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  1. Honestly, I cant remember what got me. If I remember right, there are 3 long levels/stages and I got midway through the 3rd last year. Its way up on my list to beat. Love the paperboy games and 2 was the one I really liked growing up, but I never got far until putting some time in last year. Ill be going back and studying your tips closely when I do.
  2. Golf Grand Slam is done. Got the exact same score as that @Splainfella did last year. This game was very ambitious in getting a lot of swing features in. The execution was so so at best. But its done. Top of the "Readers" board.
  3. Damn Nerdy! You made quick work of that. Must have been first playthrough if my memory serves on long play run time. That game gets so hard at the end. Any tips would be appreciated.
  4. I can actually remember that game freezing up on me. I tried to beat it when I first bought it and never did. Not because of the freezing, but there was some boss 5 or 6 levels in that I couldnt beat and got bored trying. I think I briefly tried again for this thread last year w/same result. Its a cool looking game, but yeah. Very broken feel unfortunately Nice job clearing it!
  5. Nicely done! Did you use the shortcut or whatever it is? I need to check out die hard. I have a copy, but the games reputation has kept me from putting in any time on it. Kind of stupid considering how many "bad" games I really like
  6. Dusty Diamond is done. Did a half assed game late last night against the amazons and lost. Lost the 1st game tonight 2-0 and won the second in extra innings. THIS is the best baseball game for nes. With the unique skill set for each player, including how they field, throw, run the bases, hit and pitch, I really dont think there is anything else close and I love plenty of baseball games for NES. In that regard, its actually a lot more sophisticated than snes ken griffey games which are obviously legendary. Also, its hilarious. The quirky "local rules" (like your home run becomes an out if its a
  7. I got to the amazons last night and will play them tonight. Its all about knowing who the best pitchers are and hitting the corners of the plate. If you throw down the middle, they crush them. And if you dont have one of the games better pitchers, they will rip you up no matter how well you pitch.
  8. Lol I was assuming youd have this thing sowed up by the end of January. That was an underestimate. You had it by day 10
  9. You can win shootouts? I have never figured out how to stop a shot during the shootouts. Thats actually why I put more time on the clock. I had to make sure I get a goal every time because a tie ends up being a loss. Never played goal 1. May get there later, but probably going to start on dusty diamond tonight.
  10. Rough timing - I was two victories away from clearing it when I called it a night. 1 minute halves is impressive. I started out at 2 min halves and had some 0-0 ties becuase I didnt score in time. Upped to 3 min and that gave me enough time to get 2 or 3 scores in most games.
  11. Nicely done! I love that game, but I never get passed level 5. One day I need to get around to beating it, but its definitely not easy. The colorful happy feel makes you think it would be, but it gets really tough.
  12. Bases Loaded 3 is done. My favorite of the series as far as gameplay and it doesn't take an 80 game season to beat. So many good baseball games on the nes, but this is def in my top 5, probably top 3.
  13. Blue Marlin is done. A really well done game. I could play through it again right now. Has some nostalgia factor for me too.
  14. I didnt know about the code, so yeah I was trying to beat it in one go. I cant believe I acheieved that at one point now looking back. I never knew about the code, but assume its ok if its in the manual. Im just a dope who needs to read more manuals. Oh well, on to the Blue Marlin! Got a nice little start
  15. This was the first time I had found out about that and used it. I looked up hints after the third time I got to level 7 and lost. Its a big boost, but also causes problems for me if there are big turns coming quick after using it. Started debating whether I should use the boost or not because I beat it once not knowing about it, but died plenty messing around with it. See what I mean by misery? I think its def worth using though.
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