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  1. I'll have to look up the original police report to be sure. That was way back in fifty-two
  2. Picked this up on a whim. Still need to test that is working but I haven't seen one of these in a long time. What's a rough estimate? Box is kind of rough but the units look hardly used. TIA.
  3. Stage4: 240800 That stage 3 boss was a shit head. Sure it gave me plenty of tried to get that map down but fuck it took forever. Imma just run from the stage 4 enemies next go.
  4. That was fucking fantastic and I'll be sharing it to all the new groups I'm in
  5. Seconded i too would like to see said weird pictures. As for if I'm in or not well... I'm hardly active here, I wasn't that active in na, I had no idea this was a thing until James got it. And I left the colorado crew. I honestly don't deserve to hold the holy momento of bygone religions. But if it ends up in North Dakota its certainly going to get moist.
  6. Much like Ghostbusters, this movie is peak. 10/10. Full length cyndi Lauper video with wrestler cameos. The hidden octopus scene that made people think you were crazy if you saw it on Disney Channel. Pirate treasure in Oregon for no fucking reason.
  7. That's so much I could say about this movie, this franchise. That it would be a tldr. This is what cinematic perfection is. Plain and simple.
  8. Like what was in my Facebook memories today. Shame I never made a full set.not really.
  9. Dunno about how all that works. We play on the switch and don't currently have home internet but sounds awesome.
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