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  1. I gotta million dollar Mario to trade for a copy of Minnesota State Lottery Cart.
  2. I just can't spend $200+ on Legos. I want to so damn bad but I just can't. I envy you guys.
  3. Aw yeah. I'm down ta put some bronies on blast. Better watch out cuz I'm gunning for you, @SuperJimtendo!
  4. Same Never played the video game franchise. But I have played cards with my kid for the last couple years.
  5. Platinum member checking in. Got my NA badge to prove it.
  6. Seriously, it's been a decade. Why now? Poor Ke$ha. Whelp better get it one more time.
  7. God damn hippie pot tourists. Quit bringing that Florida COVID into my state! Get your own damn legal weed.
  8. Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures is essential 80s. My favorite Saturday morning cartoon at the time it aired. John K. worked on a dozen or so episodes and credits the toon as the harbinger of the creator driven cartoon renaissance of the 90s.
  9. RIP. Heard about it on the radio that morning. My preferred era of Fleetwood Mac.
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