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  2. I am auctioning off 50 NES games, including a nice canadian CIB Clu Clu Land. Check them out: https://www.ebay.de/sch/schmibernd/m.html?item=114120496845&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 International shipping is only 4.90 € for every two games. All items are of course 100% original and authentic. Thanks for looking! Cheers bene
  3. See if you can get a pic so it can join the others here https://iamerror.gamehacking.org/?page=database&catID=4&sysID=14
  4. https://psntrophyleaders.com/leaderboard/main Wow, this is beyond insane what the all-time trophy hunting leaders have one...there's exactly 100 with at least a thousand platinums...I'll be lucky if I can even get one or two I bet!! And 451 have at least 25K trophies overall. Of course they had an over ten year head start!! Wow, this sounds like the kind of thing you'd have to invest every waking moment of your life...and I got way too many other kinds of hobbies going on too! Not to mention Nintendo and PS1/PS2 gaming! So yeah, while I certainly think doing the trophies is fun, I hope you guys aren't expecting me to ever get anywhere near these guys!
  5. I dunno, I think I got mine at or fairly close to 10 years ago-ish...so I don't know if anyone thought of putting heat sinks in a top loader NES...I mean I thought the whole point of cartridge based consoles is that there's no moving parts and hardly any heat? So how many hours would be too many for one play through? Just so I'm on the safe side. Does using the Everdrive make more or less heat?
  6. Thank you! That means a lot I've been experimenting with different subjects in the realm of media history throughout my other videos, but I plan to return to lost media after my next video (which is already recorded and in the editing bay) as it is by far my most successful video so far.
  7. Man, I was really looking forward to getting this game when I was a kid, was pretty bummed when it never came out. I think it was lost in the market transition from GBC to GBA, just fell through the cracks... Might have to put in an order with JJ games sometime!
  8. You're probably better off selling it when you're done. Any video game museum is probably a short lived venture and will just end up on the auction block anyways and you won't get a y money from it. If it bothers you maybe filter who you sell it to instead of just the highest bidder?
  9. Thank you! Your avatar is intriguing! Is she an OC? I traded a good chunk of my childhood commons, uncommons, and rares from Base Set to about Gym Challenge for a CB copy of FFX back in the day. Not my best trade, but I kept all of my holographics, thank goodness. Nowadays, suffice to say I've gotten everything back and then some. Some of the newer cards are super cool, but there's nothing like the nostalgia of the WOTC thick-border sets. It sounds like you have quite a collection yourself.
  10. Finished Ford Racing 3 today. Budget PS2 game, good for its price and I wouldn't have been overly disappointed had I got it back in the day. However it gets rather tedious towards the end of the main mode. I'd recommend it, but only for short bursts over a long time period. Thinking of either Crash N-Sane Trilogy, LA Noire or Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn for the next game to play. Leaning towards Crash the most, because it's probably the easiest to play for a few minutes when I have the time.
  11. Far from flagrant, I enjoyed every minute of your video! I hope you do more on lost media. Really entertaining stuff.
  12. Final fantasy 3 on the SNES. I've owned it since 2002 and haven't really played it
  13. I need a custom nes label made. Someone that could do design and print one for me. Id give detailed instuctions and an example of what I want on it from previous years. Is bounce on this site yet? Dra6oon printed them for me the last couple of years but I dont think hes come over.
  14. It kinda looked that way. We'll play Champions first then, ha thanks!
  15. @ErickRPG Dark Alliance 2 is the better game. It is an improved DA1 and you can play as Drizzt.
  16. Final box! =O I'll need to double check my whole collection over once I get that Sqoon box. I know there is going to be a small list of manuals I'll need.
  17. I SO wanted to have a Fiero with a Lamborghini body kit back in the day
  18. ahhh, gotcha, hehe, wasn't trying to call u out just messing round. Guess i just seen it too quickly
  19. Found this yesterday on Facebook marketplace for $20. I'll keep Viewtiful Joe and sell the rest. Already have a gold Wii Classic Controller Pro.
  20. I always add new awards to myself so I can grab the images to update the Full List thread.
  21. A collector I met recently has a sealed Minecraft for Xbox one with upside down artwork.
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