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  1. Alright you've convinced me. Time to slab my shit and get rich. xD
  2. I've never owned an iPhone and I never will. Only Apple product I've owned is an ipod shuffle nano my wife got me when we were still in high school for my birthday.
  3. Ugh, thanks for bringing back THAT memory! Silly bun lol, ruining my controllers. Good of you to remember lmao.
  4. Hmmm been a hot minute since I last played this. Wonder if I still got it.
  5. What's that? We're talking about MAGIC THE GATHERING!? You're saying I should start building decks again? Collecting power nine? I had em once I can get em again? OK if you say so... (totally not addicted)
  6. As long as it doesn't taste like feet, yeah.
  7. Ah SHIT! He used the "my truth" card. You win this round, liberals!
  8. It's slow going on Aidyn (it's a slow game!). I'm at Erromon now, gotta go talk to the king. I don't get much N64 time with work lately, but I'm trudging through when I can.
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