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  1. There's some free games in this Video if cost is an issue. All of them are apparently free. They all appear to be zombie related games. Some look decentnl, some, not so much. https://youtu.be/tP9pE3FUu-w
  2. Try playing multiplayer games with Discord or any other voice app open. It's not fun. There are multiplayer searches within the game and ways to post in order to look for players for a game session. Though it's not perfect you can post key terms such as "Must have a mic, no background noise, no 420" to give a few examples. If someone is toxic, just kick them and find other people. These features are not available on the Switch and it really makes the experience of multiplayer games on the Switch that much worse. It's not fun to have to try to balance out the voice chat, out of the game and the in game sounds. Not everyone is going to have the proper tech to do so and even then, it's a chore to work out. On XBOX with a few adjustments you can get that balance much easier and it can be adjusted even more if you have a proper headset. I get that the Nintendo is aimed towards kids, but that's why there should be strict parental controls.
  3. Are you selling as a whole or parting your collection out?
  4. Campbell used to be with the Dolphins so I'm not surprised.
  5. This is laughable. Flores just wanting to use the challenege flag. Just terrible @docile tapeworm
  6. Yea X is out lol Parker is out as well. We need a true WR1, STILL.
  7. I'm going to have to google, but I don't recall any NFL London games actually being a match up worth watching. The Jaguars have taken the most trips to play in London, poor people watching these games lol @docile tapewormyou watching this game? I actually don't mind the 9:30 AM game. Breakfast and football lol
  8. That's the cost of what a small coffee at Starbucks? That's a tough decision! Lol
  9. Pepsi Secret Cards? If so I have them just trying to see what anyone on the board has for sale, but thank you for looking out!
  10. If you have a store called Total Wine near you then just go to the front and they have empty boxes. At least they do here in the states. If you ask nicely they'll let you take a bunch and theybeven have empty cigar boxes ans wine boxes, even those wooden boxes too. It's a win win if you are actually buying stuff and pick up boxes as well.
  11. Nah. I've used some to store stuff. Funny enough, whatever I store in them usually gets sold/donated and then I can just use the box to ship stuff.
  12. Yea, with no obligation to even use the boxes for... uh... within a certain time frame.
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