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  1. I would love to know more about the exclusives, and/or regional differences. I've read about the jpn exclusives but never the other asian regions. I only have 2 or 3 jpn games, and 2 pal - haven't tried to go for any yet. Still working on ntsc for now but I am definitely interested in them.
  2. Hi everybody! This week I got over to the east side of my state, checked out a few thrifts and game stores I haven't been to before. I haven't had much luck locally with xbox stuff in a while, so that was what I was mainly going after and I'm pretty happy with what I found. Starting strong: Very crisp, complete, former gamefly copy of fatal frame 2. I never used gamefly during it's run and I kinda wish I had, but a nice reminder of the past. These 4 I have seen many times in various states of poor condition and am happy to knock em off the list.
  3. I'm so sorry! The magnet was me, it was the ds lite magnetic stand, I never thought it would be close enough to any of the games to effect them Edit: Also, I swear the way I packed it there wasn't a way for it to shift. It may only have been the immediate closest items
  4. You are a great host @Jeevan!! I definitely felt welcome joining in the first time and have really enjoyed playing with you guyssss. I feel like anything I would have said has been, but more variety is always good. Thank you for all that you do doood!
  5. Yeah I started watching more on the channel and feel like I've been missing out, sooo good. This one was just posted like a week ago, caught my attention because I always loved the art of aladdin but even better to see the process.
  6. I just watched this and had to share. Really great look at hand drawn animations being digitized for games during the middle 90's, the process and making aladdin. Very much worth a watch, super interesting!!
  7. Yeah same here! Maybe online? Perhaps one-day digital rentals will be a thing. All I know is splatoon is great and I wish cost of entry wasn't an issue.
  8. Does any place do game rentals anymore? Edit: looked up the physical price of worms and wooooo weeeee, digital is looking like a much nicer price
  9. I have an unfair advantage, I live pretty much across the street from 2 of em.. one is a swanky goodwill emporium (which I don't know if that means they get volume or what but their stock changes very often, and also lots of brand name clothes) I went to the metro detroit and flint area last Saturday stopped in a few thrifts and it was very different than locally, just picked apart.
  10. Here's a couple I had the other day Not so much blueberry or pom just a little sour with hops. Still pretty good. Lil bit hot, lots of malt, ok but not my favorite.
  11. Looks like tracking said it just made its way out of austin, tx so it must have been held up by their crazy weather.
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