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  1. Looks like twin galaxies record was updated to 184k in late 2020. Your current score would rank 3rd. And its only Sunday. One early wand and you are all over it
  2. No, it is isnt good. Its completely insane and probably not far off the world record. 178 on Sunday? Michael locking this one up early as expected Edit: that may actually be the world record. I thought a couple people in the old NA contest vested the record and this score is higher than the winning score for that.
  3. I missed a couple wrenches, but I was perfect on them through 10 levels. I have found a way to protect the first wrench every time. The second one is less risky in general, but it would take a lot of luck to get through perfect. @Ausden, I only upgraded once leveling my top speed to level 2. You dont have too as Dr. M said, but my run had gone so well (i.e. missed so few wrenches), I wanted a little extra insurance that I would I complete it. @mbd39, thanks, but dont jinx it! A lot of day left and plenty of potential snipers.
  4. Selling some duplicates. Mega Man is a very nice cart overall with the only real flaw shown in the last photo of the top of the cart. I couldnt remove whatever that is, but Im far from skilled that way. Micro machines back is similar condition for the back. For some reason, my photos of it keep going over 5 mb. Id call that cart good not great. Trades considered and I collect NES, SNES, and 64. Ill get my collection via gvn linked for reference. Mega man 85 shipped OBO Micro Machines 35 shipped OBO
  5. @mbd39 throws up an early participation score the week before marble madness. Surprised I missed that before. Hes grinding away to massacre the field. Unnecessary though. My money say his first sunday score will be good enough to win.
  6. Its thursday and no @Jeevan appearance yet. Completely unacceptable. Dont you work here or something? Also, @docile tapeworm, you cant protest the racing games unless you play them. Then we will hear your gripes and dismiss them appropriately. You can't win if you dont play, and you cant get the racing category renamed "Nascar" without winning. In honor of my alma mater, Michigan State, and the recent name change for the basketball team, if I win the racing category, Ill request that it be renamed "NESfiend presents: THE CIRCUIT"
  7. Man, you just missed it. We played that game toward the end of last year. And it was a ball. I want to say 3 people beat it. I think I had 4th behind them getting to like the second to last race. Whatever the last one with the race cars is. Such a great game, but def hard as shit. You can go into the event archives and find the scoreboard if you want to play and see how you would have compared to the field here
  8. Did you try F-1 race? Its one of this years famicom games. Its more the rad racer style. Hard as nails, but seemed really fun the little I played.
  9. This is the google result that made me think it was released earlier
  10. Thats awesome! Biggest marlin not caught by the coder. I tried some yesterday to get a big marlin. 977 was best I got. Tough rng or bad strategy as I played through 3 days. Nice catch!
  11. Cool to read that and find out its not just me. If you think about it, it has pretty much every swing feature that mario golf 64 has. Its incredible how well done it is. Mario golf 64 gets so much credit, but this game is so more ahead of its time. Wonder why its so overlooked. Not sure on release date, but maybe too close to SNES? Edit: apparently not, released in 87. Crazy. Never knew about this game until much later in life
  12. This was a pretty conservative run. I had been losing around level 18 when I was practicing, so I wanted to be sure I got through more than anything. I bought additional points a few times, but mostly spent wrenches on upgrades to the car, so there are tons of points left on the table.
  13. Not without its hiccups, but you did expose a lot of people to a great game they may have otherwise never played. I dont fish in real life and only like a select few fishing games. But blue marlin is tremendous
  14. Looks like high score matters more than progress? Just wanted to make sure.
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