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  1. It's ok. I originally didn't see it when it first came out and I saw The Others first which has basically the same reveal. After that the plot was spoiled and I'll always se The Others as the superior movie. As far as M Night's movies go, the Unbreakable trilogy are his three best.
  2. Only three plays? At least now we know who Glass Joe's one win was against.
  3. I gotta go 9. I'd give it a 10 if it weren't for my own suckitude. I've legit made it to Tyson a mere couple of times and have never knocked him down let alone beat him.
  4. Are you saying Livin on the Edge wasn't a hit? That was the lead single off of Get a Grip.
  5. @Reed Rothchild I actually heard that Elton John song on the radio a few days ago and wondered who it was. Not surprised in the slightest. I've also had 2 Dua Lipa CDs in my Amazon cart since this thread. Still haven't pulled the trigger.
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