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  1. >You can't catch him. (he's the gingerbread man)
  2. >You aren't able to do that.
  3. >He's not interested in apples. He just wants to sing, dance and play in the fields.
  4. >G-type could probably understand what you are saying, but unfortunately the computer parser he’s been replaced with doesn’t.
  5. >The gingerbread man cries, "You can't catch me!" and runs a away laughing.
  6. Gingerbread Fields >Little gingerbread men frolic in this wide-open pasture. Occasionally, a bat swoops down and carries one off, much to the horror of the other gingerbread men. Exits are: West, South
  7. Pitchfork Farms >You're at a pleasant-looking farm populated by marshmallow chicks and zombie cows. Exits are: Northwest, east
  8. Main Street, Pumpkin Town >Welcome to Pumpkin Town! All the shops are closed except for one: Yum Yum Candy Factory. The bone ladder is here, hanging in midair. Exits are: North, northwest, west, southwest, east, southeast, south, and up. >Which way is that?
  9. >You hop on the train and travel back to town. You get off at the... Ghost Train Station >You're on the platform of the ghost train. You see a sign. Exits are: East, enter (train)
  10. >You leave the Big Top The Midway, Funland >You're standing in the midway of Funland, an old carnival. The ghost train runs through the midway to transport visitors back to Pumpkin Town. In front of you is a humongous circus tent. There's an old witch here by a snack cart. Exits are: enter (train), enter (Big Top) >The witch gives you an apple
  11. >The squishy bean bag bounces off the bottles. "Better luck next time," drawls the carny. He chuckles to himself as he takes a swig from a flask. Then he frowns and shakes the flask. "Dang it! All Gone!"
  12. E.T. is far from the worst game on the Atari. Try playing Firefly, Shark Attack, or Sorcerer, and then come talk to me
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