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  2. Votes are cast in PRIVATE. Don't make me call the electoral commission in here...
  3. Yeah, they seem so tacked on. And since they're so easy (has anyone ever actually died on a driving or shooting stage in the history of ever?) they just feel like 100% filler. They are fun to play through though, so whatever. My only real complaint is that they started with a driving level, so if a guy has dozens of games to test out, he pops it in, and, "oh, driving game; not my jam," and that's the end of that. I would have put the driving stage at the start of Stage 2 so gamers could experience the kick-ass sidescrolling action right from the get go...
  4. Here we are then! You can still submit write-ins below if you like, but there should be more than enough up there to be getting on with!
  5. No interest in it, but I ended up with a PS4 four years after it came out. I'll check back in in half a decade and see if there's something I can't miss.
  6. I dunno. That Trapper Keeper isn't as cool as the one I had in the 80s. Kind of plain really.
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  8. Nah, you have to keep up with the times. In thirty years the hot commodity will be Fortnite skins they stopped selling in 2024
  9. Wow! That Tobias sounds like the video game world's answer to Toy Toni.
  10. This story brought to you in part by our sponsor
  11. Got this when it was on sale... any fans?
  12. Lord of the Sword complete. This one is a bit of a turd for me. Tough to play this one after Spellcaster and Kenseiden, as I find it inferior in almost every regard. If you enjoy an action game mixed with some rpg elements, stick to Spellcaster. I've never really enjoyed Lord of the Sword, but you can play through it slowly and it's not overly difficult. The game is very forgiving as well, so you don't have to worry and restarting from scratch after a death. Playing with a map is advised. Also, there are a few hints that Sega gave away through their Sega Hints service that ar
  13. We are the same. Good matchups this week. It's hard for me to separate my early-Weezer nostalgia from the actual music. Say it Ain't So took me a lot of listens back in the day before I started to like it. And the guitar-playing talk reminds me of college too. I thought I was special that I could play a couple of things, (lol yes, including Wonderwall) until one day some guy brought a guitar into a room and about 5 dudes practically fell over themselves trying to get to that guitar. So they could each play their two songs. Or for some of them, very short riffs from popular songs. It
  14. good luck dude... ive been looking for it too. ebay prices just keep creeping up. but there is one on ebay for 1100
  15. I really was not particularly impressed by this trailer, but we'll see...
  16. Damn, I was gonna bid $420.69 but I guess it's yours.
  17. BlackRock Is Not Ruining the U.S. Housing Market The real villain isn’t a faceless Wall Street Goliath; it’s your neighbors and local governments stopping the construction of new units. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/06/blackrock-ruining-us-housing-market/619224/ Rental-home companies own less than half of one percent of all housing, even in states such as Texas, where they were actively buying up foreclosed properties after the Great Recession. Their recent buying has been small compared with the overall market. Far worse than corporations taking a few thous
  18. Sure wish I could figure out where you were doin yer farming brother. Anyway, kick-ass run.
  19. With extra nothing I think they figured if they just say they’ll get around to it, everyone gets off their backs. Then slowly we forget and move on to more important things.
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