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  1. It goes directly to my newfound drug addiction, which only popped up AFTER this place went live!
  2. Aaaahhh I see. I have a pile of similar dragon warrior things that I'd happily just give away, which is why I ask. Not all in great condition, mind.
  3. The site owner shares the data on their github: https://github.com/marzukia/wata It's the CSV file "heritage_sales.csv".
  4. It's a shame you won't play FF11 cuz it's online only. It's STILL active, and receiving regular updates. They're having a Fall campaign right now!
  5. They provide an entirely optional downloader called GOG Galaxy which functions similarly to Steam, however the DRM-free nature remains. You have the option, as ever, to download the source installers which let you play the games without all the other stuff.
  6. How dare you imply that there's a spectrum of opinions based on various internal and external circumstances. Tch.
  7. This is misleading, as Switch Online is STILL just $20, you're acting like the $30 expansion is mandatory.
  8. Opening paragraph under reception on Wikipedia: Friday the 13th was released in North America exclusively in February 1989, as part of LJN's focus on creating video games based on licenses. It is considered by some as one of the worst games of all time. REALLY? Lmao who are these "some" who consider it one of the worst games OF ALL TIME? There's a lot of subjectivity involved obviously but like... the game is NOT bad at all. It functions well, controls well, has unique mechanics, is difficult to beat, I could go on. Further: In 1997 Electronic Gaming Monthly ranked it the eighth worst console video game of all time. Then they must not play a whole lotta games. There were 700 games on the NES and Friday isn't even close to being the 8th worst NES game, let alone the 8th worst game OF ALL TIME (at the time, even). Seems nothing's changed in that regard, reviewers for these magazines et al are pretty shite.
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