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  1. I started Candelabra Estoscerro. I can’t tell whether I like or don’t like the combat system yet. I can’t multitask so I end up attacking with fighter guy and only defending with the other guys. Maybe it will click though. I haven’t played many 8-bit dungeon crawlers though. It’s a lot easier to just dive into than something like Wizardry.
  2. 3/10. Not my thing at all and doesn't seem to have the ironic value of a Limp Bizkit or something.
  3. Hey, I bought these things. All good, shipped well packed, thanks buddy.
  4. "Retro Sega Saturn long box jewel case with foam insert to hold the Switch case inside." I dunno how their recent releases have been, but props for this minor thing. IMO it is super lame to include a Saturn case (or steelbook, etc.) with a limited edition if it's not actually the box for the game. Boxes are meant to hold games, not just be throw in doo-dads!
  5. Dammit I just reupped membership. Fix all that free time you have by wasting your life clicking trees.
  6. I feel like we’ve had a thread about this here. I’d say something is rare if you can’t buy it at market value within a reasonable period of time. So almost anything at least periodically on Ebay isn’t rare. Something like that $7000 crummy Outback Joey doesn’t count as seriously being for sale because it’s being “offered” at like 3x what it’s worth.
  7. I used to play Super Solvers Treasure Mountain after finishing my coursework at a HTML summer camp I went to. Only as an adult do I realize how I was ripped off by being sent to a kids computer course in summer while everyone else went to summer camps that went to theme parks or whatever.
  8. I like simpler games and smaller sprites, but Castlevania IV and Mega Man X are my favorite games in those series. I'd probably sooner pick up SMB3 than SMW, but would agree Mario is basically tied, both top 10 games ever for me. I'm also on team MTPO. Whether nostalgia, how technically impressive it is, or how much I like arcade to NES ports that are better on NES, MTPO is the one for me. I'd give Turtles to NES too, but I don't like beat 'em ups so the platformer is gonna win by default.
  9. 7/10. I only have two songs in rotation on my playlist personally but they make great music.
  10. Oh I was only looking for interesting things
  11. Missed this one, NES with serial #353 sold for $2400. The deluxe set isn't even complete, so it's basically a $2000 serial number. Neat. I know it's not the lowest, there's a double digit one out there right? Time to check those serials guys.
  12. So much money just got spent. Lots of sealed black box insanity. Some interesting ones: Over/under on the winner of this being Terry Diebold? Either that or some supposed Norwegian got a hell of a "deal" compared to his offer. SE for $66k, no idea what this was expected to hit. Wow, pretty close on the Castlevanias. I personally see more value in a near mint CIB of the "right" game than a sealed copy of a less interesting game but I know that's not how the sealed market works, so this result is pretty interesting IMO. $12,600 LESS than the 9.2 A that sold last year which I believe was the same variant? Brutal, unless someone has an explanation. Lots of crazy black box sales, but this one was my favorite. Hagane prototype sells for less than CIB copy of the game. I don't keep up on the prototype market, not sure if this is high or low, but in a world of games regularly selling for 4 figures, it seems kind of low. No interest in this from the moneybags I guess, or less faith in Wata proto certification. Uh oh, a sealed copy of this stupid "holy grail" Halo sold for less than the NS copy last year. Weakness in the extremely overpriced Halo variant market???
  13. Sell it on Ebay for $500 before it has a full release! Hell, shoot for $1000. People are nuts.
  14. Finding Teddy II sounds like a game that was intentionally named to SOUND rare.
  15. 4/10, just plain good meth music. This is objectively better than the last weirdos we had.
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