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  1. We are the same. Good matchups this week. It's hard for me to separate my early-Weezer nostalgia from the actual music. Say it Ain't So took me a lot of listens back in the day before I started to like it. And the guitar-playing talk reminds me of college too. I thought I was special that I could play a couple of things, (lol yes, including Wonderwall) until one day some guy brought a guitar into a room and about 5 dudes practically fell over themselves trying to get to that guitar. So they could each play their two songs. Or for some of them, very short riffs from popular songs. It
  2. I like Tony Hawk 2 but I bet Huey Lewis will go pretty far. I could have gone either way on #3. Lol Tenacious D??
  3. I got married at 27, and I definitely saw the shift between dating in early 20's (be as slow and picky as you want, there's tons of time and tons of stuff to do/experience) and late 20's (we're not in college anymore and we don't have time for games, or relationships that aren't going anywhere) and it got a little spooky when people around me were talking about marriage etc with people they had only been seeing for a few weeks. Huh???? Ditto all that True To Yourself stuff, for sure. Or maybe it depends on what your goals are. I had roommates who would pretend to be into music and TV show
  4. Yeah, that sure seems like a valid way to "beat" the game but there aren't credits. Nice job!
  5. Guilty, I guess. Ballad or not, any song whose lyrics are basically "hnnggggg I wanna do sex so bad" just comes off as cringey horny-teenager garbage to me, and nostalgia is the only thing holding up Sex You Up or Butterfly etc. Like, imagine a song about needing to pee really bad, how all I wanna do is find a toilet and just fill that thing with so much piss. Nobody would want to hear that garbage any more than we want to hear how horny some dude is. Gross. I Swear, now that one should have done a little better against All Star, lol.
  6. I knew a guy in college who was an aspiring rapper, and his style was very similar to Eminem. Nobody thought he was any good, and after laughing at his tracks with my friends for so long, I realized that Eminem is actually just as bad. (Not all his stuff, but if you told me that that other guy was the actual author of Real Slim Shady, I would believe it)
  7. Welcome @Aaron64, thanks for knocking those games out! We've never had any official "dibs-calling" or running list of games that people are working on, but we could brainstorm a way for it to work. One problem I've seen is people who see the thread and say something like "I'll work on [popular game]" but then months go by, that person has disappeared, and nobody wants to be rude and do that game in the meantime. Or if someone swoops in and says they beat a game earlier in the year, should we keep that game un-beaten just because someone else is already playing it? What if they don't end up bea
  8. Oof, I picked up this one a week or 2 ago: https://www.ebay.com/itm/133759970436 For the manual and condition upgrade. So that other one is a little pricey. So I have a spare Milon rev-1, but it's a little scratched.
  9. I've been doing WoF, because you can see what's whizzing by on each spin, so you can pop back to the saved state if you can tell it's not going to land on the 40-to-1 number you bet on. Roulette doesn't show you that, and the max bets are lower. Good to hear about the frame number determining the outcome, because I've found myself in funks where it just doesn't land on either of the 40-to-1 slots no matter how many times I try. I'm probably repeating the same spins over and over. I wish I could bet my whole purse at once, that would make this a lot faster. Stupid max bets!
  10. I've already started a game that I'm shamelessly state-scumming to see if there's something to this. Even cheating though, it's hard for me to keep my eyes open on this game. Give me a few days, lol. It would be painful to require that amount of money, so hopefully it's an unused asset.
  11. Interestingly, with the exception of Gold and Silver, those games all had grey-cart releases outside of the US, so I have both grey and black carts of those games.
  12. I remember that, and I thought "nahh, who can make that call this early?" Well done. I do enjoy this. Interesting how disruptive a "really good" song can be. Does there eventually need to be a cage match of heavy hitters though?
  13. I usually just toss Yellow in there because I don't want every comment to be "where's Yellow." Especially on sites like Reddit, it would be impossible to show a picture like this without it immediately turning into a TED talk about ROM headers. So I just put it in there because I have it anyway.
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