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  2. The world is so weird... I was just thinking about this guy only a few days ago after not thinking about him in about 20 years when the 'set it and forget it' slogan popped into my head when making dinner. I was wondering how/if he was still alive and here we are.
  3. Oh wow; I can't believe they actually have an ABBA reference! A NPC says "At least we know the ABBA is safe..." There's yet another rock group reference as there's an REM Rod! See in addition to games with cute chicks I love cute little surprises like this one; I don't suppose like in Tales of Phantasia someone will tell me I'm not getting their Bud Light? BTW the Bromides (why are they called that) are very nicely done...just like the Samus pics you earn in the GBA Metroids! Hee hee I'm sure there's a couple that Claus from Tales of Phantasia would like...after all he does like his girls "under the sheets"
  4. For those of you not familiar with him he was forever hawking sundry goods of dubious usefulness on tv. Most famous IMHO was his pocket fisherman:
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  6. do you accept swag bucks either way, putting my vote in for dead or alive xtreme beach volleyball
  7. Anyone remember when products like analogue pocket were gonna release in may this year? pepperridge farm remembers.
  8. Awesome, two of the BEST games on the system IMO, those two Vigilante 8 games!!!
  9. Started playing Viglante 8 last night got two characters down so far
  10. Hello friends, my english it's not good at all Im creating this post just to help a petition on change org to revive Terranigma, this petition are supported by Kamui Fujiwara (character designer of the game) and Miyoko Kobayashi (One of the composers of the ost of the game) They have a project to bring back This wonderful game never released in America all the information is in english here https://terranigma.firesanctuary.com/ And the sign petition here http://bit.ly/3kSlAHZ Please let's sign this petition ! Thanks
  11. It's not a game, or anything tied to a game, but I have to say this is my literal holy grail. Long narration short, this is a 2001 Toys"R"Us Japan exclusive. Takara had produced 1,000 pieces as a way to commemorate the company's 10th anniversary. In 2012, I found only one piece on eBay that looked nicer than this one. The seller asked for $180 and I ended up passing for numerous reasons. From 2016, and beyond, I found less nice samples being offered both on eBay and the secondary market. And when I did, they were far beyond my paygrade. With even MIB slowly, but gradually, reaching that point. With AFA's census saying that only 1 has been graded (85). I found mine via Mandarake's SAHRA branch for 1,000 JPY more than the others that the other branches had. This one as listed as being "Unopened with some box damage". Which translates to it being sealed with what appears to be minor shelf wear. I mean if it was not for the minor damage to the back, this could have been graded a 90! But as we speak, I will be happy if it grades an 80+ or 85 by AFA. It's that nice both in the original photos and in person. At least in the front of the box as I am not going to display it before I manage to have it graded by AFA or CAS. There is more, but I will just say that the deal I got will have me put what I saved towards most of the overall grading costs.
  12. I swear everyday I find out about about more titles that I'd like to have. Bump
  13. Where's the bid? You think I'm doing this for FUN?! I'm doing this exclusively for clicks and bux, nothing less!
  14. Seeing prices double/triple on games and looking at my shelf with a big smile knowing that I didn't pay that.
  15. 2D easily for me. However, there are some genres where I feel 3D clearly enables a superior game such as flight or driving sims for example.
  16. @0xDEAFC0DE, data being pcb, ic data/date code and the embossed numbers. for the "NO DASH Tetris"
  17. 10 All versions are great, but the PS4 version is superior. I'm a huge fan of all the Team Ico games (in case you couldn't tell).
  18. Selling this time two large flat rate boxes: The first one contains more soundtracks for major popular games (including the last remainder of my Club Nintendo soundtracks), some games and some other random gaming items. The second box contains sealed games with their soundtracks and some extras as well. Box 1's starting bid is $60 and BIN price is $90 Box 2's starting bid is $150 and BIN price is $200 All pricing includes shipping to NA (Except Canada).
  19. That didn't work out so well. 17 gbp for the service - alright seems like a good idea. 41 gbp shipping. Over $90 use service and ship two SMS and one PS4 game. Lesson of the day: Don't use SkyPax!
  20. Double your money? Always wanted a few handhelds I never got and one I wish I got back... the two would be that(or the GT) and a Lynx, back...Nomad. Amazing handheld there, that last picture, I'd get the same feel/look too from that. Dudes nuts for that price, and Bonk 3 alone -- yeesh.
  21. I’d be down with finishing this. Have been busy the last week.
  22. Don't take this the wrong way, by any means because this will almost certainly happen somewhere in the not too distant future even if it isn't worldwide, but all it's really going to take is no food on the store shelves, no money coming out of the ATMs/currency value being reduced to near worthless, no electricity in many areas - and a cache o video games turns into chump change. The boxes and manuals magically convert into kindling. ¡Happy Wednesday Everyone!
  23. I think that would make sense... considering they are both pretty long. I'm still waitlisted at the library
  24. Totally agree, which is why I stopped chasing anything for it. In fact, Soldier Blade was on my want list for a while but when it crept up to the $200-300 range for a loose HuCard I was out...so, nice to organically come into it years later. Adding to the discussion of weird systems you saw growing up..there must have been something in the water in my neighborhood because me, my next door neighbor, AND another kid on our neighborhood all got a Sega 32X around launch. Also...there was a total Flanders esque churchy family in our hood too...they had the wisdom tree NES games! I played Bible Adventures once and was like wow this sucks...I also got banned from coming over to play with that kid for swearing.
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