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  1. I'm getting an increase of people on Ebay, Craigslist and Facebook where people aren't even reading the ad. They either buy the item or come over thinking one thing but if they were to read the ad it would've been exactly what was described. Then they blame me. Example item is for parts not working. They come over thinking the item is in like new shape. Selling large items I state you need a truck or a van to haul away. They bring a Camry. Selling a NES system with 2 games. Person thought they were getting a bulk load of games with it. Bunch of Genesis games cart only. Person thought they wer
  2. What sucks is the resellers market is now between $750 to $1500. Ebay should do something about this.
  3. Which the question should be asked here what is a fair private offer discount? 10% off, 20% off?
  4. If a package is considered stolen then the seller is responsible. The seller must have insurance on the package. If the seller has insurance then seller can recoup the money. You made a comment that its the fault of the apartment room's security. Legally No.
  5. If an item is lost or stolen it is the sellers responsibility to have insurance on the item. The USPS is not going to give you your money back. It has to come from the seller. Ebay is the one that makes the call and they made it.
  6. I've had this happen a bunch of times. I look at it as part of the business. Other than someones mind being changed another thing I noticed is that video games and toys attracts a lot of people who really don't know what they are doing and I get messages from mothers or guardians saying the account they have was being misused.
  7. It varies from seller to seller. Ebay wants transactions to go as fast as possible. I for one do things quickly. Get the transaction done and over with.
  8. I talked to somebody about this. Ebay doesn't want items up for sale for months so they push sellers to taking offers. They do the same thing with buyers watching items. As a seller you can now send offers to buyers who are watching your item.
  9. You need to add more specifics to your listings. Example. Where it says "additional items specifics" fill out more of that. If you don't know the regional code or other answers just put NA.
  10. This isn't a bubble situation. Teams are going city to city. Who knows how multiple Marlins got the virus. Marlins and Phillies still decided to play. This could've been any of the teams and its going to happen again. I agree I don't see this season lasting much longer. There is just so much risk. David Price is right. MLB isn't prioritizing the players safety. You think this is bad this will happen with the NFL as well. Doubt College football starts.
  11. This has everything to do with the pandemic. People are stuck at home and out of work so they need something to do. Back in March I had a lot of retro video game consoles which were sitting for months. All the sudden I was getting messages for local pick ups and Ebay sales to the point where I was out. Part of it I believe is because Game stores closing as well and stuff is just harder to find. Same with cartridges especially the popular titles. Right now is the time. Once people get back to work it will decline so sell now if you have the chance. This isn't just for video games. Other random
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