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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/223962203901 People are getting bored.. this person has become quite creative.
  2. ^^ trooof So my state is locked down due to the virus so non essential businesses are closed.. no thrifting or visiting the local game stores for the time forseen. I did get a few things in the mail, so here goes! Kirby and the amazing mirror jpn GBA, promotional disneys magical park GameCube pin, a tick off the Xbox list with Hunter the reckoning redeemer, Monopoly jpn exclusive is a much much better game with various modes of play including classic compared to the us Monopoly party, I originally thought they might be the same game because there's licensing from Hasbro and infrogrames but after watching YouTube vids comparing the two everything was cleared up and it was obvious they were different. I happen to have the us version of monopoly party as well so earlier in the week I tried them back to back. I played a round against the CPU in both games and party is just so clunky and ugly compared to the jpn release. Couldn't finish the party round after playing the jpn. Oh yeah also sfc sf2turbo on the cheap. Hope everyone is safe and healthy!!
  3. They're umm like a spring onion - the bulb part is more like the bulb of a green onion, and the fiberous leaves are good braised or blended up raw as pesto (pine nuts, parmesan, olive oil) they're fantastic.
  4. Last year I foraged some delicious wild ramps and went ramp crazy. Pickeled a couple pounds or so and made lovely pesto with the leaves. The last pic is the pesto on everything and topped with sliced. Ramps are like wild onions and the leaves are garlicy. I may have to brave the wild this year again, just thinking about how good they are haha.
  5. We have the big 3 but no pc and honestly I just play or buy games for the switch. I love the pro controller.
  6. So I have been playing a lot and love it!! my technique for island hopping is as follows. Start the day, explore my isle and do the tasks on the nook phone that I can while looking for fossils to dig and rocks to hit with my shovel (if you wedge yourself between holes you make or natural landscaping you can get 8 items per rock. Usually stone, iron or clay spawn but theres a money rock too. I often get lost doing this as I am attention defficent and end up distracted fishing and collecting bugs. After doing as many nook miles as I can I get a ticket and go repeat on the random island, and strip it of as many resources as possible, and then fish or catch bugs until I have a full pack. Also if you find the glowing diggable spot on your isle that has 1k bells in it you can plant up to 10k (10k is the max even though it will let you put more there won't be more than 10k per bag) and make a money tree! You can only harvest once but easy way to turn 10k to 30k. The biggest fish I have caught so far are oarfish, sturgeon, blue marlin, coeclanth. I want some summer sharks!! I hope they're still in the game.
  7. Oh I meant animal crossing my bad!! 2$ heck yeah that's a score. I learned about it from the internet, looking at jpn exclusives and saw tetris.. figured it would be pretty English friendly (it is!)
  8. Happy birthday! I think we get the same cat food, it is also selling out here and we had to resort to online as well. But hey it's your birthday! Treat yourself!
  9. Yes it's like the same mold of the original
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