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  1. 3 by definition. I literally change the radio whenever they play except an occasional allowance for Mysterios Ways. That wah-guitar hook gets me. I'll hand it to the Edge for his guitar talent but Bono and the band's sound in general just rub me the wrong way.
  2. Grabbed all of the DOOM as well including 2016. Also, Mega Man Legacy volume 2. Haven't played 9 and 10 for years. Fantastic sale.
  3. Yeah wish I would have grabbed another one to mod. I was seriously thinking about a Raspberry Pi MAME mod for a while but I'm not sure how to make it work and still retain the spinner. I had all of the gear in my Amazon cart at one point. But the button layout would be a little tight and I don't want to be crowded playing Tempest.
  4. I'm a big fan of Tempest and picked up the Asteroids cab (including Tempest) for $90 when Walmart was closing out the first series of these a couple years ago. There's just no reasonably priced solution for spinner arcade games at home so I was pretty happy to find it deeply discounted. Would love to have the original style Tempest cabinet and art but no way am I upgrading for $400. Asteroids art is pretty rad anyway.
  5. Don't get me wrong, T2 is amazing but I find myself watching other Arnold movies more frequently. I'll reserve my thoughts for next week assuming that we're wrapping up Arnold month with that one. I'll just say Total Recall is more of a popcorn flick for me, while T2 is more of a commitment. Plus he doesn't even kill anyone in that movie.
  6. 10. Probably my favorite Schwarzenegger film after Conan. The scifi/action genre is some of my favorites and he had it pretty much cornered in 80s going into the 90s. I always found it very interesting that the twist comes in the first half of the movie and we see it play out through the rest of the adventure. NSFW: And of course everyone loves...
  7. I remember that Line in the Sand special. Crazy. Pop was in the Army and we were stationed in Germany at the time. He was tapped and ordered to Saudi Arabia for 8 months just before Christmas of '90. It sucked! During that time we had MP guards armed with M16s on the bus and at school it was kind of bizarre. I remember one even had the M16 with grenade launcher. Predator style! We constantly asked about the guns. They were more for show. The guns were never loaded; I'm not sure if they even carried magazines. There were also bomb threats at school pretty regularly. I
  8. Never even seen one. Luke warm interest. I wouldn't go out of my way but if it happened to be in the room, I would hook it up and give it a whirl.
  9. I'm officially updating my score to a 10. I'ma show it to my 10 yr old this weekend.
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