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  2. You will have to ask @DefaultGen
  3. So as you guys know I just recently got into modern PS3/PS4 gaming and I'm enjoying especially collecting the trophies! That of course in addition to the fantastic 7th/8th gen graphics. I honestly can't believe what I've been missing all this time. So to that end, I've come to a big gaming decision. I've decided to give up retro gaming and sell all my games except the PS3/PS4 ones...and use the money to build as good a collection of PS3/PS4 games as I can. Not only because the graphics and more realistic gameplay you get with PS3/PS4 are so awesome, but especially getting to hunt for all those trophies! I just feel very regretful that I didn't think to do this at the beginning...maybe I could've been right up there with the leaders of the trophy hunters. As for me giving up and selling off my retro collection, why the heck not? Like that one country singer said a few years ago, nobody wants to play grandpa's and daddy's games I mean how can anyone stand playing those ancient blocky/pixelated games and especially those UGLY looking PS1 (and to slightly lesser extent N64) games with all those pointy triangles, jagged edges, and dot crawling? Yuk! I don't see how people even at the time could stand games like that... So what it boils down to is, I've turned over a brand new leaf in my gaming career. No more will I waste time with grandpa's and daddy's games where they not only have awful or mediocore graphics but you get nothing for achieving things in games. From now on, it's only the latest graphics and collecting trophies! I guess I can choke down those ancient obsolete games on PS3/PS4 ports of them to get those trophies, because that's the most important thing in gaming, with awesome graphics being a close second. So for those of you wanting to buy some of my retro games and help contribute to my PS3/PS4 games fund, I made a video of my entire retro games collection here so can easily see it and check it out. Remember I'm selling everything except my PS3/PS4 games. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  4. erac

    Alley Cat (NES Port)

    The logo clearly says "Veeey Det" :P
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  6. I tried to join the star force party last week but noticed I was too late. I went through the Adventure Island trilogy recently so I figured I should give it a go. 254,580
  7. I texted my buddy the other day because I heard there was trouble on his block. It didn’t affect him, but he thanked me and said “none of us need extra trouble right now.” I wrote back “ugggh i have it”. I was saying I have extra (unrelated) trouble, but he thought I meant I have the virus, lol Isn’t that a very interesting not political story.
  8. Nintendo don't really have any shortage of new games. Hell, the proclaimed topic here was that Nintendo are promoting a new Paper Mario one. Considering the only other ever re-release of an otherwise incredibly iconic game like Super Mario 64 was on the DS, I do think one is overdue. And Mario Galaxy deserves proper HD. I'm not normally one for pointless "remasters", which are usually just lazy re-releases of games that came out on the previous generation a couple of years earlier. But this one I can kinda get behind.
  9. Okay, reading this worries me. But I'll give it a try and see what I can do. Glad that someone is reading the write ups and enjoying them. I was concerned at first that I'm just stating the obvious and things that have been said a thousand times since this challenge has been beaten several times already. I actually had more to say about Bart vs. the World and Times of Lore, but unfortunately Firefox crashed when I uploaded the picture and everything was lost. I think I have watched a few longplays from some users here as well. Really cool to see.
  10. I just purchased 9 more games for SFC. I'll update when those come in the mail. I purchased from https://www.goatstore.com/ which is owned/operated by the organizers of Midwest Gaming Classic.
  11. I’ve heard a lot of people say the same thing. It’s got to be why.
  12. I'm with you on this. The last 3 weeks has been hellish. I've had to find new ways to relax. I started setting up a new area to play games in. It's pretty limited on space but the change of scenery should help a lot. Maybe that's something that will help you as well. Edit: @Richardhead here's the start of my alternate NES setup. I'll likely mod it to play all teh gaemz and add some pieces of flair to the location for that extra bit of spark joy.
  13. It been a long time, but if I remember correctly as long as you don't use a continue before that point it just automatically takes you to Planet X.
  14. I had been getting a metric shit ton of these, like 40+ in one day before the "shutdown" of the world!!!!!! The virus thing had become something by then, but not shutdown.........I resigned up for the no call list and i have received lots of text messages . Either way, I told one off not too long ago and havent received any actual calls since . Just something I have observed is that when it all started they were hitting it hard, but then after the "shutdown" it has backed off.
  15. As an aside, @Splain you happen to notice any audio glitches while you were playing through BB2000? A couple of times all sound and music cut out entirely, and even quoting the game and going back to the main menu didn't help. The only thing that fixed it was resetting. No wonder the clowns that made this didn't want to leave credits, lol!
  16. telliott1191


    if this is still available I'll take it
  17. If you've been following my Twitter, you know I've been making a port of the Atari/DOS classic Alley Cat. It is now complete and is available in the link included in the tweet. There might be some liberties with the source material but I'm sure they're unnoticeable. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.
  18. I’ve literally had a hard time decompressing and being able to concentrate on anything the last few weeks. I’ve never done a no death run at this game, I’ve come somewhat close though. I’ve only gotten to that point once in the last month of playing.
  19. The wife was just telling me that she's noticed the same thing. I think we've had only 1 scammer call in the last week.
  20. I think your tactic to play more Adventure Island than Star Force was a wise one. I can see myself going a fair distance here, but one week of playing will likely not be enough to get me to my max.
  21. You definitely should and honestly, after beating a boss on expert, try to get a S rank. It is not that far ahead once you can beat it. Another thing I thought was super cool to do is the pacifist run of the run & gun stages. Also beating Hilda Berg with only the tiny plane bullets was quite rad, a long fight! The bosses I had the most trouble getting an S rank on are the Frogs, the Bird, but especially the Robot.Damn god Robot! The game is known to be frustrating, but I have been quite chill for the most part of it, even going for S ranks. But I must admit that I lost my marbles against the Robot. He is the only boss that made me go 'punch my couch' and 'swearing out loud' angry. And I had the most disheartening run on him trying for the S rank, like thinking I got it but I was 1 second over to get it, or being at like 2-3 bullets to S rank him but I get hit just before the knockout. After the Robot all the other bosses were fine by me.
  22. Well @OptOut u did a solid...........but were you on a mission, from god?
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