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  1. Lots of stuff still available. Will consider lower prices if you're buying a bunch.
  2. Watching that trailer makes me want to play again, but I think I'd rather wait for the physical. Is there an estimated date that the regular release will become available?
  3. That's it! Anyone who likes cinematic platformers should check this one out. They're from different games. The first game is iS: Internal Section. Posting more than one screenshot for it probably wouldn't help since the game has a similar style throughout. Fun game if you like Tempest-style shooters.
  4. Red

    Homebrew Swap Meet

    I have all three CIB Limited Edition NES Greeting Carts games: Beer Slinger Blow 'Em Out Perfect Pair I'd be interested in any of the following: Astro Ninja Man (FC) Candelabra - Estoscerro (NES) Nebs 'n Debs (NES) Tanglewood (GEN) Twin Dragons (NES) Xeno Crisis (GEN)
  5. Maybe I should post another? Although a Japan exclusive, I didn't think it was that obscure. I won't reveal the title just yet, but here's a new one:
  6. Razion EX is done. This is another one that got a physical release outside the US.
  7. The blue ones are CD games and the silver ones are DVD. All original model PS2 systems should play both, but early systems tended to have problems reading discs as time went on. I hear it's a pretty common problem, but not all of them have it. I've had several original model ones and never had a problem with them.
  8. I haven't figured out a price for those yet. Just looking for offers for now.
  9. Not exactly a new completion, but I did finsh the second loop of Military Madness. Pictured are the results of the final map and the same "FIN" screen as before.
  10. Bonk's Revenge is done. That's probably going to be it from me for a while. Although I do have some more TurboGrafx-16 games, they're packed away at the moment. I don't think I'll be digging them out in the near future.
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