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  1. Up I hope the milk doesn't need to be pasteurized or anything
  2. Good info, both about the ass bath and the Ali fight. I'll try and find out if anything is different in any other weight class, then I'll update the requirement. I beat AeroGauge. Sort of a goofy racing game that tries to be really serious. The music sounds like it's from a SNES game, which isn't a bad thing I guess.
  3. Give me a minute! I'll polish some stuff up and post v0.1 of the FAQ, lol
  4. Wow, great work guys. @Floating Platforms I'll have to give High Stakes Gambling another go. Last time I tried it, I couldn't get past the 4th boss because the cheating was too much. I noticed that the boss had access to more cheats than I did, so it felt like there wasn't much I could do that wouldn't get countered right away, plus some. So I guess I was being too simplistic about strategy. And @koifish you're probably right about Soccer Mania, I'll update the requirement for now since "win 1 game" sounds like the kind of thing I write down when I don't think there's any real progression or ending. Edit: and @JVOSS I'll mark Sea Battle as finished but keep us posted if there's a better ending.
  5. Yes, I remember that, take alllll the time you need before starting any puzzle. The only trouble is that if you miscalculate something, you don't have that unlimited time anymore to figure it out.
  6. Aw what!! Stupid Google Sheets Conditional Formatting. Lol thanks for pointing that out. And good luck with Pyramids of Ra, the thing with that game is that there are literally thousands of levels (not unique) and if you pass a level quickly, the seconds you didn't use translate to how many levels you can skip as you go through each pyramid. So it works great toward the beginning of the game, where you can stare at each level and do them on the first try, for the most part. Then you're skipping like 90 levels at a time. Then, as you go, you get levels with moving tiles and other things that have to be timed perfectly, and it's crazy hard (for me anyway) to do it on the first try, and every time you fail, that's another few dozen seconds you're using up, and another few dozen levels you're not skipping. I tried it years ago, and it's a neat game, but I gave up when my password didn't work and I lost my progress. I had taken a photo of the password, so it's not like I had copied it wrong. I'm still bitter about it.
  7. Honestly, it sounds good to me. If we really need to tweak it for future years, then we can, but right now the old NA forums aren't up anymore on GoCollect and I can't find where I saved those old threads (and on which computer...) so let's just count it. It's a "well done" screen after all. Also, I beat Polaris SnoCross. It's not a good game but it can be kinda fun when you know the tracks well enough that you can defeat the rubberbanding and actually win a race. Or it's just Stockholm Syndrome. There's no FAQ for it on GameFAQs so I'm going to submit one. It's one of those games where you can view the credits at any time, so there's a very unceremonious "ending" screen. I have a lot to say about this game but I'll save it for the FAQ, lol.
  8. Attempt to catch the gingerbread man. Or perhaps a different, distracted one.
  9. Exit big top Request apple from witch
  10. Inquire about game of skill
  11. Found the TAS speedrunner. BTW South is the Yum Yum factory, where the jawbreaker came from. We now have an ID badge for an employee there, though I don't know what it could be used for, as the security guard didn't seem to care about us the first time.
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