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  1. I've played easily over 2000 games. How many 10s do I get to hand out? Around 70?
  2. Haradius Zero: 110,440 Died again on the level 6 boss.
  3. It's interesting to see what can be done given the limitations!
  4. Now that I think of it, I legit find Ikea Billy Bookshelves literally sitting on the side of the road or near the trash in perfectly fine condition disturbingly regularly around here. Maybe people are moving or upgrading or something, but seriously I could furnish my whole apartment with free second-hand shelves if I wanted.
  5. I don't drive so I always order delivery from them. I was like "bro they never arrive broken what do you mean?".
  6. OOOOOOHHH haha. I thought you were saying they'll "do that" as in "they'll also arrive broken". xD
  7. Just seems weird to suggest what not to get when he needs to know what to get. :P
  8. Similarly, as you might expect, things are slow here too. UNLESS!... You buy from amazon. I've gotten my amazon packages EARLY for the most part. I'm gonna send out my package pretty soon here, don't want delays to ruin it if I can help it.
  9. I'll preface with that I have zero knowledge on how VB works in general. I see that you have items w/ a black outline. Could you not do the same on the trees, and use the same color as the trees for the sky, to create a bright scene? I did a quick mockup in Photoshop so obvs not 1:1, but something like this?
  10. It'd be almost certainly unfruitful. At the least, with regard to spending ad dollars, it'd be a complete waste of money. There are other methods, such as releasing DLC, which would be FAR more successful in reviving a dead game, and this has been done in the past.
  11. 8. I first played it on PS2, so my experience included all the improvements that came with that version. I found it very replayable with the unlockable and everything, and I loved the silly playthroughs with Leon using an infinite ammo Tommy Gun, and Ashley in a fuckin suit of armor. Just hilarious. The proverbial shark jump happened in 5; 4 was a great mix of kitch and horror, while 5+ went way too far down the action lane. There's nothing to be scared of when you have watermelon arms, lookin at you, Chris.
  12. I'll not be joining, I simply never find it any fun, sadly. It lacks the social aspects that make risk in person great.
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