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  1. I put 5, just not my style of music. He does have the second best version of Rocket Man though. Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting is my favorite song of his.
  2. Maybe just like, remove the hat and you're set.
  3. Some people seem to think Sub-Terrania is a bad game when it's like the raddest game on Genesis, so I don't know if that's Stockholm or what. For sure getting "stuck" with bad games is an element missing from modern gaming, because games are so plentiful and cheap/free. Not that anyone should have to get stuck with a bad game, but if you leave something that bores you after 5 minutes you'll never learn the strategy to beating Dragon's Lair on NES or something, and there's something cool about sticking with a game like freaking Dragon's Lair until you beat it.
  4. For Zelda specifically I think the timeline is such a mess that it honestly doesn't matter either way. I haven't played this game yet, but if there's a time travel reason for it, it sounds like both timelines can technically be canon, even if nothing else ever happens in this timeline? If there's no clear timeline (for Zelda I know there "is", but for all intents and purposes there's no actual planned story for the series) I think of it more like comics. It's a mosaic of stories and the brightest, most important elements are the ones that shine through and are real. Superman and Batman st
  5. Grim Dawn. Everything about this game is so "fine", like not exceptional, but not mediocre. It's not as deep, satisfying, or polished as a Path of Exile and it doesn't have the amazing art and personality of a Diablo II. I guess it's a game for people who want something more complex than Diablo III but not as insane, fast, or grindy as Path of Exile, so it fulfils a niche. Maybe I'm just not in that niche. I'm a POE kind of guy.
  6. I have the Ninja Gaiden one. It’s awesome. I should’ve bought it again just for the new cover art.
  7. NES is a d-pad pioneer, still a gold standard of 2D input that others can only imitate Since N64, humans have evolved to only have two hands and analog sticks hold up longer than 6 months. It has aged poorer.
  8. Brilliant marketing. This should be taught in college. Literal garbage to packaged, branded collectible.
  9. I remember kids making fun of the Gamecube handle and now kids these days have to buy a PS5 and it just whole-ass looks like that.
  10. 8/10 only because it’s like the dark ages for my favorite genre: platformers, especially for 2D platformers! It’s also got a wonky controller for the sake of wonk. Otherwise it’s maybe the “most Nintendo” console there is. Final appearance of dormant franchises like 1080, F-Zero, Wave Race and lots of firsts like Metroid Prime, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Luigi’s Mansion. It also has a ridiculous four new Zelda games if you count Master Quest. Remember when Wii U got one? Barely?
  11. Now that we have Raymond, no other cats matter.
  12. This layout would perhaps be the only layout that could add more confusion into the button layout marketplace of ideas.
  13. Except sometimes PS games switch the meaning of O and X (let alone across regions). AND the Japanese configuration makes sense, but now they're forcing the western configuration worldwide Xbox is the only layout that has stayed consistent and made sense over the years, so even though Nintendo's SNES-style layout is their original layout, I still look at a Switch Pro Controller and think "ew, weird".
  14. I use it on the one toaster NES I keep hooked up. It's good. Definitely death grip, maybe because it's earlier production, but it's not a piece of garbage like the Chinese replacement 72 pins we all stupidly put into our consoles in years past.
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