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  1. @Tabonga yessssss!! those are amazing, remind me of bandaid cans. I have seen a few separate for sale but the set together is soooo cool.
  2. Nice @koko !! that totally makes things much easier, wouldn't have thought to avoid the video part of the board haha.
  3. I love the function and size of ds cases. I don't know why but they're so cute. Also japanese gamecube for the same reason but minus for the cardboard sleeve.
  4. I don't know if you'd consider it, but rgb modding the tv (if possible) might be the cheapest, however I understand wanting to keep things stock. http://m.axunworks.com/RGB-to-Composite-S-Video-p341706.html
  5. I'm not much of a pc gamer anymore so I'm gonna join in tonight under Mandy's steam account. So, user 'sailorscoutmandy' is really me. See y'all in a few hrs
  6. Small jewelers flathead screwdriver and pry the pins on an original connector back to proper positioning. If you go too tight it's effectively the same as the tight blw and no need to push the cart down, but if you dial in how tight to pry em it's back to perfect.
  7. The flavor says haze, the appearance in glass says lies. Not bad, not my favorite, arts cool tho
  8. Makin chili and drinking yesterday lead me to oven roast some ingredients... Holy shit roasted celery is amazing, and it you're never roasted an onion in the skin, get ready for a flavor bomb. It turned out delish, ready for the leftovers
  9. Happy turkey day everyone! I am also working for a few hours and not doing family things, but have plans to ice dye a few shirts today wooo
  10. Thanksgiving week! Except covid cases are super hot around here so we are staying put and not doing any family gatherings, which is ultimately strange but if I could only post a picture of que to the hospital covid testing line close to my work and how jam packed i have seen it flowing way down into the street .. oooof Ok! So on track now, xbox!! The rocky demo is a lil rarity, other two off the list.. I have enough halo 2 to set up a 4 system link, wooo woo Flipping over, found an eBay seller with a good price on this and am happy to add it to the Japanese exclusives (als
  11. Those card catalogs are beautiful, what a nice way to store them!
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