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  1. Instinctively I want to say mass suffering, panic, and a huge pause button on the entire online market would obviously cause a luxury like collectible, old video games to decrease in price. But COVID-19 happened and here we are, so truly I don't know. I would guess in the short/medium term prices increase. When the market was hazier pre-Ebay, dealers were able to exploit knowledge gaps and local supply by selling things like stamps, rare books, and Beanie Babies at a premium to buyers with less info and fewer choices. Once the online market existed, more common stuff was so easy to get, and tons of stuff crashed in price.
  2. Both are not great considering how much we use mobile devices now. I’d go iOS just because users are willing to pay more for software so it gets better apps and less free ad garbage.
  3. Thanks so much for catching that. There's even already a picture of it in the images in the thread! I tell everyone the best way to fix all the wrong stuff in your lists is to post it online.
  4. Wait until I tell you about Super Mario 64
  5. Not my style of music, but I enjoy his Twitter account at least.
  6. It’s gotta be one of the shortest RPGs ever if that helps you pop it in. You could easily play it in a weekend.
  7. Artists create more unique styles in 2D on top of the games being more timeless. Half of 3D games simply try to look as much like real life as possible, and anything but the cutting edge immediately looks old.
  8. Everyone has this but me. So jelly And by everyone I mean a couple Xbox guys.
  9. The sales prices and headlines always include the buyer’s premium because it doesn’t matter what the seller nets, just what the buyer is willing to pay. You wouldn’t have Pricecharting take out 10% for Ebay fees.
  10. The bottom one has a flap code SNS-MU-USA. One in Ebay completed of the top ones is SNS-MU-USA-2, so the bottom one is earlier. https://snescentral.com/box.php?id=0455&num=0&side=front
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