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  1. Really this has just served to remind me that I need to make a big purchase of JP region CIBs regardless. I still love and prefer the box art over there, and wouldn't mind a shelf or two of even some duplicates just for the nice art.
  2. Generally, yeah - you'd want to like, post a single message and hope someone responds or something. If you keep posting over and over in short bursts like this, it fills up peoples' feeds. You need to give others time to catch up. You definitely don't need to PM people (unless you want to), but like... fewer, and more substantial posts would be better in general.
  3. Surely the people browsing Yahoo Japan KNOW this, right? Like I might expect a few of these to fly into the hands of idiots over here in North America, but... over there?
  4. Lol I love the keywords, as ever. If I'm not mistaken - Japanese N64 games don't even come sealed in the first place, right? And aren't these... pretty damn common? Like... I have one in pretty damn mint condition lol.
  5. Could always switch the two purposes. I added a "home" link to get there easily. Maybe I do a poll lol. Someone else do a poll.
  6. On the back of the new home page comes another new feature - Our Picks! This new page will be a full listing of all of the content across the site that we feature on the home page. The latest announcements, contests, events, homebrew releases, anything that's really feature-worthy will be promoted to this page, so give it a look every once in a while to see some catered content. If you feel that something is worthy of being displayed on the home page (and thus also on this new page as well), let a member of the VGS Staff know!
  7. You can see the Sector's Edge functional roadmap here: https://trello.com/b/uL2IKmgI/sectors-edge-roadmap Looks like private lobbies, lobby management, etc. have been added, so I believe we should be able to have a lobby with JUST VGS members this time around.
  8. There, I changed it.
  9. Usually the logo on a site goes to the home page, and that's the home page now. Frankly, I do the same. The choice is either "Update it to use the 'old' logic and point to the forum", or "Get used to the new way and leave as-is, and use the 'Browse' button for the forum landing page". I prefer the latter from a long-term standpoint as that is the typical website behavior. I'd not fight about it however if people wanted it the other way.
  10. So YOU'RE that one guy that looks at sites horizontally on mobile! GUYS I FOUND HIM, GET EM!
  11. Oh yeah, dark mode. >_>
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