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  1. Our local Smash Burger is very slow. 20 min wait when it was empty for a burger that wasn't all that great If you are talking about Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, then I would take it over Smash Burger in a second. Unfortunately, it is not local to us at all. They will be opening up the world's largest New Castle inl Orlando. I am curious to see what that will be like. I have only had frozen ones and Royal Castle. There is still one last Royal Castle left, but from my understanding, it is similar to New Castle. Check it out here: https://burgerbeast.com/royal-castle/
  2. I was picking up some items from Best Buy curbside pick up and all I saw was Nintendo Switches coming out of the store. There was a huge line outside I actually thought it was Black Friday. Apparently they had some bundle and everyone was buying them. Good luck! Don't forget to use: https://brickseek.com/ They have an inventory tracker!
  3. What took you so long? I started shopping around as soon as I got the list from Santa!
  4. This needs to be a banner on the top of the website.
  5. I am watching just to see how the show ends. I thought Beta would go down in some big fight considering how he and Daryl fought in the abandoned building. It was fitting how he accepted his fate. Princess seems like a unique character. It's a shame for them to have been in the city for an episode and leave it at that. I am curious to see what the Commonwealth is about. Hard to look forward to something that has had the same pattern most seasons, or it feels like it anyways.
  6. You can buy FIVE, $5 dollar games. You can buy ONE $10 and another for $15. You can buy ONE $25 game. It needs to be of at least $25 before shipping. You, as the one buying for someone get to make the decision which route you want to take, but the value should be of AT LEAST $25, no less, before shipping. There are some that will stop at exactly $25, there are some that will go above that and even some that will go even further than that. Again, it is up to you what you want to do. This event is for fun, so let's keep it that way!
  7. My timeline may be off, but I recall Strarcraft Ghost being in the works and then Blizzard came out with this game. 0/10. Good for anyone that enjoys it. I don't mind Warcraft, but no interest in WoW. At least Leroy Jenkins came out of WoW!
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