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  1. No link in the main post I thought this was it eeeep, I did a bad read ope
  2. Our pumpkins! I did yoshi and Mandy did alien space invader. We did green ones this year but mine turnt orang in the sun lol
  3. Happy belated birthday @The Sage Happy birthday @ikk(love your av, yay raz)!!
  4. Always thought that rez bundle was super coooolll. nice score!!
  5. Getting close to the end of October, here da gets Metroid amiibo pack, ac wild world for $5 from the thrift, the rest from the local. Happy to get Layton Last specter on the cheap! Mandy got culdcept, mh stories and disgaea 3 Wii u cheapies, knocked the last tony hawk game I needed for Wii off the list. Xbone and OG, super stoked to find Capcom classics volume 2 for 7.99 been waiting to get it and in great shape. That's it for this week, see ya next Friday.
  6. Up goes up the bone ladder right? How about southwest?
  7. Ooo yah! def hope we can do Mario party and the 64 games down the line
  8. Code monkey only will help if it benefits him, so don't bother pinging him.
  9. You are useless. To doubt that someone could be wrong because they didn't site their facts on fucking Twitter. Go check the facts yourself.
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