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  1. https://video.vice.com/en_us/show/pizza-show This is a must watch series for all pizza lovers out there, I have been making my way through and it's super good!!
  2. Added to block list, sorry to hear about this turd.
  3. I have no idea but Google lead me to believe it's for a diesel engine glow plugs.
  4. These are really good! Nice work from Boston beer co, have tried 5 of the different flavors so far can't complain
  5. This thread frickin rules and the video conclusion made it even better. Glad you like the green boiz fc Olives are delicious, green and black. Now you gotta try stuffed if you get the chance, feta or some soft cheese like goat, garlic, something to compliment the savory brineyness Sweet/bread and butter pickles are ok, but in moderation. Love em with sharp cheddar made grilled cheese sandwiches.
  6. Nice! I just saw it on my YouTube feed and made a reminder to watch tomorrow morning haha. Channel rules.
  7. This week, some real deals - local as well as eBay. Picked up a nice little soccer lot for $3.45 shipped Wasn't really interested in the 360 games, but needed the winning elevens for og, and with manuals. Found a 10$ Xbox hardware lot at goodwill, was pretty sure it was going to be dead but took a look at the back of the console.. Someone had been inside, so I took the gamble. After hookin it up, hit the eject button and boom, copy of Simpsons hit and run in the tray. Woo woo. Booted directly to xbmc dash. Tested out a couple discs and they all worked, really killer deal on a working modded console.. going to have to investigate the internals and see if it's a hard wired mod or not. Honestly never modded an Xbox, more to learn. Few more odds and ends on the cheap, yay Disney extreme skate adventure. Hope everyone in the states has a safe 4th, everyone else happy weekend and till next week!
  8. Mr King, are you going to get 2 more copies each of go go hypergrind, Pokemon box, and gotcha force?
  9. I once made a pizza with hummus as the sauce and it was dank.
  10. Make it the dog football game for wii and i'm interested.
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