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  1. The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang is done. After beating Lagoon, I thought I'd finish off the last of my unbeaten SNES action RPGs. This one was a huge disappointment. I had heard good things and it looked pretty good, but the whole thing was just tedious. While it's a short game, some of the enemies take a ridiculous number of hits to defeat and you barely do any damage to the bosses unless you level up. I really wanted to like it, but it's gotta be my least favorite action RPG on the system. It seems they upped the defense for all the enemies in the US version, so maybe the Japanese version would be more enjoyable.
  2. Lagoon is done. I was pretty disappointed with Brain Lord and still in the mood for an action RPG, so I decided to give this one a go. My first impressions were not good. The range of your sword seemed way too short, the first dungeon was boring, and the music was a bit irritating. There was also an annoying escort mission in the first dungeon. It wasn't hard, the guy you escorted just walked very slow. For some reason, I started to like it more the more I played. The sword range never increased, the dungeons never got more interesting, and the music didn't improve. I think what made me appreciate it more was the challenge of having to time your sword attacks more carefully than you would normally have to in a similar game. The bosses were tough, but not too tough, making beating them pretty satisfying. Overall, I had more fun with this one than Brain Lord.
  3. Yeah, I figured that even a perfect game (collect all the coins, defeat all the enemies, complete the stages quickly, and no deaths) wouldn't score near what Zi did, so burning lives would be the only way.
  4. 99,990 So, you can get a lot of extra points burning through lives. I would have got an even higher score, but it maxes out at 99,990.
  5. I wasn't planning on participating this week, but I gave this a try yesterday and it's pretty fun! I wound up beating it today, but my score is pretty far from Zi's. I'll give it a few more tries though. I'll have to figure out the best stages to burn through lives to beat that score.
  6. I played through Brain Lord for the first time. Puzzles were kind of boring and there was some irritating level design. Lots of slowdown too. It played well enough though, so I wouldn't consider it a bad game, but there are much better similar games on the system.
  7. Try the Sega Master System version. It looks, sounds, and plays better than the NES one. It has more items, cars, and a less frustrating staircase level.
  8. I played the game all the way through and felt the same way. It had potential, but the poor camera and unclear graphics made it a disappointment. It's the kind of game that I didn't think was all that great, but would have wanted a sequel anyway, hopefully without the issues of the original.
  9. The swamp level in Monster Hunter G is the first thing that comes to mind. I think the other areas might have good environmental sounds, but the swamp is what stands out to me. I'm guessing Monster Hunter on PS2 would be mostly the same.
  10. You're not completely out of luck with RPGs. There are two compilations of Wizardry games that have English language options. Wizardry Llylgamyn Saga includes the first three games in the series and Wizardy New Age of Llylgamyn includes the fourth and fifth. If I recall correctly, the save/load menus stay in Japanese, but they should be easy enough to figure out. There is an enhanced version of the fourth game included too, but most of the text is in Japanese only for that one. Here are a few more that haven't been mentioned: Internal Section - Tunnel shooter. If you like games like Tempest, n2O, and Rez, give this a try. Ore No Ryouri - Cooking game. There's quite a bit of Japanese text in this, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out through trial and error. There are a lot of command prompts that tell you what to do. Beat Planet Music - Rhythm game. It plays like Frequency and Amplitude, although it's less complicated. Has a music generator as well. Vib Ribbon - Rhythm game. Only has a few songs, but you can use your own CDs and it will generate new levels from them. Kyutenkai Fantasic Pinball - Reminds me a lot of Devil's Crush, except everything is made to look cute. The Cameraman: Gekisha Boy (Simple 1500 series Vol. 94) - Photography game. Port of a PC engine game. Imagine a 2D Pokemon Snap. I don't have much to say about these, but they are all sequels to games that got a US release. If you enjoyed the originals, they might be good choices: Tobal 2 Psychic Force 2 (actually a port of Psychic Force 2012, with some differences) Poitter's Point 2 (Poy Poy sequel) Xi Jumbo (Devil Dice sequel) IQ Final (Intelligent Qube sequel) Mr. Driller Great (3rd game in the series) Finally, here are a couple of other games that are related games you may already be familiar with: Kero Kero King (the original Ribbit King game) Klonoa Beach Volleyball (Volleyball game with Klonoa characters) Note that some of the games I've mentioned were released in Europe, so they're not actually exclusive to Japan. I'm just assuming you're looking for Japanese games that weren't released in the US.
  11. Seiken Densetsu really is a Final Fantasy spin-off. They used the Final Fantasy name in Japan too. It's full name is Final Fantasy Gaiden: Seiken Densetsu. You might be thinking of the three SaGa Game Boy games. They were released in the US as the Final Fantasy Legend series. Although the fourth Seiken Densetsu game, Seiken Densetsu: Legend of Mana isn't part of the main series. Seiken Densetsu 4 was released on PlayStation 2 and sold in the US as Dawn of Mana.
  12. I started playing yesterday after I finished Yoshi's Story. I'm not looking to rush through it though, so it will likely take me longer than a day.
  13. 230,100 I'm a bit rusty, so this took me a few tries. To get this score, I played until just before the final boss and lost on purpose twice so I could replay the stage. I then beat it on the third life. I played pretty cautiously, so a significantly higher score is possible.
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