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  1. There is no special deal for sellers to submit special offers to buyers. Ebay has actually made it to where sellers could sell more if you have an Ebay store. Use to be 250 listings for this one type store to sell games. Now you are allowed 10,000 listings. Ebay wants to operate the stores as a business. They don't want stuff just sitting in inventory for years. They want movement so they are giving this option to maybe help push stock or items out. Example I just had someone watch a vinyl record a few days ago. Had it up for sale for 2 years. Nobody wanted it. Someone watched it and I submitted a $13.50 offer on a $14.99 vinyl and they accepted it. The problem though is a lot of seller are overpricing items such as games and submitting special offers that nobody in there right mind would buy. People wait until they go down in price.
  2. It's the seller who has the option to send you an offer if you are watching an item and can either click allow a counter offer or not. It's a special offer to you. Some sellers are willing to negotiate prices on certain items and other aren't they just want to give you a one time offer.
  3. There is a section where a seller can submit best offers to buyers who are watching. The seller is the one who gives the special discount. Either an amount or a percentage off. The sellers are sending you offers cause they want to sell the item that your watching. Which is kind of the purpose, lol. Yes a seller can click automatically send offer to other watchers as well. So if you click watch there is a small chance an offer can be sent to you automatically by the buyer. Ebay wants buyers who are watching the items to actually purchase the item so they can make money. I understand the reasons why buyers want to watch items but when you get several people watching an item but no one is buying honestly it defeats the purpose of watching an item.
  4. If there is no adequate deduction then the cost of goods is zero.
  5. The cost of the card would be zero cause you haven't sold the whole box yet.
  6. The IRS can and has audit people with $2000 worth of total transactions. It doesn't matter if its $200 or $200 million they will still audit if you don't explain or unclear where the money is coming from.
  7. Yes if you sell items here you will still need to report it cause yes Paypal does report the income. Yes Paypal will still report friends & family payments as well but you are responsible to explain to the IRS who the family members are and still some book work involved. All your doing would be not paying fees. Friends & Family payments are still considered income in the eyes of the IRS.
  8. Agree Yes you do have to keep records. Your tax accountant will want to know the cost of goods sold, shipping cost, Ebay or Paypal fees. There is book work involved. Ebay just takes state sales tax and does that work. Not true. Ebay is just going to report to the IRS earnings of $600 or more. You are responsible to tell the IRS how that money was earned.
  9. I think the people who want avoid paying taxes on flips will probably just use Facebook cash only/pick up only. A bunch of people will continue to sell on Ebay though cause there is more money in it and things sell faster.
  10. Even though I do agree with you about Nintendo being a successful gaming company from the people I have talked to locally about this young kids and teenagers are looking for the latest games. They have zero interest in the classics. I have had multiple people wanting to return NES systems package just because there kids don't want it. The exploring for young people wanting to know what retro stuff has to offer is far less as far as buying and playing. People just you tube the classics.
  11. They can bid as much as they want on day 1 if nobody exceeds the bid they made they will the item. On a side note though I wouldn't be surprised if either they cancel the transaction or the bid was fake to increase the value on purpose.
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