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  1. I jumped back into NBA Showtime and it is really working me. I only have 6 teams left to beat and I may never play it again when I am finished. I have always loathed the "keep the game close" mechanic that is in all the Sports arcade games, but this game wins the prize. Playing this game for an extended amount of time is akin to a 10k run in flannel underwear...
  2. I used to message sellers whenever I ran across stuff like this. Sellers would message me back maybe 40% of the time and it was as if I called their mother a whore...
  3. I am the youngest sibling as well so my brother would get the new system in his room and I'd get the old one in my room. Because of that. I had a SNES in my room until my brother got a PS2 so I totally get where your coming from. The wife and I have friends over from time to time and there is always a positive reaction when they see all my Nintendo stuff. We recently invited a couple from church over that were 24/25 (one of which is a self-proclaimed gamer) so I took him down to see my game room. He passes up my shrine of boxed NES stuff and my complete N64 collection to boxes of OG XBOX stuff in the corner that I don't even have displayed because he had a few of the games on Steam or GOG. When talking about everything I pointed to the NES stuff and he shrugs and says "I dont know about any of that stuff. You have any PS2 games?". I was blown away that he had 0 interest, but at that moment I realized how much of this hobby hinges solely on nostalgia.
  4. Very well put. That reflects my sentiments as well.
  5. So curiosity is getting the best of me...The N64 gets dumped on pretty heavily which makes me wonder what those who post in this thread enjoy about it? I was born in 1990 so there is definitely a nostalgia factor for me because this was the first console I remember getting new. Besides how quickly the thumbsticks loosen up, I really like the controller. I think almost all of the first-party published titles are excellent (including sports titles) and I was never a JRPG person so the lack of those titles never bothered me. People say the graphics haven't aged well which is certainly true in some cases, but it still has a unique charm to it: the N64 Mario is my favorite version of all generations. Are we all in a similar age bracket? Perhaps that is the prerequisite?
  6. Wrestlemania 2000 was the only wrestling game I was ever able to get into. I applaud you getting those WCW games done!
  7. 7 tournament w/3 days per tournament, and I weighed in early most of the days. I don't know for sure, but it was 6-8 hours. I've always bagged on the N64 fishing games, but that was actually pretty good. I am now curious how Bass Hunter is. That will probably be on deck in the next couple weeks.
  8. In less than 2 months we are officially past the 25% mark!
  9. Bass Masters 2000 is done! I'd still prefer Bass Masters Classic on SNES, but this is far better than I have given it credit for.
  10. Midway's Greatest hits The N64 controller worked very good for Sinistar and Robotron
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