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  1. Really cool find! How come the sticker on the back says Rev-A and is also 5 screw? New sticker stuck on existing cartridge shell during the transitional period?
  2. Wow did you notice any differences from the original hardware? Look pretty legitimate.
  3. The guys from the My Life In Gaming YouTube channel have another channel Video Game B-Roll and this is 100% the kinda thing they would rip. I assume they have a great VHS ripping setup as they are into high quality video. Edit: I also second the idea of @Ferris Bueller doing the transfer. I hadn’t read his comment when I wrote this
  4. @Gloves Do we get VGS Valentine's Day contest participant baubles for this? I don't think I have the time or will power to get in the top 3 lol
  5. You would think wives / fiancés / girlfriends would like you playing Chubby Cherub all Valentine's Day. But then you would be wrong.
  6. Just trying to get on the board! Stage 5 Stop - 11,040
  7. Yeah but right now it's a race to who beats it, right? Low score is secondary until we have some completionists in the house
  8. Also @Jeevan I think @RegularGuyGamer is #1 now, he updated his post
  9. Good call, I was looking at the rules on Speedrun.com and they wrote it loops after Stage 16 by mistake. But looking at the video you're right it's after 12.
  10. Lol yeah I have to go over it again to appreciate its nuances. A lot of editing and searching went into it
  11. So getting further in the game trumps getting a low score right? For instance someone with Stage 16 and 8000 points beats someone with Stage 15 and 7000 points right? I have the Famicom version but @Tulpa’s comment scared me. Is it really that much harder? He’s a ghost in the original version huh?
  12. The screwdriver bits are pretty easy to get on eBay here's one for instance. 3.8mm opens NES and SNES games, and the 4.5mm opens Genesis games. But there are exceptions that it won't open such as unlicensed games, some early NES games, and EA Genesis games.
  13. Is this a reference to the Future song? That’s really cool if it is. Also, I wanted to ask! What hardware/software do you use to transfer a ROM to a donor cartridge? Is it expensive and do they make software for Mac? And how complicated is it for someone to learn who doesn’t have experience yet with CHRs, PRGs and MMC5s? Lol
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