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  1. 2000 away!!! COME ON!!!! Once the Swirl starts chasing you, it gets really stressful.
  2. Getting better at Yars (game 6/b)
  3. I'm trying to get to 200k to meet the challenge (over on the leaderboard section: https://www.videogamesage.com/topic/1082-vgs-atari-high-scores/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-166490)
  4. Gameboy took the concept and ruined it by not letting you see the whole playfield at once. Here's the original if you want to try it: http://www.virtualatari.org/soft.php?soft=Yars_Revenge
  5. on 2600: I'm playing Q*berts Qubes, Yar's Revenge (Ultimate Yars), Millipede and I just played a really fun 4 player round of Crawl (on the Switch)
  6. I'm starting a fresh Patch Gallery for 2021... Here's the first patch of the year: Want to earn this? You need to play ULTIMATE YARS setting (B/B Game 6) and earn a score of 200,000 or higher Ultimate Yars differs from Game 1 in a couple ways: Your Zorlon Cannon can be deflected if it hits the shield. You also have to work a little harder to charge the Cannon. (normal Yars you eat 1 cell or touch the Qotile. In Ultimate, you have to eat 5 cells or touch the Qotile a few times, then touch the left side of the screen)
  7. Millipede... Great port!
  8. I was very turned off by its high end wealth symbol status. I only played it in the arcades, and I always thought they were on par or slightly worse than "real" arcade games.
  9. Yars Revenge is a lot easier than I remembered. I could probably roll this with a little practice.
  10. Shamus: It was for Atari 8-bit, Apple II, TI-99/4A, C64 etc... It's a 128 room maze.. the action is very inspired inspired by Berzerk... electrified walls, unstoppable monster that chases you if you stay to long on any screen. Its a fixed layout with color coded keys and locks to reach deeper levels of the labyrinth.
  11. Trying to beat 5 games is probably too ambitious. I would be happy if I beat Super Mario 2. Milon's I would love to beat, but it might be too hard. I might have a chance if I use a strategy guide.
  12. I love the concept of this, it seems like it should be right up my alley. I love vector graphics, I love classic arcade action, I love interesting self-contained elctronic games; but for some reason, I just didn't have much fun when I got my hands one. I think the controls felt awkward to me.
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