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  1. Well, it was a port to the NES. It came out on the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron before being ported to the C64, Apple II, etc. Still an awesome engine for the 6502 (and variants) to be able to run so fluidly!
  2. Yeah, giving away "another one." I have to wonder how many times he may have "given away" that same unit.
  3. Honestly, I have to wonder if this really came down to people doing these giveaways of big ticket items actually rigging them the way I've always kind of suspected. By ignoring ("not seeing") your message, he can keep the price he was supposed to have sent out and do something else with it--"give it away" again (presumably to somebody he personally knows or to a higher tier patron), sell it, etc. Sucks that he pulled this stunt on you, not sure how you were supposed to get in touch with him outside of how you did so. Makes me glad this isn't a show that I'd invested any time in.
  4. It can be a mix, although the most common rocket fuels consist of things like liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, hydrogen peroxide, etc. There's some limited use of things like highly refined kerosene and liquid methane, but those have only been used in stages which have specifically been designed to operate only at Earth-specific atmospheric pressurization. Engines that are designed to go out somewhere and come back would have to rely on the non-hydrocarbon fuels since those don't require an atmosphere like ours to create the required amount of thrust for the rocket to lift off and/or reach es
  5. As I understand it, the SEI cart releases had identical boxes, manuals, etc., and unless you knew what batch the case you were opening shipped from, you wouldn't necessarily know which cartridge would come out of the boxes within. I remember the Pixel Game Squad guys (I believe) meeting up at a wholesaler's warehouse who happened to have cases of that game (and a bunch of others) still sealed and sitting on the shelf and getting the chance to buy some of them. I want to say one guy got one cart and the other got the other, but it's been at least a couple years or so since I've seen the episo
  6. So the wife got a call earlier from that regional pharmacy that put her on the list to get a dose as soon as they were available, or if any extras came up. Some extras came up, so they called her, then proceeded to verify her details before booking her appointment. Turns out, because we're just over the line into the next state, she somehow suddenly doesn't qualify, even though pharmacies the country over have been lauded for grabbing anybody they could off the street to inoculate just so doses weren't wasted. What a crock.
  7. That shouldn't be the case, as my wife has heart failure, which is arguably less serious/deadly than asthma (she always requires medication to stay alive, whereas all asthma sufferers I've known normally only require medication/treatment in the case of a flare up and not 24/7). Could be that some places just aren't being the sticklers that the official government offices are, or something like if you don't technically qualify they might go ahead and schedule you if they've got doses in a case leftover.
  8. More likely because they didn't have enough people showing up to get them and at that point they'll give the first does to anybody who wants it, otherwise it'll go to waste. Once they defrost the doses there's a limited time until they go bad, and right now it's far too precious to waste for the folks who want to be treated.
  9. Thing is, unless you're part of a group that is already approved to get the vaccine (currently nursing home staff and residents as well as folks 65+, I believe), it doesn't matter how many times or how often you call. My wife got word from her aunt that a local pharmacy had gotten it in and when she called she discovered exactly that--pharmacies are only allowed to give it out to folks already approved to get it. They did tell her that they'd contact her back in 3-4 weeks to schedule something, so it sounds like the floodgates are about ready to open, especially with all of the public talk a
  10. The concept in general is to have a modern system that can accurately (per the FPGA cores loaded) play physical media of the chosen type and automatically upscale it properly, as crisply as possible, and lag free on a modern TV. When legitimate competitor products are available, the Analogue choice seems to be made at least partially for the same reason that any boutique product is purchased (given the severe price differences between the NT/NT Mini versus the AVS, etc.); they generally have a top notch set of features, but those don't always have as good a price/value ratio as other products
  11. ...that is one HELL of a thumb, lol! The headline is funny enough, but I'm in absolute stitches about the journalists believing that 62 CM (just over 2 feet) is the size of a thumb.
  12. Well, +1 for a fixed, fully operational and featured Gather, anyway, lol. Seriously, on any screen I have that gets "zoomed" by Windows to make the text more legible (even the "only" 1080p ones), Gather just doesn't scale the video stuff at the top of the screen properly and it blocks out more and more of what's up there the higher the Windows zoom/scaling is. The ability to turn off, resize, etc. the "buddy" icons at the top would be a great feature and solve this single, outstanding issue with the new platform. Fingers crossed they do so.
  13. I think the current format works and you're doing a great job of handling and juggling everything. One thing I would suggest as a change would be having a dedicated voice channel in addition to a dedicated chat channel specifically for game night. It doesn't always happen, but when folks who aren't participating and/or aren't interested in participating show up and start having conversations that aren't related to game night and what's going on therein, it's a real distraction. This got to be problematic this past time when we were playing games where we verbally had to communicate with one
  14. All of these non-truly-mainstream consoles basically look like overpriced Raspberry Pi's with a fancy shell and OS, promising to play oldies that literally anything from a watch to a full blown computer these days can play plus mildly enhanced versions of the same games. No thanks. For $200-300, I expect PS3-PS4 performance at a minimum these days.
  15. I do still have my first color CRT TV, as I only got it from a friend second-hand in something like 2002, but my first CRT TV was a little 12-13" B&W set I bought for myself at Hills that lasted roughly past the warranty period before giving up the ghost.
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