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  1. How crazy is it that on Wikipedia's list of games notable for negative reception there are only 5 games from the 80s. Out of the horseshit released in the 80s, Friday the 13th is on that list?? Really???
  2. Castlevania II has the most views. Officially the most hated game of all time! I'll say I think ET is not great! It's like the opposite of Little Samson. I think LS gets some undue hate for being a default beloved NES game and ET has its jankiness over-defended for being the default worst game ever. Since Atari fans generally don't hate ET, maybe it's not actually the most universally disliked game. Even N64 fans who have actually played it know Superman sucks. I might go Superman? I would rule out so bad its good stuff like Action 52 or Plumbers Don't Wear Ties since people play those for enjoyment. Just like The Room is one of the "worst movies ever", but everyone watches it because it's so enjoyable. A paradox!
  3. They gotta print those boxes before they can sell them.
  4. Excuse me, I know styrofoam variants go deeper than this. Can you clarify?
  5. You're not excited for the hot sellers list?? Better get those GTA trilogy variants on PS2, the hottest video games on the planet!!!
  6. Are they finally adding the concert poster price and variant guide or are they going to pivot to VHS already?
  7. Just like SE, the right time will be a few decades from now when everyone who cares is dead, lol. My game collecting strategy is going to be living forever so I can finally cash in on cool rare 80s junk. I also would guess it's worth more than $3k loose, but at the same time it boggles my mind the price increases we've seen and that Sachen lot continues to not sell. Even multiple Sachen bros I talk to are like "Oh yeah yeah, I'm gonna get that"... yet there it sits unsold with some of the absolute rarest Nintendo games ever made while Day Dreamin Davey has apparently become a 5 figure game. Stuff without shrink wrap is just garbage these days.
  8. 9/10 from what I remember but I haven't seen this movie since I watched it on VHS 20 years ago so take that for what it's worth. A horror benchmark for me. I love the whole trilogy and would quote them while playing any horror games with my friends.
  9. I've had a saved search for this for YEARS hoping for a clueless BIN to pop up. This is the only hit it's ever received, unfortunately an auction! Very rare Saturn disc. Good luck to any serious Sega collectors out there https://www.ebay.com/itm/324813578623
  10. International Superstar Soccer and Hagane I gave up on and just found the best I could. I remember looking at a while for a King of the Ring on NES. Are all the Acclaim games junk, is that a thing?
  11. I'm down for a "trade" event but I imagine there will be a bunch of hoarders like me who just want to buy rare things
  12. I mean I’m playing on PC at least, I’m not a monster
  13. Same. I ruined my wrist playing these games so it's nice I can play D2 with a controller now, even if I prefer a mouse. I've tried setting up scripts and tools to play Diablo II with a controller in the past, even just the gameplay parts, but all of them were pretty limited. The controls kind of work! Although inventory management is slow.
  14. With that awful spine fading? I literally don’t believe it
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