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  1. First ones that were MINE-mine were a bulk lot of 2600 carts that came with a friend's 2600 Jr I bought from him for $10 when he was trying to get money together for a new NES game, probably in the summer of '88. Got a small B&W TV later in the year so I could play it in my room without bothering anyone else. Those were the days. Everything else prior to this was for the family, so it was something else to finally have my own games and the ability to play them whenever I wanted.
  2. Honestly, unless you're using some sort of serious acid, you'd have a hard time damaging most any commercially produced PCB just using cleaners to remove a label, unless it's already seriously broken, corroded, etc.
  3. I don't know that he's definitely the minority in general, probably just on forums like this. As far as PC games appreciating in value, I think you need to look again at what older computer games for most any system are going for these days. It makes me thankful that I managed to grab almost all of the old Sierra games I had and/or loved as a kid boxed for cheap before things started getting stupid. Sure, there's no appreciation for digital distribution games, but physical releases, especially old ones? You betcha, people are clamoring for them as well, just not in this and similar circles
  4. No, but I've been known to pick up the odd KO Transformer if the quality is high enough. I also picked up a few KO Cobra soldiers dirt cheap a few years back that are basically identical to the real thing except the missing copyright info on their leg. Heard that someone started doing the same thing with vintage Kenner Stormtroopers but have never managed to find anyone close enough to the source for them to be available at a halfway decent price.
  5. I'll be the brave one and jump on the "Codenames" grenade, lol. I'm pretty ehh on all the offerings this time around, but Codenames is new and untried, so why not?
  6. I'd personally prefer to have the stuff that I had as a kid, but I understand and agree with your assessment 100%. I think things like this should apply universally, across product lines. For example, I'm 1000% sick of incredible/fantastic/whatever toys and collectibles that are part of an existing line being offered only at certain events, 99% of which I'll never have the ability or opportunity to attend. For the folks who want something truly special because they attended, make some special packaging to show it off, then run off the same toy/statue/whatever again for the regular retail ma
  7. Yeah, they're supposedly doing the same thing here, but walking in, you'd never know it. Nearly everybody actually eating inside the restaurants (but not actually having received their food) aren't wearing masks, most cashiers and food prep people have token masks on but more often than not have them below their noses or wrapped up under their chins (presumably to be able to put them on in a hurry if someone in authority were to catch them). The whole thing got even worse when the surrounding county failed to renew their mask mandate, even though the city inside of it has its own, independen
  8. Been seeing that a lot...masks not required for people fully vaccinated, but we're not about to check in any way, shape or form...so hey, all you liars are welcome too! Bring on Super Spreader Summer 2021! WOOOOO!
  9. From my observations, it seems like the bootlegs you collect were made by companies who wanted to cash in on the Famicom/NES craze of the era and offered items that obviously weren't the real thing at prices much more affordable to folks who just wanted to play the games. Yes, they were "pirate" carts, but there was a sort of Robin Hood-esque "honor" about what they were doing. Modern bootlegs, by and far, are being done in a manner that what's being produced is actively pretending to be the real thing versus just being a gateway into being able to play the games folks have a hard time a
  10. Never got into pork rinds, but hot fries (Tom's in particular, when I can find them--and not the abomination that is their cheese/bacon+cheese version) are my alternative go-to in those instances. I used to enjoy the odd cheese puff or cheese ball, but then I worked in the room in the factory that made those things for 3 days, was made immensely ill, and it was a month or more before the inside of my sinuses weren't a bright, neon orange. I might starve to death if the world ends and that's the only food available, lol.
  11. I finally found time to finish it up yesterday evening, after barreling through the first 3/4 in a few days. Busy couple of months! That being said, having seen the movie, I am really disappointed with the random, non-ending ending that I was presented with. Apparently I finished the book a couple of nights ago as I was dozing off and didn't realize it was the end of the book, so last night I backtracked from the explanatory appendix immediately after the end a bit to make sure I was in the right spot, finished the book, then used Google to make sure the digital copy I had wasn't somehow in
  12. I'm kind of in the same boat, as it's contextual to me. In general I like more kinds of potato chips than corn chips, but that's basically because there are far more varieties. That being said, I don't really think that should tip the scales one way or the other since, again, it's totally contextual for me.
  13. Those aren't collectors, they're investors. They don't really have any true interest in playing or collecting the games they're accumulating at these stupidly expensive auctions, they're simply in it for the money. There's a difference between folks fighting over the NES equivalent of an Action Comics #1 (mint sticker sealed first release of SMB, still stupid to me, but I understand its historical significance) and people paying multiple thousands of dollars for sealed or CIB examples of games that sold millions of copies (Pokemon being the biggest glaring example). The people you're descri
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