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  2. Common Gamecube Games CiB: All inserts, manuals, cases, disks Super Smash Bros. Melee Wind Waker Animal Crossing (includes memory card) Metroid Prime Metroid Prime 2 Super Mario Sunshine DM if interested in buying/trading. If you'd like pics I can send 'em as well. Buyer pays shipping if outside of US, all games are NTSC GCN titles. I'm interested in trading for: Paper Mario (N64) Majora's Mask (N64) Expansion Pak Super Mario 64
  3. Wow, that sounds almost as bad as being a Sonic fan What are your thoughts on the Skylanders competitors? I bought a few Disney Infinity figures, and I bought a few Lego Dimension figures, but never bought the games. Both had high-quality figures, and Lego Chell, Lego Homer Simpson, and Lego Marty McFly are just awesome. And then there's amiibo...
  4. Thanks! I expand on this a little more below... Dude...for real...it was a time capsule... So yeah, George Floyd was killed about a mile from my house. I've popped in a few of the protests (more as an observer since this is pretty much happening in my backyard) and there is a lot of different dynamics going on. *Lots of peaceful protesters got "not so peaceful" at night... *Definitely some "pro looters" were here. Anything that sells Booze, prescription pills or tobacco was cleaned out in a 10 mile radius (well outside the flight path of the protests) If they were local or out of state is hard to determine but nothing political about them, they had a job to do and they did it well...opportunists as they say... *Many "questionable" buildings were also burned down. I won't get into my crazy conspiracies but living here for most of my life a few of these seem to coincidental to be part of the riots. (properties the city wants to develop(?), insurance scams(?), etc..) This is definitely not the case for ALL of them though but a few are VERY sketchy...especially when nicer newer buildings right next to them were untouched (not even any graffiti which is EVERYWHERE) *yes, many out of state plates. Several with bumper stickers (Black lives matter,equal rights, etc..) that would "suggest" they are here specifically for the protests "F*Ck 12" is spray painted everywhere, nobody from around here says that so at least a lot of skateboard suburb kids lol *Overall, as far as I could tell, it was a little bit of everything coming together in a perfect storm. No one group did it. To suggest this was all ANTIFA or "white supremacist trump supporters" is a bit ridiculous and just drama for the news/etc All I can say is I do think if our Mayor Jacob Frey hadn't ordered the police force to stand down (the night most of the damage happened) and refused help from the National Guard for several days we probably wouldn't have rubble piles all over the city
  5. Actually, thinking about them by name, there are five Skylanders games that came out for the Wii: Spyro's Adventure, Giants, Swap Force, Trap Team, and SuperChargers (technically "Superchargers Racing" on Wii). They all had options for the big box, and after the first, looking it up, there were options for Portal Owner's Packs for Giants and then again for Imagintors (Swap Force, Trap Team, and SuperChargergers required new portals at the time they came out due to doing different things with the figures that the previous iterations didn't support). At the time, they were truly fun games, the characters were fairly great across the board, the toys/figurines well made, and it appealed to the collector in me and a lot of others. For fans who truly enjoyed the series, it only truly got to be an outright cash grab with the fifth game, when you couldn't build a complete set of figures at retail without buying half a dozen or more different starter packs, including limited edition ("Dark") ones. You're definitely right about it starting to slow down after Swap Force, although Trap Team was still a good entry, even if the characters weren't quite up to the standards that the previous game had set. SuperChargers is really where it drove off a cliff (pun intended), with more characters, vehicles, etc., plus specific limits on how you could get them. My wife and I quit with SuperChargers and intentionally didn't finish the set (we technically missed finishing Trap Team because the last 3 traps were never released in the US and we weren't about to pay $100+ per trap to fill 3 holes in the trap storage chest) the moment that they announced packs including only the special characters you had to purchase certain starter sets to get, something they had specifically, vocally denied would ever happen. I've seen but never bought or played Imaginators and have no desire to do so. I was heartened to hear when fans figured out how to undo Activision's locking of the character generation gems after you used them once (basically requiring a gem of each element for every class of character you'd ever want to create, as you could erase characters but not the classes from the gems). I was reaffirmed in my decision not to go back to the franchise when I first saw it in stores next to big racks of blind bag packs which were required to unlock on-disc equpiment and abilities for your characters. At this point I'm getting to the point where I'd like to replay the games, especially with my son who's now old enough to actually play and not just swap characters back and forth (like a friends' kid did when the games first came out) but not quite over the disappointment of Activision's utter betrayal of the fans. Not quite there, but I don't feel the utter disgust when coming across the stuff anymore, so that's a good sign, lol.
  6. I’m going to throw headphones out there. With that tight setup, I’m not sure where your speakers are going to go. If they are on the ground, that might make for a awkward sound situation if you are scooted up close to the monitor. A nice set of vintage or retro styled headphones could add both nostalgia and increased game playing enjoyment.
  7. Interestingly enough, what they found in 2016 that it was actually other countries organizing it and having radical groups,.both left and right, carry our the actions. There was a great piece in rolling stone about it like a year ago. I was amazed that it got basically 0 coverage considering foreign meddling is such a big issue. It could also be alt left. Antifa wants riots to promote radical political change. The points you listed help them as well bc it pushes people who are left even further left. I forget where I read it but instances like this tend to only solidify preexisting views or push people in the way they were leaning. Also it can help the left bc the black vote didn't show up last time for Hilary, even after the riots in 2016. (I know it sounds horrible but it is an outcome).
  8. I mean with free shipping included it’s only about 999,980! Holy $100,000 eBay fee though. Is there a max fee they can charge? edit: this seems to fall under the $750 max cap but I could be wrong. https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/fees-credits-invoices/selling-fees?id=4364
  9. I suspect those bottom few entries on the poll may render differently in different browsers or on different devices. (could make the 2nd-to-last option look like it was a vote of "zero")
  10. Yeah, I know of three Skylanders games on the Wii. But I was talking more about the first game. It only came in the big box, since you can't play without the base thingy (power portal?) and the physical Skylanders figures. Sure, you could have a "complete" set with only cart, instructions, and box. It's like a CiB snes set without baggies, trays, adverts, inserts, ect. But if you want the truly "complete" set, meaning everything that came with the original games, that's the definition of complete. Like I said before, it's a bit of a blurry line. Entirely depends on your own ideas and beliefs. Whatever you consider to be complete, is complete. As a Skylanders fan, what exactly did you like about the franchise? To me, it always seemed like a cashgrab, but the earlier games were actually really good. After Swap Force though I felt it went really downhill. Weren't there even like Donkey Kong and Bowser figures at some point?
  11. Being a supreme Skylanders nerd up until the last couple of games, I'll say that there's the possibility that you're wrong here, as after the first game they introduced "portal owner packs" which weren't simply the big box with figures + portal + Wii clamshell, but were what you bought if you already had the basics and just wanted to get into the gameplay of the new game. I want to say those shrunk down sets only included the game and maybe whatever gimmick character was included in the big box set that you wouldn't otherwise be able to get. Don't forget there were four Skylanders games on the Wii, not just the first, so there's a lot more to have to collect if someone's claiming a complete Wii collection. And I agree with you regarding what's required for a "complete" set, but don't forget that CIB is also accepted as meaning "cartridge, instructions, box," so people who just have the "complete" clamshell on their shelf are also correct, depending on how they're collecting and using that abbreviation.
  12. Today
  13. Nice! Diggin’ those cart pictures in the background
  14. Literally no zeroes at the moment. I voted that I haven't seen it but would like to. I'm not really sure why I haven't. It's right up my alley.
  15. I ran into something like this a couple of years back when I won an Intellivision computer module + game lot for way less than it realistically should have gone for. I went ahead and paid the upcharge for 3 day priority shipping, then started after the seller when it didn't show up within that timeframe (can't recall if it actually had tracking or not). When it finally did arrive, I discovered that instead of everything being shipped via Priority Mail as I'd paid, or even something like First Class if the package had been outside of the bounds of what Priority Mail covered, they'd simply shipped it Media Mail for roughly $3 and pocketed the difference (clearly the entire difference, since the lot was shipped inside of a cut down and massively taped together Kohl's box). Negotiated with them through eBay, got told that they were a charity and I should be happy to let them have the extra money they didn't spend on shipping as I'd ordered (by upgrading my shipping option), then that their pastor would have to authorize the refund and he wouldn't. I got eBay on the phone and was told to file a return case but with the notation that eBay told me they were supposed to refund the partial shipping difference since they didn't ship as they were supposed to, so I did. Instead of a refund, I simply got a return label and demand I return everything when they realized that it had sold for far less than it should have (with huge hints that they wanted it back so they could resell it for much, much more). So, I got eBay on the horn again, explained what happened on the phone previously with them and I did not want to return the lot, just get the dishonest difference in shipping. I was told nearly immediately that they were going to refund the whole thing, at which point I talked the rep through it again to explain that they only needed to refund me the difference in shipping charges, as I was happy with my purchase and did get what I paid for, just not at the expedited shipping rate that I'd paid up for (basically didn't want some eBay rep screwing up and them trying to debit me for their error and screw up my account). In the end, eBay debited the seller the difference, refunded me what I'd asked (something like $20 difference, not a huge amount, but a big difference between $5 ~10 day shipping and $25 ~3 day shipping), and I left a descriptive negative for the seller. At which point they went nuts and started emailing me for weeks begging me to remove the negative in lieu of getting whatever free product I wanted out of their store, within a certain amount. Needless to say I skipped out on that offer, as I and others agreed it was most likely them fishing to get ammo against me to have their feedback overturned at the very least, or some sort of debit and strikes against my account at the worst.
  16. Ha ha ha, you can have it dude, lol! I didn't even think of that!
  17. To think, I can remember when DreamTR bought one years ago for $6,000, and everyone thought he was mentally insane! Before that sale they were selling in the 2-3k range, and the grey NWC were selling for around $800. If only I had money back then! lol
  18. It's probably been said before, but people who try to defend their expensive purchases and claim that they're "hidden gems". Hagane isn't the next Ninja Gaiden. It just isn't.
  19. Well, if you want a truly CiB Wii Set, you need the Skylanders. The game came with 3 figures, and was only sold in a big box, just like Earthbound. By definition, a "complete copy" comes with everything the original contained, not just some of it. It was never sold as just the "inner box with manual and disc" meaning the three Skylanders are needed for a truly complete set. But part of the joy of fullset collecting is that everyone makes their own rules for complete sets. I've seen people (dude from Nintendo Quest) count their set as complete without Flintstones 2. It's up to the collector.
  20. My current prized possession, with original keys. Now just need to find loose carts for less than $200 .
  21. So that's what the drug does! I don't know why they couldn't just say so rather than make me look like an idiot for "ask your doctor about Claritin". PS: This was in mid-late 90s so this was very early Internet era.
  22. @OptOut post ur complete here before i do of mischief makers U beat it first....... Edit: Also, I had to emulate, which i assume is ok, but I figure u played on real hardware **If opty wants it he can have it, but in case he doesn't ** Mischief makers done!!!!! I swear i will get back to this thread when i am done with the other thing we got goin on!!!!!
  23. I always wanted these, but never got them as a kid. Played with some old gi joes and tmnt instead, but wished i had these. Very cool and thanks for sharing!!!!
  24. Summer is here in game! (If yer northern hemisphere) sharks, beetles, oh my! Been waiting on those summer sharks, I tell you what.
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