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  1. I feel like if you don't have the Kirby otamatone, it would be absolutely up your alley.
  2. @Somahappy birthday!!!! Hope you get jointed out on drinks.. or just have a great day
  3. You guys have a switch though I thought? Or is it splitting it that's the issue?
  4. Very sharp! Looks good y'all!!
  5. @MegaMan52The quality of the amiibo is really nice, they did a great job on em. I also really like the relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft, glad they can loan out banjo. I think world soccer 02 also came out on ps2, pretty sure it was multiplatform but I can't resist a cheapie.. think it was 7$ shipped from someone in texas. Can't wait to finish the us Xbox set to focus more on the imports, but I love finding em here and there.. so easy to get distracted.
  6. Half an hour for 9,000 coins. Cymbal crash
  7. Continued 360 guitar with the dongle for $3 woo woo from the thrift, used to be my bread and butter years ago and would just find these and flip em to the local for store credit. Yay another bag! Mandy found the perler smb3 book on clearance while we were grocery shopping, haha. Found Thps4 with the Brady games mini guide at the local as well as monkey ball step and roll. And finally for the week couple ps2 randoms Have a great week everyone! See ya on the flip
  8. Hey, Hi, herewego Picked up another eBay lot of Xbox stuff, this black s is goin in the green shell from the last lot, always wanted this binder but never wanted to pay top dollar. Holds manuals and discs, kinda weird, and has a memory card holder in the back. Here's a dirty shot because I wanna see how nice I can clean it up. More from the lot, ticking off the list. Splinter cell art variant, la rush but display sticker, blockbuster driver 3 display art, jpn exclusive world soccer 2002 (just realized I have on gamecube too lol) Oh yeah here's the working an
  9. Accidental posting mistake right here
  10. Never been to Philly, never had a real cheesesteak. Always have I gone with the bastardized version with peppers and mushrooms too, but never from subway. Thanks for the philly food education.
  11. Welcome back, always have liked your stuff!!
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