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  1. Anyone still watching the Walking Dead? I just watched the Season 10 Finale (which was delayed 6 months from the penultimate episode). Now they announced that the season will get 6 more episodes in early 2021, rather than start season 11 (The final season)... kind of strange decision considering episode 10.16 wrapped things up for the most part. Episode spoiler thoughts: -They really telegraphed it when Daryl says "not all of us are going to make it" and then they have a bunch of main characters and no-name girl getting coated in blood to go out into the horde. She might as well ha
  2. The Goonies was really the prototype for "a group of kids go on an adventure" movies. For that, it gets a lot of credit with me. Especially considering I made a comic book which followed that same model. The parts I found most interesting: kids doing Indiana Jones-style exploring, only took up a relatively small portion of the movie. The subplot about the mafia family chasing the kids I enjoyed less.
  3. I love Battletoads. It is a TMNT ripoff, but somehow it still manages to carve out its own identity. The NES game is an amazing but flawed game. Levels 10 and 11 both have game breaking glitches. The 2 player experience is pretty bad (they shouldn't stop the game if someone dies, friendly fire is really hard to avoid on certain levels, and on level 11 the second player simply can't play). The extreme difficulty level is perhaps exaggerated. Yes, it IS incredibly difficult, but this is par for the course for a ton of NES games that people don't seem to complain about so much. Put it this w
  4. my kids enjoyed my NES and Atari games. I remember my son (5 yrs old) was really into Dragonfire for a little while and even wanted to submit a high score for it.
  5. I haven't had any personal experience with the Retron 77, so I can't weigh in that. The route I opted for (and recommended to @Jeevan) was a 7800 system with an RGB mod. This way you can play the 2600 library with 99% compatibility and you also get the 7800 library which while small, still has quite a few excellent titles.
  6. bought Scott Pilgrim for xbox 360 when it came out and still play it. The disc drive on our 360 broke, so digital is pretty much all we can do.
  7. Check out The Getaway. That's got a very accurate recreation of London in a GTA style game
  8. The rogue idiot defense depends on how the group responds to said idiot. Are they disavowed and banned? or are they tolerated and defended with excuses ("they were just joking") with others even joining in. I've heard the "rogue idiot defense" employed when people call Comicsgate a hate group (the comic community's version of Gamergate), but a casual browsing of the comments section of any pro-comicsgate video with dozens of "Heil, Comicsgate!" comments, belies their proclamations of good faith intentions.
  9. G-type

    Wizard Gladiator

    thanks! Learning Scratch has been a lot of fun.
  10. G-type

    Wizard Gladiator

    I would like to create this game for NES or Atari 2600 someday, but for now, I'm coding a prototype in Scratch. It's playable, (but still a little buggy) https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/417527052
  11. Never been to Kings Island, but I've been to its twin location Kings Dominion many times. They have a lot of the same attractions.
  12. I can kind of appreciate the minimalist aesthetic and unified designs of the master system games.
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