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  1. Wait until the item shows up and you can make your own decision what you want to do at that point. I understand that it sucks for it to cost more than what was paid but the seller should've had that all figured out before even listing the item available to purchase as a shipping option. In majority of the cases I have experienced if the item cost more to ship than what was collected the seller would refund and just cancel the transaction all together. I would say if it really did cost the seller the extra $5 I would say send it to him once item is in your hands and you're satisfied with what w
  2. Whenever purchasing an item through Facebook buy it now which requires shipping I would suggest reaching out to the seller before even making the purchase. You made a comment "It could all be a misunderstanding from an inexperienced seller." If the seller doesn't reply in a timely manner to your questions like what is your estimated time of shipment or any other questions you may have you might want to avoid them.
  3. This is very true and on top of that when a non collector has retro stuff like NES games they expect market or more than market value. Which is actually flooding the market like Ebay, CL, Facebook amount other sites with overpriced video games that have no chance of selling.
  4. When it comes to being a buyer and if you are expecting garage sale deal on say video games forget it. Everybody wants market value or even more. So it depends on the item.
  5. When this echeck situation happens do you have funds in your Paypal account or do you have to withdrawl it from your bank account? If you have to withdraw it from your bank account that could trigger an echeck.
  6. What I do to avoid that is I say no trade. Sell only. If trading let them know in the ad that you know the values to your games and expect equal or more value in return. No lowball offers.
  7. I deal on Facebook all the time. It's worth a shot to give it a try. You will however run into some offers from people looking for bargain deals.
  8. It usually takes 3 to 5 days to clear. You will get a notice once it clears or doesn't clear. Let the buyer know the payment must clear before shipment. If they are in a rush and need the item let them know that because they are new all transaction they make right now will be subject to a payment clearance.
  9. It is completely insane what the asking prices for NES stuff on Ebay is right now especially bulk lots. Thousands of dollars for common stuff. Nothing rare in the lots at all. This is what is driving people away.
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