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  1. That’s a name I have not heard in a long time
  2. Ninja Gaiden, NG3, and SMB1 for me. Contra is great too, I just don't play it as much. Punch Out would be fun if I could beat it. As is, the first few fights are too easy, then I can't beat Tyson at the end, so it is not satisfying to pick up and play for me.
  3. Simpsons is popular too. I also see people buying sealed garbage like Justice League games on PS2. At least collecting licensed trash doesn’t overlap with my interests! Same thing happens in pinball. When people aren’t familiar with the gameplay they just buy what they recognize. That’s why people buy trash like the Sega South Park pinball
  4. Renegade. Lol, this game is so easy then the final boss is so ridiculous. One hit gunshots, that’s fun! I’ll take him down eventually, it’s just tedious playing the entire game then losing 3 lives in like 10 seconds when I get to the end.
  5. This is news to me. So you're telling me NES collecting never has to end? I can basically buy every copy of Ninja Gaiden I ever come across for the rest of my life and there's a decent chance it will be a new minor variant every time!
  6. That's the earliest date so far, and one of the only dates I've seen multiple times. Out of only a dozen or so people I got numbers from there are 8 different ones so far. Get ready to grade that F I R S T P R I N T. Or send it over to me.
  7. 10, one of the most mind blowing games ever especially as a kid who grew up on GTA and GTA2.
  8. https://connect.gocollect.com/discussion/160316. Dang look at you skating by with that 47th bid
  9. Thanks for the info! Oohh, info feel good. It's that N*nt**d*age feeling in my bones! I apologize for not @'ing you as a smart person in my original post, instead @'ing that pretender ThePhleo.
  10. Ebay, let it ride! Probably only 2 people on Earth who can value this unless someone knows of a private sale, the high bidder and underbidder. I'd compare it to other quality game homebrew LEs from around the same time though. Looks like a Cowlitz 2 sold recently for $255 (crazy, 4x what Cowlitz 1 sold for at the same time!). I'd personally value Legends of Owlia more than Cowlitz 2 regardless of price, as awesome as both games are. Actually Owlia was an auction and Cowlitz 2 was a preorder wasn't it? Looking at the NA thread, people paid on average $120 for Owlia LE from the start compared to... $60 (?) for Cowlitz 2nd Adventure? I'm just talking out loud at this point. The only correct answer is not to sell it because it will be hard to replace.
  11. Lol, I only know about these codes because of a @K.Thrower Wata post on Facebook about SMB3 Left Bros variants where he said no one really cares about them. But that made me care, so jokes on you Kenneth! It looks like [most/all?] games from about 1989 onwards have them. But you can't see them if your game is sealed. Sealed games are obsolete. All hail flap variants.
  12. I put 8, but I'd have to watch it again to accurately gauge it. I haven't seen it since high school when it was on Comedy Central... it must have been on almost every day. I've had it on in the background way, way too much. Edit: Apparently I have this is an 8 from when I rated it way back when.
  13. Yeah I know, I don't want to bother a bunch of sellers with games I don't intend to buy though. I've been poking around collector friends to get what I can. Here's two more: 90130, 90317. Seems like there's going to be a ton of these codes for popular games. NG was getting a new code every couple months or so at least. Fun stuff, can't wait until I start caring about codes on chips and stuff. This is all your fault by the way. You could've just told me they were funny little numbers and I'd be happy with my one nice copy of NG but you had to go all Alan Turing and break the enigma for me.
  14. I don't think box date codes are remotely documented anywhere (unless some super smart person wants to fill me in @0xDEAFC0DE @ThePhleo @K.Thrower) ? I'm trying to see how many dates there are for Ninja Gaiden so I can get them all. These codes are faintly printed on the inner cardboard flap of the box. I have 90724 and 90906. Please let me know if you have any others. More info on this is here. List of dates so far: 90130, 90222, 90317, 90622, 90724, 90906, 91027, 00319
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