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  1. What video game store even has a no returns policy? Shouldn't the benefit of buying from a retail establishment and not XxRetroTreasures420xX be that a store has a reputation to maintain and would stand behind what they sell?
  2. Uhhh, is this a store in West Virginia (Gaming Paradise)?? I sure hope that's someone pretending to be that store and not the store itself. Based on the no returns disclaimer they clearly know it's fake.
  3. Everything there is to collect or document, and non-Nintendo Miracle Piano variants are on your list? Not some kind of NES butterfly girls game or scary blue NES cart that's not supposed to be blue?
  4. Really impressed with the new graphics. Great job guys!
  5. Ha, that's the last con I was at before the world ended, so I constantly think about other things I could've bought while there. I was picking and choosing near mint $30 Game Boy and VB games like a princess instead of just buying whole lots.
  6. Excuse me, Call of Duty Finest Hour is the first console Call of Duty game! A key!!!
  7. I know it's just beating a dead horse, but man these prices am I right. It's like these people just search for "Grand Theft Auto Sealed" or "Spider-Man Sealed" or "Popular Movie Sealed" and it doesn't matter at all if anyone cares about the game, what version of the game it is, whether it has any relevance, whether it's a garbage game or port... If it has shrink wrap... to the moon! You might as well pay $600k for the GBA port of Super Mario Bros. Get your Dragon 32 copy of Frogger while you still can. After all it says Frogger, and people have heard of Frogger, so it must be collect
  8. I know I've been on the internet too long when I accidentally type NintendoAge. It means I'm too desperate to find something to do that I'm resorting to random "what's on the internet" muscle memory.
  9. 9/10. Lock Stock was my favorite movie as a kid as kind of weird as that is, and Snatch is pretty fantastic too. I just like wacky accents I guess.
  10. Mannn, Zardoz is so good. I’ve got my Zardoz poster right next to Citizen Kane and There Will Be Blood.
  11. Yeah, I’m fomoing like Japanese computer games and Apple II stuff, not getting caught up in nonsense black box and Pokemon hype. It’s not that I think they’ll increase in value anytime soon, but if they ever do I’ll always have the “I wanted that when it cost nothing!” feeling looming over me. Realistically I have more than I could ever want. I could spend the rest of my life cleaning, organizing, catalogging, and playing.
  12. You can't trick me into revealing what I'm targeting, I've been on the FOMO train for 2 years now assuming any day now everything I want will become unobtainable!
  13. Old RPGs like Temple of Apshai and Pool of Radiance. I want to play them for the history, but man some 40 year old games like RPGs and strategy games just seem tremendously tedious.
  14. The Mystique guy in articles at the time vehemently denied it was rape IIRC. Some people just like being tied to a cactus. In the gender-swapped game, she's running towards him and not away after all.
  15. Probably the best out of context quote on this entire site.
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