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  1. It's actually REALLY impressive that it does. The guy who made it made it solo, and he's disabled, such that he actually codes the site using voice assisted typing. He talks at his computer to type in the code. This shit is part of why I'm SO dedicated to accessibility, I love this tool and if this guy didn't have the tools needed to allow him to work on it it'd just not exist. He's actually working on some MAJOR updates right now, too. Really exciting stuff on the way for it. Anyway, back to GVN.
  2. Check out Backloggery if you want more in-depth tracking, note-taking/reviews, etc.. It's what I use, but I don't really care about the "value" of my collection, only tracking what I have and haven't beaten.
  3. Yeah the "Gamers" bit is still there @Nintegageo:
  4. That's something I always hated with the name changes, was when there was original material that we're all gonna miss out on cuz we don't know it exists. It'd have been cool as a kid knowing that there was more material available out there if you were a fan. But yeah UN Squadron is a pretty damn dull name, for sure.
  5. If it helps, the game was originally Area 88, and was changed to UN Squadron in the west. It's based on the Area 88 manga.
  6. If I recall, that WAS an option on the collection tracker. I never used it cuz I track via Backloggery, but I seem to remember there being a very basic "I have beaten this game" kinda checkbox.
  7. FF Legend is perfect as is and you're a monster for suggesting otherwise.
  8. Thought about it long and hard. I was between a 9 and a 10, with 9 being a point taken for imperfection. But this isn't about being perfect, it's about being legendary. It's fuckin' Mario 64. 10/10
  9. I have uBlock on, but noticed a black bar on the site. Inspected the code out of curiosity and saw the ad.
  10. To be fair it's not actually even across Canada. It's primarily here in Ontario, in Quebec, and the Maritimes. So off to the east of the country.
  11. Mdk. It's a great game with a great sequel, but nobody is gonna see "MDK" and immediately go "fuck yeah sign me up bruv".
  12. Get em fast before they're sold out and sitting on the 'bay.
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