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  1. 6/10. I give it crap for the space ship controller and lots of ports but it’s the only 3D console that ever seemed to have a focus on 60fps which softened my stance on it. Makin’ games for the gameplay, not the screenshots! Powerstone, NFL 2K, Sonic, SoulCalibur, Crazy Taxi, HotD2, Chu Chu Rocket. Lots of the top games are smooth AF so they hold up better than a lot of the busted old trash of N64 and PS1 or the busted new trash of newer obsolete consoles.
  2. The price tracking sites are missing a LOT. I don't know if something changed or what. GVN's last CIB sale of The Immortal is from August 2020, but there are 5 of them in Ebay solds. I basically stopped using them both because games have bigger price gaps based on condition, and they're missing tons of data.
  3. If you have an item identical to some graded HA sale, you still can't get HA prices for it. Normal Ebay sold listings are closer to reality. The market of people buying "a near mint CIB" and "specifically 9.0 CIB I am buying that number" are mostly different people. I'm bidding hard for stuff I really want, and letting plenty more stuff go that isn't worth their exponential prices to me right now (relative to what's on my want list that hasn't exponentially gone up). Trying to get something nice today for yesterday's market price can be tough when things are falling upwards.
  4. Some PSA 10s are selling for $1000s and 9s for $100s, but by the time you submit your cards and get them back next year the bubble might burst!
  5. Hey I saw that on DealTavern’s Ebay store last year, it was one of the “more expensive” games meaning $40-50 and I’ve got too much bone fide good stuff on my want list to buy random DT sealed games I’ve never heard of in the hopes it will be some future gem.
  6. To be honest once I got a hold of Doom, I sure didn't go back to older PC maze games, I was all aboard the bleeding edge of FPS technology at all times train. I got back into 3D mazes with turn based first person RPGs. Might and Magic III, Legacy on Palm OS, Doom RPG, Orcs & Elves, that kind of thing.
  7. Nope but it looks rad. It has working water fountains!
  8. Man those Nintendogs plushies are better than Nintendogs.
  9. What if a teenager came across her gaming videos and took a break from visiting Pornhub six times a day to check out her Onlyfans that he definitely isn't about to pay for?
  10. 8/10. I played the shareware a lot as a kid. I thought I was so cool because it was rated PC-13 and I wasn't 13. It's also one of the only games my dad ever played along with Atari 2600 games. I only ever beat all 6 episodes when the PSN port came out. I hate most 2D maze games like Pac-man but for whatever reason I love 3D maze games. I could play games like Wolfenstein 3D or Doom all day if you took the shooting aspect out of the game. I just like exploring 3D mazes man. It's like that Windows 95 maze screensaver but you could actually play it! So good.
  11. I very much enjoy that you saw a post hyping it as one of only 2 in the world then you just went on Ebay and bought one.
  12. Local card shop burglarized for its base set booster box. Sad stuff to steal from what must be your local store. Gonna take a wild guess that the two perpetrators will not be smart enough to sell it without getting caught. https://www.ky3.com/2021/02/23/thieves-steal-50000-from-springfield-mo-game-store/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=snd&utm_content=kytv&fbclid=IwAR3bWvkr5FYYIoq9VI-1yoBkO0_aBesXEwV22WraoSyVuaT3GncSxmtgUcE Not to victim blame, but damn, do card shops with $50,000+ in merch in the glass case not lock their product up in a safe overn
  13. The behavior shouldn't be encouraged TBH. Collecting shelves full of video games is often obsessive and unhealthy.
  14. SM64 is the GOAT. I like the free roaming 3D level Mario games best. SMO is great, but it just has too many filler moons. It's one of the few games I love that would be better if it had less content to highlight the higher quality content, because you can't make 900 good moons. I impulsively voted SM3DW as my least favorite because I completely forgot Super Mario Sunshine exists, that's how little I think about it. The beach themed levels lack variety. I don't like the color pallet or look of the game at all. Hopping in and out of levels is more punishing than SM64 because more shines and
  15. I remember this lady bought a Stadium Events and then had Pat the NES Punk sign it. Weird. Still jelly though, if I could turn Onlyfans money into SE I’d be pumping premium content out daily.
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