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    • Fester's Quest was one of those NES games I had back in the day and I remember thinking, "Gee, this would be a lot easier with turbo", then to read the manual and confirm...yes, even the developers think so. 😑
    • Hopefully the guys at Wata are taking notes for when we send you in for grading 😀
    • How defund the police failed -- https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/25/us/minneapolis-crime-defund-invs/index.html After the police murder of George Floyd in May of 2020, Minneapolis became a worldwide symbol of the police brutality long endured disproportionately by Black people. In a kind of Newtonian response, the city became the epicenter of the culturally seismic “Defund the Police” movement. But that progressive local effort fizzled with a decisive referendum last November. Citing sinking morale in the wake of the unrest after Floyd’s killing, leaders at the Minneapolis Police Department say the officer head count has shrunk from 900 in early 2020 to about 560 in August — a loss of more than a third of the force... Against this backdrop, the political pendulum on public-safety matters in this reliably liberal city — the “Mini Apple” hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1973, and that was for just a single day — seems to have swung away from a progressive mindset towards the middle. Rae McKay-Anderson — Telly Blair’s sister [Telly Blair was murdered last year] — said “you can’t possibly defund the police in a way that’s going to benefit the Black community.” Oden was among eight residents in north Minneapolis who filed a lawsuit in the summer of 2020 calling on the city to replenish the police department by filling vacant positions. The suit singled out city council members who supported the “radical ‘dismantle the police’” idea and accused them and Mayor Frey of creating a “hostile” environment for the police. It was largely upheld by a state Supreme Court decision this summer — meaning the city needs to staff up to at least 731 police officers. Doug Seaton, an attorney representing the eight residents, said the successful suit was filed in direct response to how progressive city council members had embraced the “defund” idea. It demoralized the police department and ultimately led to a mass exodus of officers, he said. “That is, we think, the major reason that crime has spiked throughout the city and hasn’t gone away yet,” Seaton said. That's it. Right there. Studies have always shown that more police = less violence. Of course it's reasonable to hold police to high standards, to require them to wear body cameras, to make sure they know how to deescalate, to make sure they do their job in a professional and courteous manner, to arrest officers that use police brutality. AND people must keep in mind that police have an incredibly difficult and dangerous job that requires them to put their life on the line, and when people don't respect and appreciate that, well can't blame the officers for saying "fuck this shit I'm moving elsewhere" which is exactly what happened in many "progressive" cities. Complete and utter failure, as expected. Minneapolis voters not only resoundingly rejected what was seen as the “defund” initiative, they also voted to strengthen the office of the mayor and reelected Frey, who’d become a local avatar for moderate Democrats put off by the party’s most liberal wing.
    • I like using them on some games.  Commando is a good one.  The character can actually shoot in more than 8 directions, but it's so tight, I doubt many people would pull it off without turbo fire. 
    • Taking food fights to a whole new level.   https://news.yahoo.com/news/florida-mcdonalds-employee-shoots-customers-223946861.html
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