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  1. Yeah, Jeeves. Dougy is right. You will get the rythym after a couple runs of headbutting everyone. And I initially thought the game would be super lame playing it that way, but its not. Its actually way more interesting to juggle because you will lose life even doing it really well. So every level you have to decide at what point in your lifebar you need to take a more conservative approach. You also dont get hearts very fast headbutting all the time, so that becomes a factor too. Stick with it - its fun as hell this way I swear!
  2. This was a fun target. I wont win the week or even finish the game. But being a huge wizard fan, 50k on level 1 is cool to see. Couldnt get photo til start of level 2.
  3. Im going to hack a rad racer 2 cart to feature a penguin instead of a car and all you bastards will all eat it up. Im not actually going to do that because Im not capable of anything like that at all. But it would prove a point! Crazy ranting joke aside, the jumping is what makes that game really unique. So much pleasure derived from catching those colorful fish in the air
  4. So for example, if you beat up the two big bastards on mission 3, but dont go into the caves, it doesn't reset the timer if you walk right and end up back at the beginning of the level? I was assuming it had to. When I was a kid, I didnt know to go into those caves. Was totally oblivious to that. I thought the game only had 3 missions and mission 3 just repeated until it killed you. I thought I had played through second run and got all the way back to those big bastards. That seems like a lot to do without additional time.
  5. I have been assuming that repeating levels is NOT allowed. I have also been assuming that backing the enemy is allowed, but I havent been able to execute it. Tried for 10-15 minutes to figure it out and just drained my life. Got frustrated, started over and said screw that tactic
  6. Yes!!!! Post a score that puts us all to shame. Someone needs to conquer that 4th track. Would be cool to see outside a YouTube video. I was actually thinking today that its somewhat weird that people generally disliked this and rr2, but really enjoyed anartic adventure. Anartic plays so similar to racers like these with added elements of jumping and items to collect. Its cuter too I guess. When I first played it, I thought people would complain that 4 racers was already 4 too many and that aa was a hidden 5th
  7. This cracked me up hard. Its accurate and makes me wonder if I need to take a long look at why I only want to play those games and have no interest in todays "pleasure cruises " lol.
  8. Any recollection of high scores in previous DD contests? is 500k actually possible? I was assuming he was kidding around. I have no idea how 210 is possible or how Richard is racking that many points midway though mission 3. I wouldn't think 500k is possible, but I wouldn't have thought 210 was either, so worth asking I guess
  9. The fact that there is a competition where a week is being dedicated to pro am 2 is proof that the world is still a great place. Going to be epic
  10. Thats a testament to how crazy hard it really is. You took down rad racer 2 and that game is a straight up bitch. All week I wondered if someone would get thru level 4. Makes me feel better no one did, yet
  11. The hairpin turn right before the finish line. On the second lap, seems like there is always a car positioned to where you either slow down to get by him or crash. If I do survive it, slowing down takes all your momentum way and the clock runs out. Its beyond brutal
  12. Free bump for dusty. I dont have an extra, but will keep an eye out. Buying this game is a really great idea. Playing it an even better one. Easily best baseball game on the system. High up on my list for underrated NES games
  13. I may be getting my ass kicked in racing, but Ive got the medicine. Blue skittles are flowing freely. Also, for anyone who doesn't know, and contrary to popular opinion, original sprees > chewy sprees by an eternity
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