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  1. May 30, 2020 Sale of Xbox demos to Nugfish Nugfish's feedback: flawless transaction with fast shipping!
  2. Thanks @Jeevan. Its lucky # 30 for me this year.
  3. Definitely. I almost started War Gods last weekend, but just didnt feel it. I think I will really get into 'em if I can just get jumpstarted.
  4. Both of those are fun. I am currently on the last tournament in Roadsters and have been enjoying that as well...come to think of it, this may be the first Titus game I have enjoyed...
  5. Bump. Everything is still available except Double Dragon 2, Section Z, and Dr Mario for NES
  6. DK64 There is so much to do in this game. I just love it!
  7. Bumping this thread. Any other OG XBOX traders around?
  8. Looking good! XBOX collecting can be kind of a beast. I started trying to get a full NTSC set + variants and the variants burnt me out for a while. I hope your collecting has served you better.
  9. We've definitely slowed down. Hoping to finish DK64 this weekend and get things picked back up as well.
  10. Life's been extremely busy the last couple weeks, and is just starting to slow down. I am probably past the half-way mark on DK64 and it has been a blast - I can't get myself to just power through it like all the other games I have completed so far. I don't want it to end...There will definitely be over 14 hours in it once I'm finished.
  11. I really want one, but keep holding onto hope that Analogue will come out with an N64 console.
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