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  2. Agreed. Would be really surprised if this doesn't become a classic.
  3. Our buddy @FireHazard51 is working on a document that we can share here and let everyone add games they want to play or can play on it. Also a list of games that are commonly played on game night etc. Eventually he can share here and we can go from there. Kinda like an organization type deal.
  4. Tanooki, if the IRS ever needs evidence you've been not reporting income for years then they just need to come look at the 3 threads you've posted in about this.
  5. According to what I read in Mr. CIB's links, the tax law itself hasn't changed at all, just that they are now requiring platforms (Ebay) to send a 1099-K when you hit $600 in sales. So...if you've been following the rules already, then there isn't going to be any new tax hit. If you haven't been reporting Ebay sales, then yes, you'll have a slightly larger tax bill. Luckily you can deduct the heck out of it with expenses (cost of the item, envelopes, Paypal fees, shipping) and it isn't that bad. Certainly not bad enough to avoid Ebay as a sales platform. The biggest annoyance f
  6. @Mega Tank @spacepup @ZeldaFreak @ChickenTendas @Deadeye @fox @Rooster @Vectrex28 @0xDEAFC0DE @DefaultGen @Gloves @imabadguy1 @SNESNESCUBE64 @drxandy @ZeldaFan042 @Rhapsody98 @andrew244 @Costmosis @darkchylde28 @KokiriChild @Reed Rothchild @RegularGuyGamer @MegaMan52 @Scrobins @neodolphino @FireHazard51 @SailorScoutMandy @Megamanfan @AverageOliver98 @nettenette @Famicuber @Sumez @Dimo @BattySalem @B.A. @Murray @Br81zad @a3quit4s Um, ya, so game night poll, late because maybe it will help you all remember to show up this time . Jk, but here ya go, game night 4/17 poll!!!!
  7. @Californicationfreedom finger is a lot of fun!! That cover is hilarious. I have it on the switch digitally.. wonderful silly writing and the soundtrack is pretty great too.
  8. Wow, I can only imagine this guy has some mental disorder.
  9. the only weirdness i got, is that i swear i used to play and have Shadow Warriors (Ninja Gaiden) on the GB, why? because i DO have the manual.... but somehow i don't have the game itself? where did it go? did i ever actually have it? if not, where and when did i ever get just the manual then? i have it since the '90s too, so it's not like it was a later bulk lot i got it in or something, as i was not even aware until 2007ish that people even collected old video games such as NES/SNES/GB.
  10. Hey everyone, I made it to Level 7. I have to say that stage 6 was probably the worse stage thus far for me. The placement of stars, blue smiley blocks, and floating spike mines really hinders your ability to move freely away from your enemies. The 2nd wave of level 6 is pretty crazy. I had to farm enough "1 UPs" to effectively get through the 2nd wave. In the end, I finally manage to pull through. The purple background picture is the last few seconds of me wrapping up stage 6 (a real PITA). The other two screenshots are the beginning stage 7. I hope to finish this game soon. Its very ch
  11. Waiting for over a year? People are still sending games in? For real? with WATA and HA forming a nice relationship and setting a precedent, is there any way of another grader can come in and have success? I don’t know the ins and outs of grading, but another team can surely do better, right? how are people justifying waiting a year?
  12. I started working on opening this up. I wanted to see if I could get into the main compartment where the console is. On one side there is a single DIN DVD player like what you might install in a RV that would have a separate LCD television. I could reach in there front the front with a long socket extension and removed the lock from the inside. Once the back security door was open, someone is able to change out the DVD discs that can be stashed on that round plastic peg. There isn't much else to see in the back once that door is open. On the bottom I noticed two external ports. O
  13. I'm enjoying it a lot so far. Not too far in, but I like the world building.
  14. Yup Cyberpunk was the first to come to mind when I hopped in here, it was so bad they offered refunds haha!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Well there's certainly a sizeable number of adults that play Nintendo I'm confident, but compared to PC/Xbox/Playstation, it's just not even comparable. I wouldn't even say that's an assumption - do you have a lot of gaming friends? If so, I'd be highly interested in what systems they primarily play on...if you'd answer honestly ;). I'm not dogging Nintendo it's just their bread and butter to kick out gimmicky family/kid style consoles and games - they flat out don't even try to compete with the big dogs and really haven't since N64/Gamecube eras. They have their own corner of the mark
  17. pretty clean cib $20 on store credit my late grandpa gillette picked this one with me back in 92' for $0.50 one time
  18. I’m surprised by these prices but ok with it. I wish I could join the “inner circles” payday auctions and cash in without having to pay them $500 to get something graded because I have to use their grading service in order to auction in their $$ making auction house or having to wait a year to get something back when they decide to send it back. Let the rest of us get these titles graded in a timely manner, and at a respectable rate, so we can join the fun! Watching these slow cash-ins on the stacks of case fresh titles from the DOV sales is not only brilliant but hilarious to watch. At
  19. I believe this Guns, Gore, and Cannoli was a 500 unit print run. This is the first time I am considering not opening a game. Also, the more I watch the video's the more unsure I am of how fun the game is. Freedom Finger - is solid.
  20. I'm running out of games to buy. I would be very surprised if my purchase and sales don't slow to a crawl by next year.
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