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  1. Maybe I can buy a copy of MUSHA soon.
  2. The only mask I wear is the one I put on every day to make people think I'm happy. T_T
  3. Have to keep in mind too though that having a shelter in place order, and the people following that order, are unfortunately two different things.
  4. They're absolutely gonna one month at a time it. It makes sense both because they don't know 100% - it's an ongoing and very new thing we're all dealing with, we have to go step by step. But also because if they come out now and say "We want you all to stay indoors as much as possible until next January" people will flip their shit.
  5. To be honest and this is purely objective, I didn't find the DB to be intuitive at all. I tried multiple times to track collections on it and found it pretty lacking. I personally track my collection on Backloggery (https://backloggery.com/Gloves_Off). I just don't think there's much value in us building a tool that other places do better because that's their main focus. There are plenty of collection tracking tools out there, and this is a place for video game discussion, generally speaking. We hang out, plays games together, and provide a forum for people to talk. That said, I HAVE started my own person project where I'm tinkering with the idea of making my own collection tracker which would be "Doug's perfect tracker for Doug". I don't know that it'll be something I end up giving other people access to though, I have my own personal set of needs and wants, and this tool would very specifically fulfill those - for me and just me. I've made many tools before for myself and shared them publicly and they often become a bit of a pain to maintain cuz suddenly I'm supporting what other people want and I dunno if I wanna go down that road with this. As for the forum software we're using here for VGS, it doesn't have anything that would support what you're looking for - no real way to have a games database and provide users the ability to say "I own this game" or "here's the list of games that I own". It's a forum, not a collection tracking tool. It COULD be built, but it'd have to be made custom. Either I (or someone else) could technically build it within the platform, and there are actually people you can hire to make stuff custom for your forum on the Invision (forum) software that we're using. It may look like something that is relatively simple from outside, but building these sorts of tools isn't THAT straight forward, honestly. It takes time and effort, and a lot of both.
  6. I won't have time any time to do a live game unfortunately; I joined up because the longer turn time fit well with my schedule. No worries though, go on and have fun w/o me!
  7. Oh yeah almost forgot! I did a quick run last night where I took the skateboard through level 1. In case anyone is curious, unlike other games in the series you do NOT get a bonus for doing so, at the end of the level. Interestingly, you carry the skateboard into the next level. I got to the next levels skatebroad egg, activated it, and was too fast to see what it gave me instead of another skateboard, so I'll do another run to be sure. That said, it didn't give me any points, and may have simply been another skateboard with no effect.
  8. Limiting point racking is a simple and easy solve. Limit it to the default amount of starting lives. Ezpz.
  9. Yeah, the latter would probably be preferable - bonus points per lives remaining. Anyway, clearly people disagree with my points. Maybe I'm not making them well, or I'm patently wrong. I'm just trying to provide feedback that I think could help bring in more participants and make it seem less intimidating, as well as make it more fun for the lower end of the skill pool.
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