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  1. Def dig the Angels but will only catch it on occasion. Currently not on my streaming outlets but if it pops up on Prime I'll give it some proper attention. 7 MASH is a great 8. I've likely seen most if not all of the episodes throughout my life. Probably my dad's favorite sitcom. S&S is about a 6. I've caught it a few times and had a decent chuckle. As a side note. Id like to see a cycle of the decade themed rankings. Not necessarily every week. But I feel there are some more iconic representations of each decade yet to be seen. Not sure if that's your intent
  2. I dunno. That Trapper Keeper isn't as cool as the one I had in the 80s. Kind of plain really.
  3. So does @Jeevan! New avi I stole: I was gonna go 8 for DK Jr then realized it was 3D. 3DSEN i believe? I'll go with a 9.
  4. Blood orange 'rita. #pinkdrinks #douchebagsunglasses
  5. The Coreys of course. Nobody will give Feldman a serious role. A list talent all the way.
  6. Maybe not Wagyu beef rare but have any of you had dinosaur? Boneless Buffalo Dinosaurs.
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