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  2. It seems that only certain locations have them. The local one here still does, but I've been to several others in the area that don't have them at all.
  3. Seems like they don't really make that one anymore, or at least near me they don't have it on the online menu. Maybe I'll just keep my eyes peeled when I'm on the road...
  4. I think the conclusion is pretty spot on. Thoughts?
  5. Anecdotal but my Walmart still has 2DS XL w Mario Kart 7 for $99 in stock. Store.nintendo still has 2ds XL in stock for $99 and new 3DS XL for $119 which is possible the best deal online. I found the 2ds XL to be a little frail and didn't have as nice of a hand feel as the new 3SS XL. One of the benefits of the 2DS XL is the placement of the SD card which makes modding it even more attractive. Overall, I suggest anyone who is looking at getting into playing 3DS games but not interested in collecting to mod the system. It's so easy and completely safe and the upside is immeasurable. Things like blue light filters and custom themes come standard and are worth the ~30 mins it takes alone.
  6. One of my own creation after a few typos and a short conversation in the Discord. I spent like 45 minutes on this please help
  7. ...Or the Super Nintendo with its shitty yellow plastic and faulty PPU. (I like how you left that one out. ) Occasional pin contact issues aside, I been had my original Nintendo for 30 years and it fired up just fine the other day. It's the only console I've ever had that got serious playtime and still runs like a champ. I've had 2 2600s, 2 Supers (bad PPU), 2 PS2s, 2 PSPs, 3 GBAs (2 SPs), 2 DSs, 2 PS3s (Launch 60 gig didn't work straight out the box), 3 360s, and a Switch with joycons that wander harder than a hobbit across 3 boring ass movies. I love the 360 and if I could boil the fucking RRD to get it working again, it'd be on the stove every spaghetti night. The og Gameboy (I don't own one anymore) and the PS Vita are the only others that hold a candle. And the Vita has at least another decade of service before I can consider it in the running.
  8. Ahh didn't know that existed. Either way I'll bookmark it. Not like 50cents is a bad thing, but hey free is free. Right now I'm doing mental gymnastics over getting a New 2DS XL or sticking with the 2DS I found recently. Not into collecting it, but having it as a tester with a few fun finds here and there isn't an issue either. But what is, stupidly saving to hardware, not the game itself so I don't want to start something I can't finish.
  9. Yeah, they also re-printed the one that Zelda a Link to the Past had as well. I've still got my original from the 90s, but it was re-issued fairly recently. https://www.amazon.com/Legend-Zelda-Link-Past/dp/1421575418 Also, if you were a fan of the old Nintendo Comics System valiant comic books, they did a pair of 'best of' hardbacks of which one is the Best of Nintendo Comics System. https://www.amazon.com/Best-Nintendo-Comics-System/dp/0792455290 And then there's the Best of Super Mario Bros. https://www.amazon.com/Best-Super-Mario-Brothers/dp/0792455304 I actually own originals of all these except for the Mario re-print. Obviously the last two werent NP but ran in tandem at comic book shops so I included them. There was within NP a Starfox and Metroid comic but they never did get reprinted annoyingly.
  10. @Tanooki Oh, that's what I thought you meant. Didn't know about the 50 cent thing though. Next time you have a parental lock on one try this site https://mkey.salthax.org/ Enter in the inquiry number (get it by telling the DS you forgot the password and secret question), just make sure the date matches, this site will generate a master unlock for it so you can change/remove the PIN. It works on DSi/3DS/Wii/Wii U and doesn't cost anything.
  11. Man, prices are crazy indeed. I think I paid something like 45-50 bucks by using a coupon on that shop called eStarland. Glad I managed to pick it up back then, it´s not a style of game I usually play, but heard really good things about it.
  12. Today
  13. Nintendo has a service where you pay .50cents on your card (mainly there just to verify it's you as it required a CC only, no paypal etc) and you can get a master code off your device, it gives a response PIN, and it removes the parental lockout. VERY handy if you forget, or buy a system second hand and it's locked out. Nintendo being all picky locks down not just the system but internet access (including the ability to system factory reset) with a PIN in the way and this site removes the PIN entirely. Works for Switch, 2DS/3DS, WiiU, Wii, and DSi. https://www.nintendo.com/consumer/assets/pin.jsp
  14. I wish I could've done more attempts but internet was down from Friday until today.
  15. My wife cannot be convinced of anything. I just try to stay out of the way and avoid becoming collateral damage
  16. Yeah you get it. I'm fine, would be more so if I wasn't stuck happily with 1080p as it is TVs, with 4k on consoles, but if you're going to do it, work within the limits of the hardware. Great if you can push a 4K image, but when that image is shambling in the mid 30s and 40s while you lie about 60FPS performance, it just makes your game play much like the comment, full of shit. I wish they'd get off the 60fps lying high horse, or back it up. I get they have to peddle the equal of half decade old PC quality performance parts to meet a budget to peddle their systems to happy consumers not wanting a $1000 console but something has to give, and well price won't be, so try and meet reality with reasonable expecations. I know the gamers will be fine and the media would fall in step with it not goading some pathetic whiny battle which would make it better for all. We've seen how pretty PS5 can be, and developers they know the hardware at least, maybe start fresh and set real expectations. Look that stunning, but lock it at 30 or lock it at 60, but damn well 95-100% of the time KEEP the game not matter what at those levels and frame time too. It's doing no favors having some parkinsons style play mechanics and frame time going on during a battle.
  17. I'm aware of that entirely, it's more the act of using some ancient hardware with some kind of life expectancy in such a high ball exterior that gets me asking so much. I'd find it far more palatable if it was some FPGA like the others. I was on board with SuperNT, would on the Mega if I had that, the handheld I think is begging for too much considering how they spread that out.
  18. I hadn’t heard of this one, thanks for the link. I ended up watching them all back to back, really great series.
  19. Frame time is important for sure. Consistency will make a game feel much better than stutters and hitches. I'm all for stable 30. Hopefully next gen can do that for 60. Sekiro and some other newer titles are straining the consoles now. Developers will probably push graphics hard though and we will stick with 30.
  20. I recently just added two more guides into my collection. Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and yesterday locally got the original Pokemon Nintendo players guide for red/blue totally intact. I love that old late 80s early mid-90s era Nintendo guide stuff. That pokemon guide seems to have a lot of that early one off never mainstream used hand drawn images of all the pokemon which is fun to see. I think some of the sprite art looks wrong, maybe late beta stuff slipped in that wasn't in game as it looks off.
  21. I don't have any pics much but I do have what I think was a fairly impressive run of things in the last 48 hours. Yesterday I was able to score yet another local 2DS, no charger, no stylus, with 4GB memory card still and a loose copy of Code of Princess with a black and blue trim handheld for $10 (+50 cents to get the lockout pin removed.) But also that day I nailed down the original Nintendo Pokemon Strategy guide with intact stickers and the old owner left a fold out 1999 pokemon calendar in there too along with this Japanese magazine size manga of King of Fighters 97 for about $20. Paid also $2/ea for Carnival Games Wii and Neverending Story on blu-ray. And the book store had these wicked 40 year old Be An Interplanetary Spy books (#1 and 3) strangely intact as they're meant to be folded, drawn in and even cut up paperbacks that are panel comic art versions with puzzles for choose your own adventure style stuff for $5ea (worth like 3x that.) Then today, maybe you saw my run to Meijer for new games cheap thread, but I paid $10ea instead of $40 for sealed up 3DS games of Metroid and Kirby Extra Epic Yarn. Mid-last week though I did find an immaculate complete copy of Wii Wario Ware too for $2 as well. July was a dry month but August has been friendly.
  22. Holy cow! Sounds like it’d definitely be worth pursuing then. Now to figure out how to get a game graded.
  23. Hey I've been out of the loop with this whole 3DS thing for honestly the last 2 years more or less, maybe 3 as the releases got thin, stale, and remastery in a poor way so I sold mine off a few months ago finishing up recently. Fast foward to this month, I've scored between 2 pick ups for a $110 total a crystal red 2DS, then a black with blue trim 2DS. The red had a stack of a dozen games (5 3DS in that) and the black one had a loose copy of Code of Princess. I've decided I want if my kid will relax(adhd ocd etc, not getting into it) to give her one of them since she broke again a DSlite I gave her. I'll save the other 2DS for myself, OR I'll get real with it, yet I will keep CoP and 3 others from the red (mk7, smash, ace combat+) and casually play it but not collect. The last few games I got on 3DS bored me though I was fairly apathetic already between Luigi, Mario&Luigi and stuff, Pokemon Ultra Sun at least amused me but it leaves me kind of unfamiliar with what I missed out in that stretch. I didn't even realize there was this Mario Sports Package deal with horse racing, golf, baseball that looks solid enough. I'm thinking maybe it would be a good idea since the 3D I don't need to get a New 2DS XL, would this be wise? They can't be found sadly it seems at retail now, and ebay is starting to get a bit spongy which sucks. Today I found if you saw that thread I made about a deal I got Kirby and Metroid for $10 instead of $40 new at the store for each so I have them on my desk. If I do keep to the 3DS again I'll play them, if not, well yeah...it'll get me something I could use.
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