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  1. Saw your update @PII - nicely done!!! Well earned win. What was your buying strategy? I was going in the following order mostly. Silver motor Scoopers Missiles Gold motor I kept trying to alter that to work in the 30k motor, but I think that just got in the way of progress. I should have been reviewing video of track 22 and figuring out how to survive it.
  2. Thats interesting about what you read on switching players on d to chase the offense down. I dont recall ever knowing that. Far as I remember, you cant do anything on defense until your player(s) approach the guy with the ball. I recall playing offense very conservatively to dominate time of possession. Only pass to players with no defensive players in path of ball. Play up wings, especially with brett, then cross into middle close to the goal. Play defense via offense. Itll tell you where their players are and you can see which players will have nothing but green in front of them of they get the ball. Thats based on a pretty old memory and maybe there is a way to play more d that I never knew, but I did beat it at one point with that strategy. Also, if you have 3 people approach the ball, tackle with your strongest and cut with the others. Cut intercepts passes and multiple defenders approaching makes cpu more likely to pass Edit: @Tablew/chairs, did you use the defensive strat he read about online?
  3. Yeah, but it looks really cool and makes a cool sound. Lol, I do like being able to fight all the bosses with it. And thats still more challenging than using whatever weapon destroys them in 3 or 4 hits. Nor will you hear me complain it makes those games easier overall
  4. We know the gender and my wife is going crazy, so thats probably unavoidable regardless. We are due jan 6, so Im really hoping birth doesnt fall right on the due date. Charging up tbe cannon was a monster improvement in the mm series. I like mm2 just fine, but it kind of blows my mind so many like it best when it doesn't have that feature
  5. Still blows my mind you know the sex is written on a piece of paper at the dr office and can resist the urge to view it. And thats purely from a curiosity perspective. Add in painting walls, buying clothes, gear etc., skinny got guts
  6. I never had a mega man game as a kid, but I rented the crap out of them and 3 was the first I was way into. 4 prob my favorite, but 3 most nostalgic My little brother is a huge chrono fan and got me a cart for xmas a few years back. It lives up. Earthbound does too. Those and ff2, the elite snes rpg group in my mind.
  7. Maybe behind that cib mega man 3? Or chrono trigger? Nice choices, as is the bud light light
  8. Id check with whoever beat it last year. @scaryicecould prob tell you who that was. Ive beat the game but its been years. You could probably get thru the first half no guide or help. You might try 2 or 3 games and see if you like it. I personally REALLY like it, but its def a time sink. Im not sure how helpful a guide or advice would be. TCS is almost like ghosts n goblins where you have to beat it twice. You play through a season, win, and think its over only to have your star players recruited for a national team wherein a whole new season begins. Its fun at first because your team gets all best players you played against in season 1, including a GK who is like a wolfman. Its thrilling at first, but about halfway through season 2 youll be ready for it to be over
  9. @nerdynebraskan Looking at the list, tecmo cup soccer jumped off the page at me. Ill keep slogging away at bl2, but we will need someone to jump on tecmo cup sooner rather than later to have a shot. Its a LOT of games and not easy. Ill be a lot more encoraged to play baseball if someone claims that. Also, congrats on overall champ once again!
  10. Ok. I played a game on my original cart and looked for this. Couple things here. 1. All the scores on the high score screen are default scores. You can see same top 2 scores and names on every score posted here. I dont think bot scores show on the leaderboard. 2. It initially shows your point total on screen, but that doesnt include the last race. I noticed that on powerpak and original cart. It added 4 points on the leaderboard for the race I lost.
  11. My guess is difficulty with turning controls. Remember they are very sensitive. When you tap left or right to turn, for most turns you wont press dpad for much longer/harder than you would tap b to shoot a single shot in a shooter
  12. How did I forget to rub it in that I topped @docile tapewormin a shooter? And it was one he likes and I had never played? And he even said in the thread he was going to put the time in? Called it a gem? Story of the week and I let it slip away in pre pro am excitement
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