not going to have a real discussion here (you can usually tell that is the case when someone brings up either Nazis or penises because they have to have hyperbole).
  17. Im not sure if anyone collects these or not. Apparently i have been over the years and with my addition of my 32x collection my wife wants me to purge some things. Does any of these titles peek anyone’s interest? Some of these are MMO’s so probably not worth it to you guys but thought id ask. Oh i have skyrim too thats never been opened for pc btw: torchlight is brand new never opened oh and i should have looked at the picture more clearly the shiny blurry one is the light reflection off terra if anyone was curious enjoy!
  18. Probably because they linked it after they started watching. Just rewind, nbd.
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