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  1. In this scenario, would every rare and common game become equally valuable? If everything is equally unobtainable then my decision would become more about the games that are meaningful or desirable on the basis of their quality vs their value and rarity. The games I'm missing that I would still might like to have one day include: River Raid II, Frogger II Q*berts Qubes, Bart Simpson vs the Space Mutants, The Immortal
  2. People who have very strong opinions about pizza, cheesesteak, or the correct toppings for a hotdog are generally insufferable.
  3. I was more into Genesis back in the 90s but I've grown to appreciate the SNES
  4. It's a good plan, although he's pretty busy with Roblox, Earthbound, and Hollow Knight. I shortened my list to just Super Mario 2, Thimbleweed park, and Super Metroid, but my game time at the moment is consumed by Survivor and the Atari High Score club.
  5. We need a circle shaped image and I'll slap it next to the name of anyone who earns it. I reset the badge gallery for 2021, so as of now there's just a Yar's Revenge and Subterranea badges
  6. This quote from the manual is amazing "oodles of bullets"
  7. Awesome! would you be interested in making a challenge badge for it? I was thinking of setting it at 100k
  8. The only one I had a problem with was Robot Tank. Imagic games were a bit of a tight fit, but still workable. If you have a 7800 from the first run, I think it will run everything but Dark Chambers
  9. I haven't ever tried shrooms, acid, ecstasy, or cocaine but I'm a bit curious. I feel like probably I missed my chance with that stuff, back when I was younger and going out to concerts and hanging out with friends. Now I'm a middle-aged dad, what the hell am I going to do? Wait til my kids go to bed and trip out while sitting on my couch watching TV?
  10. If I ever upgrade to a 4k tv, I might consider getting a small collection of 4k discs, but really there's not that many I'd really want to own. Does Fury Road look so much better in 4k (upscaled from 2k) to justify repurchasing it when I already have it on Blu-ray? I might buy Blade Runner again for the 3rd time. (and get 2049 while I'm at it). beyond that, I'm not sure... do I go for movies you've seen a lot already, like They Live? or do I go for a movie I've been meaning to watch, like Tenet?
  11. If I were to put together a C-list Captain N squad, it would include Rodney Dangerpunk from Skate or Die Kool Kat from T&C Surf Xemn from Legacy of the Wizard Kickle (Cubicle) Blobert (Boy and his blob)
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