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  1. If anyone is wondering how galaxy 5000 is going, I've gone from completely hopeless to simply miserable. Great game. I got the piloting mechanics pretty quick, but the damage aspect is brutal. You need to know every inch of 36 tracks to stay in good enough shape to upgrade. I'm inching my way through, but the quality is great aside from the difficulty. Great way to kill time stuck at home for a long while. If I get there, it will be among the most rewarding beats.
  2. For what little I remember about ghost lion, I'm sure everyone would be more than happy if you went ahead and got that one out of the way Really enjoy the write ups. Wanted to mention that in case you wonder how much people are reading them. Anytime I look to play something new, I'll reference back to them as well.
  3. @scaryice I've hardly scratched the surface of it. I assume you have that option after completing the nine planets? Edit: Watched a youtube video of @crabmaster2000 completing the game. Didnt realize I was playing with people who create the long play videos. Wild. Anyway, didnt look like there was a choice to go on to planet x or not to. Just looked like that was the next level he had to play. Anyone, feel free to weigh in
  4. @Gaia Gensouki I played through a level of blues bros. Short game time and high points made it tempting, but it was too atrocious to continue. Galaxy 5000 is way harder than I had thought. I'm going to give it some time though.
  5. I'm playing galaxy 5000 and it's going to take a lot of time. It will be fun to play through though
  6. That's a long play and a good one to get off the list. The bases loaded series is daunting to look at. If you, or anyone else, wants to play swamp thing, have at it. Its mind numbing how slow it is. The list is thin, but I can find something I'll enjoy doing runs on more than that. Probably Galaxy 5000.
  7. While Kevin is demonic, what really stands out in that photo to me is the dad. The mom and Kevin look just like the actors who played them. They didnt even try with the dad. That's a different person all together
  8. Lee Trevino is done. Though I finished 1 stroke worse overall, the Nassau game is a skins contest. At hole 7, I was down 2, took the option to press and won the hole. Lost 8, won 9 and tie is broken by winning the long drive contest. Neither of us qualified for closest to the pin because it's impossible to stick greens from 220. I will say it got a lot more enjoyable when I switched to playing as Trevino. Hes only the second longest player, but the first has such a fast backswing it's too hard to get consistently. And its only 10 yards extra with driver. The game is hard, but playable with Trevino, who isnt listed under his own name, but under "Super Mex." The putting is by far the worst aspect. The rest resembles a golf game with a very hard course and low level player. Another helpful hint is the Nassau game is 9 holes, not 18. I could have done this much faster. I was training for 18 and the back 9 is much tougher.
  9. @nerdynebraskan I have a small stack of carts that haven't been beat that I have played here and there to see how difficult/annoying it would be to complete it. I haven't been able to get anywhere significant in karate champ. Swamp thing I was probably going to get to before long. I have gotten through a decent chunk of it.
  10. Been playing around with lee trevinos fighting golf last couple days. Love golf games, even bad ones generally. This is by far the worst I've ever played. I'm currently about +20 handicap, so this could take a while if it happens at all.
  11. No game review? I had pulled this from the shelf and was looking at playing it down the line. Gameplay didnt look terrible on YouTube.
  12. Race America is done. Rules say best ending isnt required. Not sure how many endings there are, but I'm sure I got the worst. The drag race portion is tough maneuvering, but the full races are fair. Cool game overall.
  13. I am getting started on Race America. Never beat it and only played it multiplayer casually. I'll post if I give up, which is likely.
  14. Finally beat heavy shreddin after playing it exclusivley for around a month. I didnt mind at all. Its hard as nails but gets way more and more fun as you get good. I may keep playing to try to no death it. I was getting to backwood 6 with 8 or 9 lives each time, just couldn't get the timing on the bridge right. Its insanely difficult.
  15. Got crazy busy at work for a while and went on and off with heavy shreddin. I hit a big wall that I chalked up to gimmicky controls for a long time. Had some time off today and finally figured out what I was doing wrong. Made it to the last stage. Should be there soon.
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