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  2. Besides Contra Hard Corps, Gunstar Heroes is probably the most similar game to Contra. Also Hard Corps came out after Gunstar Heroes. My whole point is that the amount of hype behind Gunstar seems exaggerated. It is a great game, but honestly I’d much rather be playing any Contra game, even Hard Corps (which is also a Sega game but doesn’t get as much hype in my opinion while being the better game).
  3. you're the only offer rn. the grade is just wrong i'm not sure what they took off for. maybe because the shrink wrap isnt perfect in how it was sealed
  4. Not mint but I bought this originally in the 90s! Namco's Time Crisis Gcon45 gun.
  5. @DoctorEncore your pictures aren’t loading for me… don’t know why
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  7. I don't think a sealed Griffey could fetch 7 figs right now, I think low 6 figs is a real possibility. I've heard the pop with Wata is less than 10, not sure if VGA graded any, but I think when we do get to see pop reports, that game, if one of the few copies that exist ever gets offered up for sale, it's going to pull a major premium.
  8. Are you just routinely ignoring the point where multiple discs are used to store video clips, and not actual game content? Though for PS2 games and forward, voice acting probably plays a big role, too. Especially in games with different localizations on the same release. Lost Odyssey on Xbox 360 is on four DVD discs btw.
  9. I have a 9.6 A+ Griffey, it's worth some coin but won't rival the Mario studs that we talk about. And there's only been 1 Turtles in Time Japan, that was the 9.2. The other two were Majesco 9.4 Sealed and 8.5 CIB versions with the black and white manual. Majesco is about as relevant as Player's Choice Mario 64 compared to the real deal. A real deal Made in Japan will do extremely well on an auction.
  10. Same. One of those games I heard nothing but hype before I played it, and while it isn't bad, I didn't get much out of it the few times I played it.
  11. I don't think this makes sense at all. The MegaDrive has absolutely no lack of exciting arcade'ish action games, and when people want to compare the two consoles, this is one of the areas where the Sega console usually comes out strong if not on top. While I do also think Contra III is the better game of them, MegaDrive still had two incredibly good games by the same designer in Rocket Knight Adventures and Contra Hard Corps, as well as plenty of other great things like Alien Soldier, Ranger-X, Twinkle Tale, Atomic Runner, and so on. Even though I'm not that big on Gunstar Heroes either, I think reducing one of legendary game developer Treasure's seminal masterpieces to "sega fans needed something to compare to Contra" is incredibly reductive. Everything doesn't have to be about the "console wars", and it would really help discourse if people could leave that part of the 90s behind.
  12. Say, how come of all the double disc games there are for the PS1, why the heck does a casino game (Golden Nugget) of all things need two discs? It is kinda neat that Batman (Burt Ward) is in the game though
  13. If the only thing off is some paler colors, odds are it's just slightly sun faded.
  14. Though the more power the consoles get, the higher budgets are required to make full use of them. I think the fact that the upcoming PS5 Final Fantasy game of all things looks not even like a PS4 game, but like a straight up PS3 one. I don't think that's a bad thing, I think it's great that even large developers aren't always giving into the pressure of AAA, and that consumers recognize the best games aren't always the ones with the most bells and whistles, but it really begs the question of how large a role each new incremental step in console technology really plays.
  15. 100% fake. While MMC1 boards exist with all 72 pins on them, the expansion port pins were removed by 1990. Since Dragon Fighter came out in 1992, it should not be possible for all the pins to be present on the board. Even without the other red flags, this is an obvious oversight on the part of the faker.
  16. The PS2 was plenty exciting on release compared to PC games at the time. Hell, everyone I knew who were exclusively playing PC games at the time were still excited for it. But it's really besides the point - I said SSDs aren't really enough to qualify an entirely new generation as a brand new thing, but I never made the claim that the reason the new generation isn't exciting is because PCs can do the same thing. You're mincing words.
  17. How do you tell which version you have? Your post is a little vague
  18. 11,220 Well that's half an hour of my life I will never get back. What a piece of shit game. I have zero desire to improve this, and was actually pretty close to saying "fuck it" and not bothering to get a participation score.
  19. I haven't played IV in a long time so would really have to give it a go to make a fair comparison. At one time back in it's hey-day I started to develop the feeling that I liked it even better than CVIII which turned out fleeting as CVIII remains my Fav. and probably always will be. A weird thing about X though is the lack of having to power up the whip and the lack of double/triple shots which feels to me like something is missing. The whole -Rondo is the best, X is the worst mentality is pretty ridiculous.
  20. You know that's a sequel and a completely different game, right?
  21. Mark Haspel founded CFC and served in various positions within the company, including president, before leaving for other ventures and then recently coming back due to WATA's purcahse. So, yeah, he's super into comics, lol. He taught all of CGC's graders how to do their jobs per various reports.
  22. I don't understand why this film was considered a failure by Spielberg and critics alike. Or, reading a bit into the details (I've actually read multiple full articles trying to figure it out) I kinda get it, and yeah the movie definitely has its weaker parts. I could especially have been entirely without Julia Roberts' awkward Tinkerbell. But overall, it's a fucking fantastic story about childhood, parenthood, and growing up. It's like genuinely the best sequel the original Peter Pan story could possibly have. And the older I get, the more emotional I get watching it, proving that it's a lot more than just a kids movie. And outside of the sfx related to the aforementioned Tinkerbell, it really hasn't aged a day. The sets are beautiful and extravagant, and really communicates the mood of the film perfectly. 9/10 - Probably one of my favourite movies, but some parts don't hold up as well as others.
  23. Another big red flag is "as-is, untested" in the description, and yet they show an angled picture of some screen playing the game.
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