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  1. I already got everything I want for my collection 20 years ago so I didn't have to pay the high end prices for games in my collection.
  2. When it comes to my personal collection I already got everything years ago. Came down to swap meets and Ebay for me. Nowadays it's different. There really isn't anymore hidden secrets cause you have more people interested in the same stuff you are looking for. The chances of finding stuff locally now has declined especially various areas. I agree with the one comment about patience. It's going to take awhile.
  3. Happens everywhere and people who use a phone in a store to look up prices to resell or get better deals elsewhere isn't going away. More than likely that's what this business encountered. One solution is if people who are blocking an area of a store have a employee tell them to move over to another area to look at there phone so others can look. Nowadays it's much harder for people to find second hand stuff to profit off in stores cause those same people who own the stores know the values online and are one step ahead of resellers. I know people who own thrift stores and when they get stuff
  4. I ordered a bulk lot of games that took 2 months to get to me. When I received the games I had to pay extra for postage due cause the seller shipped it media mail and not priority mail.
  5. A yard sale is a 1 day event looking to unload stuff at bargain prices most likely at a loss not a profit. People who sell online want market value or even more and that in turn is a business. Technically everybody on this gaming website is considered a business.
  6. In the Wild I got Stadium Events at Funcoland years ago for $4.99. I also remember getting 1200 NES, SNES, and Genesis games for $2500 from a store that was just looking to get rid of video games all together. Landed up being $18,000 worth of stuff. Ebay I got a collection of Super Nintendo games for $275 worth $3000.
  7. They aren't considered essential so there is less focus on those things. Yes it is illegal to mark up stuff 4 to 6 times over retail value however Ebay I guess made the decision that they aren't price gouging. I am just assuming at this point that the sellers were reported to Ebay for price gouging already.
  8. @Tanooki I get that from a lot of Facebook sellers where people change the asking price or you get other buyers who are salty they didn't get the deal so they sabotage the deal. Not everybody honors the price they ask. Yes it's a good deal for you but sometimes it's best in the long run if the deal didn't go through if the seller is going to have that kind of attitude. Look at it this way he could've not shipped anything at all so you dodged a disaster.
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